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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Driana.

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Author:  Driana
Date    Sun Sep 22 00:47:32 2002

Subject  The Dream

Driana lay tossing and turning on the floor of a prison cell in Storm Keep.
She murmured under her breath to Branchala, always seeking escape. As she
tossed and she turned, a dream came...

 On a plain south of Palanthas, a 5 headed dragon appeared. It's colors
swirled and coalesced, and she got not put her finger on the color.  As she
stood their watching, her staff in her hand, it reared it's front limbs and
all 5 heads let out  a shriek.

At that same time, a kender bounced along happily, singing a standard kender
wandering tune. It came before the dragon and smiled, still humming.

 The two looked at each other, a hate in the dragon's eyes, a sadness in the
kenders... Then they both took a step back and rushed at each other.

The Dragon breathed at the kender with all five of it's heads, acid, fire,
ice, lighting and gas all mingling, but the kender blocked every one of these.

The kender struck out with his staff but the dragon always dodged them, or
didn't notice the few hits that landed.

As this all happened, Driana stirred in her sleep, "Wake up, wake up Lady
Driana" Rinz called as she was roused from her dream...

Author:  Driana
Date    Wed Sep 25 05:18:49 2002

Subject  Revenge...

The small beggar girl sat beside the road, looking hurt and tired.

As she sat there, she looked up and saw a large figuire walking down the road,
she seemed to smile and whisper something under her breath.

The figure came closer and appeared to be a large minotaur in grey robes.

as he got closer, the girl stood up "Sir, are you a knight... i noticed your

"Yes, I server her dark majesty..."

"I've been traveling all day and I am weak, would you help me down the road?
the company would be nice"

"Yes of course" The minotaur offered his hand to the girl. She stood up
and the two started walking. Talking about this or that...

"So, you are a wizard, were you in the conclave before the knights?"

"Yes, in fact I was, but there was no honor there... there is honor amongst
the knights of takhisis"

"Oh..." she said smiling. The girl pulled out a small waterskin and
pretended to take a sip, then offered some to the Knight The knight took a
long swig and then handed it back to the girl. The girl took it and smiled
evilly, walking quickly in front of the minotaur.

"It is strange that you talk of honor, did you show honor to my brother in
faith Reinhart? No you did not"

The knight stumbled forward a bit, feeling woozy. " who.. who are you.. i
was ord..ordered too"

The girl threw off her cloak and stood upright, revealing herself to in fact
be a young woman.

"I am Driana Cleanot, The sword of Branchala, for your dishonorable deed,
you shall pay for one done to you"

as Driana spoke the knight collapsed in weariness She at once began kicking
the inert body. Blood began flowing from his face and side. She lifted up her
staff uttering a prayer to Branchala, and the end began to glow.

She pressed the staff to his back and burned the symbol of Branchala into his

But before her eyes, the image turned to that of a 5 headed dragon. all five
heads looked at her and smiled, then the wound disappeared.

Driana backed away from the body in shock. She gained her composure and took
one last swing at the body, then turned around and started walking back down
the road

OOC - I was getting revenge for him killing Reinhart, I will admit, i was VERY
cheap about it, i told him we were looking for eq, then slept him and blinded
etc. Anyway, 24 hours protection from ho (like that matters with ho?) and a
round of appl ause for a good sport.

Author:    Driana         
Date:      Wed Jul  8 00:46:16 2015
Subject     First Impressions pt 1

