The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Gordo.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a dirty book showing much wear on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Gordo' scribed in faded yellow ink.

Author:    Gordo          
Date:      Fri Jun  8 19:37:56 2007
Subject     A mission.

Across in the allyway a rattle of trashcans and death screams of rats echoed
across the street to the shadow of the tree i was hiding behind.

Among those noises there was Crashing of thunder as lightning struck in the far
distance and the sound of rain pelting off rooftops and the streets below them
One might wounder why I would be lurking in the shadows on a day like this. Near
an allyway that sounded like some hideous monster was lurking within.

But I was on the mission. One given to me by a secret society in which i will
not name, for they will have me killed. I wish to join this society and to do so
i have to complete my mission.

And The supposid monster in the ally. Well wasnt exactly a monster it was a
gully dwarf. Now before you laugh I'll let you know. This is no normal gully
dwarf, he is murderous and has killed many members of the society i want to

Seeing a flash of lightning in the distance I knew this was my time to advance
across the street, the sound of thunder would cover any noise i might make. I
normally dont take these precautions but Gully dwarves have amazing hearing.

It must come to them tracking down rats scurrying from place to place. So today
I playing it safe. By the time i hit the street the sound of the thunder crashed
around the city. I had made it into the allyway and behind a pile of trash.

Here is where I'm Going to stake out until i know it is even more safe, maybe
wait until its sleeping.

I must of been waiting there for 2 hours. The rain never subsided neither did
the thunder and lightning. I was feeling drowsy when all of a sudden lighting
struck a tree across the road. The same tree i was in before. Good thing i chose
to move here. But as the allyway lite up. I didnt notice for a few seconds but i
was staring into the face of a duty gully dwarf with a grin of sheer madness
across his face.

Acting on pure instinct I killed out its legs from under it and let it crash to
the ground. Enough time to allow me to recover to my feet and draw my knife. Had
that been any normal combatant I would of face he would still be on the ground
and he would soon have my knife protruding from its throat. Not this dwarf as
quickly as I got up he was up and sensing a battle he to drew his weapon. A
massive butcher knife.... A knife fight. And i had the small knife.. Great! So I
quickly started to move to its right. The gully seemed to know instantly the
game I ment to play and he started to circle as well.

The trick to this is you circle your enemy and wait for him to let some guard
down or for him to do something stupid leaving him exposed for your attack. This
was a good fighter, but still a gully dwarf. It had to make some kind of

So after a few minutes of circling eachother the lightning flashing lighting up
the ally now and they nothing happened we were in a gridlock. Then suddenly the
gully made its move, Lightning flashed in the allyway momentary blinding both of
us but the gully knew where I was. He threw his butcher knife to where my head
was conviently located and hoped for a kill. Just my luck though i attempted to
duck and i also tripped, i watched as the knife harmlessly buzzed by my
unprotected face.

I hit the ground hard but i knew if i didnt strick now I would probably die.
Taking the same technic the gully had used I whipped my dagger at him. It struck
gold. It hit the gully in the throat and cut straight threw. He dropped
instantly to the ground and stiffened. I assumed he was dead. I wanted out of
here quick.

So I quickly took what I needed I cut a huge strand of hair from the gully and
one of its fingers from its body and walked further down the allyway to get its
weapon. This was all the proof I needed to prove to My soon to be masters my
mission was a success. When I returned to the entrance way I was completly
stunned to see the dwarves body was gone.

It had feigned death and didnt even flinch when i cut of its finger... A tricky
bugger. But Like i said I had all the proof i need to prove to them it was dead.

Author:    Gordo          
Date:      Fri Nov  5 19:51:05 2010
Subject     All in a Days Work

His cleaver slammed down hard against bone! Blood sprayed all over him,
the arm of his handy-work severed. Relaxing for a moment Gordo wiped the
sweat and gore off his face and lifted his cleaver for another swing. Childs
laughter shattered his concentration, three young Palanthian boys ran by
playing play battle. One kid stopped right in front of Gordo and stared
intently at him. Smiling at the boy Gordo waved him over, "Want to give it a
try young man?" 

