The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kaeptakus.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small leaflet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kaeptakus' scribed in earth-colored yellow ink.

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Thu Dec  6 20:30:15 2001

Subject  rude awakenings

I stood at the edge of the glade, watching the swords dance and listening to
the song of battle.  A Knight of Solamnia was vastly outnumbered, surrounded
by 4, maybe 5 highwaymen.

The Knight fought with valiant effort and great skill, but the rogues were not
entirely unskilled themselves.

The knight did eventually succumb to the numbers of the robbers, but not
before killing at least 3 of them, small wonder they did not run away.

I was still watching in the shadows as they looted his corpse and defiled his
body.  I am a Hylar mountain dwarf, true bred and exiled at a early age
because of my parents actions.

I was a runaway, watching evil at work in this world, the sight made me spit.

I knew I could not kill the remaining 2 with only my short hunters crossbow,
and If I had the ability, I might not have the courage.

"Theres nothing I can do" I say to myself.  I slowly slink back into the
forest, reminding myself to never let that happen to me.

10 years later I am in a local archery competition for crossbow men in
Palanthas, it doesnt take mych skill to shoot a crossbow, but at 175 yards it

As the announcer calls my name "keptajeus" mispronouncing it horridly, I stand
forward, with my crossbow read and a ordinary quarrel loaded.

My eyes closed, I begin to concentrate, bringing up a mental image of the
target, and pull on the catch, at that moment, the string breaks and the
crossbow virtually falls apart in my hands, the quarrel lands 10 feet off
target and I am not allow allowed to enter.

I let out a string of oaths and curses that a sailor would admire.

I had to get myself a new crossbow, one that wouldnt break or fail me at the
last moment when the shot counted.

I thought to myself  "I am quite a wealthy man, I have won quite a good deal
of marksman competitions" So I went to the local weaponry and browsed for
quite a while, looking for a crossbow that suited me.

There was nothing there that stood out the way I wanted,  So I approached the
weaponmaster and asked him if he could make a crossbow for me and I told him
my specifications.  I also told him I wanted it forged from a certain metal I
would provide for him.

He said "I can start working on the wooden parts of it if you like" and I
agreed.  It would take much searching to find the resting place of the Tharken

"O.K, if I do not send word or come myself, take no heed, I have much things
to take care of in short time." With that, I nodded to him, and bade farewell.

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Sun Dec  9 21:05:12 2001

Subject  quest for the ax

"Welcome to the temple of Reorx" a monk says to me.  I nod at him and ask
"Where can I find the High priest?"

"The high priest is unavailable at the moment, but you can see him soon".  I
nod and decide to wait in the waiting room.

This particular monastery  took quite a lot of effort to find.  I was directed
here by a monk in Palanthas.

I examine the contents of the waiting room and find it to be quite drab.  The
room did seems to have a certain, ancient aura about it.

A short while later the monk returns and bids me to follow him.  After what
seems like a hour of walking in drab hallways, he knocks on a small door and
says in a loud voice "hes here".

The door opens and a old Hylar is standing there.  Hes clad in some common
garb, brown trousers and a brown woolen shirt with a leather vest, the only
thing extraordinary about him was his necklace.

His necklace was odd, not a traditional vestige, It was silver, with a pendant
the shape of a hammer.  "Hello, High Priest, My name Is Kaeptakus and I have
journeyed long for this moment."

The high priest nods "I know who you are, our deity has blessed me with
foresight." I think to myself "This man must be truly favored by the Forger."

"Then do you also know why I have come here?"

"Yes, Kaeptakus, I do.  You are looking for the remains of the Tharken ax so
you may reforge it.  Now I can tell you where it is, but you have to swear on
your beard and all your grandchildrens That you will reforge it into what it
is truly meant to be, a ax of tremendous power."