Driana scrunched up her nose slightly as the wind shifted, bringing the smell of Palanthas Harbor to the ship. The trip from Porlinost had been long and the hours she spent pouring over her spellbooks seemed like an eternity in the stench below decks. Despite the ship being Qualinesti, it was still a ship and only so much could be done to mitigate the smell of so many living things inhabiting so constrained a space. Nevertheless, the smell of Palanthas Harbor made her state room smell like the forest grove in which she cast her first cantrip. Staring out at the sprawling city, Driana gritted her teeth and turned to go below decks and gather her things. She had travelled lightly: her spellbooks, a change of robes, an extra cloak and a dagger for protection, as well as her letters of safe passage, two letters her master wished hand delivered and a list of rare components to be obtained in Palanthas. She knew Master Gallanos could have procured these components herself, but she knew better than to question his wisdom. Gathering these things up, she made her way on deck. Minutes later, her ship pulled up to the quay, its crew throwing out its mooring lines. As the gang plank extended to the dock, she gave a deep bow to the captain who stood beside the helm. He returned the bow graciously, having only seen Driana at the occasional meal she had taken with the officers. Driana turned and made her way down the gang plank, entering the first non-elven city of her life. The stench, noise, hustle and bustle collided with her senses almost immediately, causing her to steady herself momentarily on a nearby crate. How the other races could live in such confusion and chaos was beyond her. Recollecting herself, she set off towards the address given to her by Master Gallanos, where she would deliver her first letter and receive room and board for her short stay in the city. As soon as she was out of the light of the dock and into the shadowy roads leading to the city proper, a man jumped out from a darker shadow, raising a weapon to her and demanding her to halt. Already on edge, Driana lifted a hand instantly and pointed a finger at the man as sulfur fell from the weaving fingers of her other hand. Master Gallanos had warned her the streets of Palanthas were not safe for an elf maiden and as such had prepared many of her more protective and combat oriented spells. The man, a half-breed she now noticed, dodged nimbly out of the lightning bolts way, receiving minor burns. He lunged forward at her, swinging a sap hard at her head. Driana reacted thoughtlessly, the decades of elven training taking over. She rolled away from the man and took off running, her robes hiked up to increase her speed. Rounding a corner, Driana reached hastily into one of her pouches and pulled out a ball of gum arabic. Rolling it in her fingers and uttering the incantation, Driana slowly faded from view. Looking around the corner, she saw the half-elf run past the alley she was in and continue on. Safe, Driana let out a muffled sigh and collected her thoughts. She would need to notify the city authorities about her attack before making her way to Master Gallanos' friends abode.

Author: Driana Date: Wed Jul 8 03:17:16 2015 Subject First Impressions pt 2

Driana set off down the streets, looking for someone to report the attempted crime against her. After a few minutes of searching, she spotted a man wearing a uniform of the Palanthian city guard. He seemed to be discussing something with another man who looked intoxicated. Driana, now visible, walked up quickly to the man as he turned away from the drunk. "Sir Guard, while I was making my way to Imperial Square from the docks, I was assaulted by a half-elf, " she exclaimed after bowing deeply to the guard. The guard scratched his face once and looked down at the young elf. "Near the docks you say? Well, miss, that's not too uncommon around those parts of the city. You look alright to me, was anything taken?" the guard asked her slowly. Driana looked impetuously at the guard and gave a slight stomp of her foot. "Of course not! I just felt you should know there was a man trying to attack people on a street near the docks!" The guard nodded once and looked down, hiding a smile. "Well, miss, thank you for letting us know, I'll have a guard go and check on it for you, " the guard said, before saluting and continuing down the street. Gazing after the guard, a hint of surprise on her face, Driana was caught unawares when the man the guard had been talking to before her put his arm around her shoulder and grumbled in her ear: "You know they aren't going to do anything about that, do you?" The smell of beer on his breath mingled with his human odor caused Driana to twist and turn away faster than her training had taught her. Holding her dagger out before, pointed at the man's throat, Driana stated slowly: "Leave me be. I am learning all too quickly how a Qualinesti woman is treated in this city." The man approached her slowly, no hint of ill intent on his face, but he nevertheless grabbed the dagger quickly from Driana's hand and held it away from her. "Now, young lady, we wouldn't want anyone getting hurrrrrr-gmph-" the man began before his eyelids drooped and he slumped over. As the man had approached her, Driana had grabbed a handful of rose petals from beneath her cloak and tossed them gently in the air. He hit the urine-soaked street face down and snoring. Retrieving her dagger and wiping it off on the man's shirt, Driana sheathed it and continued back down the alley to resume her misadventured way to Master Gallanos' friends'. As if it were fated, as she rounded her first turn, there before her stood the half-elf from earlier. Their eyes met at the same time and she saw him mouth something. He leapt at her quickly, catching her square in the chest with his shoulder. The two sprawled onto the ground as Driana quickly reached once more for her dagger and unsheathed it. The man yelped and jumped back as Driana brought the dagger down quickly but shallowly into his shoulder blade. Some distance between them, Driana prepared in her mind her last spell, hoping it would be enough to stop him. Sparks flared from her off hand and as the man reached out to grab her right hand she reached over and grabbed the man's arm, electrocuting him. As the man convulsed and dropped to the street, Driana turned and fled once more. The half-breed would be down for awhile, but she did not know how long.

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