The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Dovienya.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Dovienya' scribed in vibrant maroon ink.

Author:    Dovienya       
Date:      Wed Sep 10 18:18:53 2008
Subject     My story: Dovienya, the Silvanesti Elf.

I am young for my people, a mere fourty-five years of age. 
I would probably have never left my home amongst the trees had it not
been for an unfortuante, chance encounter with a Kender.
Whoever let that Kender cross our borders unattended I will never
know. I would have been happy to spend my life in Silvanos with my
poems and my books... and my illusions...

It so happened one day, while walking down a trail near my home, that
I came upon the Kender. He was happily tripping down the path, singing
and wistling, his topknot bouncing and his pouches --filled with other
people's posessions I imagined-- flailing about like the refuse from a
storm-tossed sea. I cannot imagine who would have let such a creature
wander so freely through our homeland, he must have snuck in or
escaped from the holding cells. He stopped not far from me and cocked
his head to one side, like a sparrow observing something it doesn't

"What do you want?" I demanded of the runt. 

"This land is so beautiful... but I don't think its as beautiful as
Solace... they live in trees there too, you know. Well, they did,
before the dragon high lords set fire to the trees... Have you ever
seen a dragon? Ugly beasts, but soo beautiful!  Their huge! I once saw
a red dragon set fire to an entire village with one  breathe!. The
caves of the dwarves are also quite amazing... if you like gold and,
well, caves."

"What are you getting at?" I again demanded.

The Kender spun around in a circle looking in all directions, "Getting
at?  I haven't gotten anything!"

"Then what do you want?" 

"Just to see the world," he replied. "Silvanesti is the most beautiful
of all lands, everyone knows that, and the elves the most beautiful
race." "You're aweful tall... not as tall as the salamnic knights
though.  But you're all so strict!  Have you ever seen the Salamnic
kinights?  They're strict too."

"No I have not.  I have never left Silvanesti.  Why would I leave if
we have all thats beautiful here already."

"How can you say that when you've never traveled?  You've never seen
n ogre?  They're hedious!  they're not beautiful, but its worth
seeing at least once."

I opened my mouth to refute the Kender's claims that some other place
might rival Silvanesti's beauty... but I realized I could not. I know,
I knew then, that Silvanesti was the most beautiful of places, but the
Kender would not listen to me. I felt the pride of my people and swore
then that I would go out into the world, see the dragons and the ogres
and the caves and the mountains and all the things of which the Kender
spoke. Then, I would find that Kender and swear to him that the
Silvanesti were indeed the most beautiful race, our feasts the
grandest and our songs the most poetic.

Now I've left my home to explore the world.  Its bigger than I could
have expected. My skills have greatly improved, along with my
knowledge, but I need direction.  Its dangerous and, if I want to 
understand, I need the aid of my peers.  Magic is my calling; magic
runs deep in the blood of my people.  I know not where sits the tower
of high sorcery nor of how to find it.  I am but a new elf in this

That is my story, for good or ill, I seek knowledge and that little
runt of a Kender.


Then, I would find that kender and swear to him that the Silvanesti
were the most beautiful people, our feasts the grandest and our songs
the most poetic.

Author:    Dovienya       
Date:      Sun Mar 17 23:02:09 2013
Subject     In the Blood

Dovienya was an Elf in every respect. Tall and thin, as his kind usually were, he was brought up in a home where magic was normal. Magic was a part of the life-blood of silvanesti. There was no question that he would follow in his parents footsteps. His father and mother were both spellcasters and loyol members of royal silvanesti families. With the growing rumors of a darkness in the east, Dovienya made the unusal choice of seeking a life outside of Silvanesti. Not for adventure or from a falling out with his people, but in an effort to save his people. He saught the knowledge that only the tower of High Sorcery could offer. If he would prepare himself for the dark storm that lerked upon the horrizon, he would arm himself in any way possible. Taking a dagger and a sword, one on either hip, Dovienya left his life of relative ease and wea wealth for the dustyroad. He found himself depending more upon his weapons than he would have thought possible. With time, however, his muscles grew accostumed to the hard play of physical warfare. With the forest of Waywroth in sight, however, Dovienya wrapped his cloak close and prepared himself for the grueling life of study to come.

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