The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kaelay.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a gorgious hardback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kaelay' scribed in rich brown ink.

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Tue Dec 11 16:35:31 2001

Subject  The last duel of my soul

Shivering in the storm, I turned towards the darken skies looking, searching
seeking for an answer to my prayers. Where was Mishakal? Where was Paladine?
Have they abandoned us? My heart trembled at the sound of the storm,
vanquishing all hope from my mind, everything is lost now.

And then there was a cruel and deadly silence, a crimson light flashed trough
my eyes and then I knew, there was nothing else in my heart than sorrow, and
defeat, anger hate.

I might have chosen to dwell in misery, but it would have been for no good. I
just followed the wrong ideas, the wrong paths. The judgment has been made: I
can no longer follow the path in which I had been abandoned.

I see the end of it now, Ill never give up on my hopes tough, the honor of
this battle is not for me, but I shall find the honor I so much long for.

I will not run from this defeat. Instead, I will see thought it and prevail, I
will follow other paths towards honor, even if I must go alone.

I have been abandoned by my Goddess, and the ones I trusted to follow.

The good ways have been proven unworthy During this battle I have always been
alone, and during the occupation of the Knights of Takhisis, Ive seen that
there is more honor in her knights than in those who where supposed to be
fighting for the freedom of Palanthas.

I admire their strength and honor, and I wonder now, looking at these knights,
Is that the way I was supposed to have followed from the beginning? I did what
I though was the best, but not in a path I had chosen, no it was the path my
father had wanted me to follow, and when I entered the Holy Order of the
Stars, I followed them for they where my authority and they where the ones to
tell me what path to follow.

Maybe I just do not belong in this path at all. I will follow the will of the
one, the one that will take me under its protection. Under its shadeI will do
my part and follow my honor.

I will not follow cowards who will run from the enemy and leave their cities
occupied by strangers I will no longer follow Mishakal either It is in destiny
to be told what will become of me.

Gods I wonder who will take me to be his or her follower And as the night
falls, I gather my belongings together and walk down the stairs towards the
exterior of the tower

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Tue Apr 30 18:22:57 2002

Subject  Orb search

After receiving the vision granted by The Dark Queen, I left in search of one
orb that could grant me wisdom to find the lost Library.

I could contact Khalifa il Mukhtar and asked him to join me in this search, He
agreed. Khalifa arrived at Endevar keep and we prepared to leave.

We gathered some things that we might have needed and left to the swamp near
the keep.

We started walking the dark roads of the forest looking for the Swamp Serpent.
This creature, referring to my researches, kept a White Orb that could be used
to the benefit of our quest.

We watched the roads with much attention, this creature was told to be of
great power and highly aggressive.

Still nothing, we kept walking until we encountered an old graveyard full of
foul creatures and wondering souls. Soon we found ourselves facing these
pitiful creatures, until we finally found the path that would lead us to the

And so we walked it, brave with the strength and protection of our Dark Queen
we kept our way until we finally saw it. The swamp serpent was there, beyond
some plants ahead of us Huge as was told, and it was indeed of aggressive
behavior for when we arrived, it was ready to attack us.

It indeed held a white Orb; the serpent was coiled around the Orb keeping it.
We both engaged in combat with it, until it finally fell to our strength. We
had gotten the Orb.

Now we just need to find the rest of the people that is also looking for the
Library. May Takhisis bless us and help us on our quest for Her glory.

Kaelay Marxen. High Priestess of Takhisis.

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Sat May  4 13:09:10 2002

Subject  a ride on the night, in search of a path.

The slash cut trough the bone. A crack could be heard. Finally, I have found
the best costume I could find, the armor of an undead skeleton, the helmet of
a lost spirit, and several more equipment that would help me disguise as an
undead and pass through the gates of Annexamander Lair.

Due to the research done previously, I knew my quest kept going on all the way
to the Khalkist Mountains.

There I would search a village on the foot of the mountains, which would be
the first clue in finding the lair.

I returned to Endevar and prepared for the next journey, the equipment I had
found was to be used, and so I dressed as an undead.

