The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Duskin.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Duskin' scribed in glowing green ink.

Author:  Duskin
Date    Sat Jul 27 15:59:02 2002

Subject  My Life

I was a young boy living the life no one wanted to live.  My mother and I were
travelling beggers who were very poor.

I was a thief, constantly stealing and lieing. Sometimes I even killed for
money, and I don't know why but I found it enjoyable.  I was scared though,
because no one would give us any money so we thought we would've starved.

But one day a man walked up to us and handed 1000 steel to my mother, and she
bowed down and repeated her thanks over and over again, I bowed also but that
wasn't what I was interested in.

I was interested in the symbol on his armor, of a five-headed dragon.  I asked
the man," Sir, what is that sign?"

He replied," That is the symbol of the Great Queen Takhisis. She has knights
that serve her, and the Minions of Darkness, that are assassins, that also
serve her."

He continued," Maybe one day you may also serve the Great Queen." With that he
patted me on the head and mounted his horse and rode off into the night.

For the next few weeks I mulled over the thought of what the knight had said,
should I join the Minions of Darkness, and become an assassin, was all I
thought about.

Then one day a small group of men rode into town, while I was out buying some
food for my mother sat on a street corner.  These men rode through town until
they came to a local inn where they talked to the inn keeper.

They dismounted their horses and walked over to where my mother sat.  I saw
them having a brief conversation, as I walked back to her.  Then they all
unsheathed their sword and massacred my mother.

I stood there as the bread in my hands dropped to the ground.  I watched and
observed everything about the men.  I followed them through the town back to
the inn where they stayed the night.

During the night I crept into the man that seemed to be the lowest ranking,
and I snuck up behind him and with a few strokes of my dagger he was dead.

I walked into the next three mens rooms and repeated what I did to the first
man, but I  always wiped the blood off of my dagger before moving to the next

It finally came time for me to go the leader's bed chambers, and as I snuck in
I saw him sitting by the fire, and I hid behind the curtains for what seemed
like hours, but was a mere minutes.

I peeked out from behind the curtains and  saw him slip under the covers and
close his eyes. I silently snuck towards the bed slowly drawing out my dagger
as I did so.

I raised my dagger as I reached the bed and dropped my arm making the dagger
pierce the leaders heart, but I thought it was over, and it was not.

I thought I heard a clink and I did, the dagger had struck the armor, but
since I had slit all the other people's throats I hadn't seen their armor.

The mman sprung up and grabbed his sword laying next to him on the pillow, and
stabbed at me, but I wasn't there.  He stood up and walked around the room,
throughly searching it for me.

The only place he didn't check was under his own bed, and after about twenty
minutes he lay back down to sleep.  I knew because I felt the bed sink, almost
touching me.

I waited until I heard snores and I slowly crept out from under the bed and
stood up.  This time as I slowly drew out my dagger, I planned on a different
point of attack, the throat.

With one sweep I struck and the leader took one last breathe and I felt his
pulse, he was still alive.  I uttered my words to him, " My mother will be
waving to you from heaven, and I'll be laughing at you in hell."


Author:  Duskin
Date    Sat Jul 27 16:09:09 2002

Subject  My Life (Continued)

At that time I knew I had grown up, and I started taking on jobs as a
mercenary, killing mercilessly and enjoying it.  With a blood lust flowing
through my veins I loved my life at the moment.

Though I knew not why I was going to neraka, I had seen a vision of a
five-headed dragon.

In the vision the dragon told me to visit Neraka where she would find a group
of her mercenaries gathered.

I walked for what seemed like months and finally arrived at Neraka. I walked
through the gates of the city and saw a huge group forming.

I walked to the center of the group where I saw two General's, a Captain, and
a Corporal. I asked them what group they were and the general said, "I'm Thez,
we are the Minions of Darkness, who may you be?"

I replied, "I am  Duskin the assassin, and I have been sent her to join in
your ranks, the Queen sent me. "

I looked at the general and said, "Will you accept me into your ranks?"

(I leave that answer up to you, I hope you liked my story) Duskin,  The Red
Condor of Death

Author:  Duskin
Date    Sun Aug 25 13:42:51 2002

Subject  A New Birth

It was a dark stormy night outside the Storm Keep, but due to the magical
powers of the keep the inside is calm quiet and unaffected by the storm.

