The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Indigo.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Indigo' scribed in rich yellow ink.

Author:           Indigo
Date    Mon Feb 20 21:15:29 2006
Subject A Sleeping Giant Awakens

Indigo sat in his study, the same room where countless Lords of House
Ebonhorn had sat for countless centuries.  He pondered the past and the
future and his mighty brow was deeply furrowed.

It had been an interesting affair in the Hall of Emperors that evening.
A storm had raged within the vast hall, and not for the first time in
it's long and august history.  Once again the High Throne of Mithas sat
vacant, waiting for the right Minotaur to ascend those marble steps and
accept the chism of kings.  Once again Minotaur confronted Minotaur,
sparring for the post when instead they should be standing united and
conquering Krynn.

He sighed.  Such seemed to be the fate of the Chosen of Sargonnas Just
when it looked like they were on the brink of true greatness something
always seemed to happen which brought an end to their vast potential.

At least this night bloodshed in the Hall had been averted.  It was
sacriledge to defile that grand place with brother slaying brother.
That's what the Collesium was for.  Even the Collesium though had
suffered from long neglect.  It's stones were crumbling and in places
had tumbled.  The structure had become unsound and unsafe for the crowds
to watch.  Not like there was anything much to watch these days.
Pathetic, scrawny slaves fighting to the death for scraps of mouldy
food.  Truly, a pathetic spectacle.  Relegated to history were the days
when Oliphants, huge Ogres and captured Knights had fought each other to
the roaring applause of the mob.  Indigo still remembered the last time
he had gone.  He had been but a child but his father had taken him,
knowing it would be one of the last good matches.  The thrill of the
chase, the moment of the kill had thrilled him and made his blood race
in excitement.  The applause of the crowd had echoed off the stands.  It
had been a deafening noise and his head had swam with the shared
bloodlust of his brethren.  In that place, at that moment, they had been
one.  They were united then and nothing seemed impossible.

But of course it had to end, as always.  The Emperor had led a fleet to
Ansalon to reap new captives for the Games.  His father had gone too. No
one ever knew what happened for certain but the wreckage that washed up
on shore a few days later had told the tale well enough.  All hands, the
entire fleet of a dozen stout war vessels, lost at sea to a freak storm.
 His mother had been shattered.  She never recovered and died a year
later, not rising from her death bed for the last 6 months.  She had
mourned his loss unto her death.  Leaving Indigo to fend for himself.

He had his wits, his too young sword arm, a vast household to maintain
and two younger sisters to look out for.  The only person he could trust
had been Eldren, an outcast Elf who had chosen to serve his father.
Eldren had trained his Grandfather in the Art of War, then his father,
then Indigo.  He had taught Indigo every trick he knew, and they had
been many indeed.  It was a good thing too for he ended up needing every
one of them to stay alive.

When he was sixteen he, his sisters and Eldren had gone for a hike in
the country surrounding their estate.  It was then, while the small
group was unarmed, they had been beset by a group of Minotaurs.  Indigo
was never certain why, but he suspected they feared he would use his
family's ancient lineage and title to lay claim to the vacant Throne. He
had as much claim as any other and more than most.  More than one of his
ancestors had been Emperor and many who were not were still very
powerful Lords of their times.

His siters had been slain and if Eldren hadn't sacrificed himself at the
last moment he would have been also.  But he had survived, grievously
wounded and near dead, but he had survived and slain his first foe.  As
he held Eldren's butchered form in his arms and thanked him he
understood then what sacrifice was, what duty was, what noble honor
meant.  He had fought back the tears.  They had no place in the world of
the Minotaur.

Author:           Indigo
Date    Mon Feb 20 21:50:01 2006
Subject A Sleeping Giant Awakens Part 2

The ancient Dark Elf's last words had been cryptic then, but he knew now
what they meant.  The Elf must have been part seer.  'Claim your right'
he had murmured as the light left his blue eyes.

Indigo knew now what he had meant.  The Great Throne of Mithas.  It made
him nervous as nothing else in this life could, the thought of being
responsible for every single Minotaur life from the most powerful noble
to the newest infant.  The Empire was in shambles.  To restore it
physicly was one thing but it needed more than steel and stone, more
than a good sword arm and sacrifice.  The people were mentaly defeated.
To rectify that would take a miracle.  He took a deep breath and stood
up.  Walking over to the painting of his father he gazed upon it,
looking for guidance in the stern brown eyes and noble features.  He
looked upon his father's massive ebon horns, the hallmark of his line.
His father's had spanned three feet.  Indigo fingered his own.  A paltry
two feet, maybe more.  A mere shadow of the Lord who had been his idol.

