The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Jydien.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Jydien' scribed in dark purple ink.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Tue Aug 24 11:47:02 2004

Subject  Tales from his Past: Searching for Serums

Jydien moved along through the streets of Palanthas; just a regular guy
walking, going about his business. He stepped into a bookshop and after
awaiting his turn he asked the seller if he had any books on the reptilian
life on Ansalon, in particular, the snakes of Ansalon. The shopkeeper rummaged
through several stacks pulling out a few books and then approached Jydien with
the stack. After browsing through the books for an hour or so, he paid the
shopkeeper for two of the books: "The Reptiles of Krynn, Volume II: Dragons,
Draconians, Snakes and other venomous creatures" and "A Healer's Guide to
preparing Serums and Extracts"

Jydien emerged from the shop and headed down the street, observing the people
he saw and the places he passed. He wanderred around the Lord City for an hour
or so before enterring a quiet looking inn for dinner and to read his newly
acquired books.

After finishing his very filling meal, Jydien ordered a pint of beer. He took
out his notebook from his backpack and began to read the book on reptiles.
Every once in a while he would find something that caught his interest and
would jot down some notes on it, including his own thoughts on how it could be
useful to him.

Over the course of several hours, he managed to compile a list of several
dozen snakes that could be found in the Solamnic lands, including information
about the strength of their venoms and descriptions.

Satisfied with his list, Jydien took out the second book and began to study
the theories and methods employed by apothecaries to extract serums and
ointments from various animals. After reading for an hour or so, taking notes
on the items he needed, he put away his book, realizing that the only way he
could learn anymore was through practical experience. And so having decided to
pay the local herbalist a visit in the morning, he paid the innkeeper. Asking
for a room, he made his way up, looking forward to a long night's sleep.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Tue Aug 24 11:49:16 2004

Subject  Tales from his Past: The Apothecary

After a hearty breakfast, Jydien emerged from the inn full and well-rested. He
began his day, strolling through Palanthas. He went to several shops in the
market to pick up some things he needed and listened to the daily gossip,
adding a little of his own stories from his recent trip to Kalaman when
appropriate. Before long, it was time for a light lunch and so he made his way
to a fountain he was fond of and began pulling out some of the things he had
purchased that morning: a loaf of bread, some cheeses, an apple and a skin of
milk. Within a few minutes his lunch had been devoured and he was ready to get
going once again.

Having spent the morning going about his day to day business, it was now time
for the young half-elf to pay a visit to a healer. He had already found
directions to an acclaimed herbalist that morning and found his way easily. He
enterred the shop and couldnt help but notice the powerful smell of roses and
cinammon and a doezen other smells he recognized all mixed in with a multitude
of smells he didnt know.

All in all, it was an olfactory invasion that left him disoriented for a few

'How may i help you?' spoke the healer. Jydien was jolted back to the
moment and turned to see a thin but healthy-looking middle aged man. 'Umm..
i i was hoping you could help explain a few things to me. You see, i'm
interested in the methods used to make potions and herbs and what not, and i
started reading about these things but realized that i needed to see the
methods myself.' The herbalist stood silently thinking for a few moments.
'My name is Jydien, by the way.' Nodding and reaching out to grasp
Jydien's hand, the man smiled, 'Ah.. nice to meet you. I am Qusai. The truth
is, i have been getting alot of business these days, and i could use a little
help around the shop. The pay will be quite little but you can watch me and
maybe learn a few preparation methods'

Jydien had not expected this at all. He had come hoping for some guidance but
he was being offered an apprenticeship. He figurred he didnt really need any
money, he already provided for himself with little effort. Making a
spontaneous decision, he looked up at the old man saying 'I would be
honored, sir. Just tell me when i start and what my hours are'

It was thus that Jydien became schooled in the ways of the apothecary. Over
the many weeks that he was apprenticed to Qusai, Jydiens became adept and
making all sorts of extracts and preparations. Soon he was puting them to the
use he had intended all along. He began to research poisons of all sorts.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Tue Aug 24 11:54:17 2004

Subject  Tales from his Past: Power

He didnt know why he did it. It made him feel good. It was just that ever
since he had landed in Palanthas, fresh off the boat he had stowed away on, he
could sense a city and people ripe to be taken advantage of. And he was more
than willing to do so.

