The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Gaelehad.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a beautiful hard bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Gaelehad' scribed in green ink.

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Sun Jul  5 14:50:33 2009
Subject     A strained departure

After another argument with his father, the Count of Luinstat, Gaelehad
decided it was time to take matters into his own hands. For too long now
they had been waiting for the dragon army to conquer Thelgaard and then it
was just a matter of time before they would turn south and engulf the City
of Luinstat. 

Every night it seemed that another guard had decided to head off to another
city further north tkaing their families with them. Every day new recruits
were taken from the farms around Luinstat. Young men who would be better
left farming were conscripted into the force expected to hold off the Dragon

Gaelehad new from working with the young recruits that they would never be
ready for the invasion that was immenent. Now it was time to go off to
Palanthas and petition the Knights for help and reinforcements and if those
were not available the training and experience required to go back and help
in the defence of the city. 

Last night he had heard his father talking to someone in his private
chambers. Gaelehad had been waiting outside for an opertunity to talk to his
father about going to Palanthas to join the Knights. No one had entered
through the office door and so he had moved closer to the doors. A muffled
hissing voice was instructing his father to now allow him to leave the
castle and offered him 10, 000 silver pieces to make sure he didn't. 

When it was quite again in the room he knocked and entered. His father was
busy writing orders and looking up at him smiled and instructed him to sit
and talk a while. 

They spoke for a while regarding the defences that needed to be put in place
and he was given many taks that needed to be performed. Each time Gaelehad
mentioned sending someone to Palanthas to petition the Knights for help his
father informed him that it would not be necesary. 

Leaving his fathers chambers he went down to the stable, readied all the
things he would need for the long journey and went up to his room again. Now
for the difficult part, he knew he needed to write a letter explaining his
actions ot his mother but knew that he could not tell her what he had heard
transpire in his fathers office. 

The letter written he packed his meager belongings, went down to the kitchen
for some food and a waterskin and returnign to his room prayed to Kiri for
guidance on his yourney forward. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Wed Jul  8 07:37:01 2009
Subject     Overwhelmed yet Inspired

Gaelehad spent the night praying to the Triumervate and feeling at peace
with his descion to leave set off just before the predawn watch change.
Moving cautiously through the Solamnic plains weary of the Dragon Army scout
he made his way to the High Cleric Tower and then on to Palanthas. 

Never in his life had he seen a city this big. The walls towered over head
and many nights could be seen patrolling the perimeter and standing on duty
at the gates. He made his way through the city noting the way it was layed
out defensively, rings of roads that could be held if the outer perimeter
were breached. 

Moving around the city he saw many signs of the strain the war with the
Dragon Army was placing on the city. There were refugees and young urchins
obviously displaced by the invading Dragon Armies. Realising he would need
more than the clothes he managed to leave home with he started shopping in
the city but soon discovered his meager funds would never be able to cover
the cost of new clothes as well as somewhere to sleep. 

He asked around among the citizens and they informed him that the Royal
advisor at the Palace offered gold to those who were willing to do dangerous
jobs for the city. Time passed quickly as Gaelehad travelled the Continent
of Krynn earning some money working for the Advisor. He saw many places and
faught many beasts and after a few weeks realised his skills were greatly
improving and that Kiri had granted him some minor powers to help him in
times of need. 

Having almost forgotten the reason for leaving his beloved home of Luinstat
he was shacked into action when he was sent to Lemish to retrieve a stolen
artifact. The people of the city were definately not happy under the
oppresive rule of the Dragon Army. 

Returning from Lemish he vowed to find Lord Railen and inquire about help
for his City of birth or failing that being allowed to join the Knight of
Solamnia so that he could one day help drive the Dragon Army back to Neraka.

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Fri Jul 10 20:30:57 2009
Subject     A surpise meeting

It was late one evening after returning from another quest for the Royal
Advisor of Palanthas that I met up with Lord Railen. 

We went for a long walk in the Beautiful city of Palanthas talking fo what
has been transpiring in the Solamnic plains and more specifically in
Luinstat. He seemed worried about my observations and promised to send
someone to investige the strange happenings. 

