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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Galama.

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Astinus gently places a book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Galama' scribed in faded purple ink.

Author:           Galama
Date    Thu Mar 16 05:42:38 2006
Subject  My short background story.

Today I use name Galama Dantelion, thats not the name I was given by my
parents. I used my elven right to pick new name that suits me better, so
my true name will be close kept secret and know only my close elven

My true name points too closely to my family and I dont want to them to
know what I am doing and where I am today.  About my family, they are
kind of high palace in Silvanesti society and that placed some
obligations to me.

One of those obligations was to get married with man, one that was
chosen to me by my family.  This was not what I really looked forward,
as man that they chose to me was one that I really despised.

Not because of his looks but because his arrogance and distinct
stupidly. One can say that he was man that made me see red in first

So when I was traveling to wedding ceremony I prayed gods that that they
spared me this misery and one of then supposedly heard that. Apparently
one that heard was not one of good ones as our travel party got attacked
by band of ogres.

Like most fights and battles this turned out ugly one. Guards designated
to me and my companions where trying to do their best to protect us, but
they soon noticed that they where out numbered.

Guard ordered us to flee and seek shelter from deeper forest and I run
with other fast as I could.  After while I noticed that I was alone and
totally lost, bleeding from wounds I got during fight and fast flee
trough forest.

So I seeked shelter from small dense tree group near small river and
eventually I fell a sleep.

When I wake up in morning I was surrounded by Kagonesti hunting party.
They seemed friendly and curious about my condition.

As I thought that they dont treat me well if they know my family
position I let them understood that I was member of lower cast of House

Well I looked as one, I was unarmed and my dress was dirty and torn.  As
I was not so important person, they decided to take me with them.

When we walked to their camp I was relieved that I had got close escape
from fait of boring to death with brainless man.  Of course I was also
sad for those friends that where killed in that fight.

In time my saviors noticed that I was very gifted with bow and my
position in small society improved little and they started to train me
other fighting skills.

After two years our small hunting society got attacked by Draconians and
 I was only one that escaped that clever ambush alive.

How could those brainless lizards know our route and make that trap I
did not figure that one out. As it was my turn to do the dishes, I was
little behind of the main group and got change to flee when I saw others
to fall.

After some time I found other traveling elven and joined them as warrior
and scout. It seems that these days there is always something to do, if
you have a sword and skill to use it.

Well I still miss my family and I will return someday, as they cant
announce my dead without proof. And did not flee from that arrangement I
just got kind of carried away and delayed.

When he gets married or killed I am free to return without shame to my
family.  Of course I will be deeply hurt if he does not wait for me.

I would have written more, but I am almost out of ink.

* Galama  *

Ps. I am sorry about spelling mistakes, I am not used to write in common

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