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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Friggy.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a massive tome bound in dragonskin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Friggy' scribed in dull orange ink.

Author:    Friggy         
Date:      Wed Apr 25 18:41:29 2007
Subject     Rambling on and on...

After the long awaited departure of the ship Collywoggle from the docks of
Flotsam, Friggy was finally off on an adventure he would most likely overly
exadurate time and time again every time he told the story bout it.

The journey was a short one, cause just a few days later while the ship docked
in the region of Kern along its coast.  Friggy had left the ship and traveled
now by foot across the forested lands of Kern.  His journey then switched from
foot to water once again.

He had found a nice log and drifted down a river for another day or so, sharing
it with a few otters and even a frog who happen to be heading the same way.

Some days later after crashing the log on a rock near a waterfall he had found a
path leading out the forests and into the plains near Telvan.  There he came
across a ship which had some how crashed in some farmers field.  He never
understood how that had happen, being the ocean was so far away.

His path then lead to the gates of Kalaman and near the gates he stopped to talk
to a snot covered snail.  Asking it how long it took him to get there and how
long it would take to get where he was headed.

Never getting a reply he left the snail and entered the city, there he found
lodging for the night in the cities park and spent the night.

(Im am just going to continue these type stories one like this every so often,
just his ramblings) 

Author:    Friggy         
Date:      Sat Oct 13 23:18:36 2007
Subject     recent adventure/work

Life was good, life was life.  Death was death and well that's what I was about
to deal with, being that I was sent to handle this man which had murdered a
fellow out of Bristlpatch.  This was my job this week, at least. Though the
times had been better once before now I had fallen into making money this way. 
Collecting bounties on those which well, had a bounty of course.

The sun crested the mountain peek right then as I looked up from the smoking
camp fire.  For three days I been on the trail of a known offender of law,
Teeknotel Dumdshank, of Trigol.  A wanted man.  Least one with a bounty on him
any way.  And that is what mattered.

I knew that over that peek and down in the next valley was the man I was looking
for.  Well cause I had tracked him there that is how I knew.  And as I think of
the way which to handle this, I think just rushing him may be best, seem to
always work any other time.  I mean no one is really scared of a kender.

So that's my plan I thought as I gathered my things and crested the peek.  I
leaped right over and down the hill I ran, and as I ran a low rumble started to
fill my ears.  Then its rumbling began to reverbatate through my body as I
countinued to run full speed down the hill.

Looking ahead of me, I could see the small camp which my mounrty had made from
the night before, and well he wasn't actually awake yet.  Cause I ran right by
him, he was still laying there warapped up in his blanket on the ground.

Well with all the noise and the confusion.  I hadn; t stopped, just kept right
on running.  Past him, his horse, even the creek.  Leaping from rock to rock I
made my way right across that creek.  Landed on the other bank and turned
around, low and behold the didn't right then and there I see what all that
rumbling and noise was all about.  You see I had started a land slide from
running down the hill like I had.

A cloud of dust consumed me as I stood there awaiting to battle it out with
ol'Tee.  But once the dust settled, I had to actually find that ol'guy and dig
him out, being he was already dead and all, just made it a bit more easier t get
him back here and get my money.

A large pale fat pig of a human looked down at Friggy just then as he slapped a
bag of money in the kenders hand.  "I don't care what wild story you think up to
explain how you did it, just keep up the good work.  I know you probably just
talked him to death or something like that guy in Tarsis a few months ago."  The
human said as he leaned back into his chair, behind a huge oak desk.

Friggy looked up an gasped at the notion of him talking some one to death. "That
was a total misunderstanding..."  Before he could finish the fat man was already
on his feet pushing the kender out the door an into the bustling streets of
Flotsam.  "You just go out and get the next bounty, that is all I care bout." 
He said as he shoved the kender out the door and slammed it shut behind him.

With a yelp of slight pain from the door hitting him in the rear.  Friggy turned
and shook his fist at the human once before turning and walking into the crowded
streets of the city.

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