The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Draeth.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome with glowing glyphs on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Draeth' scribed in light green ink.

Author:  Draeth
Date    Wed Nov  7 11:16:10 2001

Subject  preparations for defense

Upon returning to the Tower at Wayreth after my initial walkthrough of
Palanthas I was extremely troubled.

I have never seen so many people in fear before. I felt the magic within me
boiling with rage, muttering to myself what better way to use my heightened
magic, I quickly ascended the stair in the white tower to my room.

Locking the door behind me and casting a wizard lock on the door also for
extra protection so no one would disturb me.

I headed towards my bench and began meditating. In my travels I had seen some
interesting things done with magic and I was hoping I could modify them for my

Praying,  Lord Solinari, guide my hand and my tongue and enable me to
accomplish these few things for Palanthas's protection

Drawing out a blank sheet of parchment I begin scribing down the needed
materials, diagrams, and wording of the spell I plan to cast.

Once finished I look at the parchment checking everything for detail. Nodding
I begin drawing the diagram  out on the stone dias.

The diagram resembles the one used for summoning demons but instead of the
binding runes I have substituted the ones for creation Finishing with the last
rune I slump back against the stone table weary from the exertion of putting
magic into the runes.

When I come to my senses again I am refreshed and ready for the next step. I
place small block of granite  in the center of the glyph. Standing behind the
table for protection I begin casting the spell. The power can be felt
whispering around me as the spell reaches its conclusion. Pointing at the
block at the end of the spell all the magic is released into the stone.
"Nothing is happening, what could I have done wrong" Saying a prayer to
all the gods of magic, I suddenly feel a slight tremble in the room. The stone
block begins to liquify and grow outwards. Taking on humanoid features as it
grows. When it is finally done forming it stands with its head touching the
ceiling.  I can't believe it worked, I'll have to let Reiner and Bromen know
that the stone to mud spell can be adjusted. Creation of the golem has left
me exhausted so I must rest once again. Before I fall asleep I say 
Solinari, allow me to make enough of these golems to help the people of
palanthas  Then falling into a deep sleep dreaming of what it will take to
push Takhisis back into the Abyss.

Master Draeth Aidrau Librarian

Author:  Draeth
Date    Mon Dec  3 17:28:33 2001

Subject  An eerie return I

Hearing the news that almost all of the citizens of Palanthas had to have been
evacuated I decide to return and see how the war effort was going. Placing the
last rune of warding on a side of a rock at the entrance to Solace I chant a
quick spell on myself and then teleported to Palanthas. Immediately upon my
arrival I see the minions of the Dark Queen everywhere.  Muttering a quick
prayer of thanks to Solinari that I had cast invisibility upon myself before
teleporting, I head off to scout around the town. Walking by the Tower of High
Sorcery I notice that all of my animated stone statues were destroyed but a
large number of lesser minion corpses littered the area around the grove.

As I walk around the town I see small pockets of resistance, mainly Solamnics.
 By the Gods!  I swore, realizing I had not heard anything from my parents
since the evacuation. Wondering if they made it away safely I quickly headed
for the house where I grew up. Reaching my home I am filled with dread when I
see the eastern half of it collapsed.  " I hope they got out safely, but
they should have contacted me if they did." As I enter the house I can see
everything is in a disarray " They must have already looted this part of
town." Wandering slowly around the house I look for any signs that my
parents may have left me before leaving town. As I walk into the study I am
drawn to one of the books on the shelves. Pulling it out I look at the cover
"Islands in the Sky" *Chuckling to myself while looking at the fairy tale
book* For some reason I notice that the book feels heavier then when I last
held it. Opening it up I find a blue vibrating gem and a letter.

(to be continued...)

Author:  Draeth
Date    Mon Dec  3 17:43:41 2001

Subject  An eerie return II

When I look at the beautiful flowing handwriting on the front of the letter I
realize that it is my mothers handwriting. Hands shaking, I take the gem and
open the letter.

 Draeth, I am sorry we could not get word to you before we left, but know
that your father and I are safe. I have taken him to Elysium until the war is
over. Elysium? I say to myself They have never mentioned this place
before, so why does it sound familiar? Reading where I had left off. I
would have taken you also, but seeing you increase in power and your love of
protecting the people here I thought it would be best for you to stay and
help. This gem has been in my side of the family for many many years and it is
time to hand it down to you. If you wish to see us again all you have to do is
hold this gem and cast a portal to me and it will transport you. But be warned
that you will release something that was supposed to have lain dormant within
you. It may bring you greater powers and also greater enemies. If you do not
wish to wake this inside you, know that we are safe and will return with the
end of the war.

