The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Drellius.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a heavy leather-bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Drellius' scribed in glowing yellow ink.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Wed Sep 21 21:13:19 2005
Subject  Research

The uncounted days spent reading the books kept in libraries within the cities
across the country, had begun to wear heavily on Drellius' mind. The
information which he was seeking out was near impossible to find, most books
referencing what he was researching mostly told tales of the object in
riddles. He had heard the story from an old magician who sat in the Inn of the
Last Home and told the story to children, at the end of the story he told the
children that it was only a myth, yet there was a certain glimmer in the man's
eyes as he spoke. As though he really believed the story was true, Drellius
was also convinced that the old magician believed it was true by the way he
looked at Drellius after the children had departed. Since that day Drellius
had sifted through hundreds of books skimming thousands of pages, he found
only 4 paragraphs that had actually mentioned something relating exactly to
the story told by the old man.

Drellius now found himself inside the Library of Palanthas, the uncounted
amount of books daunted him. The bags underneath his eyes seemed to sag even
more as he scanned the rows upon rows of bookshelves. Rubbing his eyes lightly
he wondered he he should begin. Seeing a scholar of the library pass by he
stopped the scholar and quickly asked where he could find any books reagrding
old magical relics. The scholar stopped for a moment and stared at Drellius
with an almost puzzled look on his face. Then he looked off and one direction
and pointed while telling him to go up to the second floor and look through
there. Thanking the scholar, Drellius moved up the stairs and began running
through the titles of the books.

As odd as it seemed Drellius found a group of dusty books on the top corner of
one of the shelves by the wall, retrieving a step ladder he climbed up and
pulled three of the five books from the shelf and put them on a table in the
middle of the room. Sitting down in a chair he blew the dust off of the first
book and opened the brittle pages and began reading.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Wed Sep 21 23:14:33 2005
Subject  Given Direction

| --\
||  \\
||   \\
||    \\
||    //
||   //
||  //
---- rellius had gone through the first book with no more information than he had
started with, he pushed the book aside and opened the second book. After going
through about 50 pages he arrived at a chapter named: "The Orb of the Arcane".
A broad smile covered Drellius' face and he must have been momentarily glowing
because some of the passing scholars looked at him strangely as he beamed a
smile around the room. Flipping through the pages he recognized some of the
information he had previously found on the orb, it's magical properties and a
description of how it looked, this book actually had a picture giving a rough
depiction of what it would look like. Reading further he found a short history
on the orb, he found that at one point it was briefly used by the legendary
Magius. The history before that was somewhat sketchy as though the details
weren't all correct sentences danced around the information of where it had
been before and where it came from. There were no more names of magi having
had it before Magius just brief words about it having been used.

Reading through the rest of the chapter, Drellius found another piece of
information on the orb that he hadn't read about before. Apparently the orb
draws its magical power from its user, then in turn it multplies the magnitude
of its users own magical power, but in doing so it slightly drains at the
users physical strength yet only making their magic stronger. Interesting,
before Drellius had only known of the orbs ability to increase a users mental
capacity giving them the ability to not be required to maintain a schedule of
study within a spellbook. This made the orb a much more powerful item. Upon
reaching the final paragraph Drellius found that the last time the orb was
ever mentioned or heard of was in the Citadel of Magius. Although the book
itself did not tell where the Citadel was located...

Author:         Drellius
Date    Thu Sep 22 22:50:47 2005
Subject  Ancient Maps

. ___
//   \\
||    -
||    _ 
\\   //
,\\-// Losing the book, Drellius looked up and contemplated for sometime where
he would find the Citadel of Magius. He would need a map, a map of all of
Krynn. He picked up the three dusty books he had removed from the shelves and
climbed up the step ladder and put them back where he had pulled them from.
Pushing in the chair he used as he walked from the room, he went looking for
Bertrem. Bertrem would be able to tell him where to find a map that covered
all of Krynn. When he reached the main floor he asked yet another scholar
where he might find Bertrem, the scholar pointed and told Drellius that
Bertrem should be within his office.

Upon reaching Bertrem's office the door was only open a crack, a bright light
shone from within, knocking lightly on the solid vallenwood door Drellius
pushed it open slightly. Bertrem beckoned him in and looked up from the
enormous tome he was poring over.

"Greetings Master Bertrem, I was hoping I might be able to pester you for a
moment with a few questions..."

