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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Itobi.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a manilla folder on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Itobi' scribed in dark grey ink.

Author:    Itobi          
Date:      Thu Sep 14 16:30:38 2006
Subject  ROFL

Squirk utters the words, 'cure poison'. 

Ridel looks much better. 

Squirk sits down and rests.  

Ridel says OOCly 'NOOOOOOO' 

Ridel swears at Squirk. 

Squirk says in Common 'ooh, sorry.  ' 

Squirk stands up.  

Squirk utters the words, 'create food'.
A small black hole appears!  
Squirk reaches inside and pulls out a Magic Mushroom.  

Squirk utters the words, 'poison.  '
A Magic Mushroom is infused with poisonous vapors. 

Squirk gives a Magic Mushroom to Ridel.  

Ridel eats a Magic Mushroom.

Ridel chokes and gags.  

Author:    Itobi          
Date:      Fri Jan  5 11:55:02 2007
Subject     Death of a Thorn

Itobi walked out into the night.  His eyes turned to the skies, to one
constellation in particular, the Queen of Darkness.  Looking up there, he
though of where the Thorn that had been entombed was.  She was probably
serving the Queen, as the older Skulls taught.  His elven half told him that
was not true, that the Dark Queen did not want servants to serve, but slaves
to obey.  The elven half told him not to believe that.  The human half, told
him that the problems of the dead were not his own.  Itobi choose to agree
with the human half of him, knowing that sooner or later he would have to
deal with the elven half.  He turned towards the dragon stables, to visit
with Ichor.  

Author:    Itobi          
Date:      Mon Jan 22 15:11:07 2007
Subject     A Departure Part 1


<<**Disclaimer**>> This log was edited for spelling errors, and to make it
less confusing, enjoy it. <<**Disclaimer**>>

Ayasana finishes writing out a document, presses the seal into it, then rolls
it up , pulling her travelling cloak around her.

Ayasana looks up at Raina, "Do you have everything ready now?" she asks
raising an eyebrow.

Raina smiles and nods to Ayasana, "All is ready, shall we begin?" she

drink flask Ayasana checks her katanas, pulls on her gauntlets, " Yes, I think
so, we have to hurry, the guard will be changing soon"

Raina quickly stuffs her book back onto the bookshelf, and turning she follows
Ayasana to the door.

Ayasana opens the doors of the library, stepping out into the main
hall.Looking around, she sees no sign of Starfire.

Ayasana says, 'I think we are clear.'

Itobi walks towards the Manor, his breath racing ahead of him in frosty
clouds.  As Itobi heads for the entrance of the Manor he sees a shadow against
the darker black of the Manor walls.  Thinking it just a trick of the light he
keeps walking.

Raina scans the hallway quickly and agreeing with Aya she steps out into the
well-lit area ready to follow.

Kaelay stands in the snow started and confused, not knowing really where she
is. She hears someone aproaching and turns arround to meet the gaze of the

Ayasana says,'Now where is this beast of yours? We can go out by the cottage,
there is a gate there.'

Itobi hears the crunch of snow and the soft jingle of mail, turning towards
the sound he is startled to see a women standing near him, in armor that would
have hung in Lord Kalevi's office.

Kaelay looks at the man aproaching and notices the clothing is quite diferent
from the one she is used too. She looks down to her own clothing and seems
even more startled.

Raina seems to be growing nervous of her surroundings, her eyes are darting
all around as they make their way down the hall, heading to the Manor's exit.

You say, 'Greetings..." Itobi's voice trails off as he recognizes that the
woman is an elf, and by the judging of her skin color, a silvanesti.  The days
of his youth in Qualenesti come flooding back, almost overwhelmingly.'

Itobi quickly gains control of himself, glaring at her through his full helm,
he says, "What are you doing here," and then with a contemptful snarl, "elf."

Kaelay frowns as she hears a disrespective tone on the voice of the man.

Kaelay says, 'where are your manners knight! Take me to Lord Night... whats is
this insolence?'

Kaelay says, 'Take me to Lord Danvighar'

Kaelay walks toward the man and waits to be escorted.

Itobi eyes narrow at as the women begins to rant and rave.  "Are you crazy
elf, Lord Danvighar is not the Lord of Night, he is the Sub-Commander of the
Lilys, and as for taking you to see the Lord of Night, that would be nigh

Kaelay seems quite confused about what the man tells him. "Lord Danvighar is
not... how?"Kaelay goes quiet for a moment, then changes her tone of speech
and starts again...

Kaelay says, 'My name is Kaelay Marxen. I served Lord Danvighar on some
missions... he was Lord of Night.. how is it that he is not anymore?'

Ayasana walks towards the main doors, pulling up her hood, "We will go out
this way, then across the tilting field, I hope your beast doesn't mistake us
for dinner"

Raina chuckles at Ayasana's remark saying, "He will not Shimai, as we leave
the Manor, he will find us."

Itobi looks in disbelief at the elf before him, "Sub-Commander Danvighar was
LoN 30 years ago and you claim to have served with him, pardon me ma'am, but
you don't look that old, even for an elf."

Ayasana opens the doors quickly, striding out, and into two figures on the
landing,"What? Why are you here" she asks accusingly to Itobi.

Raina stops suddenly seeing the two strangers in front of her.

Kaelay stares toward the floor for a second, trying to catch her thoughs and
make sense out of things. "30 years ago you say?"

Ayasana raises an eyebrow at the second, unknown figure, "And who is this
mueseum relic ?"

Kaelay gasps as she feels insulted once more. "I beg your pardon!"

Itobi turning swiftly at the screeched question, he drops to an awkward bow,
"Ichor smelled a gryphon ma'am.  This one here claims to have served under
Sub-Commander Davinghar Baroness."

Raina scans the skies in question of her mount, and suddenly hearing the
beating of massive wings she is relieved to know Zyphar is well.

Ayasana looks doubtfully at the second person again, "An elf? In Lord
Danvighar's service? I highly doubt that, find out who or what she is, then
deal with it, take her back to Neraka , I have some orders for you as well, I
suppose, now that you are here

Kaelay seems thoughtfull but replies nothing, thinking there is more to the
situation than she can see.

Itobi nods, "I will Baroness." Straightning from his bow he finds himself
looking over the Baroness' head and into the eyes of another elf.  "Who is she

Ayasana glares up at her Wing Captain," Do not forget yourself Sir Itobi, I
ask the questions, you follow the orders, is that clear?"

Kaelay wonders why a woman is ordering so much over the knight.

Author:    Itobi          
Date:      Mon May  7 22:10:01 2007
Subject     A Few Thoughts

Itobi tossed and turned in his sleep, waking up from his dreams.  Itobi's
thoughts are in turmoil, his mind trying to figure out a recent problem, and
surprisingly enough, it had to do with his stay in the camp of the
Dragonarmies.  The main question was, why did she help him, sure she had
been nice enough, but why.  Itobi had initially been skeptical of her help,
but as he replayed the scene over in his mind, he remembered hearing raised
voices and several booms.  Hence his current dilemma, his mind keeps
flitting back and forth, did she help him or did she not.  He had been kept
in reasonably good conditions and couldn't complain to much, but he needed
to know.  Finally he settles on a course of action, that will more then
likely wait until after Saige's trial.  
(OOC: Heres to trying to patch up a few bridges, I was just joking around with the comments before the meat of my part, and to be honest, her sudden change surprised him, so, I hope this clarifies things a bit.)

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