Love,   Etiana Aidrau 

Completely stunned by the letter the book falls from my hands and lands open
on the floor,  I recall back to the tower completely forgetting why I came to
Palanthas in the first place.

Maybe one of the Archmages will know where this Elysium is at so I can find
my parents.  I would like to be prepared for what may come."  Walking
throughout the tower I search for one who knows of this obscure land.

Back in the house the book lies open to the first page  Welcome to the
Islands in the Sky, beautiful peaceful Elysium

(to be continued)

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue Dec  4 08:10:11 2001

Subject   Preparations 

After wandering the halls of Wayreth and not finding any mages that had heard
of Elysium. I retired to my study and began thinking of if I should go and
what I should prepare for. Getting frustrated I throw the gem down. Instead of
falling to the floor it stops its decent and begin rising and stops when it is
floating beside me.  Interesting I mutter Casting a detect magic spell on
the gem it flares blindingly, brighter than any other item I have.  Why
would my mother have this magical gem, she is not a wizardess. fumbling with
the gem in my hand.  Also why could she have not sent word to me and why
can't I scrye their location. I guess the only course of action for me it to
pay her a visit.  Suddenly I remember her warning about awakening something
inside me.   she said it may bring me great power. Maybe this is what I need
to protect people from the Dark Queen. Standing I walk over to my altar. As
I kneel before the altar I say  I will need Solinari's guidance and blessing
more than I need sleep before I begin this  Solinari, protect me as I
travel to this unknown place. Hopefully  I will not be away long and when I
return I plan to fight harder than ever against the Dark Queen. Forgive me for
not staying here and protecting the people but I feel a strange calling to
Elysium, maybe they will have something there that will help the resistance. I
am your humble servant and I will return

I remain in prayer until I feel Solinari's blessing. Standing I grab the gem
out of the air, clutching it tightly and saying 'ohaz' I enter the gate and
begin the trip to see my parents.

(to be continued... again)

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue Dec  4 15:24:54 2001

Subject   The PAIN

As soon as I stepped into the gateway I could tell something was different.
First of all it was taking longer than usual, secondly there were strange
lights around me.  Something has gone wrong, I shouldn't have come. I say
to myself. A trap? This couldn't be a trap, my mother would not betray me
Suddenly the lights around me begin to slow down and I can make out my
destination ahead of me. As soon as I step out of the gate I see what looks
like my mother sitting by a fire, but she is different somehow. A look of
alarm crosses her face when she sees me and rushes over.  Draeth, you don't
have much time. Remove everything that you don't want destroyed! Dumbfounded
by this strange reaction I say Gah? Mother, whats wrong?. Snap out of
it, quickly remove everything. Her nails digging into my arms brings me out
of my stupor and I begin trying to take everything off. Too late she says.

Before I can remove my equipment a searing pain races through my body. I can
feel some bones grinding together some expanding away from each other, and
strangest of all, new ones forming.

AHHHHHH! MOTHER WHAT IS HAPPENING? I scream.  Be calm Draeth it will
pass soon, your heritage is awakening

My hair begins falling out, my skin becomes fluid like, my eyes feel like they
are on fire, and I feel a horrible pain in my back like something is pushing
its way out. Writhing on the floor in pain screaming, my body continues to
change. Gradually the pain subsides  Careful Draeth, my mother says  the
alteration is done but now comes the reforming. Even though the pain is less
now it is still enough to incapacitate me. I feel my skin beginning to harden
once more, I can feel hair growing back on my head and I regain my eyesight.
By now everything I had been wearing was destroyed in the change and I see it
lying broken and scattered on the floor.  whawha.. what happened?  See
for yourself she says. Standing up weakly she helps me over to a full-length
mirror. My white robe is hanging in tatters on me everything else I had been
wearing was destroyed. Suddenly my sight clears up and I look at myself
closer. DEAR SOLINARI!! I scream  What have I become? (yup you guessed
it ... to be continued)

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue Dec  4 19:47:31 2001

Subject  Explaination and Return

Standing in shock in front of the mirror looking at what I have become my
mother explains what has happened. You are a descendant of the guardians of
Elysium, a race called Aasimar.