Do I dare father ?  Do I truly have the right ?  It takes more than an
old bloodline to make a great Emperor, and that's what they needed.  A
Minotaur who could rally and hearten his people, make them again the
bold and daring adventurers and corsairs of old.  He looked deep into
his father's eyes, tried to hear him across the gulf of Death.  For a
moment he hesitated, then something inside him changed.  He knew the
answer.  He knew what must be and how to do it.  For the sake of his
people, for his family and for himself, he must dare it.

He would dream the impossible dream, fight the unbeatable foe, bear that
which was unbearable.  He should, and would, dare anything if it meant
giving his people the most precious thing they had lost.


He roared for his servants, his voice louder than it ever had been.  It
echoed down the empty halls and in moment he heard startled footsteps
running to him.  When they arrived he began to pen his orders.  Giving
them to the servants he sent them out in the middle of the night to
carry their Lord's commands to the masons and carpenters, the nobles and
the High Court.

After they had left he stormed about the study, hammering his fist into
his open hand.  His blood began to boil, his heart raced and he knew
then the same excitement he had known as a child in the arena.

Now he would be in the thick of it though, not a mere spectator.  He was
putting everything on the line and he knew it.  His estate, his heritage
and even his own life.

He stopped and laughed aloud, his mirth ringing down the silent hallways
of his ancestors.  He cared not if he died and lost everything.  For the
chance to awaken his people form their stupor he would risk anything and
be glad for the bargain.

He hammered his fist down onto the old marble table top he stood beside.
It shattered into a hundred shards which slashed his hand.  He didn't
notice. The bloodlust was upon him and he howled with glee at the

He dared it, defied it to flee from him.  He would hunt down his
people's destiny and wrestle it into submission if he must, but his
people WOULD have their glory back, their honor, their lives.

By Sargonnas' left nut they would not be denied !  Not again.  Never
again !

When his servants returned they found him in his study, drawing plans
for the renovations of the Collesium to which he had dedicated the last
of his family's wealth.  He would spend it all to make that hallowed
place what it had been in centuries past.  They still had the knowledge
and skill, they just needed the finances and motivation.  A Game for the
Throne would inspire and if needed he would empty his family's coffers
to finance it.  No price was too great, and it must be completed in a

He would carry the stones himself if he had to.  It would be as it once
was, he swore it to himself, his ancestors and to Sargonnas.  No, he
thought. Not as it was.  Better.

Author:           Indigo
Date    Wed Feb 22 10:05:32 2006
Subject That Which Binds

The sun over Nethosak was burning hot and bright and hung high in the
air overhead, scorching the backs of those who toiled at the Collesium
as they laboured to repair the great edifice to it's former glory in
preparation for the Great Game which would determine the new Emperor.

Promoted by the nobility and sanctioned by the High Court it would be
the greatest specatcle seen in many a year and every Minotaur on Mithas
and Kothas would be there to cheer on their favourite and to witness the
accension the victor to the Great Throne.  Shopkeepers nearby were also
repairing their stores and importing new supplies in anticipation of the
vast crowd which would gather.

Indigo paused for a moment, resting the massive stone black he carried
on his shoulder as he surveyed the scene before him.  The Minotaur
Master Masons chiseled and chipped away at the stones, shaping them from
lumps of nothing into works of art.  Their keen eyes and hands were
slowly breathing new life into the ancient structure.  It will be tight
thought Indigo but it would be ready.  Everyone, from the most noble
Minotaur noble to the lowliest slave were working on it, and many were
double shifting to make it happen.  Slowly but inexorably a dream was
becoming reality.

Everyone, even the slaves, had been energised by the project and worked
with a light heart.  The nobles who normally disdained such manual
labour worked alongside their houehold slaves because they saw in this
work the noble spirit of their which had forged the Minotaur Empire. The
slaves worked with a passion too, seeing this as not only a change from
the dreary lives of yesterday but also as a way to show their masters
that they could be more than simple slaves or pets, that they too had
something of worth to contribute.

Indigo shifted the load on his shoulder and strode over to the Mason for
whom this roughly shaped rock destined.  In his hands it would become
one of the many pieces of statuary which would adorn the Collesium.  As
he set it down the enormous gong was struck, indicating it was time for
all to stop working and rest for a bit to recover their strength and
refresh themselves.