In the ensuing months he had made himself a small forune feeding off the
decadence of the people of Palanthas. It seemed they had grown soft and
luxuriated in this era of peace. The Knights of Takhisis and Her Dragonarmies
appeared to have been silenced for quite a time to come. In the meantime,
Palanthas had grown to become quite a metropolis. There were constant
expansions and renovations with several new temples being built in the
vicinity. These included those of Paladine, Gilean and Mishakal. One sign that
is always indicative of the size of a city is the activity of its thieves
guilds. In the period that Jydien had spent in town there appeared, every now
and then, signs of a growingly influential underground organization. He had
not found out much about this organization but he new it existed.

Jydien eventually left Qusai's shop after learning what he was after. He was
bright enough to be able to expand on the basics and through his research and
his own experimentations he was able to make many discoveries that lent him
the edge in his dealings. Not that most of his dealings were visible, let
alone legal. It wasn't as if he couldnt make his money legally, he could. What
it really came down to was two things. First, it was just so much more fun
this way. It gave him a sense of power to be able, without the aid of magic -
nor the intervention of gods -,  to put people to sleep, sicken them, eben
kill them if he was to win something valuable from his work. Second, it was
just a lot more exciting than working in a shop all day long.

(OOC) These stories were, i believe, posted ages ago on old ansalon. Since
they are part of the character's past i have reposted them here and hence the

Author:  Jydien
Date    Sat Oct  9 15:51:44 2004

Subject  Fulfilling his Duty I

 After having spent several days in intermittent battles with the Black
Robed mage - whose name he had yet to discover - Jydien was finally on his way
to accomplish his initial task which had been the retrieval of a small item.
To what purposes the Mages and Clerics wished to use this item he did not know
(Probably some detestable duty necessary for the accomplishment of the Queen's
wishes). He was only grateful that he was not forced to meddle in the

 He had begun his journey after several days of rest at one of the run-down
inns that serviced the docks. The Red Onion it was called. A rather derelict
establishment for such a majestic city, he had thought. But then, it was a
solamnic city and as he had oft been told, and seen for himself, they had a
nack for making a mess of the great accomplishments they made by leaving out
the details. These thoughts distracted him on the long journey in the back of
a transoprt wagon. He had snuck out of the city, not wishing to draw any more
attention than he already had, in the night and then waited for a wagon-driver
who he had convinced - with a great deal of steel - to carry him hidden with
the crates in the back. OF course, he didnt trust the man too much but he
didnt have much of a choice. Duty called and he was already a fortnight behind
schedule. He hoped his leaders would understand his situation.

 It was at this point thought that the wagon began to slow down. Jydien
leaned over to peek through the whole on the front. There was a large clearing
on the side of the road but that was all he could see. He hissed the driver's
name to get his attention who whispered that there was a fallen tree blocking
the tree near the rest point. This didnt sound too good to someone who had
once participated in such robberies before and so he braced himself for the
worst, loosening his sword in its sheath and pulling out his short blade so
that it would be in his free hand under his cloak. It was not long before
several darkly cloaked figures emerged from the dusk-darkenned woods. Though
he couldnt see them, he could hear them taunting the driver. The tone was
unmistakenly that of thugs across Krynn. They were loosening up the victim,
instilling fear. Their words werent coming in too clearly but he could make
out enough of their voices to form an image of the scene outside. There were
three people approaching from the front - one from the right and two from the
left side. He could also hear the movement of two other people towards the
back of the wagon. It was at this point that he wonderred how experienced
these thieves were. He was confident enough in his fighting skills to think he
could handle these people if he was quick enough and a little but lucky as
well. The only real problem would be if the raiders were smart enough to have
ranged cover.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Sat Oct  9 15:54:07 2004

Subject  Fulfilling his Duty I (cont.)

 Since he couldnt possibly know while he was stuck inside, he decided he
would have to take the initiative and hope for the best. He managed to quietly
make his way around so that he was standing right inside the back flap. At
this point all of the thieves were standing by the wagon and Jydien could
overhear the driver's pathetic begging for his life and livelihood. This was
his only chance: to catch the two that were nearest to the back while the
others were distracted. He risked peeking through the flap and sure enough one
of the burly men noticed the movement and reached for the door. Jydien stuck
out his hand and yanked the man forward, plunging his dagger through the man's
wrist and into the wooden planks. Then, garabbing for his sword he tumbled out
of the wagon to land right inside the second man's defences where he tripped
him and knocked him on the head with the hilt of his sword. In an instant he
had retrieved another of his daggers from his belt and flung it at the nearest
man as he dashed towards the man who had sounded most like the leader of the
group. It then that things started to get out of hand. In the instants that he
took crossing towards the leader, arrows began to land all around him. Luckily
he was soon too close to the man for the archers to risk hitting him. But he
couldnt be sure when they would have a good angle and so he lunged towards the
ground rolling under the cart. 