You are the result of a celestial and a mortal coming together. When I saw
your beauty and ears I knew my heritage had been passed on to you. We
coincidentally resemble elves and half-elves and are easily mistaken for
them. I turn to say something to my mother and when I see her my jaw drops. 
She has gone through the same transformation.  So you went through the same
transformation I did?   No, Draeth I can assume this form when I choose,
while on Ansalon I chose to hide my traits. Your traits cannot be hid now
since you are still part mortal and have gone through the change.

 Wait... ON Ansalon? Where are we now?  We are in the plane of Elysium,
being an Aasimar you can walk the various planes now.

Including returning to your home plane. The jewel I gave you will help you do

*Looking out a window at the beautiful island and seas*  You warned me and I
still came, I had to see for myself that you were safe, where is Father?

 He is asleep, I had to put a spell over him because he would have not
mentally survived the journey or my transformation. I could have protected him
on Ansalon but that would have revealed what I truly am.

 How am I supposed to go back like this? I cannot hide my traits and people
will hate me because I am different.

 I know, that is what I told you. This change will bring you greater enemies
but since your transformation you have gained racial powers.  I cannot tell
you what they are, you must discover them yourself. But to protect you until
they are discovered I will outfit you since your own items were destroyed.
She walks over to a large chest bound in silver and unlocks it from a key
around her neck.  These items have been passed down through my family like
the gem, they are powerful artifacts but again I cannot tell you what they

Thank you mother *taking the items from the chest and putting them on*
Now you must return and help regain order. Use the jewel like you did to get
here. Just make sure you gate to someone that trusts in you and will
understand.  Not even having to think about who that is Ryouta, he will
understand, I shall approach him first and use him to break the news to my
breathren Embracing my mother good-bye mother hopefully you and father
shall be able to return soon. I will send word when all is safe.

Grasping the gem again and holding it to my chest 'ohaz' and I begin my
journey back home to continue the fight.

(The end??? maybe I'm not sure )

Author:  Draeth
Date    Thu Dec 13 08:45:37 2001

Subject  Practicing and Discovery

After seeing Takhisis flee from a pair of mortals and her knights being torn
asunder by Sorthrus's woodland creatures I knew there was some time for me to
walk the planes to practice and learn more about my new skills. Returning back
to the tower, after a brief trip by Caergoth to sabotage the dark knights
ships in the harbor, I head to my study and walk towards my summoning glyph
towards the back. I should return to Elysium and inform mother that
Palanthas is freed but there is still much evil roaming around. Standing in
the center of the glyph I once again grab the Jewel floating around me and
open a gate to my mother. Son! It is good to see you here again, is the war
over? Is that why you returned?  No, mother, Takhisis still walks on
Ansalon but she no longer holds Palanthas. You can return if you need to now.
I have returned to research those items you have given me. Nothing on Anasalon
is known about the runes on them or about my kind. Here is the only place I
can find those answers If that is what you seek you should visit the Grand
Archives, the archives are in the large building on the next Island over, fly
west and you cannot miss it, make sure you research your grandfather, Abael,
that is who those items came from. Also, I think we shall return to our house.
I fear I will have some explaining to do to your father about his lack of
memory of the past weeks.  Farewell son, if you ever need to return here again
just hold the gem and picture this place. You don't need me here for the spell
to work.  I nod as she turns and walks back to the bedroom, as I fly from
the house there is a flash of light as my mother and father travel back to
Ansalon. Flying west, gliding with the air currents ,marveling at the freedom
of flying, I reach the island in no time and the Archives is not hard to spot.
There before me stands a structure made of Amethyst with four crystal towers
rising from the corners. Floating down to the entrance I see many scholarly
looking people entering and exiting the building. Upon entering the building I
am overwhelmed, This archive must be at least as huge as the Great Library
in Palanthas Not knowing where to go I walk over to a short person with huge
spectacles on his face sitting behind a reading a book.  Excuse me sir,  
his head pops up and his eyes open wide and he shrinks back from me  Abael? 
no it can't be you who are you? My  name is Draeth, Abael was my
grandfather, could you tell me where I could find information on him?
Stuttering he replies  ye..yes.. sir.. west tower, 5th level, everything on
the right. and after that he scurried off into the stacks.

Wrapping my wings around me as I ascend the stairs to the west tower.  It
seems I have much to learn about my Grandfather. I wonder what made that
strange fellow so uneasy.

