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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Grisov.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Grisov' scribed in vibrant green ink.

Author:           Grisov
Date    Mon Feb 20 10:40:47 2006
Subject  Rumours

Krynn had known of the minotaurs for many years, most of the knowledge
came from stories about Kaz, companian of Huma.  However minotaurs
hadn't actually been seen by any of the inhabitants of Kyrnn for a long

Soon after the formation of the Knights of Takhisis rumors began to
abound that a new stronger minotaur emperor had been crowned.  Rumour
had it that this minotaur was blessed by Sargonnas himself.

Rumour had it that this new emperor had turned his eyes to the mainland.
Rumour had it that the minotaur nations were preparing for war.

On Mithas other rumours reached other ears.  The Minotaur Emperor opened
his eyes.  He had also heard rumours, rumours of a new group of knights.
These Knights of Takhisis.

He decided that although this knights and half-elves.  He balked from
the thought, half-elves in a dark army.  Swallowing the bile that rose
to his throat every time he thought of those nasty slimy elves.

Finally realizing that his nation was weak from years of chaos decided
to put down his inherited racism and associate with these Knights of
Takhisis, bu tonly for the betterment of his nation.

He needed to find the leader of these Knights, rumour had it she was
somewhere on the east coast of Ansalon the only problem was where.

Author:           Grisov
Date    Tue Feb 21 14:10:02 2006
Subject  Honor


This one word meant the world to Grisov.  Honor to your family.  Honor
to yourself.  But most importantly honor to your country.  Honor to your
country, Grisov sighed, what a joke, there was no more honor to your
country in this empire.

This was a country on a long spiral into decay.  Grisov didn't claim to
know the future but he could see the Minotaurs were becoming just
another fallen race of the Irda who enjoys destruction.

The Minotaurs only praised strenght, but without honor what is strength
but mindless killing.  Grisov sighed it was fast becoming a pointless
arguement.  The Minotaurs only valued strength, but he would show them
right after he wins in the arena.

Grisov had come from a long line of of important minotaurs.  One that
could be traced all the way back to the times of the great Minotaur king
Ambeoutin, first King of the Minotaurs where his ancestor had been the
Kings advisor.

His ancestor had been greatly impressed by Ambeoutins fervor toward
honor.  He asked for the King to teach him about honor.  As the
generations went on every male son of the line was taught the importance
of honor, until it came to Grisov last heir of the Blackfur Clan, so
called because of the midnight black fur that dominated the male side of
the family.

I will win in the arena I will become empire.  This empire needs to
again learn the word honor.  This empire agains needs to rise from the
ashes.  This empire shall again rule Ansalon.

Author:           Grisov
Date    Tue Mar  7 15:30:18 2006
Subject  Sargas' Chosen

As Grisov lifted his head he saw the temple of Sargas looming in front
of him.  His thoughts were in turmoil, thinking he would fine peace and
solitude in the temple he entered the gates.

As he was kneeling at the altar he heard somone approaching him. 
Looking up he saw another Minotaur approaching him, the Minotaur brought
with him a strong smell of sulfer.

Grisov's thought were no longer in turmoil, surprisingly after the
stranger had left he was left with a sense of purpose.  He approached
the High Priest of Sargas and asked him to be allowed to join the

When asked why Grisov replied that he wanted to further his knowledge of
Sargas' teachings.  He was allowed to join th eranks but under one
condition, he ws to start at the bottom and work his way up.

Clothed in the plain habit of an acolyte, he was surprisingly content fo
his mysterious visitor had told him a surprising fact.  His words were
that Grisov would lose the games but he would become the leader of
Sargas' Church.

Before Grisov could ask him his name the mysterious Minotaur vanished. 
As Grisov went to sleep one thought went through his mind, I am Sargas'

Author:           Grisov
Date    Fri Jun 16 21:44:49 2006
Subject  The Escape of Grisov and Vish

We had been captured two months ago, forced into this dark and dreary
cave of a prison cell we bided our time.  Searching along the wells, floor,
and ceiling for a weakness, a hidden fracture that we could exploit to our
advantage.  Two weeks into out imprisonment we found it, the crack in the
wall that had been covered by a thin mask of mortar.  The mason had done a
wonderful job on the wall, but he had not accounted for the strength of two
Minotaurs.  Four weeks into our imprisonment we had given up hope that our
comrades would charge this far into Solamnia and rescue us.  So we began to
plot.  We watched and began to anticipate the changing of the guards.  Our
time was swiftly coming to a head.  Then in the black of night we made our
move.  As the rain poured down from above a silently thanked Sargonnas for
giving us the covering thunder the rain provided.  Timing our blows with the
thunder we soon had the crack battered down enough to where one solid blow
would knock it down.  BAM!!  The thunder rolled and he guards were busy
changing.  We finished beating down the wall and with a final look at our
cell we began the long trek bavk to Sanction and from there Storm's Keep. 

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