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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Emla.

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Author:             Emla
Date    Tue Mar 21 08:20:57 2006
Subject  Voice and squirrel

Emla was following small path in forest when she noticed small squirrel
hopping from tree to tree. As Emla was typical Kender she started to
follow squirrel and wondered where it was going.  After some time
squirrel came to the edge of small round clearing in forest. At the time
Emla has already decided that she was friend of the small squirrel and
that they had lot of fun together.  Seemed that squirrel had not come to
same conclusion and it tried to run past forest clearing. When squirrel
got to the open, eagle dived down from the sky and hit it. Emla was
screaming to eagle not to kill her new friend. Because of loud and noisy
Kender screaming eagle got scared and squirrel got free from its claws.

When eagle flied away Emla run to the small squirrel and picked it up.
Squirrel had awful bleeding wounds and life was running away from it.
Emla got really sad and only thing that got in to her mind was to pray
healing from gods to small squirrel. Suddenly forest clearing got all
quiet and squirrel started to glow white.

Emla watched as wounds closed and squirrel started to move again. Then
crystal clear voice in her heat asked Do you want to learn more healing
and help others? Emla whispered that she wanted to learn more and help
others, and then voice told There! Now you are my servant! and joy
filled Emla.  After that voice gave Emla instructions to seek more
guidance from clerics in City of Palanthas.

Before Emla started her way to the Palanthas she laid small squirrel to
ground and patted its head. Squirrel was so happy of healing that it
bites Emlas hand and run back to the forest. Emla looked after it and
hoped that she meets her squirrel friend again some time.

Author:             Emla
Date    Fri Jun 16 11:46:21 2006
Subject  Kender and shiny stones

In City of Palanthas I got nice tip from one mage, when I asked does he know
where kender cleric is most needed. He told that forest north of Neraka is
full of poor people and kender like me would get her hands full of work in
there. After tip that mage quickly arranged my transportation to area using
some sort of fancy spell.

So there I was in middle of forest north of Neraka.

It came quickly clear to me that mages information was old and there was no
people need of healing in that area anymore. I encountered many goblins and
they did not need any healing, seemed that where mostly hungry. As hungry
goblins run after me I got feeling that they thought that I was a rabbit. I
started to run too and yell to them that they have mistaken and that I am a
kender. As we run really fast around forest I got lost and  did not have
change to correct misinformation between me and goblins. After all that
running I got hungry too and decided to stop for little brake and eat some
cakes that I had found form Palanthas bakery.

There I was eating cake and something shiny got in my eye. Path to the
mountains was full of shiny stones and those where most pretty thing that I
had seem in my life. I decided to collect these sweet shiny  stones.  When I
started to collect them I got further up to mountains and in small valley. In
valley I stopped to sort my new collection of very shiny stone. Suddenly I
hear sound of harp music and then I hear voice saying 'You have found my
stones!'. I yelled back that they are mine as I did found them. After sort
negotiation I decided that as voice liked those shiny stones I can give them
to him, after all it was my job as good cleric to make others happy.

Voice was so delighted about shiny stones that he decided to give me some
gifts. When voice asked where would I like to be now I told that I don't know.
Voice said 'So random teleportation it is'. 'ZAP' I found my self in different
place and when I started to look around 'ZAP' again different place. This last
place was really interesting as it had giant green dragon in there. Sadly I
was getting late from my meeting with my friends in Palanthas so I had no time
to stay and study that dragon. When I run out of dragon's cave I draw nice map
so I can take my friends back there to study that dragon.

After I was heading my way back to Palanthas I heard voice say that he had
some other nice gift too but he will give it if he remembers. I thought that
voice was like my favorite uncle, he had also problems with memory when he got

Emla the kender cleric

(ooc Sorry about my bad English spelling and etc. I try to get better )

Author:    Emla           
Date:      Mon Dec  4 06:43:41 2006
Subject  The shiny flask

There i was trying to hide mean people in City of Palanthas. When i noticed Mage
with the shiny flask, i was wondering whats in that flask? I asked from mage
that can i have that flask? Mage told me 'yucandus ghafw', as i am well trained
kender i know that it ment 'yes you can have it'. So then he gave that flask to
me...or i think he gave it...

And that flask was full of orange juice 'Wow!!!'.

Emla the kender cleric

Rodrigo OOCs 'u steal me! i are violent'

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