Down stairs in the Birthing place of Draconians two people stand silently
waiting and watching.

One is a Dark Cleric of Takhisis and the other is Mii'Mutkha'l the Aurak
Draconian Leader.

Then at the clap of thunder the cleric begans to chant words of magic, his
voice going louder with every chant until finally he is yelling. The eggs
start growing a light green.

The cleric starts chanting slower and quieter while Mii'Mutkha'l stares calmly
at the eggs as they start to grow a brighter green until finally small cracks
start to appear in the eggs.

Mii'Mutkha'l looks at the egg and can see a few small draconians moving around
inside, squirming to get out and stretch their wings.

Then it happens, one of the draconians starts poking at a piece of the shell
which eventually pops out and then the rest crumble. The draconians all hop
out and walk around stretching all of their new  claws and wings.

The draconian that popped out the shell was named Duskin, and after a few
moments of wandering around he stands up straight and faces Mii'Mutkha'l.

She speaks to him," Hello young one, I see your name has chosen you. Well
how do you feel? What do you feel you will do in life although our Queen has
already decided."

He replies, " I feel strong, powerful, and smart. I don't know what the
Queen has in store but I feel like I'm to be a leader of some sort, though I
don't know of what."

Mii'Mutkhal'l replies," Yes you shall be in the Minions of Darkness under
the Queen Takhisis. Although it is strange for one of your race to become a
leader it is not unheard of."

Duskin says,"  I will serve my Queen well and prove myself above others. I
see some of my clutchlings wandering around looking a bit tired as I feel
myself, why is that?"

Mii'Mutkha'l says,"  Yes it was hard work breaking through magical shells. I
have a task for you but you must sleep before you do it. Go now and sleep."

With that Duskin walked over to the others and wispered a few words to them,
telling them to find a place to sleep and that he would wake them when it was

About 4 hours later Duskin has rounded everyone up and sat them by the door
while he walked over to Mii'Mutkha'l who was talking to the cleric about the
next egg.

She turned around and said to Duskin,"  Hello there did you have a good
sleep? I hope you did because I have a big task for you. Are you ready for
it ?"

Duskin looked at himself then said,"  I had a good sleep and I'm ready for
whatever you say, if Takhisis wills it I will do it."

Mii'Mutkha'l replies,"  Good you learn fast. Here is your task. We have
heard of a hidden lair with half a dozen eggs. The dragons were killed in a
recent war so you will not have to worry about them ."

She continues,"  I want you to find these eggs and bring them back safely
unharmed. You are to bring your clutchlings with you to help you on your
task ."

Duskin nods and says,"  I will take my clutchlings to this place you speak
of and recover the eggs with no one knowing it. I will see you in a couple

Mii'Mutkha'l says,"  Here this is for you keep it safe." She picks up a
shell of his egg and whispers words of magic to it and hands it to Duskin who
nods and salutes her.

She kisses him on the head like a mother would and says," May Takhisis speed
you and come back safe." With that Duskin turns around and leaves with his

(To be continued.....)

Author:  Duskin
Date    Sun Aug 25 14:09:18 2002

Subject  After the birth

About 12 hours after the birth of Duskin and his clutchlings the streets of
Palanthas are still and queit as Duskin sneaks down the street looking for the
city of New Thalos.

He finds a map shop and while the map maker is busy talking to someone else
Duskin silently takes a map of Ansalon and  quickly sneaks out and down the
street into an alley where he unrolls the map and reads it.

He walks to the East gate and picks up his clutchlings where he walks East to
the city of New Thalos where he suspects the hidden lair is located.

They arrive by the fall of night in the city and search the city for the lair
but to no avail. After about 3 hours of searching they meet up at the Center
Marketplace of New Thalos.

Duskin talks to his clutchmates and asks if they have found out any helpful
information to help them with their search.

One of the clutchmates speaks up and says something about overhearing a man
talking about twin dragons to the far east of New Thalos.

Duskin is off at a sprint looking for the twin dragons and right as he left
the city he received a vision showing the twin dragons to the South.