He had insisted from the start that all who worked on this project, even
the slaves, be given ample time to rest and be well fed.  It was back
breaking labour, even for a Minotaur, and to ensure both morale and
stamina it was essential all be treated decently and not worked to
death.  It was more economical this way.  Exhausted workers made
mistakes and worked more slowly.  Well rested and fed workers enjoyed
their job more, were more creative and less likely to err.  Also, it was
cheaper to feed and rest them than to import new slaves to replace those
who died.  So far not one person had been killed.  A few minor injuries
but considering how many were working here and the nature of their tasks
it was impressive to have such a record.

Resting in the shade of an ancient oak he drew a drought from a flagon
of water.  He looked around and saw Dwarven, Elven and human slaves
talking quietly amongst themselves.  The Minotaur nobles sat in a giant
pavillion or lounged under the trees and like Indigo quaffed simple
water, waiting until after the day was done to drink their fine wines.
Sighing contentedly he leaned back into the cool bark and closed his

At that moment he heard footsteps approach and a rough voice spoke to
him, 'Lord Indigo ?  May I have a moment of your time sir ?  '

He sighed.  So much for rest he thought.  Opening his eyes he saw before
him an ancient Dwarf who stood on one leg, the other being a crude
wooden prosthetic limb.  Indigo had seen him hobbling about the site
helping where he could, always trying to do whatever he could despite
being a cripple.

'Aye slave, you may.  What is your need ?  Water ?  Food ?  Name it and
you shall have it.  ' he replied.

'I require neither Lord, ' he said.  'I'd like to show you something. If
you have a moment it's right over there.  ' he said and pointed to a
small lump of rocks sitting beside a campfire.

Author:           Indigo
Date    Wed Feb 22 10:35:15 2006
Subject That Which Binds, Part 2

Indigo looked at the rocks, then back at the Dwarf.  Why not he thought
and nodded to the slave and rose.  They walked over to the fire and the
old Dwarf pointed proudly at a huge hammer nearby.  'Go ahead Lord
Indigo, take the hammer and try to seperate the stones.  '.  Indigo
looked at the rocks and noticed they had been mortared together.  He
looked again at the Dwarf who nodded at him.

Indigo shrugged and picked up the hammer.  Not knowing what the Dwarf
wanted but being willing to humour the slave he lifted the tool overhead
and brought it down on the mortar seam.  Nothing happened.  The rocks
wobbled around a bit but the seam held.  'Try again Lord, ' said the
Dwarf.  Curious now Indigo did, this time using all his vast strength.
Still, the rocks stayed joined.

Surprised, he struck again, and again.  Nothing.  The mortar wouldn't

He looked at the Dwarf in amazement.  'What is this Dwarf ?  Are these
stones bound with magic ?  ' he asked.

The old Dwarf laughed heartily.  'Nay my Lord, not magic.  Science. When
I was young I was a Master Mason in Thorbardin.  My Master taught me the
secrets of Chemics and it is that which I applied to this mortar. A
while ago I found some very strange sand in the cliffs near my Lord's
home.  I've been experimenting with it and it seems that it makes a most
excellent mortar.  It takes longer to prepare than normal mortar but I
think you will agree the results are most impressive.  '.

Indigo looked again at the stones.  Impressive indeed.  'With it we
won't need to replace as many of these old stones as we had at first
thought, Lord, ' he continued.  'Instead we can uses this mortar to
repair them without having to move them.  It can be applied as a
plaster, smoothed and shaped, and when dried it can even be painted if
you wish adding colour and wonder to this beautiful old stone stadium. '

Indigo called over a Minotaur called Herlen and told him to smite the
stones.  Herlen was probably the most powerfull Minotaur alive but very
slow witted.  He wasn't a good soldier due to his minimal mental
faculties but he was popular nonetheless.  Herlen picked up the hammer
and smote the stones, striking so hard the hammer's head shattered.
Herlen looked at the stump of wood he held in his hand, confused. Indigo
laughed aloud and slapped Herlen on the back in joy.  Picking up the old
Dwarf he tossed him high in the air much to his distress. Catching him
again he set him down and looked him in the eyes.

'My friend, this day you have earned your freedom.  You have saved us
countless hours of labour and with this creation the Collesium shall be
stronger and more beautiful than ever it was of old.  ' said Indigo. The
Dwarf looked stunned.  'Freedom ?  .  The unfamilliar word rolled
awkwardly off his tongue.  'Freedom ?  ' he said again and slowly a
light began to gleam in his eyes.

'Aye, Master Mason.  It will be tough to get the High Court to concent
but I will make them understand the priceless value of your
contribution.  You will be able to return to your home if you so desire.

