The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Eleena.

Eleena's Abode

The scent of rose petals and sea breeze assails your senses as you enter the humble personal abode of Eleena Estarius. An odd leather bag filled with beans forms an amazingly comfortable chair in the corner of the room next to the lively fireplace. Several small statues of minotaurs and wood carvings of elves sits on the mantelpiece. You light a white candle and carry it with you to the bean bag, adjusting yourself comfortably in the seat.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Eleena.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a tattered paperback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Eleena' scribed in dull brown ink.

Author:  Eleena
Date    Thu Nov 25 04:42:19 2004

Subject  Winds of Change

Dawn finally came.

At the first hint of light, I jumped up from my bed, neat and not laid in.
Slumber eluded me las night as thoughts of my homeland recurred endlessly in
my mind.

Silvanost, I am coming home at last.

I tightened the laces of my breeches, tucked my money pouch firmly into the
woven sash around my waist and picked up my blades. I wore my trusty blades in
their sheaths secured to my back with simple leather straps, the Blade of
Eventide crossed over Requiem. Picking up my suede sack, I step noiselessly
out of my room in the Bloody Talon, the inn I have been putting up at since I
arrived at Palanthas. Treading lightly on the stairs down, I made not a single
sound. I tossed a couple of pieces of steel on to the counter, startling the

"Geebers! Where in the name of Reorx's beard did you come from! I told you
to quit scaring me like that..." he grumbled

"Heh," I chortled "No more of that from now on, at least until I return.
Is that steel enough to pay for what I owe? Or do I owe more than I

"'tis 'nough to pay for double your stay!" The innkeep's eyes lit up as he
counted the steel pieces "Now, where the hell did you get all this money
when you were broke as hell last week? I swear....." He looked up to see
that he was talking to the air as I had left him to his own mumbling once I
made sure I paid the right sum.

I stepped out into the streets, almost drenched by the damp dew hanging in the
morning air. I looked up at the sun, peeking shyly over the roofs of
Palanthas, the stars still visible in the brightening nightsky. Soon, I would
see these same stars through the roof of the beautiful Tower of the Stars in

I care not now for what the elves will say when they see me. They will not and
cannot bar me from entry. The shadows is my friend, my 'magic' pathway past
the doors and battlements, even the strongest ramparts cannot stop me for as
they cry 'Intruder!' I shall be past and at the side of my beloved and benign
Speaker and mother. I return to Silvanost to see the ones I love before it's
too late. News have it that the Speaker is ill, some say deathly ill. The
Speaker was kind to me, in spite of my birth, my blood. He loved me like his
own, but the other elves will not stand for it. Bad enough that a bastard
child live amongst them, but to be adored by their leader, the elves were
nearly livid. By fifteen, I had enough of all the name-calling and
hypocrisies. I kissed my teary mother goodbye and bade farewell to the
Speaker. Trembling slightly, he took me in his arms for the last time, 'My
child, this circlet will protect you from harm. Keep it with you and may it
someday remind you of us and bring you back to me."

Some weeks ago, I met some mercenaries whom I used to travel with around the
isles of the Pirate seas. I spoke of my desire to visit Silvanost and I was
immediately offered a passage with them, set to sail along the Turbious Ocean,
onward to Northern Courrain, past the Blood seas of Istar, and southward to

Now, to my beloved land, I will return.

Author:           Eleena
Date    Thu Oct 13 12:25:33 2005
Subject  A tribute to the wind

Sailing on the pirate seas, I looked out to beyond the horizon.  What do
the days to come hold?  Just this day I heard rumours of Basher's suicide. 
I lament that I never knew him well, and I wondered at what his life was
like before he so abruptly ended it.  Brave tales are now being told in the
wake of his death, perhaps legends that one day be writ unto the pages of a
journal in Astinus' collection; or perhaps a trace of ink scarcely upon the
parchment before it fades.

I shut my eyes, the song of the seas in my ears. "May Kiri-Jolith bless your
passage in the afterworld", I softly uttered a silent prayer to the wind.  

Pulling a pouch of rose petals from her rucksack, Eleena scatters them upon
the sea in a tribute to Basher, all the while humming a pirate song.

Softly as the willows sway,
Softly as I'm on my way,
The further from home I would to stay,
softly my heart whittles away.

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

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