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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Hyretl.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Hyretl' scribed in rich white ink.

Author:  Hyretl
Date    Fri Aug  9 14:32:44 2002

Subject  A Mage is Born

"You must travel to Qualinesti, by means of magic if you deem that
necessary, and assassinate the Princess, Trilliana. The most important part of
this mission is that noone must know of your presence at any point in time."

"I understand. And when this has been completed, I shall be admitted

The man nodded his head and waved his arm as if to dismiss the dark cloaked

Uttering a few words, Methiar disappeared from site, traveling the roads of
magic to the forest surrounding Qualinesti. He appeared before a large tree.
Not moving, he listened and looked for any sign of life. There seemed to be
nobody within a good distance, so he slowly lurked through the remaining trees
to the edge of the forest. Just as he was about to cast another transportation
spell a troop of Qualinesti guards sprinted out the gate and tore down the
path Methiar had travelled parallel to. Startled, Methiar ducked down and
dared not move until the regiment had passed. It did not take long for them to
come back, dragging someone between two of the griffons flying low over the
path. The entered the gate and it all was quiet once again.

Methiar slowly got up, and checking multiple times to make sure there weren't
any guards left, transported himself just inside the wall. There was not a
soul to be seen and he slowly made his way towards the Princess' residence.
Once outside of a side window, Methiar uttered a few words and put his ear
against the wall, listening for breathing or any movement. He didn't hear any
in the adjacent room and becoming transparent after a few other words were
uttered, he passed through the window and into the house. Remembering the map
that the Master of Assassin's had given him in his head, he made his way
towards the Princess' private chambers. Expecting guards to be posted outside
of her room, he crept very slowly and looked just past the corner to her door.
There were no guards. They must keep them at the front door only, not
expecting assassins to have the ability to walk through walls. Still
transparent from his earlier spell, Methiar walked straight into the room,
dagger ready. The Princess was asleep. "Good, this will be easy." He
walked over to the bed and could see the covers rising and falling where the
body had slept. He looked at the progression of the moon. If he didn't hurry
up, the group that he was told to beat to the princess would be here very soon
and ruin the entire thing. He had to make haste. He slowly raised the covers
so he wouldn't miss his target. He was prepared to strike for the heart, but
the moment the covers were raised and the radiant face of a beautiful elven
woman shown up at him something lurched in his throat. The woman was
beautiful, and he couldn't bring himself to kill her.

Just that second there was a huge crash at the door and 3 men piled through.
The other assassins. The Princess awoke with a start and sat up straight,
staring in horror at the three that just passed through the threshold of her
door, and scanning to look at Methiar, the same look of dread in her eyes as
she saw the dagger in his hand. Just as the assassins jumped on the bed,
Methiar uttered three words and the first assassin dropped to the floor dead.
The second was just behind the first and was within an arms reach of the
Princess before he was thrown against the wall in a gout of flame. The third,
realizing the peril of this unknown man in black, ran straight for him instead
of the Princess. Methiar turned just as he got to him and breathed acid into
his face. The assassin crumbled upon the ground, writhing in agony before
finally becoming still.

The Princess looks up, still unsure of what just happened. She looks at
Methiar trying to decide if he is going to kill her or not. They stood there
for a few long moments, both of them looking at each other until the Princess
got up the nerve to say something.

Author:  Hyretl
Date    Fri Aug  9 14:33:11 2002

Subject  A Mage is Born (2)

"Are you going to kill me?"

"I was sent here to do just that, but when I saw you...." He pulled back
his hood and leaned over, looking her straight in the eye. "I couldn't do

Come with me. Run are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen...

We'll run away, together."

Looking confused, the Princess asked, "You came to kill me, and now you want
me to run away with you?"

Methiar nodded slowly, realizing the improbability of his request. His mind
was not straight, however, and within minutes was leaving, the Princess having
been ravaged and raped, leaving behind a sobbing woman. Just as Methiar was
leaving, a guard ran in, hearing the commotion from the assassins "quiet"
entrance. He ran headlong into the dark cloaked man, and without hesitation
grabbed his dagger and stabbed the figure through the heart. Methiar fell to
the floor and was dead instantly. The guard, seeing the Princess in such
distress, ran for a messanger to call her father. When her father entered, he
saw her and knew what had happened without even having to ask. He tried to
calm her down but she was frantic.

A third of a year later, a boy was born. The mother, Trilliana, named him
Hyretl, and vowed for her son that he would never become like his father. He
was taught the ways of good his entire life and grew up to be just like she
had hoped.

Hyretl Soltith, Follower of Good and son of Princess Trilliana, Daughter
of the Sun

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