It was early morning before we finsihed talking of what was ahppening in
Solamnia and then started talking about the Solamnic Knights and their role
in defending Solamnia from the forces of evil. 

It was almost dawn and we were still walking and talking when I realised
that this was the sign the Kiri was sending me. I was in this city speaking
with a great Knight and this was the future I had been looking for. 

We then discussed the possibility of me becoming an Solamnic Knight and he
informed me that once I had become more skillful I should petition to become
a squire. 

Today his prayers had been answered but he knew it would take a lot of hard
work and dedication to uphold his part of the Oath. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Tue Jul 14 12:51:37 2009
Subject     Est Sularus Oth Mithas

I reported to the Solamnic Keep early on the morning that I recieved the
message from Lord Railen. There I was met Lord Railen and imformed that the
council had met and that i had been accepted as a squire.

Lord Railen led me around the Keep showing me where I could purchase the
equipment I could purchase as well as showing me the stables and pages
quaters. Formalities aside he told me I needed to see Lord Demilon regarding
the practical aspects of my training. 

I spent the weeks that followed running erands for the Palanthas elders,
training with Lord Demilon and patroling the streets of Palanthas,
Solanthus, Caergoth, Vingaard and Garnet. 

I've heard romours of a Draconian lair south of Solace near the goblin caves
and have decided to go and investigate the area. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Tue Jul 14 18:56:23 2009
Subject     It's not just about the sword

Apon returning from Pax Tharkas I found a note requesting me to report at
dawn to Lord Railen's keep on the outskirts of Palanthas. Bouyed by my
succes in Pax Tharkas I made sure to get a good nights rest and set off
before dawn for the Keep. 

I was shocked when he led me to the gaurds quaters and assigned me a bed in
the common sleeping quaters but I held my toungue realising that I was to
start at the bottom and that priviledges would be earned. 

Lord Railen said I had five minutes to store my belongings and to then meet
him on the practice grounds. The rest of the morning was spent being knocked
down and humbled by a superior warrior but I took it all in my stride
knowing that all the pain I was enduring know would result in me being a
better warrior. 

After a short break for lunch Lord Railen left me in the capable hands of
his Drill Sergeant and by supper time I was physically exhausted but as I
was to find out that was just the start of the day. 

After supper in the mess hall I was called to Lord Railens Office where for
many hours we discussed the Oath that binds all Knights of Solamnia and the
Measure that we were all expected to uphold and live by. We also talked of
the virtues that Knights should up hold and that within the Order of the
crown the most important virtues were Loyalty & Obedience but that being
courteous, generous, industrious and honest were just as important. 

It was late when I returned to the Guard House and fell into a deep sleep
knwoing that tomorrow and next few weeks would follow a similar pattern. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Wed Aug 26 13:43:07 2009
Subject     Time waits for no man

Waking before dawn and going to the practice yard had become routine but
today was different. A page came in at least and hour earlier than normal to
call me to the chapel.

Dressing quickly in full battle gear as had become my custom I realised that
the heavy armor was now a part of me and I was a part of it. 

The discussions Lord Railen and Lord Segwarides had been having with me
recently lingered in the back ground. We had been discussing what it meant
to be a Knight of Solamnia. The duties that went with it and the
responsibility to the people of Solamnia. 

When I left Luinstat a few months ago I had hoped to find someone willing to
stand and fight to protect the people of Luinstat and now I realised I was
being groomed to do just that. Just as the people of the city owed fealty to
the Luinstat family we had a duty ot protect them. It was an honor to be in
a position where I would be able to protect my people but it would require
honor and courage to not falter before the dark forces that surely where on
their way. 

The chapel was quiet at this time of the morning and Lord Railen and Lord
Segwarides were already present. I was not the only squire up this early
there were a few more who had been called this morning. We went through our
morning prayers quitely each having his own routine but all paying homage to
the Triumvirate. 

Given enough time for our mornign prayers Lord Railen commanded us to the
court yard, where we found our horses saddled and ready for a short journey.
Riding in formation, regularly practiced, Lord Segwarides led us to to the
Holy Grove. 