The clutchlings finally catch up with the staring Duskin. They follow his eyes
to see twin dragons, one of pure gold and the other of the darkest

As Duskin attemps to pass through the arch between the twin dragons they come
to life steppping in front of him with fierce determination in their eyes.

The two dragons speak together at the same time saying," We are the dragons
of lightness and darkness. Why do you wish to pass into our lair? We will not
allow you to pass unless you know the secrets of the world."

Duskin raises his hands and speaks at almost a yell," I am Duskin. You two
do not exist. You were killed in a recent war. Let me pass or I shall call
upon Takhisis to condemn your spirits into forever torture."

The twin dragons replied,"  We shall allow you to pass on only one
condition. You must not take anything that is inside the lair unless Takhisis
wills it.Duskin."

Duskin nods and the twin dragons seperated allowing him and his clutchlings to
pass, Duskin turned around and says,"  I thank you great spirits for
allowing me to pass. Takhisis has willed me to find her eggs and return them
to her."

The dragons nodded and returned to stone as Duskin and his clutchlings entered
the great stone lair in search of the eggs. Knowing that eggs are laid in the
dark Duskin searched for a staircase leading down.

One of the clutchlings was busy looking at a wall next to him that he did not
see the staircase and fell down but at the last moment Duskin lashed out his
hand and grabbed the Draconian by the leg.

They both stood up and looked down the great staircase as Duskin slowly edged
his way down into the everlasting darkness until he came to the bottom where
he found a torch and using his flint he lit it to find a huge room.

He walked into the room and lights magically flicked on and what he saw would
make him remember for the rest of his life......

(To be continued.......)

Author:  Duskin
Date    Sun Aug 25 19:26:53 2002

Subject  The Hidden Lair

As Duskin looked around the room all he could see was gold piled higher than
the tallest tower, jewels, chandiliers, bookcases, rows of tables, and etc.

He was utterly and completely amazed. It was extremely shiny, but as three
clutchlings walked towards the gold and stooped down to pick some up, Duskin
shouted to them.

He shouted,"  GET BACK!!!! We are not here to steal any gold or jewelry we
are here to ind the eggs and return them to Takhisis safely. So keep your
hands off!."

The Draconians jumped back and under Duskin's instructions they searched the
room for the lair, but after about half an hour the lair was not to be found.
Duskin told them to keep searching.

But after another hour everyone was getting frustrated until one of the
Draconians tripped over a bump in the ground and fell into a wall, causing a
wall opposite of him to open.

They all clapped him on the back as Duskin began to slowly walk down the
stairs, taking the torch with him.  They came into a pitch black room where on
a table was a nest of silk in which half a dozen eggs sat.

Overwhelmed with joy Duskin whispered to a clutchling," Go grab me the
magical bag. Hand it to me, we will take these eggs back to Takhisis as
quickly as possible."

The clutchling handed him the bag and Duskin slowly walked over to the table
where he gently picked up each egg one by one and put them into their secret
magical spots in the bag.

He sealed up the bag and carefully slung it over his back. he picked up the
torch and walked out of the hidden lair. He motioned to the rest of the
clutchlings to follow him back to the entrance of the lair.

As they left the lair Duskin turned to the twin dragons and whispered,"
Thank you. Your eggs will get back safely and quickly to Takhisis, rest in
peace O Mighty Ones."

With that he turned around and the clutchlings and they began to sprint back
to the Storm Keep.

About a day after full sprinting the 6 of them arrived at the keep with the
eggs in their pack. Duskin walked in and took the stairs down to the Birthing

He gently unloaded the bag onto an empty silk nest. He turned around to see
Mii'Mutkha'l standing there. He nodded to her.

She said," Good work Duskin. I see that you are a good leader. I now know
that I can trust you to do the bidding of Takhisis with having to worry."

She continued,"  You have done good bringing back these eggs. The cleric has
checked them and says they will hatch within the next month. You will recieve
another task in due time."

Duskin nodded,"  I will rst now while I look forward to that task." With
that he saluted and went off to be with the other draconians.