(more to come... stay tuned...)

Author:  Draeth
Date    Thu Dec 13 15:56:48 2001

Subject   Books, books and more books

Entering the room that held the books I needed on the 5th floor I was amazed.
It didn't look like a library, the room resembled a lavish study, sofa's and
padded chairs sit in the middle of the room and a fireplace sits on the north
wall with 2 huge windows on either side.

Remembering what the strange fellow said I headed over to the right side of
the wall.  Upon seeing almost the entire wall covered with books, This is
going to take forever. Before I could start examining the books the painting
in the center of the shelves catches my attention.

This must be my grandfather, mother gave me almost everything in that
picture. Admiring the painting for a moment longer then I turn and begin the
task of sorting through the books.

This first section of books seems to be history books. looking through the
titles I see one that looks important to me  "Abael's Guardianship",  this
should explain something Sitting down in a nobacked chair I begin reading
through the book. A few hours pass and I close the book, finished.  Well at
least that explained that man's fear, it seems my grandfather was one of the
high ranking guardians. Now if I can find something on his equipment. 
Placing the book back where it came I look through the next section of

Nearing the end of the day I have two books picked out "Arms and Armour of
Guardians" and a journal of one of the lesser guardians that followed my
grandfather.  I am sure they won't mind if I borrow these, I haven't seen
anyone in here all day so I doubt anyone will notice. Grabbing the books I
begin walking the planes back to the Tower in Wayreth. Too excited for rest I
sit down at my desk and begin looking through the Arms book.  On the first
page is something interesting  He who wears the items on these pages is
obligated to become the guardian for either their prime plane or their home
plane, otherwise these items will be useless to those.

 Well now, it seems I'll be more of a protector than I thought.

Thumbing through the pages and looking at the items, I notice that most of
items seemed to have written in at the bottom of the page "Destroyed" or 
"Lost" the other items seem to have been buried with their owners. The common
items such as my breastplate and bracelets I find easily and their magic is
merely protective nothing extremely special about them.

As I turn more pages it seems hardly any of these items exist anymore,
suddenly I see a section towards the back listing items based on their owners.
Quickly I look for Abael's name and find it. Many of his items seem to have
been destroyed when he was killed. The ones listed as lost are the circlet,
armbands, and the earring I am wearing but there are two other items listed as
lost Abael's Gauntlets  and his War Staff. Unfortunately nothing is listed on
the last two items and very little is said about the first three other than
what the runes mean.

 Apparently he kept the use of these a secret. Maybe the journal will tell
me more. Setting the book aside and picking up the journal I begin reading
through it.

(Next up the journal....)

Author:  Draeth
Date    Fri Dec 14 11:00:52 2001

Subject  Excerpts from the follower of Abael

These passages are those that I took note of when I read through the journal I
borrowed from the Grand Archives. OOC knowledge only except for Conclave who
are noted of any new magical artifacts.

 When Abael and I arrived we were stunned by the carnage that surrounded us.
After the battle many lay wounded and dying, many already dead, the warriors'
only healer lay mortally wounded unable to even heal himself. Abael went out
onto the field of battle and found the healer, there he knelt beside the dying
figure and his wings extended around the body. A soft glow emanated from
inside the wings as Abael prayed over him.

Standing shakily, Abael walked back over to me saying that we should leave.
Before turning and flying off I saw the healer stand and walk over to the
first dying soldier and begin healing him.

 We chased the wounded barghest through the outlands until we finally
cornered it deep in a cave. Blow after blow it fended off until Abael began to
slow down. Grinning, the barghest thought it had the upper hand and began
advancing on the two of us. I cast a couple of spells to hold it back as long
as I could. When I looked at Abael I see him grasping his left arm and
chanting. As his chanting grew louder he ordered me back and reforming and
closing in. The walls continued closing in until all that stood in front of us
was a solid stone wall. Deep within the wall we could hear the barghest
roaring in anger after being sealed within the stone.