The little boy with a huge grin on his face ran over with a look of pure
glee on his face, "Would I ever!"

Watching the little boy closely observing his every move Gordo took a step
back and handed the cleaver to the little boy. The little boy raised his arm
up as high as he could and started to swing down. The cleaver slammed down
into the recently deceased corpse leaving a large bloody gash. Quickly
sliding behind the young human Gordo placed his hand on his shoulder by his

"Did you enjoy that?" asked gordo.

"I sure did mister, I want to do what you do for a living its Bad ass!"

"Now mind your language but yes I do enjoy it... say since I did you a favor
maybe you could do me one as well?" Gordo looked at the young man with a
cold calculating look. The young man looked up at Gordo with a confused
stare. "It's nothing big, Just listening... If you hear anything interesting
or secret just come tell me... I like information you can say, Simple enough

Thinking for a second the little boy nodded, "Sure thing mister! I got to
get going home though its diner time soon!" 

Patting the young boy on the head Gordo gave him a small shove and said,
"Get home to your parents young man!" With a large grin on the young man's
face he ran out of the small building pausing for a second to look at a sign
above it. 'PALANTHAS BUTCHER SHOP' His new favorite place in the whole wide

Author:    Gordo          
Date:      Tue Oct 31 15:28:45 2017
Subject     HSQ2017

You slowly slink the the ground and squeeze your eyes, body quivering in stark terror. You do your best to wish away whatever is behind you, you can smell a rancid rot from whatever it is and then the hot putrid breath rolling across your erect neck hairs. A low eerie hiss and a small brush of something sharp and prickly against your side maybe a claw? or a fang, finally convinces you to flee. You can feel your heart in your throat and you flail your arms blindly in defense as you lunge forward hard onto your knee, you barely feel the thick layers of skin left behind on the sharp grounds as your hands hit what appears to be large prickly poles. You feel stick to your stomach as you crawl through the dirt, several attempts to stand failed. You only now realize you dropped your light struggling to get to your feet and it casts a long indescribable shadow of whatever creature lurks in these depths. Many arms akimbo, whatever demon this is, it wasn?t of Krynn. You were never a religious man but man would you ever eternally grovel to any immortal who could save you now, or end it quickly. Finally reaching the wall of the cavern, you struggle to your feet. It is time consuming and feels like an elves age before you can stand as you slip several times grasping at the slimy ichor of the walls. Whatever was residing in this cave was in no hurry to kill you, if it was you?d have not made it this far. Gathering your courage you quickly glance behind you, eyes, thousands of eyes - Moving in unison. Screaming in absolute terror your sprint as fast as you can towards the mouth of the cave, towards a tunnel you?ve yet to explore. A faint rustle behind you followed by a sharp stab to your hind quarters sends to sprawling into the pitch black corridor. After that nothing. Confused you rise to your feet and continue to stumble down the dark lightless abyss of a hallway. You are in a cold sweat and growing tired. Your limbs feel like they belong to an ogre but you continue on. You see light ahead and sob a cry of relief, the distance feels insurmountable but you try. You are strangle aware of a falling sensation, the light in front of you disappears as you fall into what appears to be a pit. You stop suddenly stop falling, your body seems to be entangled in some sort of soft thick cords. You try to struggle but you are just so tired, sighing you let your body fall lax. You again feel the familiar feeling, that hot putrid breath at your neck. The strangest sensation happens, it feels like your insides are being slurped out of your body, I?d like to tell you that it didn?t hurt but god did it ever. You scream once again in horror and you continue to do so until you can no longer.

