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An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Durgen.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Durgen' scribed in earth-colored green ink.

Author:    Durgen         
Date:      Tue May 19 03:23:44 2009
Subject     Ambush

The wheels of the wagons creaked in the stillness of the night. The
dwarves looked around anxiously as they passed this forbidden place.
Skullcap, the shame of the dwarves, close to their hearts.

Each one kept their weapons at the ready however, the spirits of the area
fading in and out between the wagons. Yet the caravan continued at a hurried
pace, each dwarf impatiently awaiting their exit. A few hours had passed and
the dwarves's tensions were easing as the mountains appeared ahead. Even
though they must pass Pax Tharkas, each new what awaited them afterward,

Yet their leader, a rather stoic dwarf by the name of Durgen Battlerager,
led the caravan. He cast off the superstitions of Skullcap. His only concern
was getting his wares safely to the ports of Newport, and from their
ushering in a profit. Yet he sat now upon the lead wagon absentmindedly
thumbing the blade of his axe. Something was off, and he knew it was close.
Looking close to the wagon driver at his left he motioned for the wagon's
behind to speed up, and be wary.

Ahead was an open opportunity, he thought, boulder strewn terrain, and
treacherously tight corners. His gut told him to halt their advance, yet the
stubborn side of him won out. "Keep yer eyes open boys, trouble is close

Each dwarf drew their weapons, axes, crossbows, and swords. Hammers and
shields abound too. Each dwarf ready to fight for their precious cargo.
Passing the first of the many great boulders, Durgen looked out, scanning
the area for danger. 

Rocks fell from the top of a slope as a dwarf from the rear let out a great
roar. Falling over, quarrel embedded deep into his thigh, he roared a
warning to his comrades, just as the blade of his attacker split his throat

Author:    Durgen         
Date:      Tue Jun  9 08:43:04 2009
Subject     Ambush 2

Durgen turned as the shout from the rearguard spilled into the air.
Almost like a catalyst, men appeared from behind boulders brandishing
weapons. "Prepare to defend yerselves boys," he roared as he hefted his

Dwarves all around the caravan charged their attackers. Bolts and arrows
flew, each hitting with a meaty thud. Two bandit's had one dwarf down, blade
descending to take his life, before his comrade blocked the blow and
decapitated one attacker. Utter choas reigned around the loaded caravan,
soon bodies of both human and dwarf began to litter the strewn pass. Jerking
his axe from the unguarded neck of one bandit, Durgen surveyed the battle.

His dwarves were holding, the numbers of attacking bandits soon dwindled to
a few desperate skirmishes. Launching his fabled axe, Durgen roared in
victory as it knocked one bandit from one of his fellows. Bending to
retreive it, he quickly turned as another attacked. Ducking under the blow,
he kicked out at the bandit's left knee and grunted as he heard the sharp
crack. Axe blade coming across, Durgen's blow gutted his howling attacker.
Wiping his axe on the corpse he turned to look at his remaining dwarves. The
battle was over, they few, but each one fell was sore reminder of how long
they still had to travel.

After securing the bodies of his fallen kin, Durgen took time to make sure
each one of his remaining guards were fit to continue. Relying much on the
stubborness of his kin, he grinned as not one chose to turn back.

Seating himself on the wagon bench once again, he turned to his fellows," we
can make this boys, keep yer eyes open and your ears clean because we have a
long way to go yet."

Soon after the last dwarf dissapeared in the horizon, and the songs they
sung fell away to the wind, the wolves began to come down and feast on the
bandit dead. 

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