"Of course, I have a some time to help you out." Closing the tomb he was
reading he rises from his chair. "What is it I can help you with, my

"I was hoping you could help me find a map of all of Krynn, one that has the
older ruins and such marked in their designated areas."

Bertrem smiled and beckoned for Drellius to come further into the room,
walking over to the wall Bertrem asked Drellius what exactly it was he was
looking for. As Drellius stared at the map intently he quickly told Bertrem
that he was seeking the Citadel of Magius.

"I'm not familiar with such a place, in what region is it located?"
Bertrem looked at Drellius in puzzlement.

"That's the problem, I only know that it existed, not where it was located.
That, my friend, is why I needed your help in finding it upon this very map."

"You won't find such a place on this map, I've looked over this map many
times. If there were a such a place especially bearing the name Magius, I
would know."

Drellius stood staring at the map, contemplation with a touch of frustration
crossed his face, wondering where he should look. "Then we will need an
older map. A map from times when Magius was still alive, would you have such a
map here?"

Author:         Drellius
Date    Mon Sep 26 22:09:51 2005
Subject  Location of Old Maps

|  \
||> \
|   /
|  /
|  \
||\ \
|| > \
||/  /
|   /
---- ertrem looked at Drellius for a moment in a somewhat deep contemplation,
he shook his head momentarily then all of a sudden his face brightened up with
a broad smile.

"There isn't one here, but I can tell you where
to find one. As far as I know there is only one and it is kept inside of the
High Clerist Tower. You may have to get one of the Solamnic Knights to escort
you within the halls in which it is kept. I am not sure on their policy with
sharing that particular map with others..."

"Hopefully they'll be sympathetic to my cause, I
merely wish to take a look at the map. Thank you so very much for your help,
Master Bertrem."

Bowing slightly Drellius turned and walked quickly from the room closing the
door just enough to return it to the amount it was open before he disturbed
it. Stepping out into the streets of Palanthas he looked southward in the
direction of the High Clerist Tower. Thinking for a moment, he returned to the
stables near the outside of town. Seeing his faithful steed, wearing a blanket
of an emerald colored cloth, he smiled knowing that he was the master of the
only horse to wear an emerald blanket in the stables. As he walked over to his
horse the stable master appeared from another room. Thanking the stablemaster
for allowing him to leave his horse tied up, he retrieved a few gold pieces
from a pouch and handed them to the stablemaster. He threw a saddle upon his
steed and headed off in the direction of High Clerist Tower.

After passing out of the gates of Palanthas, Drellius whistled sharply and two
eyes appeared in the darkness as a strong looking jaguar emerged from the
underbrush. Walking up alongside of the horse it sniffed lightly at Drellius'
feet as he smiled down at his familiar which over the years he had grown very
fond of.

"Ah, Ceridwen, I don't know where I would be
without you sometimes. Not in very good health after some of the things you've
managed to get me out of..."

Drellius kept his steed at a slow trot, with Ceridwen walking alongside
them, as they continued down the trail on their way towards the High Clerist

Author:         Drellius
Date    Wed Jan 25 15:21:27 2006
Subject  Northern Ergoth

Pulling on the reins of his horse, Drellius beckoned to Ceridwen to
follow him as they departed the cargo ship that had agreed to letting
them ride along on the ships trip to Northern Ergoth. The sailors were
more than happy to aid him in his journey, nearly as happy as they were
to relieve him of a portion of his gold in return for their good-hearted
helpfulness. They had arrived in a small port, only bearing two docks,
barely large enough for the ship. Looking about Drellius spotted a
tavern not too far down the cobblestone road, looking down at Ceridwen
he smiled.

"Perhaps we should gather ourselves some resources before we head out of
town, a warm hearty meal would be good for the both of us, I think."

Walking up to the tavern Drellius tied his horse up and motioned for
Ceridwen to keep an eye on the steed. He pushed the heavy wooden door of
the tavern open and stepped inside, the strong scent of herbal teas and
freshly cooked food filled the air. Taking a seat Drellius ordered two
meals and a large quantity of different breads. Finishing his meal he
laid a generous amount of gold upon the table, grabbed the bread and the
second meal and left the tavern.

Setting down the warm plate of food Ceridwen quickly devoured the meal
as Drellius untied and mounted his horse.

