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Stories of Ansalon from the view of DraanAkar.

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You note the spine bears the word 'DraanAkar' scribed in dark green ink.

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Mon Dec 24 18:16:22 2001

SubjectThe Bringer of Worlds

(made on telnet, excuse the bad formatting, etc.) DraanAkar stood before the
High Clerist's Tower, watching the Dark Knights upon the battlements.

'Hoshek, come see this!' The shadow behind him moved, turning to get a
better look at the tower ' This is the most important structure in
Ansalon?' The shadow elemental laughed.

'Judge not a book by it's cover, a mage by his clothes...' At this the
shadow winced, nodding. 'Or a tower by its fortifications' The shadow
shrugged. 'So how are we going to destroy it?' 'We're not...we're going
to help the Solamnic Knights retake it!' With a word and a gesture, the two
dissapeared, reappearing before a blackened, burned-o Solamnic Keep.

(burned-out) DraanAkar focused his energies, and the elemental stretched,
becoming a hole in the fabric of reality. 'You DO realize that this hurts,
right?' Draan smirked, and called forth his armies of creatures from other

'Stop least I'm not bringing out Dreadnoughts!' The
elemental shivvered, almost killing the thing stepping through. 'Don't
remind that the last of them?' Draan nodded, and the elemental
returned to its regular shape.

'My minions, camp here, in this keep, for now...when I call you again, you
will the north is a Tower...when I give the command, you will rise
up and move to assault it.' The collection of beings nodded as one, then
moved into the keep, which was being strengthened by magic from one of the
mages among the army.

As the last entered the keep, Draan casted a spell of obfuscation on it to
keep it hidden from view, mundane or otherwise.

'Some god is going to see that and wonder what it is...' 'I
know...hopefully it'll be the one whom I WANT to see it...' With a final
command to his elemental, Draan dissapeared back tothe Tower of Wayreth.

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Fri Feb 15 22:06:45 2002

SubjectHistory of a Demon Planeswalker (condensed)

Born in Neraka with a gift for magic, Draan joined the Conclave. Soon
afterwards, he petitioned the Dark Queen to be changed to a demon, which she

Not too long later, he was given Llewyn's mage powers, and used them to help
become a Planeswalker.

He remained on krynn for a time before leaving for a long time (longer for him
due to time travel, etc.), then returning.

at one point he was transformed by Nuitari's avatar into a cat, but was
transformed back to his normal self by the Dark Queen soon, he left the
Conclave and struck out on his own as a 'renegade', though his magic came not
from the moons.

he followed the path of Hiddukel for a time, until speaking briefly to a
Knight of Takhisis, afterwards he decided to return to the Dark Queen's
service, and join the Knights of Takhisis as a Thorn Knight.

Author:  DraanAkar
Date    Mon Jan  6 13:21:12 2003

Subject The Cat's Meow

There is a saying: "A man desires to become a mage, a mage desires to become
a planeswalker'

But what do planeswalkers desire...?

Draan Akar was a man who became a mage, who became a demon, then a
planeswalker...he found out what they desire...godhood

After his time on Krynn and other worlds, amassing a great store of power and
energy, he challenged Chaos to make him a god.

Needless to say, he failed.

Chaos stood over the ambitious being, laughing his contempt. "You have a
choice, MORTAL. Spend eternity in my torture of oblivion, or return to

DraanAkar looked up 'Damn you...I'll take existence over nothingness any

Chaos laughed 'Then you shall remember the punishment once served on you by
Nuitari...' And with a wave of his hand, Draan Akar dissapeared.

In the city of Palanthas, a white cat was fishing in the trash for some scraps
of food, when it was wrenched with seizures and spasms.

Its once blue eyes turned red, its paws and tail became black, and its now
intelligent face screamed in horror.

'I may be stuck in this body...but I swear I will regain my power!' And
with that, Draan Akar leaped off the dumpster to begin his search for power
once again.

Author:    DraanAkar      
Date:      Sat Nov 18 21:40:06 2006
Subject  The Return

Midnight in Neraka.  Neither the white moon nor the red moon show their
faces to the city this evening.  Somewhere in the green quarter, a strange
black cat sits on a roof.  The peculiar thing about this cat is the
pentagram of white fur on his forehead.  He stares at the sky, specifically
at the constellation of Tiamat.  

So, my queen...  You _would_ have me return here...  But in this form?  I
would almost mistake you for Hiddukel for that decision.   

The cat sighs, and stands on the roof, looking around him.  

I wonder how your Knights fare these days...  It has been some time.   He
sighs again.  There had better still be those who remember me...  Though,
considering...  Who could forget?    

He laughs, then leaps from the roof, strange lips uttering the words of a
spell long-forgotten to him, but once begun, the magic comes as naturally as
breathing.  Landing without a sound, he grins and orients himself towards
I have returned...let's see what kind of trouble I can stir up this time around!
With another laugh, he starts off towards Sanction and the stronghold of the
Knights of Takhisis.

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