The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Duunlaen.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pulp magazine on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Duunlaen' scribed in dull white ink.

Author:  Duunlaen
Date    Sun Apr 11 19:18:31 2004

Subject  Duunlaen's younger years

The little boy rushed to see the Knights on parade. At only six years old
young Dunn already had a great fascination with the paladin's way of life...
to ride into battle, with a dragon beneath you, and your companions beside you
wreaking havok amongst the enemies of Paladine, and the kind face of the God
above you, blessing you and encouraging you on.

As Duunlaen saw the Knights march past him he noticed their commander
waswalking further behind the troops.

Rushing to his side Duunlaen spoke the words that were in his heart
"Milord.... I.. I have the enourmous desire to become a Knight... is there a
lord you may know that requires a squire?"

The Commander snorted. "Duunlaen uth Neb again.... I have told you boy. You
are not of noble birth and hence you can not in a thousand years, if you lived
them, join the Knighthood."

"Now get out of the way" saying this he pushed young Duunlaen out of the way.

The little boy sat there crying for the rest of the day, until a cloaked man
took notice of the child.

Looking down as he passes the cloaked man saw a child of no more than 9 years,
with longish black hair that covered his tearfull eyes. Taking pity on the boy
the man called "Lad! Why do you cry lad?"

Cleaning his nose on his sleeve, Duunlaen looked up,embarasses to have shown
this weakness, his dark blue eyes me the stanger's. "Nothing!" but his resolve
quickly died "oh sir... I wanted to be a squire so i one day become a Knight
of Solamnia like Sturm Brightblade, but the commander sayed i couldn't because
i'm not of noble birth."

As the boy saied these words the man looked at him with interst. "Yes the
solamnics do fail there... they are prejudiced... and for people who claim to
follow the path of good that does not present good argument.... Tell me boy
have you heard of the great Queen Takhisis?"

Duunlean's eyes widdened, he had the great queen of evil, there were drawing
depicting her in the five headed dragon in some books he had managed to
glimpse in the library Somehow he had always been drawned to them, not seeing
any evil in them but only the awe he always felt for all that related to

"Well boy let me tell you of our Queen."

For the rest of the day Duunlaen followed the man around hearing stories of
Takhisis, and of how the evil kingpriests had hunted and tried to destroy her
followers merely because they were strong.

He learned more he that day it seemed than in all of a life listening to
clerics of Paladine and Mishakal.

From that day on his dream changed he would not crave to be a Solamnic... what
kind of a dream was that? He would grow and join the Queens army and allow her
to enter the world... because how could the Solamnics deny her the right to

dwell amongst her chosen?

As the day neared it's end the man bade him farewell and started walking
towards the gates of the city, Duunlaen looked as he walked away, and as he
neared the gates Duunlaen blinked and saw a flash of light as the man

Duunlaen looked around to see where the man had gone, and finaly confused
looked up and saw a glints like the shine of stars in the afternoon sky.

That night Duunlaen didn't sleep and as he roamed the streets of palanthas he
found himself looking at the skies and in the same place where he had seen the
glint that afternoon, Duunlaen saw the constelation of the Dark Queen.

Author:  Duunlaen
Date    Mon Jul 12 14:19:27 2004

Subject  Finding Stormbolt.

"YOU CLUMSY BOY!" yelled the elderly minotaur, just as Duunlaen lost his
balance and fell through a gap, linking to a cave, in the mountain.

But these words were lost on Duunlaen, as he crashed to the floor, right in
front of an enourmous Red dragon.

The massive wyrm barelly raised his eyes towards the lesser being that had
dared disturb his thoughts and inhaled sharply, prepared to breathe his deadly
fire on the young knight.

"Flameheart STOP!" At this the Red snapped out of his torpor and fixed
his gaze on the Blue dragon that had stopped him.

"Yes Stormbolt?" Asked the larger Wyrm to the smaller.

"Look at his armour, it bears the symbols of the Dark Queen."

Hearing this, the great Wyrm shifted his gaze from the smaller Blue to
Duunlean. "So he does... so he does. I must have overlooked it, i'm not as
young as i used to be."