Walking out to the edge of town, Drellius and Ceridwen headed north into
the thick, lush forest of Northern Ergoth.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Fri Feb  3 15:33:59 2006
Subject  Near Hylo

The short journey through the beautiful forest of Ergoth, the tiny trail
that they walked upon had slowly begun to widen as the trees ahead
started to thin out. The sun barely peeked through the canopy of the
thick forest and Drellius had been looking forward to making it back out
to where the sun was shining down in all its grace before night began to

Although he wanted to see the sun, night would be a pleasing time for
Drellius as well. Having mapped the moon patterns while on the ship that
brought him to Ergoth, he knew that Solinari would be shining in full

Pushing away the branches of some shrubs, Drellius realized he had
reached the end of the forest. A small valley greeted him, dominated by
the city of Hylo, which could be seen off in the distance. Drellius
climbed back onto his horse and cantered down the trail with Ceridwen
walking alongside him.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Fri Feb  3 15:49:18 2006
Subject  Too Many Kender

Having almost reached the southernmost gate of Hylo, Drellius caught
something out of the corner of his eye.

Quickly turning he looked out to the east squinting his eyes, the sun
glared lightly off the water to the east, Drellius saw nothing of
importance and turned his focus back to the gate. Lightly tapping the
flank of his horse with his heel he continued on through the gates.

The streets were overcrowded with various shop booths and a seemingly
uncountable number of kender skittering about. Looking down at Ceridwen
he smiled as he imagined the immensely curious kender flocking about the
jaguar, Ceridwen almost immediately looked back at him with an almost
pleading look.

"Perhaps you should wait near the edge of the forest, my friend."

Ceridwen turned and sprinted away from the city as Drellius let out a
hearty chuckle. Sitting atop his horse remembering the basic nature of
kenders, Drellius took all his pouches from around his waist, tied their
ropes tightly about them and muttered a short incantation over all of
the before tucking them into some of the higher pockets of his robes.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Fri Feb  3 16:04:16 2006
Subject  The Flowing Tankard

Rinding further into town, Drellius attained much more attention from
the kender of the city than he had hoped. Apparently his bright emerald
robes attracted the kender seemingly like a magnetic force. Numerous
meaningless questions were abound, assaulting his thoughts, making it
difficult to focus on finding a tavern.

Finally catching glimpse of a sign that read "The Flowing Tankard",
Drellius quickly ducked inside after tying up his horse. Escaping the
onslaught of kender outside, he found himself thanking his luck for
having fallen into a dwarven tavern in the middle of so many kender.
Taking a seat, Drellius searched through all of his scrollcases before
finding his rough-etching of the map that the solamnic had shown him in
the hig clerist tower. The map was too oldto give an exact location
especially after the cataclysm, so he would have to ask around see if
anyone knew anything about the tower.

"Gee, what's that? Is that a treasure map? I had a treasure map once!
Are you looking for treasure? I like looking for treasure, but now I
help my good friend, Bilton! He's a dwarf, he owns this tavern! Which
reminds me...would you like something to drink?"

"I'll take a glass of elven wine, please...and by the way, you wouldn't
happen to know anything about a really old tower anywhere aroun this
area would you?"

"Nope...but maybe you should ask Bilton, he knows everything about his

The kender server turned and walked away as Drellius rolled up his map
and returned it to its scrollcase.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Fri Feb  3 16:11:58 2006
Subject  Direction with No Map

Standing up from his table, Drellius approached the bar where a
well-kempt dwarf was pouring a drink for another customer. Drellius
waited for the bartender to finish with his customer, while the kender
server set a glass of imported elven wine in front of him. The bartender
noticed him and came over.

"What brings you to these parts, green fella?"

said I should question you about it..."

"There's an old tower that a bunch of exceptionally weird kender horde
around, which is on an island to the east of here. Any other tower I can
think of isn't in this region or was demolished long ago..."

"I thank you greatly for your assistance, friend..."

Drellius gulped down the last of his wine and handed he dwarf a small
pouch of gold and left the tavern.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Mon Feb 13 23:20:21 2006
Subject  Tower to the East

Walking back out of the tavern, Drellius gathered his steed and headed
back towards the gate he had entered at the south end of town. He
pondered as he went about what the dwarf had said before he left the
tavern, about the kender that reside around the tower itself. Hopefully
they were not a hostile bunch, but then many hostile kender
are there on krynn? Shrugging in response to his own thoughts as he
passed through the gates, Drellius whistled sharply and Ceridwen
immediately appeared out of the forest and rejoined him at his side.
Looking out towards the east, he lightly spurred his horse and they
began walking around the outside edge of town towards the east.