Dawn was breaking as we were led into the Whitestone Glade, the most sacred
of all places to the Knights of Solamnia. Assembled in the Glade were
members of the Whitestone Council. 

The High Clerist began the proceding calling on the Triumvirate to bless the
proceedings before continuing with a centuries old ceremony to induct
squires as Knights of Solamnia. 

Rising as a Knight of Solamnia I felt the weight of the world apon me but
also the support of the Triumvirate. I knew I was not alone and would
forever have them by my side to bare the burdon with me.

I knew that from that day on I would be without fear in my enemies, that i
would always speak the truth and that most importantly I would safe guard
the helpless and do no wrong. 

I knew there was one thing left for me to do and that was to return home and
face the consequences of my actions. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Fri Sep 11 18:18:15 2009
Subject     Disturbing her slumber

Gaelehad knocks on Lord Segwarides study door.

Segwarides says 'Come in.'

Gaelehad enters and reports 'Sir the temple has notified me they are ready
to proceed with the casting of the spell'

Segwarides says 'Very good. Her body is in Lord Railen's Keep. It is the
only body within the crypt. I will request an honor guard to take the
temple's people there immediately.'

Gaelehad say 'Would it be acceptable for me to be part of the honour guard
sir? I worked with her a few times and would like to be part of the

Segwarides says 'Granted. In fact you will lead the guard yourself.'

Gaelehad says 'Thank you sir. '

Segwarides says 'Report to me anything that is found out from this, and we
will proceed with the next phase of this investigation.'

Gaelehad say 'I'll leave immediately Sir Segwarides'

Gaelehad salutes and leaves to complete his assigned task.

Gaelehad moved quickly through the compound gathering the platoon that was
to act as Lady Coria's Honour Guard on her journey to the temple of

Riding into the Revon keep he was again reminded of her gentle nature, her
love of all every thing and everybody. The gardens she had helped lay out
seemed to be more vibrant than ever before.

Ordering the carriage to be prepared in the Revon livery he and six guards
went down in to the crypt to collect what remained of her on this plain. 

She looked at peace where she lay but a feeling of rage grew in Gaelehad.
How could someone kill a person who cared more for others than any one he

The other knights seemed taken back by Gaelehad's growing rage and the
oldest put a hand on his shoulder and said 'Do you really think she would
want you to carry so much hatred with you.'

The calm words of the knight cut through to Gaelehad's inner self and he
realised the man was right. Anger was not an emotion a Knight of Solamnia
could allow himself to be ruled by.

While the others took her body up to the waiting carriage Gaelehad prayed to
Kiri-Jolith for the strength to remain calm and not be engulfed by the rage
he had felt earlier.

The journey back to Palanthas passed quickly despite the slow pace of the
carriage and the Honor Guard accompanying it. By night fall Lady Coria was
laid out in the temple of Mishakal and the High priestess was ready to
commence with the ritual that would help them discover the identities of her

Gaelehad withdrew from the chamber before they started the ritual knowing he
not be able to remained composed hearing her voice again. He understood know
why Lord Railen was so enraged by what had happened.

Just after midnight the High Priestess called him in and gave him the
descriptions of the men involved. Her scribe had written it all down and
Gaelehad thanked her for her service to the Knight of Solamnia before
speeding off to Sir Segwarides with the information. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Sat Oct  3 15:51:27 2009
Subject     A journey to Tarsis

The wretched men who had killed Coria eventually divulged that they had
been hired by someone from Tarsis. It was only under intense interrogation
that the killers divulged that Supai was the name of the person that had
hired the band of killers.

As this was an assignment that would lead them out of Solamnia they needed
special permission to take a group of Defenders. Segwarides was in the
council meeting for a long time trying to convince them that it was
necessary to track down the person who hired them. Eventually he was given
permission to assemble a small group of Knights of the Crown to go and
investigate. However they chose to assign a small contingency of squires,
who had been involved in a goblin raid of the High Clerists Tower, to the
group so that they could gain valuable field experience.

It was decided that speed was of the essence and so the overland route was
not a viable option. A small boat had been chartered to take th knights to
the edge of the Plains of Dust were they would join a caravan destined for
Stone Rose and from there on to Tarsis.

