The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Dunstan.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Dunstan' scribed in rich green ink.

Author:    Dunstan        
Date:      Sat Dec 12 19:56:43 2009
Subject     Delivering bad news

Dunston worked with the other priests sorting the bodies of those who had
died trying to liberate Palanthas from the clutches of the Dragon Armies.
This battle field was particularly disheartening as it seemed it consisted
of mostly young men barely of the age to go to war yet here their lifeless
corpses lay.

It was obvious they had been out numbered and yet every one of them had died
fighting. It was on one of the last corpses to be laid out that identity of
their commander became clear. Dunston recognized the signet ring the young
Knight of the Crown wore as that of the Duke of Luinstat. He knew it would
fall to him to take the sad news back to that war torn citadel but first he
would help to lay all these brace souls to rest.

They toiled long into the night to dig graves for the soldiers of Solamnia
and by morning he hoped he would never have to dig another grave. His sleep
was troubled by dreams of a never ending war between the Knight of Solamnia
and the Dragon Armies and he woke no less rested than when he had gone to

Traveling south through the lands the Dragon Armies had moved through he was
horrified by the destruction left in their wake. Animals hunted cruelly and
many snares, left by the invading army, had animals in them that had been
trapped but never humanely killed.

Eventually he reached Luinstat and saw that the citadel had not been saved
from the ravaging that the rest of the country side had suffered. He entered
the citadel via the broken main gates and proceeded toward the heart of the
ruined citadel. There he found the Duke and Duchess and delivered the news
of their sons death. The Duke seemed unfazed by the news while his wife
broke down and had to be escorted from the audience room.

Dunston left Luinstat wondering what he could do to help restore the

Author:    Dunstan        
Date:      Thu Dec 17 19:05:57 2009
Subject     The Calling

The look of sorrow on the Duchess of Luinstat's face haunted Dunstan each
evening as he fell asleep on his journey back to Palanthas. 

Although he had been raised in the forests of Qualinesti by his father it
was the plight his mothers people that pulled at his heart. He felt their
pain and saw the suffering in the lands that the Dragon Armies had brought
upon the innocent people of Solamnia.

On the third morning of travel, as he washed his face in a clear pool of
water, his dream returned to him. He saw The High Prophetess helping the
sick and wounded. She was near a glowing lake and Dunstan knew that this was
the place he needed to find so that he could help his mothers people.

Upon entering the next small village he went to the temple of Mishakal and
enquired there of the location of this lake and it was only after he proved
that he was a follower of Habbakuk and not a foul Dragon Army spy that the
priest told him where to find the lake.

Armed with this knowledge and knowing that this is what his mother would
want him to do Dunstan set out to find the lake. 

Author:    Dunstan        
Date:      Sat Dec 26 18:47:28 2009
Subject     Drawn to the Light

I looked to the west as looking east reminded me of the hurt and
suffering that the Dragon Armies had brought on the good people of Solamnia.

Returning from Luinstat I had helped many displaced people. Tended to their
wounds and helped cure all manner of diseases that were spreading with the
Dragon Armies.

It was these people who had nothing but made me feel at home and shared what
little they had with me that made me realise why my mother had left me in
the care of my father to return to her people, these people.

The other thing I realised was that these people were defenceless, their
husbands, brothers and sons had joined various armies the Solamnic nobles
had raised in the hope of defeating the Dragon Armies and now they needed
someone to protect them and guide them to safety.

The tactics used by my fathers bands of Wildrunners came to mind in order to
move a growing group of people unnoticed through the countryside. Each day
we broke into small groups and moved towards a common destination all by
different routes. Each day I moved with a different group trying to help
those in need of spiritual guidance as well as the sick among them.

I'm not sure who was more surprised, me or the patrol that found us near the
lake, up ahead I could see a make shift camp outside an ancient temple to
Mishakal. I had reached my destination but what was my destiny? 

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