Author: Gordo Date: Mon Nov 6 14:41:37 2017 Subject An Unannounced Arrival (Part I)

Gordo leaned against the cool polished ironwood rail on the starboard side of the pirate ship 'Orlouge'. A shrill whistle of autumn wind and crash of turbulent waves broke the silence aboard the ship, the crew working tirelessly, muted, making their stealthy approach towards a hidden cove on the island of Schallsea. Even shrouded in thick heavy wools and leathers, the declining temperature brought by the change of season brought Gordo discomfort. He had only experienced several seasons outside of Sanction and had yet to grow accustomed to it, likely never would. Flexing his muscles, a faint klick of scales could be heard from beneath his attire as he attempted to acclimatize. Taking a few more moments to peer into the darkness, a faint glow in the distance belonging to the Port of Schallsea could be seen and the taste of smoke still cloaked the island from it's earlier defeat at the hands of the Dragonarmy. To Gordo's knowledge, the whole invasion had almost been over before it started. Rumours (which he would later confirm) stated his Emperor Khariif has been captured by Pirates and sold off to the Solamnics. What events that transpired after this, Gordo didn't know, other than the Emperor had been freed and handily destroyed the Solamnic forcing them into exile from the island. His hands numbing from the chill, Gordo stalked towards the entrance of the Captain's aft cabin. There was nothing to be gained from watching on deck, there would be no one around. The crew of the Orlouge were masterful at making landfall in places they weren't quite supposed to be. Plus, the Solamnics no longer patrolled the island and the forces of the Emperor were likely in a drunken stupor (a must given the company the emperor kept - Gordo hated the undead). The only one around who might spot them were the primitive tribesman of the island and they likely were deep into hiding fearing a similar fate that befell their mainland cousins from Abanasinia. Gordo pulled hard on the door of the Captain's personal cabin, the wind which was ever troublesome, provided resistance. Muttering to himself Gordo walked inside, the breeze slamming the door behind him. Gordo preferred the solace of the cabin, the ship's captain rarely used it as he was always on deck commanding his veteran crew. Long ago upon discovering what Gordo truly was, the captain allowed Gordo to use his cabin whenever travelling aboard the ship. Gordo respected the captain greatly for this, the less people who knew that Gordo was evil dragon-spawn twisted to life from the helpless unborn eggs of the metallic dragons, the better. Gordo doubted the crew would care honestly, they seemed to be accepting of anything worth their weight in sailing or combat and Gordo was exceptional in the latter. The problem with pirates is they take to the rum and spirits often and secrets tend to flow unchecked from ship to ship, the Queen didn't want his kind being common knowledge yet. Gordo smirked to himself, this was likely to change now that the invasion had started. Gordo huddled close to the fireplace, soaking in the heat and warming his bones. Drawing his blade from its scabbard Gordo slid his tongue down the long steel blade, coating it in saliva secreted from venomous glands below his tongue. Pulling off his studded leather gauntlets that had painted a dark midnight green, akin to the rest of his leathers and cloth, revealed a dull coppered coloured scaled hand. Gordo was a Kapak Draconian born from the eggs of copper dragons, suited for stealth, combat and espionage, rumoured a favorite of the Emperor. Gordo all but confirmed this upon meeting his master for the first time, though he was left with the lasting impression, the Highlord at the time, didn't find his race very intelligent. Gordo was okay being painted as such, it was never bad to have hidden abilities or to be underestimated, this gave one the upper hand and Gordo was masterful at using that to his advantage when required. {ITO BE CONTINUED ...

Author: Gordo Date: Mon Nov 6 14:46:01 2017 Subject An Unannounced Arrival (Part II)