  . . . and those ships were headed straight for Sybat. Knowing we had to
protect the town we flew out and over the ships. Casting spells down towards
the ships gained us no ground. The ships apparently had sorcerers' of their
own down there that were protecting the ships from attack. I told Abael that
we couldn't fend them all off once they landed and that nothing was working
right now, I asked him for guidance. Smiling all he said was 'watch'. 
Removing his circlet from his head he began moving it around in a circle and
chanting. Seeing Abael looking down at the ships I looked down, then I saw why
he smiled. The sorcerers could protect from magic but not nature. The wind,
water and mist began swirling around the ship faster and faster.  Soon all we
could see below us was a maelstrom. After a few minutes Abael stopped moving
the circlet around and placed it back on his head. When the winds died down
and stopped all that remained below was wreckage.  We returned . . .

to be continued... again....

Author:  Draeth
Date    Sat Dec 15 09:32:46 2001

Subject  The Death of Abael

I make as many notes as I could about the powers of the celestials from the
journal. All the time it has not struck me that I the journal was not written
by my grandfather but one of his friends and followers. As I reach the end of
the journal I see why. It seems they were tracking a Tana'ri through the Abyss
that had kidnapped someone's child. The following is what I read.

 We tracked the fiend through the Abyss traveling quickly above it. Flying
ahead we dropped down and prepared to meet it and banish it. Uttering magical
commands and surrounding ourselves with magical auras and grabbing our weapons
preparing to battle this abyss fiend.

As the Tana'ri approached we saw that we were truly in over our heads, it was
a Balor. Upon seeing us in front of it lit in holy fire the Balor stormed
towards us. Abael turned to me and said. 'We will not both make it out of
here, let me distract him while you grab the child and flee' I refused I told
him we could take him together. Abael thought otherwise. He rushed in to meet
the Balor and smashed the creature's left arm with his war staff. The Balor
roared in pain, dropped the child, and knocked the staff out of Abael's hand.
Abael turned to me and yelled 'Get the child and get out of here' Rushing in
to grab the child I sustained a blow to my side and barely got the child and
fled. Hearing the monster's roaring diminish, I knew I was getting away. After
transporting the child back home I returned to the spot where the battle took
place. I could tell a great battle took place the rocks were all scorched and
broken. But there was no corpses around, after searching I finally found why
not. Littered upon the ground was some of Abael's equipment all circling a
dark scorch mark. While gathering the equipment I see that Balor had destroyed
Abael and escaped, I could tell by his trail he was dragging one of his legs
and bleeding profusely. Not waiting for him to return I grabbed what I could
and fled. I gave his gear to his wife and daughter and told them that he had
died valiantly. 

Stunned by what I just read, I closed the book and wept. Raising my head said
I will do honor to your legacy grandfather, I shall protect everyone just
like you would have. When I discover all of my inherent powers and learn those
taught to me by my brethren, I will find that Balor and destroy him.

Crawling into bed I immediately fall asleep.

THE END for now.. *eerie music*- dum dum dummmm

Author:  Draeth
Date    Mon Dec 17 08:15:36 2001

Subject  My new role

Things had changed tremendously for me after my research. I now saw things in
a different light, feelings of goodness surrounding me. Following my
grandfather's footsteps I chose to become a sentinel of Ansalon, protecting
the people and helping only the good. I should not rule out all evil, some
of the order of the Black Robes I see some goodness in them. I shall help them
if the need arises. *Nodding I turn and walk over to my window and open it*
Right now the people of Caergoth need my help in removing the Dark
Knights. I glance around the room making sure I have the items I need for my
plans. Leaping out the window I fly towards Caergoth.

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue Dec 18 08:11:18 2001

Subject  Minor Attack

As I fly towards Caergoth I head a little west and stop at a small port town
called Eastport, in Southern Ergoth.

Speaking as I descend down towards the harbormaster  Good Sir, would you
happen to have any ships for sale?

Yes sir, I have these 4 carracks here that have been salvaged but not
repaired. They are seaworthy, but that is it. I don't think they would hold a

