The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Isildore.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Isildore' scribed in deep green ink.

Author:    Isildore       
Date:      Sat Feb 20 16:57:22 2010
Subject     The origins of Isildore

"Isildore!!!!", shouted a young maiden as she ran upto a young human
lounging beside a pond with his fishing pole half embedded on the ground.
The young human slowly opened his half closed eyes and fixed his gaze
towards the frilly little handmaiden that worked in his house.

"A note from your father .", the maiden waved a sealed envelope that bore
news from the outside world. Slowly the young man received the envelope and
opened it. Reading the contents did not take long. It was from his father
and along with it instructions from the mayor about the troubles in the
Palanthas sewers . 

"Rats!!!!", exclaimed the young man. "They sent me after rats!!!!".exclaimed
the young man. The tall silhouette of the young man could be seen trudging
down a lone hill towards the stable. 

Author:    Isildore       
Date:      Sat Feb 27 11:11:05 2010
Subject     Palanthas

A lone mule trudges in through the tall gates of a great city.The haggard
knight had got here as fast as he could in response to a call of help.

"I am Isildore.The mayor is expecting me!", announced the knight as he
shoved the opened letter at the gate guard.The guard nods his head and
motions for him to pass .

The tall spires of Palanthas was a spectacle to behold. The grim faced
knight moved along towards town hall for further instructions

A spectacled middle-aged lady looked up at the letter of introduction fixing
his gaze at the young man. " Well the mayor is currently out of town and I
am his secretary.Here are your orders for now." Shoving a map of the city
and some scribbled instructions at the young warrior, she motioned for him
to get along.

"Rats!!!", exclaimed the young knight as he pulled his sword from the last
swarm of vermins that infested the lower regions of the sewers below
Palanthas. " Father mentioned I was to seek experience here, at the
libraries and here it is I am ordered for a clean up job!!!!", cursed the
young knight. Thoughts of the knights in shining armor filled his head as
his thoughts moved towards the painting he kept of the Knights of
Solamnia."One day I will be a Knight!!" exclaimed the young warrior.

The lone warrior pushed onwards into the dark murky depths of the sewers. 

Author:    Isildore       
Date:      Sat Feb 27 14:48:27 2010
Subject     A meeting with Ghargan the minotaur.

A scarred warrior covered with slime climbs out of a manhole . His fixed
gaze and slow gait brings him to the local temples for healing and washing.
"I am going to do something cleaner after this.", mumbled the lone warrior
as he trudged out of the temple.

After reporting in his successful mission at the sewers, the young warrior
decided to head to Tarsis wherein he would improve his experience and

"Tarsis is good experience and the street thugs here bolsters up my strength
and reputation."

Drawing out a sharp shortsword from the motionless body of a street thug
that was identified earlier as part of the scorpion groups, Isildore fixed
his gaze at a lone figure walking up to him. The person was tall and strong
with horns protruding out of his head. The minotaur walked up to the warrior
and says "Hello I am Ghargan, may I join you?" Obviously the warriors fame
had reached ears of others as well.

The duo spent days and months clearing up the streets of Tarsis before
heading back to Palanthas. The minotaur had more experience and it wasn't
before long that they were sparring with the sailors in the port of
Palanthas lounging around Parlack's shop. After a few fruitful months
sharing comradeship, Ghargan had to leave.

Ghargan says 'take care Isildore. there are many who are not your friends'

'Yes I will becareful', answered the young warrior as they both bid farewell

Author:    Isildore       
Date:      Sat Feb 27 14:50:31 2010
Subject     The making of a knight.

A lone page runs up delivering a carefully sealed letter with a parcel.
Unfolding the letter the knight broke into tears as he read " Dearest son,
if you are reading this it would mean that I am no more . I have kept what
you required with the mayor of the city including the land titles and
assets. You are to continue your training to be a Knight of Solamnia and
until you are ready will you take my place. Do not fail your family, for the
blood of the Solamnic people runs true within your body." 

The parcel contained his father's sword, armor and family ring.

The grim set faced warrior retreated to his room and started of writing a
new note to be delivered to the Knights of Solamnia. "Dear Knights, I am
petitioning to join your ranks . " 

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