Thinking back to when he had first met the Emperor Gordo smirked, times were simpler then. Gordo quickly worked his way through the ranks in Sanction, He was far more intelligent and ruthless than his comrades. Often-time this drew punishment from his commanders and the Emperor at the time Teague, was a weak-willed man and liked his troops having a degree of compliancy and blind loyalty. Anyone who thought for themselves were punished in kind. Gordo was not surprised when he heard of Teague's demise, he was even further honored after being summoned by the new Highlord of the Dragonarmies black wing, after being part of a select few who were transferred from the death throes of the red wing. Teague foolhardily had gone to war with the wizards of Krynn, a rogue himself and was Defeated soundly bringing shame to his Queen who chose not to save him from death. Gordo was at first confused as to why he was summoned to the ruined city of Xak Tsaroth, it seemed like an illogical stronghold. The city was rumoured to have been cursed by the gods in the time of the Kingpriest and was utterly destroyed during the Cataclysm. Gordo was shocked to discover that the city had remained intact and had sunken below ground making an impenetrable sub terrain city, where the Dragonarmy could work openly in secret. It was here at the bottom of a makeshift pot elevator Gordo met Khariif. He was an impressive man and a charismatic leader, which was odd given his oft-stoic composure. It was apparent from his accent and features he was born in Solamnia, Gordo later found out he was a bastard and banished from his homeland. Gordo assumed he was in this for revenge and that was a cause he could follow. As previously mentioned Gordo respected had respected his leader upon meeting him. It was only later after it was apparent his master greatly underestimated him that though he still respected Khariif, it was begrudgingly. Living below the surface was the true queen on the damned city, a black dragon and now-companion to Khariif Obsidian. She was a foul creature who was self-serving and would betray her own mother if it would further her pursuits. Gordo hoped the Emperor was smart enough to realize this, he assumed he did, it wasn't like she hid it. How the two of them even agreed to work together was beyond Gordo, the Emperor must have had some hidden advantage or power over her considering the Queen often showed preference to her dragons in most matters. Turning his blade over and inspecting his handy work, nodding approvingly to himself Gordo sheathed his blade. The crew on deck could be heard running to and fro and audible commands were being given by the captain. Gordo was an experienced enough member of the ship to know they were near landfall, his suspensions confirmed as the ship lurched forward slightly sliding onto the beach of the cove. The crew had long ago dredged out a channel much like many others that hugged the sides of the ship allowing it to stand upright in a location no one would suspect a ship could anchor. Taking a few final moments to warm his scaled hands by the fire, Gordo pulled his gauntlets on and stood ready to depart the cabin. He was to report to his emperor but first, would take the opportunity to gather some information prior to their meeting, hence why he travelled in secret with the 'Orlouge' instead of a Dragonarmy Cargo ship that arrived daily since the island had fell. Gordo pulled open the cabin door and stalked out into the cold dark night, once again bundled beyond recognition.

Author: Gordo Date: Wed Nov 8 15:42:57 2017 Subject An Unannounced Arrival (Part III)

Much as anticipated the landfall in the hidden cove was uneventful, something Gordo grew accustomed to having been smuggled into many restricted and oft hazardous locations by the Orlouge. Much like himself they were masters of stealth and espionage, theirs taking form mostly at sea and the many harbours of Ansalon. Gordo leaned against a tree, features his body swathed in shadow, watched as the crew members donned tabards adorned with the sigil of the black Dragonarmy, provided to the crew by non-other than himself. He was aware that allowing these pirates the opportunity to sneak into the former Solamnic port was in fact treason, but as they time and time again came through for Gordo, assisting with the success of his missions, in his mind, they were as good as agents of the Dragonarmy. Plus if Gordo wanted to enter the city without raising too much suspicion, as he did want to gather some unbiased intel before having to directly report the emperor, it would look more commonplace entering the city in a small company. Only one thing was out of place. Gordo started to remove the articles of clothing that his his Draconian features, starting with his hood and oversized scarf draped around his body and finishing by removing his boots and back shield (These would be replaced with more anatomically fitting armour suiting a Draconian). Sighing with relief Gordo stretched his short stubby wings (Best suited for gliding and useless in flight) and flexed his muscles and stood at full height, again though louder, the clicking of his scales could be heard beneath his armour. A slight gasp of alarm could be heard as a crew member peered into the shadows to see a monster standing in place of a well known brother-in-arms. Quickly calling attention to several other crew members they started to draw their weapons and advancing towards Gordo in the shadows. Smirking to himself, Gordo had not forgotten they were ignorant to his true form as only the captain was privy to his deception. It was then that the aforementioned captain at a brisk jog confronted the crew and called them away from Gordo, they huddled together as the captain was providing some form of explanation, occasionally a head would turn back towards Gordo?s direction, studying him before turning back to the captain. Not long after the meeting had been called it was over, the crew cautiously approaching Gordo, though no longer threateningly. They were a very accommodating crew, Gordo was a fierce and deadly warrior who had won them the day many-a-time. One of the larger crew members a minotaur chucking gave Gordo a shove, remarking in jest he obviously knew all along. Strapping on a crest designating him as an officer of the Dragonarmies (A position he actually did hold, though more-so in formality) Gordo took lead in front of the small company of crewmembers, about half of the ships enlisted men. The other half including the captain would guard the ship and undertake on any required maintenance, as they would not be ashore long. Gordo was unsure if he?d be leaving with the crew and was under instruction to be back at the ship in two days time if he wished to leave with them, which Gordo was appreciative to have options, had he need to leave the island on new mission or in case of emergency. Starting a slow march to the city, Gordo surveyed the crew and nodding in approval, looking the part of an actual Dragonarmy crew. It had been sometime since Gordo had been around the black dragon-wing, he had spent around a full years time infiltrating the cities of future endeavors or spying on activities of the other dragon-army wings. Though He was emperor of the entirety of the Dragonarmies, Khariif spent a majority of his time in the black-wing he had severed as Highlord over. Scheming for power was common-place among the Queen?s army, actively encouraged in Gordo?s opinion, as the Queen wanted only the strongest most vicious men leading her forces. Gordo had prevented several attempts at the Emperor?s life before they even came part way to fruition, information was invaluable at keeping a stranglehold over the other Highlords. {ITO BE CONTINUED...