I went to the gates of Endevar and called for Kylastra, my loyal friend and
dragon. She would help me shorten the way to the Khalkist.

We flew north all the night until we finally caught sigh of a small village
under the mountain. We landed on the eastern side of the village, in the dark,
where we could be cloaked by the shadows and not draw much attention.

It was to my surprise that the village was dead actually living dead. I had
expected it to be more offensive, though my guessing where wrong and the
village seemed quite tranquil.

There where all kinds of tortured souls in the village. It was completely
dressed in a black sheet and enlighten by the shadowy white light coming from
within the floating spirits.

These poor lost souls could have been driven astray by whatever creature that
holds the key to the Lair. Only the dead roam the streets, only the dead and

An icy claw crept through my spine giving me the shivers, so much dead and
decay startled me and made me hesitate on my quest. But no, I would never
abandon such a quest even if it took my life away from me.

I remembered the vision granted to me by my Dark Queen. She wanted me there
and so I would keep going for Her honor. I will not hesitate again, ever.

"Kylastra" I said out loud, "go back to the keep, I will travel this path
alone." And so she left, leaving me alone in the dark. But my Queen is with me
and She will give me strength.

And so She did, renewed by Her strength I started walking among the undead
creatures. They didn't even looked at me, I just walked as one among them,
they didn't even cared, perhaps they where blinded by their own fear, and
anger. Perhaps I was w wrong, but anyways I walked unaware.

A path could be seen going up west towards the mountain, it was a dim path
lightened by a strange white fog that had arisen during the night. Something
within me told me that was my path to follow.

And so I did. I followed all the way up until suddenly, the path came to a
turn and stopped at a dead end. Though it didn't quite seemed as a dead end. A
strong scent of magic could be sensed There was something between two big
rocks that could not be seen, and perhaps it was just a moment to have faith,
or luck.

I walked to the rocks and slowly placed my right hand on the surface of the
rock wall in front of me, there was a weird sensation on my hand that left in
a second. My hand was touching nothing.

I pushed my hand deeply into the rock, and it kept going, it didn't stopped on
the rock I could see. It was the entrance to the Lair, I knew I took a deep
breath and walked on, I was afraid I was going to crash on the wall, but I
didn't, I walked on and saw a dark cave in front of me, actually I could not
see a thing, but a cold wind crept around me from the front.

And then something came...

Kaelay Marxen. High Priestess of Takhisis.

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Sat May 11 13:27:27 2002

Subject  shadows from the past (the quest for the lost library, part 3)

After finding a strange carving on the secret cave of Annexamander y left the
Knights of Takhisis to follow my own path to discovering the truth about the
great Dark Library.

I was sure I had seen the symbol once before, on a statue, most probably on
Palanthas, so that was the next place I had to visit.

I summoned Kylastra to the place where she had left me previously, on the
outskirts of the undead town. She came and I told her that our next test was
on my former city home, Palanthas.

Hurtful memories live on the streets where I grew up. It was a hard test

I sent word to the tower of the Holy Order of the Stars, that I was going to
pay a little fast visit to the city.

So if some of the solamnics noticed my good friend Kylastra (green dragon) on
the outskirts of the city they would have to worry much on attacking. I was
going there with no problematic purposes.

We finally arrived at the place where Kylastra would leave me. And so I walked
the rest of the way to Palanthas.

The gates, the doors, the streets, Its been long since I was here last time. I
walked to the Tower of the Holy Order of the Stars and went a few moments
inside to catch up with old times.

The window. When I last stood next to that window, I was watching the
destruction of Palanthas. Back then I was a child of light, under Mishakal.

But long ago I left that path to walk another, one with more honor, one where
I would not be left alone, one more like me.

Still something inside me trembled at the memories, the feeling of the past,
when all was chaos and destruction.

Anger rose inside of me, anger towards those damned solamnics who let everyone
die that day.

I had to leave the hall before I when chaotic and changed my mind about
getting in and out of the city without killing some of those ... knights.

I left the tower with a heart already disturbed, but I had no time to waste
with those pathetic fools.