 He knew now that he was overpowered. Without the advantage of surprise he
could not hope to match at least five fighters and however many archers were
in the trees. He needed to come up with something and fast or he wouldnt live
long enough to fulfil his mission. It was then that he noticed the horse's
legs. He picked up a stone and threw it at the legs. The horse fussed about.
The men at this point had begun to get themselves together and one of them had
peeked under the cart and yelled out that he had found him. Jydien, now in
fear for his life, crept forward towards the horse and holding on to the bar
poked the horse's stomach with his blade. THe horse began to kick around but
couldnt move very far with the wagon in trail. Thinking fast, he found where
the horse was hooked onto the wagon and managed to unfasten it. He held fast
to the horse's reins as he once again poked it causing the horse to run off
dragging him in tow through the dirt. It was hard to make out where the horse
was heading but since it ran down the road for a while, it must have been
heading back where it ad come from. Then, all of a sudden, Jydien was being
dragged through bushes He let the horse drag him further into the woods before
finally letting go. Looking around hastily, he found cover and crawled into
it, bedraggled and bloody.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Sat Oct  9 15:55:43 2004

Subject  Fulfilling his Duty I (cont.)

 It was many hours later that he decided to emerge, body limp and aching
from the fighting and subsequent beating by the ground. Cautiously, he found
his way back so that he was travelling a few feet away from the road. It was
nearly dawn by the sounds of it and he prefered not to be caught travelling
out in the open. Shortly, he approached the clearing where he had been jumped.
Not surprisingly, the cart was still standing in the middle of the road. He
risked approaching it and upon looking in he realized that all the crates were
still in place. The young man, continued to explore the area when he noticed
the little hut that had been put up in the clearing. It didnt seem like much
of a house and he assumed it was some form of Solamic attempt to make the
roads easier on travellers. He snuck around the side and found an open
doorway. Poking his head inside, he noticed the wagon driver lying on a hay
pile at one end of the hut. Feeling sorry for the man, who probably met his
misfortune due to his clandestine passenger, Jydien crept in and left a piece
of cloth with enough steel to buy several horses.

 Having wasted enough time, he made his way back out. His journey seemed
like it would be much longer than he had anticipated. After making his way
back into the cover of the woods, he realized that he may yet find the daggers
he had used and so headed back towards the wagon where he found one of his
blades near the back of the cart. He wiped it off and replaced it in its fold.
By now, the sun had begun to rise and so he hastened on his way. As he crossed
the clearing something caught his eye. It seemed like the archers werent all
that skilled for sticking out of the rest- house gazebo was an arrow.

 more to come soon, i hope. If i get the time.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Sun Oct 24 09:42:12 2004

Subject  Fulfilling His Duty II

 It was many many days and nights of relentless travell before Jydien
finally made it to the Khalkhist mountains where he managed to attract the
attention of a passing dragonrider. He was soon delivered along his way to his
original destination, the city of Kurmost. He dared not waste any more time.
What had started out as a simple duty to perform had turned into a series of
misadventures out of which he had been only narrowly escaping. It was also
many weeks since he had been ordered on this assignment ans he did not wish to
delay any longer.

 And so here he stood before the gates of Kalaman. He had been told that a
certain artefact of interest to the magic-users was to be found in the storage
room of an elven household named Mystic. Along the way to the gates he had
mugged a road traveller and donned his dockworker clothes, hoping to fit into
the unfamiliar city. The young man began his soujourn in the city by taking a
walk all around, through its streets and alleys, checking out the shops and
other areas of interest. HE felt more comfortable if he knew his surroundings.
It would also be useful in the event that his cover was blown and he had to
escape to more favorable ground with better than the impossible odds he would
likely face here.