The sun was just beginning its descent from its zenith on this beautiful
day in Ergoth, the horizon looked as though it was painted with the
sparks of Reorx' Forge. It would be dark in a few hours, but the coast
was not far away, they would easily reach it before the moons made their
glorious appearance in the night. Drellius could see a vague silhouette
of the tower over the horizon through the clear sky. His mind raced, he
was so close to his destination that he could almost feel the energy
emanating from the tower.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Mon Feb 13 23:31:52 2006
Subject  The Coast

Reaching the coastline, Drellius saw a group of canoes just setting on
the beach presumedly no one steals them because they've already been
stolen by the kender that inhabit the island. Using them for transport
back and forth, no doubt there are just as many on the other side on the
island beach. Deciding it would be better to wait until morning to go
across, not wanting to brave a kender encampment in the dark...he
wouldn't even begin to guess the things he would lose with all those
sneaky, snatching hands surrounding him.

After setting up a small tent, Drellius gathered some large branches
that were lying around the few trees in the area. Setting them up in a
large pile, he held his hand over the top of the pile and spoke a few
words, flames reached out of his hand, igniting the pile. Nodding at
Ceridwen, he laid down to get some rest. Ceridwen stood near the fire,
as the clear sky yielded a cold night to contrast the warmth of the day.
Ceridwen would be standing guard until daybreak, though they had not
entered the Kender village there still may be some that are poking
around in the night, looking for something "interesting".

Author:         Drellius
Date    Tue Feb 14 00:03:54 2006
Subject  The Kender Village

The night passed with no disturbances, Drellius awoke to find that
Ceridwen had caught a rabbit and was munching away at it. It looked as
though it was going to be another fine day, perfect for navigating
through the old halls of the tower. Packing his things back into the
saddlebags on his horse, before leading the horse down to the beach.

The soft sand mushed lightly under his feet, grabbing an oar he drove it
deep into the ground and tied the reins of his steed around it.

"Ceridwen, you stay here and keep an eye on our stuff, I'm going to go
see if I can wade through the kenders and get into the tower."

Drellius pushed one of the canoes out into the water and climbed in, oar
in hand, and rowed his way across to the opposite shore. As he
approached he could see little huts grouped together just past the
shore. Kender could be seen moving about between the huts, bantering
wildly no doubt telling each other tales that have no end. Pulling his
canoe ashore he made his way up a small hill on the beach towards the

His emerald robes immediately caught the wandering attention of the
kender in the village, the sun shone down and made it look almost as if
he were glowing with a bright green aura. The kender swarmed up to him
shouting out, their words were all muddled together as they clambered
around him in obvious excitement. Drellius tried to tell them he was
only here for a short visit and he would be returning to the mainland
before too long.

He continued on through the mass of kender, although he did not get more
than a step away and they were all practically hanging on his heels and
tugging at his sleeves.

Thankfully he had left everything of importance in the saddlebags, still
guarded by Ceridwen.

He had nearly reached the base of the tower and all of a sudden he was
no longer dragging numerous kender along with every step. They had all
stopped and were staring somewhat dazedly up at the tower, feeling a
mixed emotion on this blessing he wondered what it was that kept them
from their "curiousities" and made them stop in their tracks.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Thu Feb 16 03:34:41 2006
Subject  The Tower of Magius

Slowly turning back, Drellius looked up at the tower with an eyebrow
raised slightly almost as if it was in concern for his well-being. With
a light shrug of his shoulders he began walking towards a wooden door
that led in to the tower, luckily there weren't any kender following
along behind him. Any disturbances to the peace of this place might
awaken something he would not want to encounter, a kender would greatly
enhance the risk of such an occurence.

The door was slightly cracked open, which made him wonder as to the
presence of any others inside the tower. A shadow loomed over him as he
placed his fingertips upon the cold door and pressed it lightly open.
Darkness escaped from within the tower, Drellius gathered a small
crystal from a pocket inside his robes and spoke a single word and the
crystal bursted into a brilliant white light. He could hear the
overwhelmed gasps of the kender that were still watching, he smiled to
himself at the thought of a kenders curiousity being subdued by a tower.
Passing through the door with the crystal held out in front of him he
examined the surroundings, seeing only all stone walls covered lightly
with moss and other such overgrowth. He was in a circular hallway, to
his right was an ascending stairway and to his left the hallway
continued on around the perimeter of the tower.