Mii'Mutkha'l nodded and thought to herself as Duskin walked off* He will
become a good leader and serve Takhisis well*.

She turned towards the remaining eggs and saw to them.....

(The End I hope you all liked my story)

Author:  Duskin
Date    Fri Sep  6 15:34:19 2002

Subject  Khalkist Mountains

After Duskin's first success Mii'Mutkha'l called him forward with yet another
quest for him.  This one trice as difficult as the last.

It was a sunny, windy day but quickly became dark as a cloud covered the sun.
A igh ranking officer entered Duskin's small room and reported that
Mii'Mutkha'l wanted to see him.

Duskin nodded and sat up on his bed then walked out of the room ahead of the
officer, towards Mii'Mutkha'l's quaters. Even though Duskin noticed the
officer looked angry he continued walking not caring what the officer thought.

Duskin came to Mii'Mutkha'l's door and knocked, hearing a sweet "Come in."

Duskin pushed opn the doors and entered as he looked at the two guards out of
the corners of his eyes. As he stepped into the room he closed the doors and
saluted Mii'Mutkha'l. He walked towards where she motioned for him to sit.

He sat down and looked quizzically at her. She smiled and said," Hello
Duskin. I have another mission for you, but first lean against that door and
listen to what my officer and the guards are saying."

Duskin walked over to the door and pressed his ear to it, he heard two voices.
One he recognized as the officers was saying that he was angry that no one not
even himself had gone to see Mii'Mutkha'l alone except for Duskin.

He heard one of the guards gruffly reply something about she thinks Duskin has
an aura around him, that he will go far, and she trusts him over anyone of

Duskin saw Mii'Mutkha'l motioning for him to come sit down again and he did.
She asked him what he'd heard and he told her about the officer and the guards

She nodded and said," What they speak is true, I do trust you over any of
them, and I do think you will go far, now about your next task."

She continued,"  In case you have not yet noticed the draconian supply of
eggs is dimisnishing, we have givien birth to many but we are out of eggs."

" I have sent a scout over the Khalkist Mountains to another draconian group
about our problem and he has returned saying that they will send 4 clerics and
6 warriors with eggs."

Duskin interrupted," So what is the problem they said they'd send them, what
are we worrying about?"

She smiled again," Let me finish young one. The problem is the scout
returned four months ago. We think that they have gotten lost in the Khalkists
and I'm sending you and a chosen few others to find them and escort them

" But there is a problem. These 10 draconians are battle trained and won't
follow just anyone. You must convince them you are friends immediately or they
will attack and kill you. Take this with you to show them who you are."

She handed duskin a Black and White Scarf with the draconian symbol
bearing her name on it, to Duskin.

Duskin took the scarf and asked," Who will go with me?"

She replied," Mayrl the Warrior, Sluth the spy, and Treint the wise. They
will help you, their leader to find these lost draconians."

Duskin nodded and turned to leave as Mii'Mutkha'l called out," Be careful
and may Takhisis speed you Duskin!"

Duskin turned, saluted her, and walked out the door to find the three
companions of his, Mayrl, Sluth, and Treint. He wondered where and when he
would get out of the Khalkists if he ever found those lost draconians.

(To be continued.......)

Author:  Duskin
Date    Sat Sep  7 19:34:59 2002

Subject  Khalkist Mountains

Duskin ad found the three draconians traveling with him and he told them to
get prepared for they were going to go on a quest, of which he informed them
of the details.

They all knew that the journey would be difficult but none of them knew what
was in store for them in their quest to find the lost draconians.

It was about midday when Duskin and his comrades reached the foot of the
Khalkist Mountains. They gazed up at the mountain range, wondering where and
how they would ever find the lost draconians.

Maryl was the first to speak," Those mountains are extremely high, how will
we ever find them?"

Duskin replied," We have the Goddess Takhisis on our side, she will guide us
through and deliver us unharmed."

Maryl nodded silently and they all began to follow Duskin up the treacherous
and perilous path, up the side of the Khalkist Mountains.

At about midnight the company had reached a ledge just over three quaters of
the way up. Duskin told them all to unpack there supplies and setup camp,
while he scouted out the path for the next day.