That is ok sir, they won't need one.  I will take all of them. I hand the
harbormaster a large pouch of steel, seeing his smile I know that covered the
cost. Whatever you wish sir, they are all yours. Good luck sailing those
heaps, you'll need em. smiling I nod and walk over to the first ship pulling
a small silver hammer and platinum chisel out of a pouch. Working swiftly I
engrave a few runes on each ship. When I finish the task I stand in the middle
of the four ships, reaching into another pouch I pull out some steel shavings
and dried seaweed.   Argo tulal forsperu  the runes begin glowing  Oha
tu reghaz threght and with the final word I spin around throwing the mixture
onto all 4 ships.  The ships glow with a dim blue then return to their normal
color. That should do it, let see what damage I can do now.  Flying up and
then off towards Caergoth, the carracks sailing slowly behind me. As I fly
around the northern cape of Caergoth I see the port. The dark knight's ships
are easily identifiable and I head towards them. The enchanted ships behind
me, covered by the setting sun, head towards the dark knights groupings.
Stopping in the air I motion the ships to speed up in that direction. I
chuckle to myself as the first of my ships crash into the dock holding 2 of
the knights ships. The other three crash into other ships. As I fly in towards
town, I survey the damage: a couple of their ships and the dock are badly
damaged, mine are sunk and there are some knights bodies floating in the
water. That was well worth the steel I paid, quite amusing.  Setting down
behind a tavern I walk into the town seeing what other help I could give the

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue Feb  5 15:50:29 2002

Subject  My Dragon

Raising my head after hours of study over the notes Galaphale gave me on the
Vision, I peer around the Library. "Very few mages are here nowadays, they
must be out defending various places against the forces of Takhisis. I wish
there was something I could do to help." Looking around the room one final
time I lower my head going back to my studies. As it drops my gaze strays
across a ring on my finger a ring shaped like a silver dragon coiled around my

"This is how I can help the mages defend Solace" Gathering my belongings I
rush out of the library, leaving the other materials layed out for when I come
back. "I have felt that this ring was linked to something but I've never had
the chance to try to summon it." Rushing through the corridors and up the
stairs in the White Tower of Wayreth I end up on the roof at the altar of
Solinari. Kneeling at the altar I pray to Solinari for help and assistance
then I stand and walk over to the edge of the tower. While going over in my
head all that I know about summoning creatures I remember a story about a ring
that was trapped and when the mage tried to summon the creature it exploded.
Layering myself in protective spells just in case this is one of those rings,
I prepare to contact whatever is linked to the ring. Closing my eyes and
reaching out across the continent with my mind I search. I feel the chill from
Icereach and the Heat from Sanction as my mind passes those locations. As my
mind reaches Kalaman I feel a pull to the north. Sending my mental probe out
across the Blood Sea I can see nothing, passing through the maelstrom and
still being pulled north I reach a very small island a couple of hundred
leagues north of Mithas, a great sense of fear but also a feeling of goodness
comes over me as I reach a huge mountain the encompases most of the island. I
find great claw marks in the stone and follow then to a fissure in the side of
the mountain. Now the fear and thrill is so much that I cannot enter, I send
my summons out through the crack "Come to Wayreth, you are summoned." Hearing
a great roar, I quickly pull my mind back to my body and await the creature.
"I felt goodness so it must not be evil." After an hour or two of sitting and
looking north I see a speck of silver passing in the distance. Initially I
think that is the Solamnic that Tarantel has coming to Solace but the silver
does not head towards Solace it keeps coming towards the Tower. As it gets
closer I can make out that it is not a smaller silver dragon used by the
Knights for transport, this one is much larger. "I better fly out to meet it,
I wouldn't want to scare away any of the new initiates with this beast's
size." I glide out on my wings towards the silver behemoth. The dragon sees me
coming towards it and stops about 100 yards away from the Tower and looks me
over. Upon it seeing my white robes it calms down and speaks "Are you the one
who has called out to me?" I reply "Yes, that would be me. I wanted to see
what creature was linked to this ring I wear" The dragon looks down with his
shining eyes at my ring "Yes, I remember when I was connected to that thing.
The person who did it was a dear friend of mine in my younger days. That is
the only reason why I allowed him to do that." Bowing to the dragon I say "I
have only summoned you to see if I can help out in the protection of Solace
from the Dark Queen, I do not seek to bind you against your will." The deep
rumbling comes from inside the dragon and it growls "It has been awhile since
I have been around mortals, yet I sense you are different than most. I feel a
deep devotion and goodness inside you, I will help you and maybe I will come
to your call even after this is done. But tell me what is your name?" Bowing
again to the beast "My name is Draeth Aidrau, I am a sentinel from the planes
and a White Robe in the Conclave. Might I ask your name?"  ... continued

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue Feb  5 15:52:09 2002

Subject  Dragon... continued

Snickering the dragon replies "You can call me Mercury. I will not tell you my
full name just yet." "So you will help in the guarding of Solace?" I ask.
"Even a dragon my size and magnificance cannot protect an entire town, I will
search for other Silvers that are not participating in the war and bring them
to help." Smiling I say "Thank you Mercury, your help will not go forgotten.
If you need me I shall be at Wayreth." The dragon looks down at me and says "I
will contact you when I find others, hopefully we can fly into battle someday
soon. It has been awhile since I've seen action." With that Mercury turns and
flies back north. "I also hope we can fight together" I cast a spell and
return to my studies in the Library.