When they first set out on the journey Gaelehad spirit was buoyed by the
successful capture of Lady Coria's killers but the long journey from the
coast through the Plains of Dust to Stone Rose had sapped everyone's

It was late afternoon when they arrived in the small village of Stone Rose.
This small village was where Knights of the Rose came on a Pilgrimage and as
such there was a small Solamnic garrison. The sleeping pallets were a
welcome change to the hard desert sand and after a hot meal and a prayer in
the chapel everyone retired.

Breakfast had hardly been finished when a messenger came running in with an
urgent message for the garrison commander. The commander informed us that we
would have an escort to Tarsis. His scouts had reported suspicious
Dragonarmy activity in the city and Segwarides battle group were to help
them investigate.

Approaching the city it was obvious that this once great city was now an
empty shell. The docks south of the city still had ships rotting on the
sands where they had once floated in the sea. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Tue Oct  6 08:03:12 2009
Subject     The Hunt Begins (Part one of the Mob Quest)

The city felt empty. Its wide open boulevards devoid of the throngs of
people that once roamed the fair city of Tarsis. Those that still lived here
gave the group of Knights a wide berth or spat at them in passing.

"Sir Segwarides," said Gaelehad to his patron, "I doubt that these people
will be as cooperative as we were hoping."

The Inn they had chosen was tucked away down side road and a dirty alley but
was surprisingly clean and homely. After a short prayer led by Segwarides
the group of knights retired for the night knowing that the task ahead would
be a tough one.

The morning brought with it a feeling of unease and this feeling was
magnified when the knights started their search of the city. It was as if
the Dark Queen herself had turned her attention on this city. There were
armed goblins and hobgoblins prowling the streets.

As luck would have it there were a few people in Tarsis who were friendly
towards the Knights but they wished to remain anonymous and would only meet
in crowded markets. One such informant knew of the man we were looking for
as he had been seen talking to a group of goblins earlier that day and
warned that he was probably a spy for the Dark Queen.

A large group of Tarsis citizens had assembled with the news of the Knights
having spread through the city. Old memories had been stirred and the
peaceful people of the city had been stirred into an unruly mob.

While Sir Segwarides and Gaelehad tried to calm the crowd a band of goblins
ambushed the squires who had been separated from the Knights. With the sound
of combat sweeping across the of people Gaelehad realised talking was not
going to work. Praying to Kiri-Jolith he absorbed the anger of the crowd
into himself and barely able to control his rage commanded the crowd to

Turning to where the squires had been left Gaelehad was relieved to see they
had managed to drive the goblins off but was shocked to see that Etilyn had
been wounded. Cursing those foul creatures he gazed about for any sign of
where they had gone.

"Calm down Gaelehad," Segwarides said "we have other prey to hunt right now.
The goblins can wait until we have this matter settled."

"Aye Sir." Gaelehad replied fighting to contain the rage he felt building
inside him.

Gathering the squires the Knights set off again tracking their quarry
through the ancient decaying city. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Sat Nov 14 20:21:57 2009
Subject     Rescue or Escape

Still in a daze and dehydrated from the long haul through the desert
Gaelehad barely understood Marshal Segwarides instructions to run but run he
did when his bonds were released. He didn't see the goblin that was scouting
the edge of the caravan and was unconscious again before he could even raise
a defensive stance.

The pecking vultures brought him to consciousness, head pounding he swatted
at the infernal birds. The rising from the sands he looked out across the
desert. The caravan's tracks headed east into the sunrise and towards
Neraka, south and west was the way he knew he needed to be moving. A quite
prayer to Lord Kiri with the rising sun was all he had energy for. The
vultures still circled but further west there where more and so he decided
to head off towards them as he recalled there being a battle or some such
thing during the night.

It must be a mirage was the first thought into his head as he crested the
hill and saw a Solamnic Patrol spread out across the valley. Tears welled up
inside as he stumbled down towards them not caring if they mistook him for
an enemy. Before he reached them he passed out again. His wounds more
serious than he had realised.

