The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kailen.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a private journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kailen' scribed in brilliant purple ink.

Author:    Kailen         
Date:      Mon Dec 28 03:18:08 2009
Subject     --=[The Drunken Maiden, Kalaman]=--

'The Half-Elf snatched the tossed coinpurse out of the air.

'He's got zeal, I can tell you that much,' he said, casually 
slipping the pouch into one of the pockets on the inside of his 
robe.  He was smoking one of those rolled up herbs, Thon-Thalas 
leaf, that was popular amongst the mariners.  He puffed a few 
times on the blunt end of it, seemingly more interested in the 
smoky haze rising from the lit end than he was the information 
he was giving.

'I gave you three days, and a hell of a lot of coin for this 
information, so I would like to know more about him than that!' 
the assassin growled, his patience wearing thin.

The half elf stared at the orange glow of the lit herb.  As if 
he cared about nothing else on Krynn than the study of how that 
herb would burn.  He then looked up to the assassin.

'His name is Kailen Mor'Tain.  Solamnic, of course.  Born in 
a run down shack in Harrowdown.  His father was a knight, the real 
thing.  A drunk, though.  Wasn't exactly a great family man.  
Kailen's mother died of the gout when he was young, and it didn't 
sit right with his old man.  Didn't get why Habbakuk could be so 
cruel when he'd been so faithful his whole life.  He used to get 
belligerant on our poor little Kailen.  The father--Gallandor...he
was something of an oddity.  He was a laughingstock to the Knights, 
a drunken fool, always crying about something.  But he was a genius 
on the battlefield.  He had some kind of second sight when it came 
to military's the reason the Knighthood looked past 
his, shall we say...moral ambiguities?  Anyways...little Kailen
was always trying to please Daddy, but things didn't always seem 
to go his way.  He took to the Oath and the Measure like a duck 
to water.  He was determined to be better than his old man, but 
he would never admit that to himself.  He would just say he was 
trying to live out the ordeals of Vinas Solamnus.  Oh, and don't 
get it twisted...the kid HATES magic.  Considers it an abomination 
amongst most God fearing men.  Men aren't meant to wield the 
powers of the Gods, he says.  If you ask me...the kid's off his rocker.'

'I didn't pay for your opinion,' the assassin snarled.

The half-elf shrugged.  'I know, that was just a bit of free 
advice.  Like I said, he's got zeal.  And come a second Cataclysm 
or high water, he'll follow his code of honor until the day the 
Gods see fit to call him back to them.  He sees the world in black 
and white.  Good and evil.  Even in the face of complete destruction, 
he won't compromise in this.  Be careful about this one...he might 
be more trouble than you'd think.' 

Kailen Mor'Tain

Author:    Kailen         
Date:      Sat Feb 27 02:41:46 2010
Subject     Shadow surrounding

"Aye sir, I bid you good evening, " Kailen said as turned to walk out the
door. Sdresk raised an eyebrow as Kailen trembled on his way to the door. He
had noticed this not just today but twice earlier this week. He shrugged it
off, it would be impolite to raise doubt or question to his abilities, and
if a man wants his privacy theres no reason he'd tell him now after keeping
it such a secret. 

The hallway blurred, and a single bead of sweat trickled down Kailen's face.
He put a hand to the wall and traced his way to his quarter's, unsure of who
might have seen this. Was this tied to my nightmares? The black robed man
had come to see him each night this week. The images he'd seen, the betrayal
of his friends, of the gods... And a chance to heal the wound that seemed to
plunge almost to his heart. He kept himself so tightly wrapped in bandgages
he was nervous to see how it looked. It hadnt healed for over a month now
and seemed on fire at times. How foolish was he to think he bested the
shadow that day, running after him into the woods like a madman. If he hadnt
wanted to be found, he wouldn't have. He had WANTED to get caught...

He chuckled to himself, "And here I am, afraid of a nightmare but too proud
to go to a clergyman about it." He hesitated, and then slowly lay back onto
his cot.

A surge of energy flushed through him, a feeling so great he could not name
it. As soon as it had come, it began to slowly slip from him. He paniced, it
felt as if his soul were trying to jump from his skin to chase it. The
swelling began, followed by the familiar flash of pain that tore through him
like a fire-ridden arrow.

"They wont help you... They'll cast you out when they see what's become of
you. You cannot be cleansed of this, you will rot until your last breath.
You need our help... and you crave it."

He had not shown himself, but he knew the voice well enough by now. "That
feeling... I've never felt like that... What would you have me do, and what
if I refuse?"

"You will rot, and you will die. Its amazing you've lived with it to this
point, it is surely only a matter of time. You could be so much more, Kailen
Mor'Tain... You embarrass yourself with your drunkeness and displays of
reckless behavior. You could serve my lord, and in return you WILL become a
masterful warrior. Think of what you are now, just imagine the possibilities
that come with our aid."

"I havent been able to remove those sights from my head... the betrayal you
spoke of... It IS true, isnt it? There is no hope for them..."

"So you see, there is no other way. You will join my lord Morgion, and unite
the followers of the Shadow with the Dragonarmy to overcome the lands. There
will be no one to stand in your way."

He had seen what happens when he refused, shuttering just to think of it.
"And the feeling... the blessing as you called it?"

"One of the many benefits of serving my lord."

The world began to spiral around him, slowly fading away as he woke. The
black robed man was standing before him now. "You will come with me, we have
much to do."

"I can't... I have" was all that made it out as he gasped for air, choking
from the pain. Vivid images of his fellow knights slashing at eachother
clouded his mind, Lanfer pinning him to the ground as Railen carved into his
chest with his sword. Tomas battered and beaten on the floor under Sdresk's
bloody rampage. Madness spreading throughout the halls as knight turned on
knight in a vicious slaughter. His blood began to boil as his vision again
gave out. His last breath escaped him as he collapsed to the floor, "I will
come." The room went dark.

To be Cont.


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