The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Erol.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Erol' scribed in vibrant blue ink.

Author:    Erol           
Date:      Fri May  2 16:56:36 2014
Subject     A Rhyme in time

The village shaman at his birth, threw the ancient bones, And cried out in alarm as he Erol's future told. The elder was afraid, the Shadows seemed so close, Even the nearby fires unable to break the unnatural cold. "This babe is cursed, with terrible Magic at his core. For the sake of our village, tis better that he not survive. Like a dying man in a desert, unable to quench his thirst, Only by courting Death will this one feel alive." Erol's story might have had a quick end, but the fate or luck, the result was the same A Minotaur warship, leagues off course, Rescued the sea elf lad, soon slave was his name. Slave life is harsh, the lash a bitter master. Silent, his back scarred, the elf lad never uttering a groan. His violet eyes blazed, but Erol waited, Til he could make his life his own. One day, as foretold, his Magic came, leaving the ship ablaze, The surviving sailors fled overboard, so terrible was his gaze. Sailing the death ship into port, leaving everything but a single knife, Erol whispered to the harbormaster, "only if you embrace Death, can you really know life."

Author: Erol Date: Mon May 5 13:19:13 2014 Subject Erol new path

Erol, sworn to Nuitari, unleashed another lightning bolt, hoping to catch Liam by surprise or perhaps even asleep. But the ancient mage merely chuckled, and with a snap of his fingers, the spell disappeared. "We both know that you know how to cast offensive spells, Erol, but you must practice the others spells as well. Now, cast an armor spell and hold it as long as you can." The young black mage closed his eyes, then a weak, magical aura appeared around his body. As much as he tried, the less control that he had over his spell. Sighing deeply, "No, Erol, the path of a Mage isn't meant for you. Your armor spell, weak and flickering, should be a clue." Alarmed now, Erol shuddered as he imagines a life without Magic. "But, Master, Nuitari chose me and I can feel my magic growing. Can't I have another try?" Liam put his arm around the young elf, continuing, "Erol, like Magic, there are more than one path here in the Conclave. I believe that you were chosen to be a Battlemage. But I warn you, that to become a true Battlemage takes patience, hard work, and fierce determination." Intrigued, Erol nodded slowly, willing to hear more. "Master, I already know some spells and my power is growing." "That is not enough. If you would try this path, go find the Weaponsmith in Palanthas. Tell him that you need a serviceable, training dagger and sword." Erol opened his mouth to protest, feeling only distain for warriors, especially the loud, obnoxious knights. "Master, any lout can learn to beat someone weaker with a sword or even a club." Laughing out loud, Liam added, "aye, perhaps even a elf mage wannabe." Holding up his hand, his gaze now fierce. Liam caught the violet eyes of the young elf. "Enough, do you want to train to be a Battlemage, or not? If so, you must do anything I say, no matter how stupid or foolish it seems." Unhappy, but not willing to leave the Conclave, Erol nodded his acceptance. "Master, I agree to train to become a Battlemage." Shaking his head, knowing how painful this training will be, Liam accepted Erol. Pointing at the door, "now go get those blades and report back here in some old clothes." And that was the beginning of Erol's path to be a Battlemage.

Author: Erol Date: Sun May 11 11:40:40 2014 Subject Erol's Bmage training

Erol, a Conclave Black Robe Initiate, continued his Battlemage training from long dead mage, Liam el'Oscuro. Musing to himself, he wondered if anyone else needed to learn from the dead. Then the tutor, as if sensing his thoughts, smashed through his guard, knocking Erol's training sword to the floor. "Pay attention, Erol. I know you feel that bladework is tedious, but it could save your life. There is a limit to your Magic power. Remember that." Sighing in agreement, "Aye, Master, I know that I can't just rely on my spells. But the Magic is so alive, and the darker the better." A knowing look flickered over the brow of the ancient Mage. "Now, once again, two part attacks. Change lines, low-high, high-low. Those outside Conclave never expect any of our Clan to know how to use weapons. Surprise is your friend." Soon Erol was drenched in perspiration, breathing hard, trying his best to land an attack on Liam. Out of desperation, the elf dropped to the floor, extending his arm simultaneously. The point of the blade landed on the tutor's hip. "Touche', Master" I actually hit you this time." Winking at Erol, Liam just held his blade, pointing at the eye of the young elf, "True, you landed firstbut remember that we aren't dueling. Surprise is good, recklessness can be fatal." Then Liam helped Erol to his feet, clapping him on the back. "Well done, nevertheless, Erol. Now let's add your latest spells." The young elf's eyes grew huge, a lopsided grin on his face. "Watch out, Master. My spells are deadly." Soon Erol continued his swordplay, his movements graceful, never wasted. Suddenly he lunged, casting an energy drain spell at the same time. But Liam, with little effort, blocked both attacks. "Not bad, Erol, but remember to size up your foe. Acid bath works well against minotaurs, dispel magic against those spelled, and even blindness can give you the edge." Then one day Liam took Erol aside, speaking in a low voice. "Well, Erol, it is time to go try your skills and spells in the real world. My task for you - travel to Dak Roth, it is southeast of Lacynos. Minotaurs live there that should be about your level. Seek out a citizen and kill him for me. I will wait for your report."

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