"And you must also to NEVER raise it in anger at another dwarf, or it will
melt in your hands and leave you dead.  Even the evil Duergar or cursed Aghar
must not die by this blade"

"OK" I said " I will do what you ask if it the only way of finding the Tharken
ax, for I do not possess skills in wielding axes, but I will gain that in due

A serene calm overcomes the High Priests face and he says softly, " go rest
and feast yourself now, for tomorrow the prayer begins."

I only did what he bade because of what he was about to do for me.
more to come This is only the beginning.

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Tue Jan 29 13:02:24 2002

Subject  The Fall of Tarsis, as told by Kaeptakus.

There we stood, awaiting the messanger from Kestren, awaiting to break the
beams holding up the roof.

We had delved from the southern plains to the city using Giant Worms caled
Urkhan which eat rock.

And We were waiting, the anticipation of a glorious battle on hand, awaiting
to cleave the heads of the followers of Takhisis.

My sword, Courage glowed with powerfull magic in its sheath.

The horns trumpeted and we pulled hard on the rops tied to the beams designed
to break with the right strength.

As the roof collapsed we poured out onto the streets, amid chaos as the
Lizardmen and Draconians ran by, manning the defenses against magical attack.

In the next instant, battle was joined.

As I drew my great sword, Courage it started to sing the song of honorable
battle, and the enemy was held in awe while we sloughtered them...

They soon broke free and started to retailiate, which is when I drew Maldgir
and started to wreak havoc on the battle lines.

The enemy knew this was a fight they could not win, and they started to draw
back, we pursued of course. While my men pursued on foot, I rained down hell
with my crossbow, killing a few of the more dangerious exploding draconians.

The enemy had retreated, the day was ours.

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Fri Feb  1 21:05:12 2002

Subject  Digging in

"Set guards in the tunnel!!, clear out the wounded and dead, burn the damned
minos and gobbos!" Bellowed the dwarf.  sadly, he added "Preare a cairn
for our fallen brothers".

The battle had gone as well as expected, only 27 Hylar died in the onslaught,
which is very well, but Kaeptakus was saddened nontheless.

After all the fallen kinsmen had ben laid to rest and the foul corpses of the
enemy were blazing brightly-with the help of Kestrens magic-we set out
fortifying the broken and smashed walls, which would be a arduous task indeed.

"Before you dwarves start working, you will be allowed 4 hours off for rest
and to let the clerics tend after your scratches.  You will report for duty in
4 hours and we will show them what them what it means to be a HYLAR!" The
last he added with a bellow Kestren had magical beings made of rock and earth
pluck trees from the ground like it was nothing which helped us greatly in the
fortifications and siege engine building.

Operations went smoothly, Kestren seemed to be controlling his... creatures...
with magic, because he was never around and often they would just stop what
they were doing and do something else.  I was exercising my vocal cords.

"I didnt loose 27 of my best men for nothing Daylin!! Put some fire under
your arse!" Bellowed Kaeptakus From the (what was left of them) Walls.
Kaeptakus grinned as he shouted "Reorx doesnt allow dogfuckers to the forge!
Put some air under those short feet!" Kaeptakus almost smiled in
satisfaction at the efficiency of his command.  A small group of Hylar had
been ordered to start construction on the catapults and Kaeptakus climbed down
the ladder and walked over to the field wher construction was to take place.

The trees were being limbed and branches used to fuel the fires that would
fire-harden the wood to be used in construction.  The 35 Hylar ordered to make
the engines were working up a sweat and the trees were coming apart like

"Good work men." Coming from him, this was high praise indeed.  Walking
over the gaping hole in the street, Kaeptakus admire the strategy at which he
wished he came up with.

The next day procedded with little to no interruption in order.  All was going
smothly and effeciently.

The day after that, things started to come together....

"The two catapults are ready sir, should we turn them over to Kestren in
permanent defence of this city?" A runner said.  " Hrm, no, I will talk to
him about that." Kaeptakus grunted, the messanger took it as his signal to

"Erm, wait!"

"Yes, sir?"

