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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Eldaron.

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Author:          Eldaron
Date    Fri Feb 17 10:35:47 2006
Subject  An unexpected journey

It began on a brisk summers day in Neverwinter.  This city is located in
a land called Faerun.

It was brisk, because it was always brisk in the north of Faerun.
Eldaron D'faerlyn had been there For several years, doing miscellaneous
work in service to the city's ruling lord.  His youthful Wanderlust had
begun to wear off, and he had decided it was time to return home to
Evermeet.  This was the great Elven homeland, whos beauty and wealth is
legendary. his family was there, as well as his childhood sweetheart.
Evermeet can only be arrived at through very specific magical portals,
access to which is extremely tightly controlled.  He had almost
forgotten the way home! But with the help of a kindred elf in a town
called Port Last, he was able to obtain passage home.

as he entered the portal, the usual blue light surrounded him, and he
basked in its warm glow.  HE would soon be home.  Then there was a
sound.  Looking around to identify its source, he suddenly felt a wave
of nausea.  The blue light turned a sickly shade of red, and he felt as
if his entire body was being forced inside out by way of his bowels.
blinding pain seared him, and he suddenly felt himself grow weaker, and
weaker.  Just when he thought he would surely die, it was over.  He
collapsed in a pile of ruin.

When he woke, he found himself along a road leading into a gleaming
white city.  For a very brief moment, he thought that he had made it
home after all.  But he did not recognize this city.  Indeed, this whole
place felt very, very strange to him.  it felt...alien.  Like the very
air was trying to cast him out of this world, an unwelcome intruder.  He
failed in rising to his feet several times before he managed to prop him
self up, by leaning on his staff and hobbling towards the city.

It was not long before he came upon another person.  Seeing that she was
an Elf, he greeted her. She was very kind, and concerned about his
weakened appearance.  she helped him to a place where he rest safely. He
quickly passed out.  Waking up, He noticed he was in a room with several
other people.

his good samaritan was there among them.  He greeted her in the elven
tongue, and she replied in kind. her accent was very strange, however.
He asked her where she was.

"This is Palanthas, sir.  Did you get hit in the head?"

"I must get to Evermeet" said Eldaron. "I think something evil is
happening to the portals.

Word must be brought to the Palace"

"I don't know anything about Evermeet, sir.  But if you are looking for
a palace, it is right here" "You have never heard of Our homeland?  What
is the name of this land?  Where am I?" A note of panic entered
Eldaran's voice as he spoke.

"I already told you, you are in Palanthas."  The Elf maiden seems to be
concerned about his state as she said this.

"Why, The land is called Ansalon my lord.  And our world is Krynn." She
spoke as one might speak to the addled or to a child.

"I think I am very lost" said Elderon, as he collapsed down with a sigh.

Moving to comfort him, the women said "There are many elves here.  And
they are all lost in these human lands, you could say".

" I think that I am very, very lost then."

a short while later, Eldaron asked her to tell him about this world a
little. She told him about Solamnia, and the Dark Queen, and a little
more about the world of Krynn.

She also went into great detail about elves of the land, The Qualinesti,
and of course the Silvanesti and the forests of Silvanost.

"I should go there, then.  One of the mages there must surely know
something of the portals, and maybe even Evermeet."

"It would be a good place to begin, sir.  Before you go, please take
this money to help you on your way. I always like to help our kind in
this world. "

"You have been so kind to me already, I thank you." He said with a bow,
and she departed.

Eldaron looked around and said softly "It seems that the Gods demand one
more adventure from me."

Author:          Eldaron
Date    Tue Feb 21 11:07:59 2006
Subject  In search of the Conclave

It had been some days since Eldaron first arrived in Krynn so
unexpectedly. He hed mostly spent his time learning about the new world
he was in.  Gathering information, and deciding how he could best use it
in order to further his goal of developing a way back home.  The best
lead he had come across was in regards to a well-known but rather
reclusive and hard to locate group, a guild of mages of sorts, known as
the conclave.  In fact, the conclave was the Only mages guild here, it
seems.  All repsected and established sorcery in the land was regulated
and centered here, in their tower, the location of which was a closely
guarded secret.

The other major lead he came accross was a group of sorcerors known as
the 'Grey Robes'.

Information about them was hazy, and always given with quick glances
over ones shoulder. They were by all accounts incredible dangerous, and
possible also insane.

He decided that his best hope of finding a way home lay with the mages
of the Conclave.  For good coin, he learned the name of a contact in the
conclave, one who could help him. And so, with some trepidation, he
contacted the Archmage Khyldes...

the story will continue when the outcome of this meeting is

Author:          Eldaron
Date    Wed Feb 22 15:22:52 2006
Subject  a crossroads

Eldaron Left the chambers of Lynx feeling confused, and another emotion
unfamiliar to him It was...anger.

he had heard that these mages were wise, and learned.  He thought they
would help him.

Instead, they were like the wizards of Thay, seeking to use him for
their own purposes.

MY purposes are what matter to me.  And I will return to my home.  If
they won't help me, Perhaps there are others who will.

Sits down to ponder...

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