The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Jarek.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Jarek' scribed in earth-colored maroon ink.

Author:    Jarek          
Date:      Wed Sep 16 02:11:51 2015
Subject     Thak the Hammer

A feeling of being pulled through raging water. Climbing, whipping around, vertigo. His eyes split open and he is on the ground, hands and knees, vomiting again. The dreams won't stop, why won't they stop, night after night, something is pulling him, dragging his body apart, he can't handle it anymore. Even his hammer, the tool of his father and fathers father, the item of his profession and a greater part of him than almost anything else felt unnatural in his hands. No longer was there passion in the forge room, only frustration, a constant gnawing feeling in the back of his mind. This was the second time this week he has woken up to an angry stomach, he couldn't handle it anymore, this was consuming his life, no herbalist knew anything, but he needed answers, he needed to know why every night he saw nothing but scales of platinum and this powerful, unescapable, feeling of being pulled apart. It took him some time, to right himself, to wash his face, struggle into clothing that at the same time felt too warm and too cold, but he managed, and then he left, into the streets of Hybardin. He didn't know where he was going, but knew he had to find something, before he went mad with what was happening to him, he couldn't get the thoughts out of his head, the maddening pull that was dragging him towards something, the constant hum of Platinum in the corners of his vision, there were answers out there somewhere, and he would find them, or they would lock him away as a madman, either way this was coming to an end now. It was a long time before he ended up in the temple. He wasn't even sure how he had gotten there to begin with, there was vague recollection of wandering the streets, he may have been speaking, it was all becoming a blur, the rushing feeling in his head was all he could see now, it was consuming him, maybe if he was of clearer mind he could see it was leading him. The temple was old, but so was almost all of Hybardin. Still here and there were trinkets, offerings to Reorx, the dwarves didn't forget like the humans did, they knew Reorx would be back, perhaps he was never gone, they knew the old ways, at least some of them.. Jarek had always loved stories of the gods as a child, his levelheaded father cared for the forge and for drinking like any good dwarf, but Jarek had always been enamored by the books, by the old tales, but he proved apt enough with a hammer and so smithing became his life too, and the books and old stories fell by the wayside. But now he was here again, in these old grounds, these hollowed grounds. Reorx dominated, but there was more here, companions, other ancient forms. Kijo, the Blade, the ever popular Silver Master, the Firemaster, and then It was then, the light, the swimming stopped, it all made sense. It had been so long, the stories so ancient and unnoticed by almost all his kinsmen. Reorx, the father, of course he had been remembered, but this one, this small symbol, carved so delicately, inlet with Platinum, it was this he had been looking for. Thak The name ran through his mind, and suddenly the uneasiness was gone, clarity in such a form he hadn't felt in many years, possibly his whole life, a sudden burst of clarity consumed him. This is what was meant, this is what he was led to find. Thak It would be impossible for him to tell how long he knelt there, how many of his kinsmen must have watched him, thinking he was mad, or drunk. But he knew now, so much made sense, purpose beyond purpose filled him. Even so, with all this, with the Platinum light filling him now, he was found as much as he was lost. A gift, for sure, a gift unseen for centuries, longer than any dwarf alive, but a powerful gift was returning, and part of it was inside him now, what could he do, what should he do? It was daunting, for a moment the light faded as doubt and terror crept in, he felt small and alone suddenly, who could he confide in, where could he seek answers? Thak The word thundered to his mind, and the loneliness was gone again. He stood, taking in his surroundings clearly for the first time in far too long. He didn't have the answers, only the vaguest idea of purpose, but he knew he had to find out, to learn more, to share the coming return as best he could. He was not perfect, the gods had to know, but he was determined, it was time for the gods to return, with all the joy and terror that would bring. As terrible as the cataclysm was, this may be just as bad, as the people of Ansalon now warred over gold, food, and petty lands, now they would war over gods, do terrible things in their names. But also wonderful things, a new kind of joy, blessings unlike those seen in ages, they would be returning as well. He knew his first task, the simplest of tasks, and he set about it immediately. These shrines were old, taken care of sure, but not loved in the way that their ancestors had loved them. That was the first step, to make the temple breathe again. He would learn from there.

Author: Jarek Date: Fri Sep 18 23:21:07 2015 Subject Thak the Hammer Returns

A lot of people thought he was mad, but none more so than the master smith he worked with of all people, when Jarek told him he was done at the forge for good, well, he never thought he would have been called an idiot so many times in a row without having broken anything before. Even so, it didn't matter he just smiled at his old master and wished him farewell. No one he knew understood it, they were all convinced he had gone mad, and maybe he was going a little mad, going from working at a forge to spending all of his time in an old temple certainly wasn't the most normal pursuit a dwarf could have. But, this is what he needed to do, he could feel it somewhere deep inside of him. He needed answers though, the awakening at the temple gave him some insight, but it also gave him a list of unanswered questions longer than he had ever had to deal with before. Who would he even begin to ask about it? All the true clerics had been gone since before even his father's time, no one was alive from before the cataclysm, who would even have the answers he was seeking? The eventual conclusion was no one, the only people who came into the temple were those few still aiming to pay respects to Reorx, and they were just as clueless as Jarek as to the true nature of the gods. It didn't help that most people who spoke with him now thought he was insane, Jarek needed to find out how he could learn about the gods, in particular Thak, he was drawn to him in particular in an almost all consuming way, he had to know more. Once he figured it out, he didn't know why he hadn't thought about it sooner. It was surprisingly obvious. Finding the books was the hard part, people didn't exactly keep books on Thak the Hammer lying around their house in this day and age. It took almost a week for him to finally find something, the whole time his friends and family growing more and more concerned about his state of mind. He wondered how long they would let him continue to be on his own before they stepped in and tried to stop him from going down this path. The book only helped a little, it was mostly stories of ancient warriors and tales of people long dead, but it did provide some insight into old prayers, festivals, holy days. But, most importantly of all, it talked about Thak himself. Everything he learned about Thak made him understand further why he was drawn to him, and the awareness grew with every day. By the time they approached him, friends, family, even a handful of guards in case Jarek needed to be dragged out of the temple by force, Jarek knew enough, had at least some answers, enough to take the next step. They stepped forward, telling him he needed help, that he had to go, that he had to return to work. Jarek stood from where he had been kneeling, turning to the group of people now before him even as they begged him to speak to them he opened his eyes to them, spreading his hands to them I have seen something everyone, I have found Thak he has returned, theyve all returned friends, and Ansalon is about to change and with that, his hands began to glow with divine energy.

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