Figuring that what he was looking for would more likely be held at a
higher level of the tower, Drellius headed up the stairway. Travelling
upward at a steep incline he noticed that not only were there no
windows, he had not yet encountered a door although he had made his way
up quite a distance. All of a sudden the stairway stopped at an imposing
archway that led into a domed area, no doubt this was the highest point
able to be reached in the tower.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Thu Feb 16 03:54:02 2006
Subject  Tower of Magius (2)

The room he had entered was actually quite a bit larger than he had
anticipated it would be at the top of the tower, but somehow it looked
as though it had not faced the decadence of time. There were two
braziers lining a carpet that led up to another short staircase that
ended at large vallenwood double doors. Casters lined the walls still
holding torches, although they were unlit they were still likely to be
usable. Walking over to a brazier reached behind him and retrieved a
pouch that was hanging on the back of his belt, carefully hidden beneath
his robes to keep kender paws from walking away with it, and pulled a
large pinch of stinky brown powder out of it and sprinkled it lightly
over the coals and watched them begin to burn immensely.

Drellius grabbed a torch off of the wall and lit it with the brazier and
proceeded to walk about the hall lighting the torches that lined the
walls. As the light began to devour the darkness, tapestries bright with
color and etched with history emerged hanging from the ceiling of the
hall. Artwork hung at intervals between the torches and Drellius also
noticed that the doors to each room were not hinged with steel but with
solid gold.

Returning to the center of the room he looked about, and smiling he
headed for the double doors that stood at the top of the small staircase
at the center of the room.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Fri Feb 24 01:03:18 2006
Subject  The Tower of Magius (3)

As he approached the door, an almost nervous shiver ran down his spine.
He realized that there was no locking apparatus anywhere on the doors,
expecting to be confronted with a highly complex magical barrier,
Drellius began clearing his mind in preparation for a spell to dispel
the barrier. Surprisingly he reached the door and felt no magical aura
emanating from the area.  Reaching out he simply turned one of the knobs
and pushed the doors open.  The light from the hall escaped into the
room illuminating it in a soft glow that cast shadows behind everything

The center of the room was dominated by an enormous bed that seemed as
though it was connected to the ceiling, with large thick drapes hanging
down on every side of the bed.  Stepping into the room, torch still in
hand he found a couple more torches upon the wall and lit them.  Looking
about he noticed nothing out of the ordinary from any other bedroom one
might walk into.  Bookshelves held a few books a large desk with bowls
and scattered empty bags covering the top, all of the drawers still
closed.  Approaching the desk he also saw blank sheets of parchment in a
neat stack near the corner.  He also noticed another table on the
opposite side of the room underneath a heavily clouded window.  Looking
about the desk he didn't see a chair, but there was one setting at the
table, apparently there was only one for the room.

Drellius pulled open a drawer in hopes of finding something, but instead
found an empty drawer.  Pulling open the other drawers he found the same
thing in every one of them, sighing lightly he scanned the room one more
time.  Looking intently at the two shelves of books that were on the
wall above the desk.  There were only a few books still here, the rest
must have been gathered and taken elsewhere.  According to the spines of
the books there really wasn't anything of interest in them, which must
be why they were the ones that were left behind.  Dousing the torches on
the wall he walked back out of the room and looked back and forth at the
other two doors in the hall.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Fri Feb 24 18:39:23 2006
Subject  The Orb of Arcani

Drellius' gaze stopped on the door that was on the eastern wall, all of
a sudden there was something there that had grasped his attention.  It
wasn't something physical, it was something he felt, in his haste he
hadn't taken the time to focus his thoughts before choosing to enter the
first door. Walking slowly over to the door, it seemed as though what he
had previously felt had moved...  Into the center of the hall.  Turning
sharply he looked around the room still feeling it in the center of the
hall, then it slowly began to fade.  Furrowing his brow, he turned back
to the door with confusion about what he had just sensed troubling his
mind.  Reaching out he lightly grasped the knob, immediately a chill was
sent up his arm, it was ice cold to the touch.