As the others setup camp Duskin wandered off into the night in search of a
path. He traveled for a few minutes before coming upon a well trodden path. He
wondered who would travel such a path so often when he heard something like a
war cry.

It came in the direction of his camp. He sprinted over to the camp, his dagger
drawn, and steathily  running zigzag through the trees.

As he reached the camp he saw the three draconians holding off about 20 or so
little people no taller than 2 feet. But they all seemed experienced fighters.
Duskin slashed his way through the group of midgets where he reached his

He asked them what happened and Sluth replied," We were just about to start
dinner when these little midgets jumped us."

Duskin asked," Well lets try not to kill them all, they may be able to help

Right as Duskin finished everything fell silent and out walked a 3 foot tall
midget armed with a mace and a sword, his face was painted with blood and

He spoke," Mea wanna knowwa why yousa inshmaded me forrast. Huhuhhuh spek

Duskin turned angerly at the midget and said," Invaded YOUR forest, who said
this was your forrest? What do you wish to do with us since we're in YOUR

The midget said," Merra nams Tricle, and we gonna killslay you all."

With that all of the midgets charged and Duskin, who was so filled with fury
slashed and stabbed at the little people until he reached Tricle where he

" Well Chief Tricle now your gonna to die just like the rest of your little
midgets."  Tricle was so angry at being called a midget he charged Duskin.

Duskin leapt to one side to avoid the massive onslaught Tricle was, then
regaining his senses he leapt at Tricle only to draw back fast and swipe at
the little things legs.

The thing jumped but was to late, the dagger cut through the flesh and through
the one, chopping off the leg. Tricle landed with a resounding thud and all
fighting ceased.

Duskin's friends were about to finish off the rest when Duskin shouted,"
STOP! We will use them, wrap them up with string and tie them to a tree while
I have a little talk with Tricle."

Duskin walked over and knelt by Tricle's side and whispered," Now Tricle you
will help us with our little journey, or you will be taken back to the Temple
of Takhisis to be tortured. Do you want me to tell you what they do in the

Tricle vigoursly shook his head no and Duskin smiled and said," Good. Now we
will talk tomorrow but tonight you need to get a good sleep after your little

After tieing Tricle with the remaining midgets to a tree Duskin smiled to his
comrades and ordered them," Sleep. You will need it, tomorrow will be a hard
day with much walking and little rest. Now sleep."

The comrades went to sleep as Duskin stayed up to watch the midgets waiting
for the early dawn.

(To be continued...)

Author:  Duskin
Date    Fri Sep 13 22:03:48 2002

Subject  Khalkist Mountains

It was about dawn when Duskin awoke to find everyone, including Mayrl, Sluth,
and Treint still asleep.

Duskin queitly stood up and gathered some berries, because they wouldn't have
enough time to cook a decent breakfast. After getting the berries he awoke his
three comrades and fed them, then did the same to the midgets, who were much

He wrapped a rope about the midgets necks, with the rope connecting into one
spot and into a leash in his hand. He smiled as he turned and told his three
comrades to get up.

Once everyone was up Duskin asked Tricle," So where do you think some lost
wandering draconians would be?"

Tricle replied," Me norra no which way dem dracons might be but I mighta
think mesa know."

He continued," Therra be thatt da dracons b. Therra be bigbig cave, couple
miles up tharraways." He pointed up the mountain.

Duskin nodded and said," Well let's get going then." With that they
started off on there trek up the Khalkist Mountains.

It was about midnoon when the group reached a huge cave, which seemed really
dark, but the angle at which the sunlight hit it made it really bright. Duskin
asked," Are they in there?"

Tricle nodded and said," I'm norra sure but mesa thinkz zo."

Duskin nodded and tied the midgets to a tree and entered the cave pulling the
Black and White scarf out of his backpack.

As he walked in ahead of his companions he saw an arrow come shooting towards
him. He dove to one side and looked up to see all 10 of the draconians
standing in front of them, all with swords drawn, pointed at his and his
companions throats.

Who Duskin assumed to be the leader reached out and grabbed the scarf. After
closely examining it he asked," Where'd you get this?"

