The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Dharmisis.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a brief catalogue on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Dharmisis' scribed in vibrant purple ink.

Author:  Dharmisis
Date    Thu Jan  2 18:24:04 2003

SubjectThe blazing Inferno

A strange shadow crept along the rooftops of Palanthas, his fingers grasping
his most prize possesion, a flintstone.

He gently rubbed his forefinger along its length, feeling the roughness of the
stone. He continued further on, hopping from rooftop to rooftop, pouncing
almost like a cat.

The horribly disfigured man was very quick and agile. Something most people
underestimated him for.

From below, on the streets, he heard a slight clink of metal on metal, and
crouched down, climbing slowly to the edge of the roof to peer below.

Another figure walked the streets, the armor of the city patrol shining
brightly in the white moonlight provided by Solinari, which was high in the
sky this evening.

The patrolman was walking very slowly, as if investigating something.
Dharmisis, for that was his name, watched ever so closely the man down below
peer into windows, and check locked doors.

Dharmisis thought it strangely odd that this patrolman was alone, and even
more strange was how he seemed to be looking for something. Or someone.

Dharmisis trailed the man over rooftops, peering down every once in awhile to
see the man's progress.

Something sparked his interest towards the patrolman, but he didn't know what.
Until suddenly, the patrolman stopped, abruptly, in front of the exact house
Dharmisis had "marked" not but a week ago.

The figure below hunched himself into the shadowy confines of the doorway,
watching the street for some sort of sign...

Dharmisis was "hired" to acquire a certain valuable gem from this very
residence. Too much of a coincidence, Dharmisis thought. It seems his
"employer" had ratted him out. And this very man below was waiting to
apprehend Dharmisis.

Dharmisis, mischief in his eyes, climbed back towards the top story window he
was meant to climb through, and examined it closely.

Sure enough, a small thin string was attached to the window from the inside,
ran along the sill and out of sight. Obviously some sort of "alarm" meant for

Little did the person whom set this "trap" know, Dharmisis was very skilled in
his work, although his fingers were bent at odd angles as well as having the
appearance of melted wax.

Dharmisis pulled out a thin blade, and popped the window open slightly, just
enough to slip his fingers inside, but not enough to pull the string too
tightly and set off the alarm.

He manipulated the string, and untied it from it's attachment. keeping hold of
the string, he opened the window slowly, and climbed inside.

As luck would have it, his entrance placed him within a room adjacent to the
very room that contained the item.

Further investigation of the room revealed more traps set for him, one running
across the floor, near the bed, almost undetectable except for a slight
glimmer from the light pouring into the window.

Dharmisis merely stepped over the thin thread, and checked the doorway.

Dharmisis slowly opened the door, and entered the hallway. Coming to the door
he was to enter, he revealed yet another alarm. Definately a set up, clear as

With quick work, he bipassed this alarm as well, opening the door, and
creeping inside.

The room was bare. Nothing. No bed, no tables, no chest, and surely no gem.
Dharmisis cursed his luck, and began thinking about revenge against those whom
would bring him down.

He crept back out the door, into the next room, and out of the window, where
he perched for a few moments, contemplating his next move.

A sudden thought occured to him! And he crawled back through the window, and
entered yet another room, this one void of all signs of traps, with a weak
looking lock set into the door.

He pulled out his lockpicks and went to work. Unlocking the door within
seconds, he opened it, and stepped inside. Here lay a bed, a dresser, and
various other Living type furniture.

A small chest rested atop the dresser, not overly big, but enough to house
some small items of important value.


Date    Thu Jan  2 18:38:59 2003

SubjectThe Blazing Inferno Part 2

Dharmisis picked the lock on it, and opened the small container. Inside, was
various papers and informative contracts. One in particular caught Dharmisis'

The deed to the very house he was sent to enter. It seemed the house belonged
to the very man who hired Dharmisis.

Dharmisis grew a wicked grin upon his face, his teeth (what were left of them)
gleaming brightly in the darkness of the room.

He reached into his pocket, and withdrew his loved item, the flintstone.

Another pouch he carried held the second item needed for his task this
evening. A small bottle of Dwarven Spirits.

Dharmisis popped the top off the bottle, and spread it around the room, paying
special attention to curtains, bedspreads, and rugs. For these items would
burn quickly, and would catch other things along with them.

He struck a shard of metal against the flintstone, and a small fire began to
burn upon the rug that ran under the bed.

The small fire grew quickly into a large fire, and continued to catch other
items within the room as well.

Dharmisis grabbed the parchment that was the deed to the house, and stuffed it
into his pocket. He crept back out through the window, and as he did so, he
tugged the string still lying there, sounding the alarm the patrolman below
was waiting to

hear. Dharmisis waited for the crashing sound the door made when the
patrolman's boot kicked it inward.

He went about setting another fire quickly at the window of the room,
preventing any way out through it.

He then shimmied down the side of the house, and onto the street below.

He emptied the rest of the contents of the bottle just inside the entryway of
the house, and set another blaze afire.

He slinked back into the shadows of another house, and watched from a distance
as the house he was just in turned into a blazing inferno. The patrolman's
screams of pain, could be heard echoing from within.

Dharmisis waited for the screams to stop. Which they did a few seconds later.
He knew the fire had taken the life from the man sent to capture him. He
grinned at the thought.

'Sirrion, I have given yet another offering unto you, my Lord. Be proud, for
tonight, all will pay homage unto you.', Dharmisis whispered.

Dharmisis nonchalantly walked down the street, listening to the calls of the
fire watch as they rushed towards the blazing home.

Their excited calls were like music to his ears, he knew nothing would be left
of the home, and perhaps, the fire would consume nearby homes as well. And
added bonus....

Dharmisis planned for his next act....he would find the man who framed him,
and make yet another offering to his Lord Sirrion.....

He walked off into the night whistling a happy tune.....

The Pyro will strike again soon.....

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