I walked to the marketplace at Palanthas; hopefully I'd get to see the statue
I was looking for. To my pity, I looked for hours without finding a thing. I
had traveled all this way for nothing.

I started walking back through the streets until I ended up in front of a
small, simple house. It belonged to very fine people; they had been terribly
affected by the last war.

The owners had lost their lives, I should know, for they where my parents. As
for my sister Morgaine, I have heard not a thing. Sometimes I wonder if she is
all right, but wherever she might be, she is lost for me.

I once heard she wanted to become a wizardress but that is all I know. Perhaps
one day I will have a chance to meet her.

Anyways, as for my quest I went to the tower again, there I could cast a
location spell to see if I could find the statue. Fool of me, I should have
done that before I rushed into this city.

And so I did, and for my luck the statue was located in Palanthas, It was just
not on the marketplace anymore. The statue, most likely, would have been sold
and was located on a house near central Palanthas. That was my next target.

I went to the house and asked for permission to examine an object of their
property. They wanted to decline until I was forced to "mislead" their

I told them that there was a demon locked inside a statue that used to be in
the marketplace and so I was checking the nearby statues to see if the cursed
statue was on their homes, to give it "proper" attention.

Indeed the servant lady was frightened and since the masters where away, she
was in charge of the house. She didn't wanted a demon to be on the loose on
her master's absence.

I went inside the house and noticed that it seemed bigger from the inside than
from the outside. Indeed these people where rich, not that I cared.


Author:  Kaelay
Date    Sat May 11 13:30:52 2002

Subject  shadows from the past (Cont.)

The statue was located in the main hall, on a stand made exactly for it. The
statue was that of a little child playing with a small lizard, some rock
flowers adorned the rest of the statue.

But the most important thing for me, was the strange symbol carved on the
lizards collar. It meant something indeed... (To be continued on quest part 4)

ooc- sorry, i was missing the last lines and i had to cut it into 2 :(.
Anyways, I hope Trevalin and Aelroth can log on at the same time so we can
finish rping the part before this story (i cant rp it by myself, lol)

Kaelay Marxen. High Priestess of Takhisis.

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Thu May 23 09:04:19 2002

Subject  Intrigued (the quest for the lost library, part 4)

After I had found the symbol in the statue, I had it moved to my chambers in
the Tower of the Holy Order; there I could study it deeply and in peace.

It was not long until I discovered its meaning, and mixing its meaning with
that of the other symbol we recognized in the cave, I came up with an answer.
I had found the basic location of a temple build for Annexamander.

The temple was located deep into the Khalkist Mountains, out of sight from a
sky search. I would have to go look for it by foot. I knew the search would
take long, so I would need provisions for the journey.

There was no time to loose. I knew that Aelroth was looking for the symbol he
recognized somewhere near Kendermore.

And so I told Kylastra to go look for him and tell him where we should meet
again, to continue the journey together. We would meet near the undead town
near the cave we examined last time, in a clearing in the woods to the east.

For now I had returned the cleansed statue to their owners, I had no need for
it now, or at least thats what my heart told me.

I went to the nearby marketplace to encounter myself in a rather disturbing

It seemed that a thief had stolen some objects of great value of a vendor
nearby. To my pity, a fanatic cleric had sensed my presence and had arisen a
mob to destroy me, a follower of the Great Dark Queen.

I had no intentions to trash solamnics, at least not now, I know I hate them
much and though i would love to kill a few, I had more important matters in

With this present on my thoughts, I took out an artifact that granted me power
to vanish in a swirl of mist, and so I did, and I left Palanthas On the
outskirt I encountered a stable and went in to purchase a horse.

The man for a reason seemed very frightened of me and agreed to sell me the
horse with no second thought.

He had a beautiful black horse with white mane, I paid the horses price and
mounted it, I would go to Lemish for provisions, it was fine by me.

(to be continued)

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Wed May 29 12:00:59 2002

Subject  At last, the Temple. (the quest for the lost library, part 5)

My journey to Lemish was swift; my new horse was faster than what he looked
and carried me to my destination in no time.

I was there the less time I could, I just bought the provisions I though I
would be needing and left immediately to the Khalkist Mountains. There, I
hoped, Aelroth and Decred would be waiting for me at the meeting place.