Duskin rocked back from his knees and onto his feet then replied,"
Mii'Mutkha'l gave it to me saying tat it would help me gain your trust. We
need these eggs badly at the Storm Keep."

The leader seemed to mull over the thought then stated," My name is
Lictethum what is yours?"

Duskin replied," Greetings Lictethum, my name is Duskin, leader of our
little group, Mayrl here is our warrior, Sluth is our spy, and Treint is our
wisest draconian."

Lictethum smiled and said," I will follow you Duskin, Mii'Mutkha'l's scout
told me that if I were to get lost then Duskin would be the name of the
draconian to escort them back."

Duskin bowed and said," Quickly gather up the eggs, we must get going. I
feel an evil presence about this place." Lictethum nodded and motioned for
everyone to grab and sack, and they walked out of the cave.

As they walked outside Duskin took hold of Tricle's leash and everyone started
sprinting down the mountain because of the great aura.

As they reached the rocky ledges he released Tricle and said," We must
release you now, I let you go and start over, thank you for your help all
though we had to bargain for it."

With that they began there descent down the cliffs and when they reached the
bottom they looked up to see Tricle wave then run off.

And again, all though it was dusk the draconians started there sprint towards

It was about midnight when the reached Sanction where they slept at an inn.

The next morning the draconians took a faire to the keep and when they reached
the keep Lictethum and his group were escorted down to the Birthing Chambers.

Duskin walks towards Mii'Mutkha'l smiling and says," Well I have brought
back the draconians and the eggs in one peace. I will tell you the rest in the
morning but at the moment I must sleep."

Mii'Mutkha'l replied," I'm sure you will, get some sleep and we will talk in
the morning."

With that Duskin saluted and walked off towards his sleeping chambers.

(The End!)

Author:  Duskin
Date    Sun Sep 15 09:37:06 2002

Subject  My Promotion

After Duskin's journey to the Khalkist Mountains and back Mii'Mutkha'l was
very proud. She made a desicion, a big one.

She called Duskin into her chambers the next morning....

As Duskin walked into the chambers of Mii'Mutkha'l he noticed a smile upon her
face. He asked," What pleases you so much this morning?"

She replied," It's not what pleases me, but what pleases you, Draconian
Captain Duskin."

Duskin's jaw dropped, then quickly turned into a smile and said," Really,
you mean it? I'm the Draconian Captain? What happened to the old one?"

She said," Yes Duskin you are now the Draconian Captain, I just promoted
you, and the old one, well he was slacking and becoming rude towards me so I
demoted him and needed a new captain. That's where you come in."

Duskin smiled and said," Don't worry, I'll serve loyally and rescpectfuly.
Just wait and you'll see."

Mii'Mutkha'l smiled again and said," Good I hope you will. Now you will be
removed from those danky quarters and placed into real quarters, those of a
captain's. The old captain will move into yours.

Now go grab all of your stuff and I will show you to your new quarters."

Duskin saluted and said," I'll meet you back here in no time." With a
smile he hurried back to his old quarters to find the old captain at the dor.

The old captain, Kronik said," Well congradulations on your promotion,
Duskin. Now get out of your room so I can sleep." Snarling he aimed a kick
at Duskin who caught it and flipped Kronik over.

As Duskin gathered his stuff and walked out of the room careful to step on
Kronik he said," Now I see why you got demoted, you have no respect for your
superiors." With that he walked back to Mii'Mutkha'l's room.

He walked in with his knapsack slung over his back and said," I just had a
little brush with Kronik, seems he's not to happy at me taking his place."

She said," Yes, he has a right to be, but just ignore him, now your
room.*walking out the door and about 30 feet to the right she opened a door*
These will be your quarters."

Duskin looked inside and marvelled at the gold, silver, jewels, war trophies,
which he cleared out so he could put up his, and comfortable looking

He turned to me Mutkha'l, smiled, saluted and said," Thank you for
everything, you can trust me to be a good captain."

Mii'Mutkha'l smiled and returned the salute saying," I'm sure I will now
I'll be in my chambers if you need me, and I may stop by sometime to see your
chambers after your done decorating."

She turned and walked back to her chambers while Duskin stepped inside his and
smiled, grateful to be the new Draconian Captain.

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