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue May  7 15:05:21 2002

Subject  Prelude to a Spire

Having been away from my home plane so long I decide to return to Elysium to
continue my spell research.

As usual I planewalk to my mothers house on a small island in Elysium and make
it there with no difficulties, the spell getting easier to cast with every
use. Hoping my mother had returned from Palanthas for a short visit, but I am
disappointed to find that the house is empty. Gathering some items from my
house I fly out and head to the great library again. Lost in the feeling of
the fresh air and warmth from the sun across my face I quickly realize that
the library is just ahead. I descend, wrapping my wings around me creating
what looks like a feathery robe. As  I enter the library I greet the
Tomemaster, as usual he shows me respect and a certain amount of fear. I head
past him and up to the floor where the journals and histories of the Guardians
are held. I head past the histories, because I find that they have no
information of use to me.

The thing I come here to look for are the spells created by the protectors,
these are usually documented in the journals. I pick off the shelf one of the
more recent ones, it closely resembles the way my spellbooks are bound so it
catches my eye.  As soon as I open the book I find out why it looks the way it
does, this protector is one of the new spellguards they have in their ranks. 
These spellguards are Guardians that dedicate their time to develop new
defensive and offensive spells. I curse under my breath for not taking some
scrolls and quills with me to copy some of the information down. Closing the
book and tucking it under my arm I descend down to the Tomemasters desk, I ask
Excuse me sir, do you have a scroll and a quill to copy certain parts of
this book? A portion of his lips curls up into somewhat of a offended smile
We dont copy parts of a book here sir, we consider a disgrace to the books
and those who wrote it He instructs me to hold the book out over his desk.
Suprisingly he casts a levitation spell on the book and pushes my hands away.
He pulls a small crystal vial from his desk with a pearly yellow liquid
inside. He opens the vial and pours a small drop onto the top of the floating
book. The book pulsates with a yellow and white light then suddenly a book
drops onto the desk.  The light dims and slowly dies away revealing the
original book still floating in the air. He plucks the book out of the air and
hands it to an assistant who runs away with the book. He picks up the book
laying on his desk and hands it to me and says quite useful spell that one.
It simplified our work here when we got this book in. Seeing the look on my
face he says Dont worry this book is the same as the one I sent away. You
can have this copy, since you are a relative of Abael. We do not do this for
anyone. Clasping the book to my chest I say This potion you used, you say
it was learned from this book? He nods in acquiescence. Smiling, I bow to
him, unfurl my wings and exit the library heading home.

Author:  Draeth
Date    Tue May 14 17:56:08 2002

Subject  Spells and Books

Sitting in my room in the White Tower at Wayreth I read the tome I brought
back with me for the third time making sure I had absorbed all information
from it. I had obtained 3 main spells from the book that I planned on adding
to mine and teaching others that wanted the knowledge. Opening my spellbook I
copy down the spell commands, the items needed and the effects down for these
spells (Crystalize, Orb of Knowledge, and Duplicate). With that Orb of
Knowledge I could carry with me all I need to teach others, it would work
wonders for a library. I stop in midsentence and think to myself I wonder
if that would work, we could copy certain tomes from Palanthas and make
another library closer to the Tower. I smile inward and finish copying the
spells down. Closing my spellbook I pull a sheet of parchment from under my
desk and hastily write on it.

 Tobek,   I have a very interesting proposal for you, as the leader of the
Librarians I feel I should send you word of my new discoveries.  I have found
a way to both duplicate books and store the knowledge from the books easily. I
was hoping you would assist me in creating a building to house this new wisdom
and some of the old. I am scouting the area around Solace hoping to find a
suitable place to construct this.

Send me word if you will be able to help.

-Draeth, devoted Librarian 

Folding the parchment in half twice I write a small rune on the top and cast a
spell over it. The letter rises and flies out the window.  I hope this finds
you wherever you are, Tobek.  Opening up another spellbook I begin sorting
through the spells finding ones that might be useful in making this new house
of wisdom.

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