Author: Gordo Date: Wed Nov 8 15:50:14 2017 Subject An Unannounced Arrival (Part IV)

More recently Gordo had put an end to an attempted uprising within the blue-wings ranks. The current Highlord was a loyal servant to Khariif and had almost unknowingly walked into a trap that would surely been their death. Having stowed away in plain sight, Gordo posed as a soldier within their ranks and quickly became aware of an coo. The night of the planned assassination Gordo had set to work and put a quick end to the would be killer, a overgrown minotaur with a silly name, Gordo couldn?t recall it now demonoutside? He wasn?t sure. Regardless, it was unlikely the Highlord even knew there was an attempt on their life but the mangled and mutilated corpse of the Minotaur was clear enough sign to the conspirators that their plan had failed and they would share their colleagues fate if they stayed-course. Gordo frowned thinking back at the Emperor?s response to his report, not a word of thanks or even acknowledgement, just the next assignment. Gordo had grown used to Khariif?s detached approach and he didn?t like it, but he didn?t have too. Gordo understood giving too much praise to an agent could result in complacency but in Gordo?s case it resulted in feelings of underappreciation and disrespect. Shaking his head Gordo thought to himself that it was probably best he didn?t like his commander, it would make the Emperor?s future betrayal of Gordo or death less shocking (Gordo honestly believed his future options were limited in one way or the other these two options, or both). Best be prepared for everything and you?ll never be found off-guard. The eastern gate of the fort city could be seen in the distance, they would reach it before dawn. This was much to the disappointment of the crew who wished to drink themselves into a stupor before setting forth on their assignments, Gordo was sure this was the Captain intent as he knew his men better than they likely knew themselves. For that Gordo respected the man greatly, he was powerful, intelligent and Gordo would without question put his life in his hands. It was too bad a man such as he didn?t command the Queen?s forces but the captain was without illusions of grandeur, content on raiding the sea?s and the simple comradery of the life aboard the Orlouge. In no press for time Gordo continued his lead at a leisurely pace, he now wondered to himself how the Emperor had found himself captured almost halting the beginnings of was what to be a global invasion. Gordo wasn?t a fan of speculation and liked to deal in cold hard facts but this was such a peculiar situation he couldn?t help himself, he assumed there was a degree of foolhardiness at play. The Emperor was a confident man, over confident in Gordo?s opinion and likely didn?t have a large enough guard befitting an Emperor at his side. He would know soon enough, Gordo noted that his group had now been spotted by the watch and were being set upon by outrunners. Passing along several instructions to the pseudo soldiers under his ?command?, Gordo confirmed that everyone had a clear understanding of their backstory conceived by none other than himself. Satisfied with their responses, Gordo continued their march towards the gate. {ITO BE CONTINUED...