Twisting the knob he pushed the door open, an ice cold blast hit him in
the face blowing back his robes slightly and causing him to squint his
eyes. The gust slowed down to a gentle breeze as he entered the room,
thanking his torch for not blowing out he held it up above his head and
scanned about the room.  The source of the wind was an open wooden
shutter on the far wall. Walking over he closed the shutter, seeing a
brazier nearby he lit it with the torch and began looking about the
room.  Stopping short the air was nearly sucked out of his body as he
faltered in sudden awe of what he saw resting atop a pillar in the
center of the room.  A solid platinum orb sat upon a pillow that rested
atop the steel pillar that rose out of the floor. Circling back around
to the front of the room before getting any closer, he thought he would
want to be as close to the door as possible before making any advances
towards the relic itself.

Coming closer and closer to the orb, Drellius could feel his excitement
and anticipation rising, a bead of sweat streamed down his face. 
Reaching a hand out he held his breath as he came closer, as he touched
the orb he felt the cold smoothness of its surface.  Clutching it
lightly he lifted it from its resting place, and held it for a moment
before releasing a heavy sigh. Snapping his attention away, the strange
aura he had sensed before, he could now feel stronger than he had
before, much stronger.  Turning quickly with the orb still in his hand,
he was confronted with an almost completely ethereal figure.  It was
carrying a book, which meant it had some physical form to it, and it
merely stared at him.  Staring back a nervous shiver hit him and he
contemplated what his move would be if the creature attacked.

"The artifact you hold has resided in this tower for many, many years. 
I have guarded it from the kender that have not let this place be since
they arrived, I also guard it from those who should not bear what the
orb offers to the one that carries it.  My master left this
responsibility to me to choose who would walk out of this tower bearing
that orb."

The guardian turned and set the book it was holding on the floor outside
the door before entering and closing the door behind itself.

"Although I cannot simply allow you to walk from this place carrying an
artifact that I have guarded for so long, you must show me that I have
made the right decision on who I have allowed to gain access to and hold
the orb in their possesion."

Author:         Drellius
Date    Sun Mar 26 19:27:24 2006
Subject  Guardian of the Orb

"Should you defeat me and walk from this room with the orb in your
posession, you must take that book with you and read its contents in
full. Do not take this advice lightly, for if you fail to follow those
instructions things you will not expect that may or may not be pleasant
to your being will be forthcoming.  Heed this warning and read the

Drellius' grasp upon the orb grew a little tighter as the guardian came
closer to him, unsure of what move to make first he pulled his sabre
from his belt and took a defensive stance.  As the guardian came within
arms reach, he raised the emerald blade and went to swing at the being. 
The guardian's hand raised and clutched his weapon arm stopping his
swing short, its' hand was icy cold and actually hurt to be in contact
with.  The being reached back with its other hand and took a swipe
across Drellius' stomach managing to leave two claw marks that seemed to
freeze his whole body.  The guardian pushed him backwards and released
his arm and Drellius fell to the floor, dropping his sabre and falling
back onto his knees he felt there was another force draining his
strength.  Feeling weak he looked at the orb and noticed that it was
glowing with an immense green aura that enveloped his arm almost up to
his elbow.

Feeling drained he put his other hand on the floor to hold himself up,
knowing that the guardian had to be coming closer him as he struggled
with his new found weakness, he knew that he had to do something or else
he would be sacrificing his life for naught.  Just as that thought came
to him the glow that the orb held dimmed to where the light contained
only within the orb, and Drellius felt a slight surge in his strength
then another, and another.  He felt better than he ever had before in
his entire life, he felt an inexplicable strength as though something
greater was flowing within his veins.  Standing back up he reached out
his free hand fingertips pointed towards the guardian and he saw the
look on the gaurdians face that had been completely expressionless until
this point.  A look of fear passed over the face of an emotionless being
as bolts of lightning erupted from Drellius' fingertips and blasted the

The guardians body was shot backward from the attack and crashed into
the far wall, retrieving the pouch that he had used to light the
braziers earlier he poured the entire contents into his hand.  Murmuring
a few words he cocked back and hurled the handful of dust in the
direction of the guardian, the cloud of dust burst into flames as it
rocketed towards the guardian.  Slightly covering his eyes his heard the
blast crash into the being and into the wall he felt the blast of heat
as the flames disappated. Looking back to where the guardian had been
laying he saw a charred corpse that slowly began to turn to ash,
clutching the orb much tighter he saw the glow return to the orb but not
as brightly as it had before.

Smiling to himself, Drellius turned and opened the door and retrieved
the book the guardian had laid outside the door before continuing out of
the main hall and down the stairs of the tower.