 He continued the day thus and spend the evening in one of the inns by the
docks where he had paid for lodging. Like taverns accross Krynn, tales of
Ansalon's past were whispered in corners and shouted in slurred words. One
tale caught his attention, it was that of the Greatswords. He didnt catch much
of the conversation but he pick up several things that fascinated him. He
figurred out that it had something to do with the once-elven army known as the
WildRunners and their desire to leave this world to move to another plain
under the blessings of their goddess of animals, Chislev What intrgued him the
most however was the way in which, as he understood it, they rewarded people
who helped them with thier mission to move their homeland - Zhan he thought
the name was. They gave each person a sword forged magically in some way or
blessed by the gods or something (he didnt quite get how the were enchanted).
And each of these swords had a name and was intelligent, or something. And
each had certain properties that befitted and augmented its owner's traits. He
managed to catch a few of the names: there was Courage, Greed, Lust, Revenge
and several more he couldnt remember. Most fascinating he thought. He had
never before heard of such marvellous swords. And apparently, marvellous they
were. For it seemed that the one telling the story was very interested in
locating these items. He seemed to think that by collecting at least some of
these Greatswords, he could accomplish his great and noble mission - which he
never quite explained. 

Author:  Jydien
Date    Sun Oct 24 09:56:33 2004

Subject  Fulfilling His Duty II (cont.)

 When the pair that had been discussing this left the booth beihnd him,
Jydien paid for his last mug of ale, stopping to tell the innkeep that he
would return for the night, and headed out of the door into the fresh night
swept by the cool sea breeze. He wanted to, once again, get a feel for the
town but this time at night as he would probably lift the item in the dark. He
walked in one direction and soon noticed one of the two men that had been in
the inn. He decided to follow him as he had no better direction to go in. He
kept back and continued to trail the man, who more and more seemed to be a
priest of some sort. Eventually, he turned into a building of sorts on the
outskirts of the town. Jydien waited back a while before continuing to walk
the road, passing the building the man had entered. As he slinked by, he
noticed an image embossed on the wooden door. It showed a feather divided into
three thirds that were shaded differently. Jydien did not know what this meant
but he could guess it either represented some god or maybe someone's House
emblem. He would keep his eye out for further clues as to the meaning of the

 Jydien continued to walk through the town. He kept hs eye open for anyone
that could be hanging around or, possibly, patroling at such late hours. He
noted a few that he made mental notes of. He could check again tomorrow. One
of them seemed to guard a barracks of some sort. Hopefully this Mystic house
would not be near the barracks. He would rather not deal with a host of
unhappy wild elves. OF course, if it came down to it, he could probably handle
himself. The only problem is that he had been instructed that such a task
required subtlety as it would be best if the owners of the item did not
discover it's disappearance immediately. That would give time to finish
experiments or spells or something before a .. something spell (it had been
explained to him as some sort of spell that finds a magic item much like a
ranger finds animals in the wild) was used to find is whereabouts. Since he
didnt really know about any of this, he was going to be as subtle as possible,
lest they track him before he manages to releive himself of the package.

 Coming back to the matter at hand, he realized that he had spent much time
dwelling on magic and his orders. It was time for him to get rested. He would
need his energy over the next several days. He returned to his room, set up
his regular traps and assorted advanced warning triggers before laying himself
down. He dozed off imagining having a magical sword that spoke and thought for

Author:  Jydien
Date    Sun Oct 24 11:41:54 2004

Subject  Fulfilling His Duty II (cont.)

 It occured to Jydien, as he emerged from his sleep that he had passed by an
apothe- cary yesterday. He had once been trained in the ways of a healer - Not
the praying- type healer but the kind that uses natural items to extract all
sorts of serums and potions and powders and lotions. This could be very
useful. All that was left was for him to locate the house that contained the
magical item. Getting out of bed and doning his clothes, he decided that today
he would find the house and that within three nights he would be making his
way back to Storm's Keep. After breakfast he headed back out resolved to try
till he succeeded in locating the house.