The old Dwarf sat down, still in shock, and shook his head.  'Nay, Lord,
I shall not return.  I have lived here for almost 400 years and know no
other home.  I love my fellow Dwarves who live here and cannot leave
them.  My children live here.  They were born here, into slavery, and
know no other life.  I won't leave them behind for all the jewels of
Thorbardin.  ' he said and sighed.

Indigo thought a moment, then nodded.  'So be it, you shall remain, but
as a free man.  I shall buy you a home, with my own money, and purchase
your children that they may live with you there.  You shall pass on your
knowledge of these Chemics to them and in time, MAYBE, they might earn
their freedom too.  I make no promises however.  Only time will tell how
their lives will unfold.  '

Author:           Indigo
Date    Wed Feb 22 10:53:19 2006
Subject That Which Binds, Part 3

The old Dwarf stood and bowed low to Indigo.  'I only wished to save my
brethren toil and labour with this, Lord.  You do me an honour I can
never repay.  From this day forth me and my kin are at your service
until the Final Day.  ' 'And my family will hold you to that, down the
ages yet uncounted.  For now though, rest my friend.  Rest your old
bones and enjoy this hour, the first of your new life.  ' Indigo turned
about and walked to the pavillion where the High Court rested from their
labours under the harsh noon sun.

He brought them over to the old Dwarf and his miracle mortar and with a
new hammer had Herlen strike again and again until the hammer broke.
Then another hammer, and another.  The nobles were stunned.  None had
ever seen anything like this.

Indigo called for a special meeting of the High Court, an Emmancipation
Court, which had not been called for in centuries.  It would hear the
case for freeing the old Dwarf and while it would be turbulent, Indigo
was confident it would succeed.  The nobles were shocked but they
assented to the call, the undeniable value of the mortar plain for all
to see.

The Collesium would not only be fully repaired it would be complete
ahead of schedule now saving time and money.  It would also allow them
to embelish it in ways undreamed of at first and make it superior to
what it had been.  The ancient Collesium would become the new nexus of
the Empire, it's new heart and soul.  In it the Minotaurs would again
share a common bond, find a new common spirit and a new strength which
had been lacking for so many years.

When the break was over and work began again everyone, especially the
Dwarves, worked with renewed vigor.  The Dwarves sang an ancient Dwarven
work song as they toiled and their deep undulating voices entwined with
the sound of hammer on stone.  Indigo toiled away alongside slave and
noble and hummed happily to himself.  Yes, he thought, we will become
one again.  We will overcome our past.  With a blessing from above our
people will be bound together again like the stone of the Collesium.

Into the night they worked, each looking forward to a day not far off
when they could behold their completed project and enjoy the fruits of
their labours.

Author:    Indigo         
Date:      Sat Nov 11 10:00:00 2006
Subject  Journey's End, I

Indigo squinted as he gazed skyward into a clear azure sky.  The sun was
bright and warm this far south, the sky almost cloudless and the wind slight
and refreshing.  He lowered his gaze and looked ahead trying to scrye their
path through this last part of the mountains.  He knew they were nearing
their destination but as yet they still only saw mountains.  

Laying a hand upon his chest he felt the light bulk of the package strapped
there and felt proud that he had been chosen to retreive it, to bring it
home after being lost for so many centuries.  It had been a very long and
dangerous journey, one that had nearly cost him his life on more than a few
occasions but in the end he had found it and defeated it's owner.  That had
been the most dangerous part of this whole ordeal.  He didn't think he had
killed the creature but he had at least disabled it enough to allow entry to
a vast chamber where it had housed it's hoard of treasure.  Gold, silver and
steel trinkets and baubles had nearly blinded him with their brilliance but
he had ignored them all and searched until he found that seemingly worthless
bundle of silksteel.  With joy in his heart he had gently picked it up and
hurriedly left all the rest behind.  Crowns, sceptres, magical weapons and
armour, chests of coins and bars of bullion held no sway over him.  Only his
prize, the object of his quest, held his gaze and once in his hands he
secured it to his torso for safety and made haste to depart lest his foe
reform and assault them again.  Indigo wasn't sure if he would be able to
defeat the undead Ogre mage again.  

Hours passed and as they crested a small rise they beheld a wonderful sight.
On the other side the ground fell away sharply into a valley and there like
some dark jewel lay the end of his travels.  The city of the Dark Queen,
Neraka, lay only a short distance off now and with luck they would be within
the safety of it's walls before nightfall.  Picking out a small game trail
leading down the slope they moved with haste down into the blasted and
broken rock of the valley and onto the rubble strewn road leading to
Neraka's south gate.  