"I want you to pack up and travel to the High Kharolis south of Thorbadin, I
met someone there one time And I want you to give this to him, its a Gryphon
by the way, so do not insult him or he will rend your skin from your bones."

Proudly, the runner responds "On the honor of the Hylar, I will!"

At that, he turns and walks briskly away.

And thus, the Griphons joined the rogue war.

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Mon Mar 25 23:29:53 2002

Subject  The March Home

"Form Ranks! Fall in!" I instructed my small number of hylar to do.  We
were heading home from fighting in this war that was not ours.

After our last battle, I knew my kinsmen didnt have the heart for it anymore,
this was man's war, not ours.

I trotted up and down the line of sluggish marching Hylar and cracked the whip
under their feet, so to speak.

"Get MOVING!, at this rate, we will get home and youre wives will have
forgotten who you are, you whoresons!" This rate of marching was making me
slightly agitated and I missed my modest buisiness.

My Brothers and I have been through alot in the past half year, from the
attack on Tarsis to the raiding of various knights of the witch camps, now we
are tired.

Most of my recruits have families of their own to go home to, and warm forges
that need firing to burn out the recently grown cobwebs.

There is a part of myself that will miss the sound of a gobbo being hewn in
two.  But that part is very small and the rest of me wants to be home and
start working on my new import/export buisiness in the mountain.

After all, I am loyal to very few people; my thane, and my brother, and I am
loyal to only one thing, foremost above all; Thorbadin.

*musical Interlude*

My small Host and I arrive at the gates of the mountain, one week from our
departure, pretty sad, considering we were not far off to begin with.

All goes well, I have payed my men more than their share and they head off
home to their loving families and friends long-missed.

When I reach my home in the Lifetree of the Hylar, I find it empty, not to my
surprise of course, I didnt have anyone to come back home to when I left.

This concludes one chapter in the story of Kaeptakus Ironforge, Hero of the

(p.s. really, this is just the beginning)

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Tue Apr 23 21:01:49 2002

Subject  the search for the Tharken axe

" Hey boys! I will be back before ya can blink twice, witch I know will be
too soon for ya!" I bellow out to my comrades and kinsmen.

Today is the day I am going to continue my search for the lost Tharken axe. 
Rumor has it, it was melted near its original foundry in Pax Tharkas.

The Tharken axe could never be wielded against fellow dwarf. One day, very
long ago, some imbasil(or hero) hewed dwarf-necks with it, and it slowly
melted into its original magical substance.

I will only travel to the outskirts of the Kharolis mountains today, as to be
safe in my travel. I hope to find a caravan passing by that I could join.  I
should have done so before I left the mountain, but I am in need of haste.

Maybe someone will let a young hylar warrior tag along? (ooc note: anyone
wants to rp this with me, send me a note, along with what you plan on rp'ing,
good aligned people preferred, but if your rp is cool, then evil is OK too.)

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Wed May  1 21:12:21 2002

Subject  quest for the holy axe

Shortly after waiting, a band of travelling clerics slowly come to a halt
before Kaeptakus.

"Hail, riders!" for they were riding.  "Hail, dwarf under the
mountain!" although he wasnt under the mountain at the time, Kaeptakus
acknowledged(sp?) this.

"Where ya off to?" the dwarf asked in a gruff, yet friendly tone.  "Our
journies take us all over the Ansalon in a eternal healing pilgrimage"

Although no outward show of emotion was displayed, Kaeptakus was taken aback
by this response.

Grunting, Kaeptakus says "Hows about taking a lone dwarf along, in return
for protection?" seeing as these clerics looked unarmed, he figured he had
some leverage in his negotiations.

" Ahhm, I guess" responds a cleric that seems to be the leader. This
cleric was set apart from all the others by his drab brown robes and thick
leather belt that seemed to bulge as if under great weight whereas all the - -
others were wearing plain brown robes and their intentiosn were clear to
Kaeptakus' clear perception.