 Indeed, it was not all that difficult to locate the home od House Mystic.
It was just that he had been averse to asking questions and this raising
suspicions. Luckily he had overheard a conversation through which he guessed
the correct location. It was now only a matter of stealth and timing. He
decided to scope it out again tonight. In the meantime, he walked around the
town some more before heading back to his inn for a bit of rest in the evening
before dinner. After a decent -  tolerable is a more suitable word - meal, he
sat back to drink his ale. While in town earlier, he had managed to find,
quite be accident, some herb he had come to know as tobacco. Pulling out his
pipe, he placed some in the bowl, lit it from the fireplace and returned to
his seat where he sat back just in time to notice that the not-so-sane
priest-like fellow was back. He was ecitedly talking to his friend about how
his historical discovery was going to set him along the track that would not
only make him powerful but allow him to carry out his grand plan that would
make the world a better place. He just needed help with the research and
tracing back these items to where they all seemed to just disappear. With the
Greatswords, he would become great and accomplish his great plan for the
betterment of Krynn. Rather pretentious, Jydien thought personally, to have
such bold dreams. Nevertheless, it was entertaining hearing more about the
legends surrounding the time when they were forged and distributed. Some, the
man claimed, say that the were given out by his goddess herself, queen of
beasts, Beauty herself the Unicorn, Mistress of the Nature, Chislev.

 The goddess herself indeed, Jydien thought. Then of course it could be
true; his Queen did on occasion reveal herself to her more devout followers.
If not in fact then at least in their dreams, their visions. She thus guided
them along her planned path so that they may fulfil their destinies. It was
late now and the megalomaniac in the next booth was still rambling on about
his mission and the swords and what not. Jydien sighed and and pushed himself
from the table. Tightening his cloak and hood, he stepped out into the night.
How he loved the anonymity of the night. This night would be a rather boring
one. All he had to do was watch the house. He thought of the man inside,
Stupid Cleric. What had started off as an interesting legend yesterday was
today naught but the ramblings of a not-very-sane nature freak.

These were intially the ideas i had for the rest of the Branchala thing but
since i never had the time, and i had already thought up a story direction,
i'm continuing with the arrow, kender, clerics and what not in my stories

Author:  Jydien
Date    Fri Nov  5 09:00:10 2004

Subject  Fulfilling His Duty III

 Having emerged, Jydien set off towards the first of his two destinations.
He passed the shop, and seeing that it was clear, doubled back the few meters
and let himself in. He crept to the back, where as expected, he found the
backroom which doubled for the owner's home. Creeping in, he extracted a vial
and removed the stopper. Holding it away from himself, he passed it under the
woman's nose twice before recoverring it. Feeling safe that she would not
emerge, he finished his business and, as discretely as he had entered, he let
himself out.

With this out of the way, he proceded once again to the home. Having lost
patience he did something he knew that he would regret. He decided to move
ahead of his plans and proceeded forward with his plans. He managed to
relocate the entrance point that had seemed like his most viable option: after
jumping the wall, which was, of course, no problem, he crept through the
shadows towards what seemed like a servant's entrance to whatever lay below
ground. A short series of steps, seven he now found out, led to a very low
doorway. It was about four feet high. After loosening the hook he stooped down
and crept in. He smiled to himself thinking this would be easier than
expected. According to the iformation he was given, the item he was to steal
would be in the cellar of the household.

Jydien hoped his sense of time wouldnt let him down. He guessed it had been
about three and a half minutes since he put his plan into action. He would
have to act fast as he would soon have his diversion. He grinned to himslef as
he thought od the surprise the residents of the house ould get in about six
minutes. More like the entire block he hoped. He jerked himself back to the
matter at hand. He needed to move very fast now. His senses in tune, he crept
throught the cellarspace looking, feeling for areas where something could be
hidden. He picked chests and other containeres open lookinf for any- thing
that fit the description that he was looking for. Just as he was beginning to
think he was not going to finish his mission tonight (Or anytime soon given
the extravagant plan he had concocted), he stopped and put his hand against
the wall. He tapped with  his finger and with his other hand had already
begin to withdraw a dagger. He poked the wall with the tip and realizing that
it was a soft earthen wall he began to scrape at it The wall eventually gave
way to an opening and he picked out a small doeskin satchel something inside
roughly the size of a scrollcase. Hoping this was it, he quickly made his way
back to the entrance. By his estimates there was just under a minute before
the surprise which gave him a few moments to catch his breath and get ready
for the next part of the evening.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Fri Nov  5 09:01:31 2004

Subject  Fulfilling His Duty III(cont.)

 On the opposite sude of the house, in the alleyway, a skin was placed on
the wall of the house. It had a small hole in it which dripped a viscous fluid
down the side of the wall. The fluid made it's way down to a piece of scrap
metal shaped like a buckler The liquid pooled on the metal buckler. A little
can rested on the bucler. Inside was a metal-eating acid concoction that was
slowly wearing away at the can. When the two liquids met, the would explode.
This in turn would upset several vials and canisters resting on or around the
bucler. In sum, there would be an even larger explosion. The very exciting
thing about this, is that it would be a very smoky, smelly explosion. The
effects woulod be much more annoying than destructive.