He awoke again to a violent rocking motion and the sound of waves breaking.
It took him a while to realise that the world really was rolling back and
forth. Gingerly he stood up, ignoring the searing pain of his wounds, he was
alive that is all that was important. Alive and on his way back to

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Mon Nov 16 19:28:24 2009
Subject     The gathering of forces

Gaelehad reported as ordered. He'd been hoping for a long break after the
Tarsis expedition but it seemed that there was to be no break at all. His
wounds were still mending but daily he felt stronger and his conviction to
defend Solamnia grew stronger each day.

Sitting in the waiting chamber along with a number of other Postulant
Knights it was obvious that a meeting of great importance was taking place
in the war room. Messengers flowed in and out of the chamber continuously
and one by one the assembled Knights were called in and then left. All of
them looked concerned by what they had learned within those chambers.

Finally Gaelehad was summoned into the War Room. On the map table an
enormous map had figures and flags and strange devices scattered all about.

A sealed scroll case was handed to him and he was dismissed without the high
ranking Knights even breaking from their planning.

Gaelehad returned to his chambers and carefully read his instructions. It
was obvious from his instructions that the High Council were preparing for a
war. He was to lead a group of soldiers and make contact with as many Nobles
families as possible and persuade them to re-unite with the High Council in
the coming war. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Wed Nov 18 19:52:42 2009
Subject     A suprise awaits in the Whitestone Glade

Gaelehad was talking to his men, putting their minds at ease about the
coming tasks, when a squire rushed in bearing a summons for him to attend
Evening Mass at the Whitestone Glade.

Having never attended an Evening Mass at the Whitestone Glade Gaelehad
enquired of the squire what the dress code was. The squire was obviously
surprised by the question but replied that full battle dress was customary
at such occasions.

Gaelehad quickly retrieved his Crown Tabard and Sash from his travel pack
and making sure his armor was properly clean set off for the stables to find
his mount and join the procession to the Whitestone Glade.

There were a few familiar faces in among the Knights who were going to the
Evening Mass at the Whitestone Glade. Up ahead he recognized the
unmistakable figure of Etilyn di Delgaard as well as Sir Lanfer Di'Ternian.
Riding in formation it was not possible to make his way towards them and ask
if they knew more of what this was all about. Perhaps it was a blessing for
those who were heading off to war as there were a number of other Knight
Postulants that had received there orders earlier that day.

The sermon in such a historic place moved Gaelehad to remember why he had
come to Palanthas so long ago, the premonition of war and his desire to
protect the people of not only Luinstat but Solamnia too. The words of the
High Clerist Alenth struck all the right cords, resonating with the sense of
belonging Gaelehad felt among the knights assembled.

Gaelehad was really surprised when they started calling up Postulant Knights
to the front of the Glade. With every Postulant a Ranked Knight was called
too. Eventually Gaelehad and Lord Segwarides were called to the front and
joined the group of Knights already there.

As each Postulant was now presented to High Clerist Alenth their linage and
deeds of valor were recognized. Etylin for her quick actions against a beast
in the plains and Gaelehad for helping to protect High Priestess Kiyohime in

It startled Gaelehad when they were all asked to bow and repeat the oath of
fealty to Solamnia that all Knights took but after all the tutelage of Lord
Railen and Lord Segwarides Gaelehad had no problems repeating the Oath.

As the Oath was said it felt to Gaelehad that the Triumverate were there
judging each of the candidates and finding them worthy of serving in the
Knighthood. The only regret that Gaelehad about this evening was that his
mother was not here to share this moment.

The euphoria was not long lasting as the threat of war hung over those
assembled. There were very few outside this Glade who realized how important
the actions of the Knights of Solamnia would be during the coming war. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Thu Nov 19 20:56:34 2009
Subject     Gathering Forces

Gaelehad and the soldiers who had been assigned to him set of in the rain
before dawn. First light was obscured by the heavy clouds and pouring rain
but the grey of damn became the grey of midmorning as they rode on into the

Their task was a simple one. Travel to all the nearby nobles and get them to
pledge allegiance to Solamnia in the coming war. Thankfully the etiquette he
learned form his mother stood them well on their travels and they managed to
sleep in keeps and manors as guests of the nobles who occupied them.