I rode as fast as my horse could and stopped several times for him to rest.
Wonderful horse indeed, a great name was needed, and so I named him Macyl.

We did spent some time getting to the Mountains, but when I finally arrived to
the meeting place I saw Aelroth and Decred indeed already waiting for me, I
also saw my friend Kylastra and... a kender.

What in the hell is a kender doing with them? I have no idea, but to judge
their faces, it cant be good.

After a few days of looking for the temple and finding nothing, we began to
realize that our vast supply of provisions was starting to run out, and still
no sing of the temple.

There where days when we questioned among ourselves if to go back an get more
provisions or to keep going and start hunting something. And after long
thoughts, we decided to stay and hunt.

Two days after we totally finished out supplies, finally, we found it. It was
very well hidden, of course it could not have been seen from the air, even
though we tried anyways and told Kylastra to fly around and look for it.

The temple was marvelous, even though it was totally destroyed by the time.
Its still held it beauty locked inside its very soul, The main chamber. It was
a huge chamber its excellency could be seen below a thick cape of dust over

The chamber was held with some columns, though only a few remained standing.

After further inspection on the chamber, we found a bone lying in the center
of the room, it seemed small at first, but when we started digging curiously,
we realized it was not small.

After hours of digging we came up with the answer, the bones belonged to a
mighty huge dragon, probably a green one, our Annexamander.

And below his body, we found several more exits from the chamber, they led to
some more rooms packed with tunnels and more chambers, completely empty, but
they seemed that they had held something before.

This was the final answer. Annexamanders temple was the long lost Library of
Takhisis. This is it, we had found it.

Author:  Kaelay
Date    Wed May 29 12:22:41 2002

Subject  Annexamander (the quest for the lost library, part 6)

Now with the temple below our feet we knew this was not only a quest for
finding it. This was a quest for bringing it back, the books, the knowledge,
and the wisdom of thousands of years.

I had been brought here for a reason, as High Priestess of Takhisis I was to
bring Annexamander back to life, thus his knowledge was to be brought back to
the world of the living.

It was within my power to do so. I knew the resurrection spell would drain me
much of my life, especially since Annexamander had been dead for centuries.

But the satisfaction of bringing my Dark Queens vision to reality was more
exiting than the fact of being reduced to ashes. I would do it, it may take my
life, but I would have done what my Queen wanted from me.

I took some holy water from a pack in my belongings and I took out the symbol
of Takhisis and placed it over Annexamanders bones, I poured the water over
him and began concentrating and chanting for his return.

It was intense the power of Takhisis flowing thorough me, I lost track of time
as I lost strength to remain awake.

The last thing I remember was the powerful life stream flowing trough me and
getting into Annexamander bringing him new life. I saw his eye opening wide,
his body totally reconstructed.

And I saw myself falling to the floor... I lost consciousness. I was too
drained to awake to see the great dragon, but I was still alive, my Queen had
gave me strength to bring him back and stay myself here.

Kaelay Marxen, High Priestess of Takhisis.

Author:    Kaelay         
Date:      Thu Jan 25 21:13:51 2007
Subject     Prelude

Its was nearing dusk. The sky slowly began to turn red.
With the darkness of the night aproaching and the silent cry's 
of the clouds, a figure cloaked in darkness aproached a tower slowly.
The clouds in the sky cracked with thunder as the figure neared the tower.
Step by step, each time, more and more power building in her.
A woman elf seemed to be weary of a journey, but still eager to enter this 
particular place. Halls where she had been before, Halls that she remembered
as clear as the first time she say those penetrating eyes. Those eyes of
the Goddess she served, which burned deep into her memory. Finally after a 
long lost time, she was about to set foot on the tower where she worshiped Her.
She neared the door and pushed it, as it opened, a cleric revealed himself in 
the inside of the tower. "I sent word I was comming tonight... 
My name is Kaelay Marxen. Im being expected i presume." She entered the tower,
removed the hood from her cloak and walked on withouth waiting for the 
cleric to answer.
And so the night fell.

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