Author: Gordo Date: Sun Nov 19 00:15:28 2017 Subject An Unannounced Arrival (Part V)

It wasn't long before the outrunner rode up on Gordo's small company, the horse he sat upon whined nervously as it drew near to the Draconian. Taking a few quick steps towards the beast it almost bucked his rider who cursed quietly digging his heels into the ashen coloured sides. Gordo shared a general consensus with most Draconians who had a dislike for horses, who for the most part refused to carry or even go near the dragonmen. He found them to be large dumb animals, that spooked easy and when the rations grew low, tasted terrible. Circling the small crew, the rider calmed his ride enough to dismount, though he kept a firm grasp on its reigns. The outrunner was a very non-descript man, nothing stood out about him, average height, average build and armoured like every other soldier would be in the city. The rider took a few moments to study Gordo and his men, but no more than a prolonged passing glance. Drawing near to the horse again the man patted the horse's rump before retrieving a small scroll from his saddlebag. Handing the reins of the horse to one of the human crew members nearest to him the outrider walked without hesitation towards Gordo. 'Great to see you returning from your patrol captain Gordo, I take that it was uneventful, no angry tribesman or pirates to deal with?' a slight emphasis on the word pirate. 'I have informed the gate guards of your return, they were unaware of any patrol being in the area but I assured them I would return with your papers before you arrived, ' The outrunner smiled slightly at Gordo's confusion, 'Don't worry you already gave me the papers, I should return.' The outrunner took a step closer to Gordo and handed him the aforementioned scroll. Paying no mind Gordo watched the human return to and mount his horse. The rider saluted Gordo before urging his (much relieved) horse forward and rode back towards the gate. Gordo advised the crew that they'd wait a short while before continuing, giving the rider time present the papers and talk with the guard. Gordo turned his attention to the scroll in his hands, it was fine wax treated paper, very expensive looking sealed with jet black wax. Gordo took a few moments to study the stamped crest '{INVT ' Gordo was not familiar with it. Using one of his clawed fingers he pried off the seal and unravelled the missive. Studying the writing before reading the message, again he wasn't familiar with its owner, though looking at the quality of paper was likely written by an aid. {ITonight Midnight Graveyard {I- N The letter was short to the point and apart from a single initial gave no indication of its author. Gordo immediately dismissed the idea of it being a trap, he was in friendly territory and if anyone wanted to do him in, it would have been while he was abroad. He was still far to valuable to the emperor to be disposed of -yet-. Gordo also doubted the message was from the Emperor who shared no love of theatrics, he was simple, to the point and would have just summoned Gordo directly to him. This drew the conclusion it was some third party, well connect and powerful enough to be operating under the Emperor's nose, one step ahead of him. This made Gordo uncomfortable as he didnt much enjoy being left in the dark and had this distinct feeling of being a pawn in a game of Khas. Gordo started to take a second pass at the letter but much to his chagrin the letter with a quiet hiss dissolved into wisps of black smoke. Gordo frowned, whomever wanted to meet with him they were also painstaking careful.

Author: Gordo Date: Sun Nov 19 00:26:30 2017 Subject An Unannounced Arrival (Part VI)