Author:         Drellius
Date    Wed May 17 17:59:12 2006
Subject  Meeting with the Moon

Emerging from the old tower Drellius stared at the gleaming orb that shone
brilliantly in the mid-afternoon sun, tucking the orb into a pocket within his
robes he walked back through the kender village. Once again crossing back over
to the main land of ergoth, he reunited with Ceridwen before feeling a strange
sensation run rampant through his bloodstream. A strange aura surrounded his
body before he began seeping out of reality, the ground was stripped away
beneath him and he passed quickly through a void that was continually changing
colors. His stomach lurched as his journey stopped, and he stood inside a
large room surrounded by chairs. Taking a minute to gain his bearings he
realized that the chairs were white, red and black, he was standing in the
meeting room of the Tower of Wayreth.

A robed figure stood from the black chairs and slowly began to approach him,
nodding at the fellow mage Drellius pondered as to why he had been summoned so
abruptly, and by whom. This mage radiated with an extremely powerful magical
aura, more powerful than Drellius had ever felt before.

"You have been brought here on dire accounts, Drellius. The High Archmage of
the White Robes has fallen ill, his old age is becoming an issue to his
health. Solinari apologizes for his absence, as he is attending to that
particular matter. Although I am here to do the job of replacing the High
Archmage, he is being retired..."

Looking somewhat fuddled Drellius furrowed his brow slightly as he intently
listened to the mage, nearly wanting to question why a black robe had been
sent instead of a white robe of proper authority.

"You have been chosen you to replace the High Archmage, your travels and
experience precede you in the Conclave of Mages. Especially with the acquiring
of the Orb of Arcani, in that I congratulate you...As of now you will be the
High Archmage of the White Robes, I expect you will speak with Solinari before
too long about this matter until then you may find your robes in the study of
the White High Archmagus. May you do well in your succession Drellius...

The ground rumbled slightly, and as quickly as Drellius had blinked the black
robe had disappeared, leaving him standing to ponder what he had just been
told. Stepping out of the meeting chamber he walked past a few apprentices and
other mages before heading up a flight of stairs to the Chamber of the High
Archmage. As he had been told the robes were hung lightly upon a tall standing
rack, walking over to the rack he adorned the robes and stood in silence at
his own presence...

Author:         Drellius
Date    Thu May 18 17:34:05 2006
Subject  Study

Resting his emerald robes on the tall standing rack, he pulled the orb from
its pocket and examined it before pulling the book from another pocket.
Walking over to the desk that dominated the center of the room he pulled out
the chair that had a single white cushion resting on it, taking a seat he held
the orb as he opened the cover of the book. It didn't have anything written on
the cover or on the spine, and surprisingly enough there wasn't anything
written on the first page. Turning to the next page he was confronted by
writing that he did not recognize under any language or magical script.

For many hours Drellius studied every page that contained writing in the book,
there were only about fourteen pages that actually had writing in them.
Looking up through a lightly tinted window he saw that night had fallen over
the tower, Solinari could be seen in full with Lunitari barely making an
appearance beyond the clouds that had hung since earlier in the day. Suddenly
an idea shot through his mind, clutching the orb tightly he muttered a some
magical words of a basic spell of light on the orb. It began to glow quietly
with a green aura, that still boggled Drellius that it glowed with a green
light. The spell was supposed to glow with a white light, looking back over to
the book he could see that some of the words were now able to be read. Holding
the orb over the book he saw that the words were written in an ancient arcane
language, poring over the book he was able to comprehend most of the words but
he would need a translation for some of the others.

Making a quick venture to the library he returned with a book that explained
the translations of the ancient arcane language and began matching up the
words. With the few extra words so much more of it made sense as to what the
orb actually did, and why it glowed green anytime he cast a spell while
holding it. Apparently the orb was drawing on his own magical energy and
magnifying it before it any spell was actually cast. Concentrating his own
magical power without the added ingredient or focus necessary, this would be
an extremely helpful artifact in times to come. Reading farther along he found
magical words that had been seperated from the rest of the text, poring over
them for a few minutes he was ready to speak them.

"Aduon Teylsari"

The orb began to rise slowly out of his hand and float lightly above his palm,
it then floated slowly over his shoulder and hung there bobbing slightly
glowing heavily with a bright green aura. Smiling to himself Drellius resigned
his studies for the day and closed the book.

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