Once upon the road they made swift progress and soon the southern wall of
Neraka could be seen, a distant bump on the horizon.  Another hour and they
would be safe.  At that moment the sunlight faded and looking up Indigo felt
his blood run cold as fear wormed it's way into his heart.  The others of
his small band saw it too and, made of lesser stuff than their Emperor, let
out a wail of dismay.  Obviously, the Ogre mage had not been slain and now
he was upon them with allies in tow.  

Indigo yelled at his command breaking the magical fear and as the undead
mage descended towards them upon his undead dragon they all ran faster than
they had ever run before.  Indigo knew it was futile and, as he yelled at
his troops to make for the city he stopped running and stood his ground.  He
knew it would ignore them and come for him for he bore the prize.  If
nothing else he would at least buy his men the time they needed to reach
safety.  Hefting the waraxe of his ancient line in his capable hands he
waited for the screaming skeletal beast to come closer.  Raising his weapon
overhead Indigo quicklythrew it and the runecarved weapon flew through the
air to strike a killing blow directly to the mage's head.  A killing blow to
something that was alive anyway.  This Ogre had been dead for centuries
however.  The blow snapped it's head back and threw it from it's mount and
the abomination landed on it's feet facing Indigo.  The dragon swiftly
turned and went after the fleeing troops while the mage stood and faced the
Minotaur Emperor, a hideous grin on it's split face.  With one yank it
pulled the axe free and hurled it back at Indigo who deftly caught the
spinning blade as it sliced through the air towards his own head.  The mage
howled in fury and now Indigo smiled darkly.  The waraxe was his by right,
it had served his family for ages and it was impossible for the axe to
injure it's rightful owner.  They were as one.  

Author:    Indigo         
Date:      Sat Nov 11 10:37:57 2006
Subject  Journey's End, II

The mage moved closer and Indigo backed away slightly.  He knew this mage
was beyond his skill alone, even armed with such a powerful weapon.  He had
been lucky before but this time luck would have no place.  Suddenly the
mage's hands crackled with and as he flung it toward Indigo the Minotaur
dove to one side as far as his powerful legs would take him.  He avoided
most of the blast but was caught by a small part of it and his brain was
wrapped in pain as the dark energy sapped some of his energy.  Instead of
rolling out of his dive cleanly Indigo fell to the ground and slid in a heap
to a standstill.  His legs were still wreathed in crackling black energy and
had gone numb and the Ogre, sensing his prey was imoblised, grinned
hideously as he approached.  

Indigo saw a small window of opportunity as he realised the mage's arrogance
was bringing him into melee range.  Even after living for centuries it was
still a foolish Ogre.  Feigning being senseless he waited for the mage to
step just a bit closer and when only a few feet away Indigo lunged as best
he could and swept the axe in a vicious arc.  The blow struck true and the
mage screamed in agony as the blade's enchantments scythed through his
torso, rending the magicly kept bones and the energies that held them
together.  As the undead Ogre's cleanly bisected body began to seperate the
fell creature smote Indigo upon the shoulder and he felt some dark spike
enter his soul.  Flung backward by the blow the massive Minotaur fell to the
ground and lay motionless.  As he began to lose consciousness Indigo heard
the insane roar of the undead dragon as it raced back to it's master's aid. 
Came damned close he thought.  At least he had brought it this far.  If the
mage was disabled and gone then maybe his soldiers, if any had survived the
dragon, might return and take the prize back to the Empire where it

Blackness took him then and he slipped into oblivion with a last sigh.  He
expected to see Sargonnas or something like an afterlife but his next
impression was of a dim light.  Without thinking Indigo opened his eyes and
found himself gazing into the eyes of Grisov, Nightmaster and Lord of the
Temple of Sargonnas.  

The look of concern on Grisov's face instantly vanished, to be replaced by
joy and relief.  He placed a hand quickly to his Emperor's chest to feel the
strength of his heartbeat and nodded in satisfaction.  Smiling he told
Indigo to rest and sleep.  Without further ado Indigo fell back into
unconsciousness, this time into a natural sleep.  When he awoke he looked
about and saw not only the Grisov but Tharion and Caius as well.  All three
watched him anxiously and quickly approached him when they saw he had
awakened.  Words of welcome poured from them and as Indigo sat up in bed he
was glad to returned to them.  He had been gone two years on his quest and
had not said a word when he had left.  Sargonnas had decreed that he leave
instantly with only enough time to gather his axe and a few loyal soldiers. 
He had often wondered how the Empire had fared in his absence and had always
longed to return home but his god had sent him on this quest and finish it
he would, at any cost.  