 Since he was expecting it, Jydien heard the first explosion dampenned by
the distance and started on his way out of the little doorway and towards the
wall. As he got there the second explosion went off. He was over the wall and
running in a matter of momentss He was glad he had taken the few days to scout
out the area. He new where to move in the shadows. He wasnt too worried
though, anything the night didnt cover would be dealt with by the haze that
would soon spread.

 Once out of the town he didnt stop. He had to keep going until it was no
longer possibel for him to move, and then some more. As he ran through the
city, he bumped into a wagon. SOmething occurred to him that for some reason
hadnt before. He chided himself for not having thought of everything. No time
for that now, though. He unhooked one of the beasts and jumped on. He goaded
for a few moments before it began to get used to his presence and took off.
Jydien continued to push it to move as fast as possible. First, out of the
city of Kurmost. He was glad to finally be out of it. And the on down the
road. He would tale it as far as it could run down the road. Form there he
would travel by foot.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Mon Nov  8 08:39:47 2004

Subject  Fulfilling His Duty IV

 Jydien's luck seemed to be improving recently. He had had a few bad runs,
starting with that Blackrobes' attempts to sabbotage his mission many weeks
ago. As he made his way throught the streets of the port city of Kalaman, he
thought back on his adventures since then. It was nice to have a little
excitement. It sure beat the hours of endless training that he had to go
through. As well as the endless hours he had dedicated prior to joining the
knighthood. Hours of exercises and readong for many many months. He had learnt
a few crafts along the way, always trying to diversify his abilities so that
he could deal with situations that came along his way. And so he had in the
last few weeks

 It was afternoon and he needed to bide is time until dark. Naturally, he
stepped into a little inn on Lance Avenue where he indulged in a sumptuous
meal. He spared little expense as he feasted on meats and exotic fruits
brought across the see. Having been on the road for so long, he needed to
recharge his body for whatever task he may be handed next. He then rested for
a while, sipping on spicy wines. He usually preferred a more more potent
drink, but he would need his sits about him when he travelled to the keep

 By nightfall he was feeling much better than he had in months. He had
already paid the innkeep and so left a little bit of money in the room on his
way out. He had washed up right before leaving. Causually, he made his way
around the town and towards the dock areas where, checking that no one was
watching, he snuck his way to an abandoned pier As he stepped into the
shadows, he was reconginized. A cloaked figure spoke a cryptic sentence, to
which Jydien replied with the appropriate password. The figure guided the
young man along a path he already knew to the ferry that would take them
across the waters. A few hours later, Jydien was making his way to the
barracks to unload some of the baggage he had picked up along the way.

 One of his superior officers saw him as he exited his barracks and called
him over. He recieved some drama about being gone for so long and not
fulfilling his duties. It was at this point that he pulled the satchel from
beneath his cloak and handed it to the knight. At this point, his manner
changed all together. In fact, he seemed a little shocked that Jydien had
actually succeeded and began to question him as to his story. Jydien told
everything that was necessary: All the way from his tale of the Blackrobe
including his description (which seemed to click with his officer), through
the tales  of his brief sojourns in Solace and Palanthas, the insane cleric
of Chislev and finally the odiforous explosion the rocked Kalaman.

 At some point, the questioning stopped and there was silence as Jydien
stood there in respectful silence awaiting further orders. The officer seemed
to contemplate matters for a few moments before speaking, 'You have done
well. In fact, you were not expected to accomplish this task. You will be
rewarded well. Till then, you shall return to your normal duties' With
that he saluted, which Jydien returned, and then stalked off towards the tower
that housed the Skull Clerics.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Mon Nov 15 04:41:07 2004

Subject  On the Isle of Storms

 Jydien returned to his barracks to rest. It had been such a long time that
he had spent away and he wished to recupirate. Removing his boots and armor,
the exhausted young man slid into bed as he reminisced over his recent
adventures. One thing was sure, he was very content to have succesfully
accomplished such a trying endeavor. It was well worth the effort. And, he
thought, aside from the reward of personal satisfaction, it seemed his
superiors were about to offer him substantial reward for his efforts. He
drifted off to sleep thinking of knighthood and was soon lost in vivid dreams
of the actual event.