Duunlaen made an effort to stand, and as he did pain shot through his left

The great red Wyrm looked over at him and  saied: "I could heal your
arm....but as I have taught Stormbolt a wound merits nothing if not let heal
for itself..but i can do this for you..."

With a powerfull word the Wyrm caused Duunlaen's bone to move back to it's
normal position.

"Now tell us young squirmisher, what brings you this part of the world?"
The great red asked.

" I...I am here.. for the dragons....and find a blue one that
would be willing to carry me into battle, and become my brother in arms." As
Duunlaen spoke he felt confidence fill him and he managed to look the ancient
Wyrm in the eye.

The great wyrm cast a sidelong glance at the blue dragon, who had a happy
smile on her snout.

Understanding what his apprentice must have understood Flameheart turned back
to Duunlaen: "Well, about brother i can do nothing to help you... but i do
believe you might have found a sister in arms.."

Hearing this Duunlaen looked at Stormbolt, and as he did she spread her wings
and roared. In that moment Duunlaen understood that he had found what he had
been looking for, his Queen must have guided his....fall, for he had found a
mount ,but more importantly a  companion.

"I will travel with you warrior, and together we will be the bane of our
Queen's enemies. What is your name warrior?"

Asked Stormbolt, lowering her head to be at level with Duunlaen's eyes.

"I am Duunlaen uth Neb, unworthy paladin of the Dark Queen."

" I guess the time has come for you to leave me with the knowlege of what i
have taught you. Oh and Paladin Duunlaen, take this..." With another word of
magic the great Wyrm made a package appear on Duunlaen's arms "It is my
former rider's riding outfit, I hope it helps you.".

After this exchange Duunlaen and Stormbolt left for a small valley in the
Kalkhist, where they would learn to fight together.

Author:  Duunlaen
Date    Thu Aug 12 19:21:10 2004

Subject  Duunlaen Returns

Suddenly there was the sound of wings flapping and lord Stonehall realized
where he knew that flower symbol from.

"Takhisian...He's a knight of Takhisis...Send the Archers to the
battlements. I don't care if they bring their whole army against me. No one
does that to my daughter and escapes unharmed!" Duunlaen ran as fast as he
could to the window and tossed his armor and weapons at the blue dragon
soaring outside. "Be right out Stormbolt!" he shouted to it, and turned
back to face the pretty lady behind him, as he did so she looked him in the
eyes and asked him: "Will you come back for me Duunlaen?". Ath this
Duunlaen smiled and looking her deep in the eyes answered: "As quickly as i
can, I will do all i can to come and get you, and then we will run away
together, just me and you." Smiling she kissed him passionately and waved:
"Then i'll wait for you, and every night i'll dream of your touch While
she said this he made a slight run towards the window and jumped out, landing
in the back of Stormbolt, to a rain of arrows that fell arround them. Escaping
harmless Duunlaen and Stormbolt flew away from lord Stonehall's domains.

"Where are we going to now Duunlaen?" Asked Stormbolt.

"Back the Knigthood's base...back to Storm's Point." "Where you serious
in what you told the girl?...about coming back for her?" Duunlaen's happy
mood broke a little at this question and he answered his mount: " I
will be too busy with the knighthood won't I....nah.. she was a pretty little
wench but...there'll be others."

As they flew away Duunlaen glanced over his shoulder.... then he regained his
bearing and shook his head, he had a whole world before him, and it was time
he got back to Storm's point, back to the knighthood, back to his Queen.

A week later Duunlaen and Stormbolt arrived at storm's point, the courtyard
was full of practicing troops and bellow they could see one of the drilling
sergeants signaling them to move away, so as not to disturb the training.

However this was where Duunlaen needed to get down, if he went with Stormbolt
to the Dragon stables he'd take three times more time reaching the  command
housings and he was in a hurry to report to Lady Maire his return and the
success of his quest to find a dragon. So he told Stormbolt to get as near as
she could to the ground, without perturbing the drilling troops and then he
jumped, just as he had trained during the last month.

He was back, and it was time he began working hard on military matters, and
putting other matters as far from his mind as he could.

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