The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Inkblot.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a private journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Inkblot' scribed in green ink.

Author:  Inkblot
Date    Mon Dec 23 20:43:15 2002

Subject  Inkblot, the mighty warrior of Holes!

The smell of trash, dung, and other refuse hung in the air. A small figure
strolled through the bowels of Thorbardin. His nose leading him to better

This little figure, known to most as an aghar dwarf, or better yet, Gully
dwarf, really had no one paid attention to him enough to give him a

Needless to say, he was somewhat of a loner by Gully standards.

Sure he gathered at Big eats time, and slept at closed eyes time, but other
than that, he was by himself.

He happened across a particular mound of trash tossed aside by the Thiewar
most likely due to its location directly under the city of the Dark Dwarves,
as they were called.

His little nose twitched as he sniffed the air, smelling goodies in the pile.
Quickly, he headed over to the pile and dove in, grabbing small trinkets that
caught his eye on the way.

He found a strange object, glass, full of a wierd purple liquid inside it that
sloshed around when he shook it.

Somehow, by a miraculous mistake, he found a way to open the container, the
contents within spilling all over his face.

'Mmmm taste like pudding!' he exclaimed.

Not that he knew what pudding tasted like, but he overheard the talls talk
about pudding once saying it was good tasting, so now anything that tasted
good tasted like pudding to him.

Little did he know, but the liquid inside the bottle was, in fact,
ink....causing a huge purple stain to grow on his face.

The little gully dug further into the trash heap, finding a small, but, to
him, rather impressive, piece of sharp steel.

'Me find big sword! Me become big warrior, protector of all gully, and chief
big guy next to Highbulp!'

Once again, little did he know, but the sharp piece of steel was just
that....a piece of steel.

However, more digging turned up a glob of a sticky gooey material, something
the little gully had never seen before!

the strange glob stuck to his fingers, and in his hair, and pretty much all
over him.

He grabbed onto his "huge sword" and held it high. However, the sword adhered
completely to his hand, and shake as hard as he might, he couldn't remove it.

Well, now he had no choice, he carried his sword back home to announce his new
station within the Aghar clan.

Upon returning, all the gullies gathered around him, pointing at him, talking
about the huge purple inkstain on his face. Calling him names, like funny
face, and such, but one name in particular stuck....Inkblot.....

He was called inkblot from that point on in his life.

His "mighty sword" was always held high when he walked among the rest of the
clan, however, none paid him the attention he felt he deserved.

Try as he might, even the Highbulp paid no heed to him. Inkblot grew bored

Once again, Inkblot was a loner, walking pretty much wherever his little feet
took him, or his nose led him. Which, consequently led him outside the
mountain and beyond....

He quickly lost hs way back home, never to return to the Aghar again.

However, he came across a huge cave. Deep breathing could be heard within.

Obviously, curiousity overcame him (being a gully) and he entered the cave, to
find a huge gigantic "shiny lizard".

Luckily for him, it was a Silver dragon's lair he happened to stumble into.
Literally stumble, for he tripped on a rock and tumbled directly into the
sleeping dragon.

Inkblot stood up, and held his sword high towards the groggy dragon.

'Put down your little weapon, Gully dwarf. You wont hurt me with that. Nor
do I think you'd want to' The huge Silver dragon spoke, a chuckle almost
escaping him.

Inkblot proudly proclaimed his warrior status to the bored Dragon, stating how
he was the holder of the mighty sword of Inkblot.

This time, the dragon couldn't contain himself, and laughed so loud it almost
shook the cave into collapse.

the huge silver dragon looked down upon the gully dwarf, the little creature's
face covered in huge purple stain, with a humorous thought.


Author:  Inkblot
Date    Mon Dec 23 20:50:13 2002

Subject  Inkblot, the mighty warrior of Holes! Part 2

'Mighty Inkblot (calling him Inkblot, making the connection with the huge
stain, and the name the gully gave its sword) You are a mighty little
warrior, and you have a destiny to fulfill.

You are a proud little one, and you have the aura of holiness about you. Isee
in your future, battles, many battles. Holy battles, fought in the name of
Paladine! you will be his Paladin Champion,'

The huge silver dragon chuckled slightly, not fully realizing the damage he
had done in his trickery.

Inkblot raised his sword proudly again, stating exactly what he had just

'Me Inkblot! Me proud warriorguy! Me Have Holes in Aura! Me fight Hole
battles! In the name of some guy me not know! Me be his Hole Warrior!'

And with that Inkblot left the dragons cave. His future planned out for
him....or at least it was until he found another trash heap, miles away, near
a huge city of talls.

The city just happened to be Palanthas.....and his journeys there will come to
be soon enough....

The End for now....

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