 He awoke many hours later. It was much later in the day. Late afternoon he
guessed from the light drifting in. Stretching out, he sat up and donned his
boots. He wrapped his cloak around himself and wanderred out. It would soon be
time for the evening meal. But until then, he didnt have much to do and so he
decided to wander about the Island. It was the first time in months that he 
didnt have to follow a strict schedule and he was not sure he'd get another
opportunity like this for quite a while. He was sure that once he did get
knighthood he would be swamped with a host of new duties, responsibilities and
more tests.

 He wanderred around the great Fort. It was really quite awesome.
Unbreachable even by force. There was constant watch. And it's location on an
Island did help. So did the dragons the constantly monitored from the skies
keeping an eye out for both approaches from the see and water as well as
anything suspicious within the keep's courtyard itself. As the sky became
dimmer, he found himself near the entrance to that great tower that was the
home of the Skull Clerics. Many a tale he had heard of the priests that served
the Queen. Long before he had set eyes on a Knight let alone joined the
knighthood, he had overheard stories in shady pubs of the vile magic they
worked in conjuction with the powerful renegade Thorn mages. Tales of
detestable violations of what was natural As these thoughs drifted in the back
of his head, he recalled that his officer had left him, after being handed the
retrieved item and rushed into this very tower. His natural curiousity piqued,
Jydien set about figurring out how to sneak into the occult work- shops.

 In fact it didnt take him long. He figurred it would be easy to get passed
the guards and in any other even, he would just bluff his way through the
confrontation. He could probably even pretend he was lost or something. Deal
with it when we get there, he told himself as he walked down the hallway
passing closed wooden doors - probably not important The plain doors most
likely hid administrative offices. Better that they were kept out of sight.

Author:  Jydien
Date    Mon Nov 15 04:43:03 2004

Subject  On the Isle of Storms (cont.)

 It seemed he walked for hours. Up staircases and around bends. Corridors
that didnt end and seemed to go nowhere. It soon occured to him that despite
how intimidatingly large the tower looked on the outside, it must definitely
be bigger on the inside. He wonderred whether this was magic at play again. He
detested magic. He considerred the thorns a necessary evil (OOC no pun
intended). Then he passed a door that looked out of place Unlike the
majority of doorways he had passed on this level, this one was elaborately
engraved with the images of many races. Around the handle in the center of the
double doors was the typical five-headed hydra motif. It's expression looked a
little different though he couldnt place his finger on what exactly was off.
Decidinh he had bored of this level, Jydien decided to enter through that
doorway. He examined around it briefly and came to the conclusion it was
unlocked. Turning the knob, he pushed the doors open and peaked inside. He was
schocked by the enormity of the room, hall rather, that he stumbled into. What
could only be described as an enormous laboratory replete with experiment
tables and all manner of tools, containers and colors of liquids. It was also
quite abundantly stocked with clerics, thorn mages and a host of sevants and

 It was those damn mages again. And he was sure he could feel the magic. He
knew this feeling. This smell. It brought back images of that black robed mage
he had battled previously. He never found out his name. Oh how he wished there
was no magic and thins could be understood in terms of the physical, and holy
of course. He contemplated for a moment, the world with no magic. Imagine a
world in which the moons did not exist. A smile crossed his lips. But that was
unlikely. The moons were here to stay. But what if they were to be silenced
(or something) by the Queen or angerred to the point that the took away the
'gift' - mental smirk - of magic.. He nodded in his head at this brill- iant
thought. Till then, however he would have to make due with both conclave and
thorn mages as part of his world. His eyes now told him something he handed
initially seen.

 There was something very wrong about this room. The mages and clerics were
not dealing with vials and beakers. The tables were riddled with body parts of
all sorts of races. There were goblinoid torsos split open for the body parts
to be examined, humanoid limbs stretched out so that the muscles good be
examined and a multitude of other biological parts. An annoying screech drew
Jydien's attention to a table near him. A Kender was being handled by a group
of acolytes. They seemed to be attempting to hold him still so that he could
be shackled to the table. This was more disturbing than anything else in the
room for but one petty reason: Jydien had never before considerred the
possibility of a Kender without pouches and assorted jingly-jangly items all
around him let alone imagined one naked.

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