The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Impavidus.

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Astinus gently places an enormous book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Impavidus' scribed in vibrant grey ink.

Author:  Impavidus
Date    Mon Aug  1 06:45:37 2005
Stamp   1122896737
Subject  History of Impavidus Draco

I was born on the Day of Soldai, 2nd the Month of Bran to the House of Draco.
As the first son to be born a great deal of responsibility would eventually
fall upon my shoulders. My father was Fortis Draco and my mother Bellus Draco.
My father served in the Knights of Takhisis as wing leader with his blue
dragon Rake. My mother was also a part of the Knights of Takhisis as one of
her many clerics. With such parents, my path had already been chosen before I
was born.

As early as I can remember, I was trained in the the art of fighting. I
learned a wide variety of armed and unarmed combat from the weaponsmaster
Zefan. A bit on the old side, the man had a giant pool of knowledge in regards
to combat and the history of battles. Not only did I have to practice combat
everyday, but I also had to learn horsemanship, reading, writing, arithmetic,
etc etc. I lived in our manor learning all the things that I had to and in my
"free" time, I was told to pray to our Queen Takhisis. I dutifully performed
everything I was told to do and my days passed in a routine manner.

My parents were never really around because of their duties but I loved them
dearly and it was always great for me to see them when they came home. My
father always had a story to tell and my mother a smile and a kiss. To my
great horror, my father and mother returned one day with no story, no smile,
no kiss. They lay cold in their coffins, eyes closed, breathless...They had
fallen in battle I was told. My father had fought valiantly but lost to a wing
of dragons under the command of the Knights of Solamnia. My mother hearing the
news had rushed into the fray to find her husband, my father. Mercilessly, the
Knights of Solamnia - those cursed wretches - had cut her down before she had
gotten far. As I looked into their coffins, I was overcome with a grief that
could not be matched by any being, god or mortal. I let out a curse into the
winds, anger filling every inch of my body. As I slowly regained my senses, I
realized the course that I had to follow - a path that had been laid from the
moment I was born. I would have to seek entrance into the Knights of Takhisis
to honor my dead father and mother. To honor them as well as to wreak
vengeance on those that had been the cause of their demise. I took the
medallion of Takhisis from around my mother's neck and placed it around my own
giving a silent prayer up to Takhisis. From my father, I took the Draco family
sword. It was an excellent blade, crafted with care and skill, that had been
handed down from father to son. However, this time it was not the father
giving the blade to the was the son taking up the blade for his slain

After the burial of my parents in our family cemetary, I headed out to seek
entrance into the Knights of Takhisis leaving Zefan in charge of the Draco
manor. To honor my mother and father, I plan to walk the path that they would
have wished for me to follow. 

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