As a knight Gaelehad understood that he had a duty to under go the hardship
his men had to endure and so even when offered a soft bed in the main manor
he always joined his men in the guard bunk houses. Soon they got to know
each other and the air of contempt he had at first experienced among these
men soon evaporated and he was accepted as a comrade.

Gaelehad realised the group he had been assigned contain only 3 veterans of
campaigns all the rest were unblooded and as could be expected nervous about
the coming war. Having only recently become a veteran of a violent campaign
Gaelehad found it easy to empathise with the young soldiers under his
command and set about easing their minds about the coming war.

Every morning before breaking their fast he lead the squad in prayer and
then held an informal combat class dealing with tactics and tricks he and
the other two veterans had encountered. Much of this he realised also
included things his patron Lord Segwarides had been teaching him on their
travels to and from Tarsis.

The men under his command had obviously been talking to the soldiers they
were billeted with as at each castle there were always a few men who offered
to join his growing force. On every occasion that soldiers volunteered to
join he would personally ensure that their liege did not need them and that
they would not be leaving a family behind. He was surprised that young men
were willing to join his cause.

He hoped and prayed that they would be able to travel and train with him for
a few more weeks before they saw their first real combat.

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Tue Nov 24 07:45:52 2009
Subject     Glory or an honourable death

It was early morning just after Gaelehad had sent out his order for the
next leg of their journey.

A messenger came riding into the camp, barely alive, he rode up to the tent
Gaelehad was helping to dismantle and reported that he had a for the
commander of this group of men. Gaelehad stepped forward and helped him from
his horse before seeing to the messengers wounds. Only once he was sure the
man would survive did he request the message from him.

Stunned that the commander of this force was helping doing all the menial
work the messenger retrieved the scroll from his bag and handed it to

Gaelehad read the message in stunned silence, trying to digest the
information that was contained in the brief battle report from Palanthas. A
second message from Lord Nathan confirmed the report and his instructions
were simple. 

Gaelehad was to lead his force east and then north and help assault
Palanthas in an attempt to regain the city from the Dragonarmy troops that
had invaded.

Orders went out and soon the army was on the move. As they moved they
commandeered every available cart and horse from farmers with Gaelehad
leaving them with promissory notes of payment after the war. This helped to
speed up their movement but as everyone knew everyday the Dragonarmies were
in Palanthas the people would be suffering. Gaelehad knew from experience
what cruelty the goblins and hobgoblins of that army were capable of and
using those images he drove his men forward to battle.

Standing before the walls of Palanthas preparing to attack the city he had
promised to defend from those within was a difficult reality to face.
Gaelehad led the men in a prayer as the sun rose on what could be their
final battle.

To the west Lord Nathan prepared his army for a similar attack and all that
was left to do now was hope that the Triumvirate would guide their swords
and give them the strength to fight this battle and win or die trying. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Thu Nov 26 06:36:00 2009
Subject     Never Surrender

Something had held up Lord Nathan's armies but this did not deter
Gaelehad. He would lead his men forward and drive the scum of the Dragon
Armies from Palanthas.

He looked out before him and the young men who had declared their loyalty to
Solamnia and were now willing to die to prove that loyalty and then across
at the army that had come out to meet them in the field and wondered how
many of his men would walk away today. 

A sizable force had come out of the city to meet them and Gaelehad had to
wonder what they had in reserve. Praying to Lord Kiri for the strength to
win the day Gaelehad led his force forward to meet the opposing army in

With very few veterans in the force he commanded he knew that he would need
to be close at hand to rally those that faltered and lend support where the
line weakened.

With a salute to the forces that held Palanthas Gaelehad led his force into
battle. The hobgoblins and goblins of the Dragon armies fought as
treacherously as he expected them to and soon Gaelehad found himself
involved in the front line battle.

As the battle raged on there seemed to be more and more dead bodies around
him both those of his army and his enemies and yet the enemy kept coming at
them in waves. 