And Kaeptakus starts another leg of his insignifigant yet monsterous journey
that lay before him.

Jaeod of Palanthas Travelling Aesthetic of Astinus

Author:  Kaeptakus
Date    Wed May  8 21:42:18 2002

Subject  The hire of Kaeptakus

On this day, Kaeptakus accepted a hire in a very small village with a
insignifigant name. A Local merchant was in need of protection for his caravan
and hired Kaeptakus.  The merchant must be truly paranoid, since there are no
bandits anywhwere in this part of the world in these times of peace.

Because Kaeptakus was following his tuiton on the wherabouts ofthe Tharken
axe-after a small dissapointment at the ruins of pax tharkas-he had no
problems with joining the caravan.

Last I heard, They were heading east, into the plains of dust, and now I go,
following them in my thankless and endless journey.

Jaeod of Palanthas
Travelling Aesthetic of Astinus

Author:    Kaeptakus      
Date:      Fri Mar 23 10:55:20 2007
Subject     The Return of Kaeptakus, king and traveller

(ooc note: older stories of mine can be found on the webpage, I am trying to
continue on the same vein.  I am returning home after a several year journey
searching for the remnants of the thaken axe).
High above the Kharolis mountains a hungry Eagle spies for food below.  With
the strong eyes only birds of prey have, he spots a tiny spec of a dwarf
walking towards the entrance of Thorbadin.
"Strange looking dwarf" the eagle thinks to himself.
And Indeed, I suppose I do look strange, it has been many years since I left
home, much longer than I promised and hoped for.  My kinsmen will be mighty
shocked to see me.
"Two blinks" I told them.  Four years is a tad longer than two blinks.
Kaeptakus humbs an old marching song he made on his own, long ago.
"I kill two hobbos in the morning, I kill two hobbos at night
I kill two hobbos  in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright
I kill two hobbos in time of peace, and two in time of war
I kill two hobbos before I kill two hobbos, and then I kill two more"
It doesn't take long for Kaeptakus to arrive at the mighty gates of Thorbadin.
 And when he does arrive, he is greeted by blank stares from the guards.
I suppose this is to be expected, since after four years of journey and
fighting, Kaep looks something like a hill dwarf.  Still, this doesn't sit
well with him.
"Don't just stand there you fools, let me in my home!"
The guards are taken aback by this comment, coming from a tanned dwarf who,
although fairly young by dwarven standards, looks to have a roadmap carved
onto his face from battle scars.
This is no ordinary dwarf, the number of weapons he carries is enough for a
small army - ranging from crossbow to greataxe. "Who are you?  We aren't
letting no stinking hill dwarf in without permission!"  Before the guard can
even blink, the belt holding his trousers up had been sliced cleanrly through
by Kaeptakus' axe.
"I am Kaeptakus Ironforge! You do remember the name Ironforge, don't you!? 
And I won't have you cursing our hill dwarf bretheren!"
Kaeptakus was king of all of the kingdoms under the mountain for quite some
time.  It would be very offensive if these guards didn't at least recognize
the name.
Let alone the family crest that Kaep was presenting to them at the moment.
"Even if you are who you say you are - alot has changed.  We will let you in
under guard but you must report to the Thane at once to verify your
Kaep grumbled to himself.  He was in no mood for this childs play.  
He had been on the road for months on end and he wanted nothing more than to
lie down in a comfortable bed with a thouroughly bearded beauty to ease his
aches, but he decided to play along for the time being.
"Fine!  I will wait to have an audience with the thane, but it will be your
neck when the Thane finds out how you treated me!" {\ The Eagle watched all
this with curiosity below him, of course he couldn't exacltly hear or even
understand the dialogue, but it all seemed very amusing to him.
Eventually two of the gate guards led the other dwarf into the mountain and
the Eagle lost interest and went off to finish his hunt.

Jaeod of Palanthas, Travelling Aesthetic of Astinus

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