Quickly they told him what had happened.  When the wallguards of the city
had seen the undead black dragon they had immediately sent word to the
Temple of Takhisis and the High Cleric had stormed to the walls in rage. 
Indigo had just fallen and the dragon was returning to destroy him when the
Cleric of Takhisis mounted the wall.  Seeing the once beautiful child of the
Dark Lady turned into such an abomination he had raised his hands to the sky
and beseached his Queen to retake her child into her arms.  The sky had been
rent asunder and the dragon had screamed as the Mistress took her child
back.  Chemosh had twisted her child but it was still her child and her grip
was stronger.  She ripped it from the Dead God and with a howl the beast
returned to the side of it's mother.  In a heartbeat it was over.  

Author:    Indigo         
Date:      Sat Nov 11 11:10:42 2006
Subject  Journey's End, Finis

In the aftermath Grisov, Tharion and Caius had raced out of the city to
find that the Minotaurs they had seen belonged to their Emperor's household
and that the only apparent casualty was the Emperor himself.  Hurriedly the
Nightmaster had woven his magic and with the aid of Sargonnas had taken the
mortal wound caused by the wrath of the Ogre mage from him.  Indigo had lain
in bed for over a week, lost in the limbo between life and death.  His
comrades had not known if he would survive or ultimately fail and fade into
history but his will to live, and the grace of Sargonnas, had compelled him
to and now they were reunited in the city of the Dark Queen.  

They pelted him with questions about his absence but, as much as he wanted
to answer them, the geas placed upon him by Sargonnas still prevented him
from disclosing the nature of his quest.  All he could tell them was that
his departure had been neccessary and for the good of the Empire.  His task
was almost complete.  Once returned to their home then he would be able to
tell them all but for now he could say nothing.  

They nodded in silent acceptance but Indigo could tell they were not
satisfied.  He enquired about the status of the Empire and was dismayed when
told that after he had vanished they had stayed for a time but that the
Empire had begun to decay almost immediately.  Tharion had gone in search of
the Lady of Knight for reasons known only to him and Grisov and Caius had
eventualy left to seek their Emperor and implore him to return.  The Empire
had begun to spiral into disarray and only a short time ago a Minotaur had
usurped the Blood Throne.  From there bad got worse.  They told Indigo of
shades upon the street and chaos in the Palace.  The Collesium had begun to
decay in neglect and the populace had fallen into despair.  

Indigo listened and was dismayed.  After a moment of silence he told them to
ready themselves.  In the morn, healthy or no, he would depart for the
Empire and he wished them to accompany him.  He had been gone too long and
now had to fight his way home.  Fury brewed in his heart at the thought of
another upon his Throne and his eyes smouldered with the wrath he would
bring to this fool.  They nodded and Tharion spoke then, telling Indigo that
before they departed they should meet with the Lady Ayasana for she was in
Neraka and might be able to render aid.  

Indigo nodded and rising from bed told Tharion to lead the way.  As they
walked he felt the parcel upon his chest and was glad the old customs were
still being honoured.  They had left him clothed as they had found him for
ancient Minotaur custom held the Emperor's bod to be inviolate until a week
after he had died.  They had not touched him other than to heal him and his
prize was still intact and unknown to them.  

Through the city he led them, coming eventualy to the Temple of Takhisis. 
They entered the vast and dark halls and after a few turns Tharion knocked
softly upon a huge oaken door.  A voice from within beckoned them to enter
and upon doing so Indigo found himself gazing once again into the eyes of
the Baroness Ayasana, Lady of Night and loyal servant of Sargonnas' consort
the Dark Queen Takhisis.  

She rose from behind a desk strewn with papers and bowed slightly.  The
Emperor of the Blood Empire bowed deeply in return and after a few brief
pleasantries they all sat and began to discuss the future.  

Vowes were made, alliances struck and a viable plan of action formulated. 
Although Takhisis and Sargonnas had some differences in the end their
general objectives matched and so their servants also found common ground
and realised that they could help themselves by helping each other.  Since
he had met this small human at his coronation Indigo had felt she had
strength and honour that matched or exceeded many a Minotaur and had always
thought that she and her servants would be admirable allies.  

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus sighs as he recants 'We saved 861 books from Ansalon from before the great Cataclysm through today.'