Not once did Gaelehad consider retreating even when he realized he was
surrounded and most of his men lay dead. The only thought he had was of who
would tell the families they left behind of the bravery and valor in combat

He didn't see the blow that took him down and his final thought was who will
tell my mother that I have fallen in battle. 

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Sat Jul 24 09:09:30 2010
Subject     A dark day remembered

The last thing I remember is charging towards the Lord City leading an
army of unprepared and barely battle ready men against the Dragon Armies
that held the city. Well, in truth, that was the last thing I wish I

In stead my dreams each night were filled with the screams of dieing men.
Brave young men I'd convinced to come into battle with me against the Dragon
Armies. We were out numbered and the enemy had superior training but still
my brave men fought with the courage bestowed upon us by Kiri-Jolith. 

I could not stand back and let them fight while I stood at a safe distance,
despite what all the nobles who had joined us claimed was the way battles
were fought and I was often in the front row holding back the enemy forces
while the men around me rallied, recovered and rejoined the battle.

I remember finally being overrun and falling among the men who had bravely
fought with me. I was prepared to go meet Kiri-Jolith knowing I'd given a
proper account of myself on the battle field that day and yet here I stand
today on the sight that those brave young men stood and fought against an
army we could not possibly defeat.

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Sun Aug  8 20:24:17 2010
Subject     From Despair comes Hope pt 1

My recovery from the defeat, at the hands of the Dragon Army, to longer
than I had ever expected. Both physically and mentally I was scarred from
the ordeal. My body was weak from having being buried alive among the men
who had died with me and at nights I was plagued with dark dreams of the
defeat that day.

I was pondering this when there was a knock on my door "enter,"  I called
out while putting the finishing touches to a letter I was writing.

"My Lord, there are some young men here who wishes to speak to you,"  said
the young chambermaid.

"Well show them in, Matilda" I said having just remembered her name and also
that I was not dressed to receive guests "Well perhaps not right now. Please
tell them that I will speak to them in the waiting room down the hall."

While she curtsied to me I noticed that her eyes never left torso and
looking down at myself with that thought in mind I realised that the hard
work with the Master at Arms was paying off and my physique was returning to
what it once was.

Dressing quickly and draping myself with my Solamnic cloak I made my way to
the waiting room.

The fact that Matilda was still with them made me think that perhaps I
should have taken more time dressing but then I saw the calloused hands of
the young men assembled and realised they were not nobles. Their nervous
shuffles and glances at one young man made me think that perhaps he was
their chosen spokes person and that they might feel a bit more comfortable
if we were all seated.

"Please gentlemen I ask that you sit while we talk" I requested while
pointing at the chairs and benches of the waiting room. Turning to Matilda I
asked Could you please ask the kitchen to send up some cider, cheese and
bread so that we may have a light lunch while we talk."

We were just getting properly seated and I could see that their spokesperson
was ready to start talking when Matilda walked in again followed by another
group of young men and rather exasperatedly said "My Lord you have more

Flashing her a naughty smile I replied, "Well you had best tell the barracks
cook that there are guests for lunch, this waiting room is no where near
large enough for all my guests. Well have lunch in the barracks dining


Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Mon Aug  9 20:03:53 2010
Subject     From Despair comes Hope pt 2

On the way down to the general mess I started thinking about what these
young men were here for. As I glanced from young manto young man I could
tell that these were farmers not soldiers but I had thought the same thing
many month before when I lead young men like these in to battle and back
then they fought with the heart of soldiers but the skill of farmers.

The idea forming in my head was outragous by all accounts but workable if I
could put it diplomatically to the nobles of Solamnia especially those of
Heartlund if only for a trial period.

"Gentleman,"  I called out, after we had all partaken of the lunch provided
for us, "I know from the little I have heard during lunch why you are all
here but before I allow you to get your spirits up I must say this. While
each and every one of you has the heart of a soldier and hte conviction of a
Knight none of you have the training or experience to petition to become
Knights of Solamnia."

The silence that followed this statement was short lived as they started
angrily talking among themselves and so I continued the way I knew I would
have to when I started this line of thought.

"However this does not mean that you won't one day have the experience and
training required to petition the Knights of Solamnia and to fight in the
Crown Army."