Passing through the gate was uneventful, the guards gave Gordo a few sideways glances but that could be chalked up to their disdain of Draconians, most humans in the Dragonarmies hated the Queen's conjured soldiers, jealous of their god given gifts in combat and all matters military. Even in death Draconians were a force to be reckoned with, each with their own unique death throe. Gordo a kapak for example, if killed his corpse would dissolve into a pool is highly corrosive acid. Killing a Kapak at close quarters if not done with extreme caution would result in an agonizing death, flesh melting from bone. Gordo had seen it happen to several and though he had no intentions of dying himself, drew comfort that his killer would likely go down with him. Once past the cities entryway and on the main thoroughfare, Gordo almost immediately took his leave. He prefered to work alone and there was still work to be done, the crew was interested in drinking and spending their acquired wealth. The Large minotaur took a moment to mockingly salute Gordo before chuckling and heading down the street to the nearest tavern, a few others following suit giving Gordo the same salute, mischievous grins pasted on their faces. Gordo was unsure when hed see the crew again but was a given certainty that he would once again sail alongside them, he was a brother-in-arms. The main streets of Scallsea were in good condition, though the kiss of war could be seen here or there, blackened cobblestones, blood stained walls, an occasional burnt out building. The Dragonarmy wasn't typically in the construction business and would repair only when necessary. Gordo knew the destruction and death that would line the streets away from the main hub of the city, he could smell the not-so-distant decay and taste the smoke from ongoing fires, covering the city in a light haze. Looking down towards the end of the street Gordo could see a large walled building, heavily guarded, dead silent. This would be where Khariif had taken residence, his undead sentinels unwaveringly keeping watch. Gordo hated the undead probably more than anything, his Emperor's obsession of them was admittedly the greatest factor in Gordos growing discontent towards his master. Shivering, Gordo spat an acidic glob onto the ground, it hissed slightly eroding a small hole in the cobblestone path. He would avoid going there until summoned. Looking down the street, Gordo spotted a temporary barracks, it was apparent it belonged to Draconians as several loitered outside the entryway. The army was always segregated by race, the highlords finding it the best way to keep the peace. The human's hated the Draconians, the Draconians hated the minotaurs and everyone hated the goblins. Setting a steady pace towards the barracks Gordo set to work gathering intelligence. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- It didnt take long to gather a general truth of what truly happened in the short-lived siege of Schallsea and the Emperors failings. Sure the Emperor redeemed himself in the final moments of battle, turning the tides overwhelmingly in the Queen's favor but Gordo knew it left another black mark against the Emperor and the Queen was notoriously unforgiving. Gordo could have left the barracks with a well enough understanding of the battle and the events leading to it but spent the rest of his day, confirming and fine tuning the story through a series of visits to taverns, barracks and the triage stations setup throughout the city. Most information was given freely, some of it required a little encouragement and only a few needed additional persuasion. Using a torn rag Volath cleaned blood from his clawed hands and he strolled absentmindedly through the outer-reaches of the destroyed city. Khariif had as Gordo suspected foolishly travelled at sea without proper guard and had been soundly defeated by another pirate ship the 'Vanderkaum' a repurposed war galleon. Gordo knew of the ship only through reputation but had never actually set eyes on her. The captain was rumoured to be a black robed dark elf, a former highlord of the Dragonarmies during its formation and more recently a high archmagus in the wizards conclave. It was said Khariif was defeated by none other than the ship's captain and held captive until he was sold off to the Solamnics (which was very uncharacteristic of them). The Solamnics held him for several days before attempting an exchange for several Solamnic prisoners of war, which lead to the cities downfall. The Dragonarmies used the exchange as a decoy, launching a full out assault on the city and ambushing the Solamnic command during the exchange. From there with the assistance of Khariif's foul dragon companion and undead army, the city was crushed. Gordo had also discovered (through methods of advanced interrogation) that the black spot of the victory was the Solamnic high command was able to escape alongside a good chunk of knights and refugees, again aided by the Vanderkaum. That last part amused Gordo, the Vanderkaum most have made a small fortune on the destruction of Schallsea. He hoped to meet the crew one day, though there was whispers of bad blood between the captains of the Orlouge and Vanderkaum. Gordo stopped a moment looking ahead. He had passed through the outer limits of the city and was approaching an old graveyard that appeared to predate the port city. A dark silhouette could been seen in the mist sitting against a crude stone tombstone. As Gordo approached the figure spoke, 'Greetings Gordo, I take it you were not followed'

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