The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Jasmine.

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Astinus gently places a paper booklet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Jasmine' scribed in unearthly maroon ink.

Author:    Jasmine        
Date:      Wed Aug 29 23:29:14 2007
Subject     The Making of an apperentice

Born to wealthy merchants, she had most everything she wanted as a child
growing up in Palanthas.  She was given the best education that wealth good
buy, and most noble families knew her well.  At the age of nine all that
changed.  It had been a blistering hot day, and the residents and travelers
all were seeking shelter from the hot rays of the sun when a tall man in a
dark cloak walked into her fathers shop.  She could not see his face clearly
as the hood was pulled up over his head covering all identifing features. 
But his voice she will always remember, it was barely above a whisper in
volume but it was also a voice that chilled her to the bone.  As he talked
with her father over some disagreement in price it seemed, two more figures
approached the shop and stood just inside the doorway.  

The arguement behind her with her father and the unknown man became more
intense and as she sat there watching she noticed the other two drawing the
door closed and locking it.  They then began to circle around each side of
the room blocking all escape ro routes.  

It was then that the man pulled out a wand and looked at my father, "You
were told the price of failure when you undertook this assignment, now you
will pay the price."  He placed the wand to my fathers temple and whispered
some strange words of which she found she could understand.  As she watched
she realized the man was sucking the life from her fathers body, and she
watched as her fathers body slumped and fell to his knees and then backwards
onto the floor.  She let out a scream as she stood and ran as fast as
possible for the door.  Halfway there she felt herself lifted up and off of
the ground, but she kept her legs moving as if she was going to be able to
run out of the grasp of the person who held her.  

"Let me go.  Let me go."  She screamed at the person holding her until she
felt a hand clamped down over her mouth muffling her words.  It was then
that the man who was now finished draining the life from her father, began
to make his way towards where she was being held.  Then she began praying,
hoping one of the gods were listening to her.  She cared not which god it
was so long as they would hear her cries and send help to her.  Her eyes
bulged with each step the man took towards her and her prayers screamed in
her mind, as if the louder her mind was the better the gods could hear her. 

She looked again and noticed the man was only two short paces from her.  A
twisted smile was partially hidden under his fullgrown dark beard.  "Please
dear gods, if any of you have any love for me, spare me the fate that has
come unto my father.  Save me from these men who wish to harm me as they
have done to my father."  

It was then as the man was but a mere pace away from her that a blinding
white light enveloped her and she heard the voice in her mind.  "What will
you do Jasmine if you are saved from the fate of your father?  Will you seek
revenge on those who have done such?"  

Shaking her head, she felt a single tear drip down her cheek as she answered
the voice speaking to her.  "No M'lord.  Vengeance I shall not seek, I only
wish I could have somehow protected him from that fate.  And it would be my
goal to protect others from a similiar fate as he, if it is within my power
to do so."  

As she finished the light drew away and she woke and found herself in a warm
straw bed.  Though she didn't know where here was she felt that the god she
spoke with had placed her there for a reason.  As she was sitting up and
getting ready to leave the room, a man in a white robe floated into the room
smiling at her.  

"Greetings my young pupil.  I trust you slept well?"  He said as he placed a
tray of meat and cheese on the bedside table.  

"Yes" she said, " Though I am not sure where here is, or how i got here to
begin with.  Or who you are for that matter."  His smile never left his lips
as he motioned at the tray that she could go ahead and eat.  "As for where
you are young lady, that would be the mage school of Palanthas.  I am Master
Gorgeun.  As for you got here, well that is a mystery also, as i found you
lying unconscius on my doorstep three days ago."  

"I am Jasmine.  Did you say three days ago you found me?"  She shook her
head trying to remember all that had happened up until then, as she nibbled
on some meat and cheese from the tray.  "The last thing I remember was a
blinding white light, and my father dying.  Then the light was speaking to
me, and when I answered everything went dark, then I woke up here."  Gorgeun
nodded as she finished.  Thus it came that she stayed in the mage school and
grew and learned magic and of the gods and more at the school.  But at the
age of eightteen she knew there was more to learn and she asked her master
where she should go to learn more of magic.  Which is when she was told of
the test of the conclave and only those who passed the test could learn more
magic then she now held within her.  It was for her that he sent the missive
to the conclave, letting them know that she had learned all she could from
him.  And inquiring as to her acceptance into there order.  

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