"But how will we get that experience?" came the question from one table,
"and who will provide the training?" came from a number of other tables.

"I will provide the oppertunity for both of those but it can not be here as
you all have home towns and Lords who rule over those towns and I can not
assurp his authority over you. If this is to happen I need to persuade each
of the lords who rules over your lands to allow me to train you and the
standing armies of their lands and in this way you will recieve the training
and eventually the experience you need to become the Knights your hearts
have lead you here to be."


Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Sat Aug 14 14:14:16 2010
Subject     A new beginning and a new recruit

After talking to all those young men about what they could achieve I felt
I needed some time in the sparring arena to help with the rebuilding of my
lost strength. Donning my weighted practice leathers and taking up the
practice axe I set off for the arena.

"Back for your second session today I see." 

"Aye, Lord Demilon. I still feel I'm not as strong as I was but with your
help I know I'll regain that strength."

Taking up positions we saluted as is traditional and started with a standard
parry riposte drill, working on speeding it up until our motion was but a
blur. The afternoon passed all to quickly and I realised that unlike before,
when I was getting tired and all the muscles had started to ache, I'd
managed to work through that pain barrier and up to a new plateau of sheer
agony and yet my legs and arms had not failed as they had in the past.

"Sir Gaelehad,"  rang out her golden voice "your presence is required in the
audience chamber as soon as convenient. I'll run you a bath and lay out your
finery so that you don't chase your guest away." Matilda hurried off her
teasing laugh following her.

"I yield Lord Demilon,"  conceding defeat to my training partner, "I guess
the first round of ales are on me this evening."

"Aye and it'll be the best drink of the evening, given that I won't be
paying for it."

Stepping out from the ice cold water feeling much refreshed I looked over to
the clothes that Matilda had laid out for me. "They must be rather important
guests if that is what you think I should be wearing,"  I called out while
drying myself and making my way over to the clothes horse. "What can you
tell me about them from the short time you got to spend with them?"

"It's a retired knight, Sir Gareth uth Bornan and his young nephew Leonhardt
uth Roslin,"  the way Matilda said young nephew made me think she was having
rather inappropriate thoughts about the young man, "I believe Sir Gareth is
looking for a patron for his nephew."

I took all this in while trying to work out how this latest item of clothing
in fashion was meant to be worn, give me a set of armour any day, finally
resorting to walking out into the main chamber where Matilda was waiting.
"Could you please help me with this. It's not a piece of armour so makes no
logical sense,"  finally giving up with trying to fit the strange ruffles

Looking out the window at the setting sun I realised just how late in the
day it was "I think you need to get pair of rooms readied for our guests, I
believe there are still a few of the visiting Knights rooms available for
the pair."

With the ruffles finally settled I set off for the audience room to meet our

Author:    Gaelehad       
Date:      Tue Sep 21 08:24:14 2010
Subject     Fanfare and Ceremony pt 1

The sun shone warmly down upon us as we returned from the Whitestone
Glade. The mood was one of joy and excitement but there was a dark cloud
shrouding the joy felt by the senior knights.

The young knights who had been promoted this morning would soon be off
talking to the Lords of the local islands, drumming up support for the war
that loomed. Word had reached us that the marauding armies of Bloten were
mobilising for war and also that the Dragon Army was recruiting in droves.

Looking around during the ceremony I noticed that some of the knights who
had been members of the order of the crown now wore the livery of the order
of the Sword. This heartened me as it indicated that there was an intention
to take the fight to the Dragon Army this time and not to just wait and
repel them where and when they did attack.

My mind was already on the tasks assigned to me. Mentally reviewing the
parts of the measure I would need to revise, my previous field experience
had not required I know the standard defensive positions required for
specific attack formations and I need to learn all these in a short amount
of time.

Upon return to the main keep I sent for the junior officers who had been
assigned to me and we started breaking up the work load we could formulate a
defensive strategy and start training the newer recruits in the formations
and signals that would be used if we were besieged.

During all this I still made sure to take the time to see young Leonhardt
before he left on his ambassadorial duties and wished him well on his coming

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