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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kaji.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Kaji' scribed in glowing brown ink.

Author:  Kaji
Date    Sat Nov  8 20:58:44 2003

Subject  whispers from afar

Beyond what has been said in the taverns, beyond what appears before the
traveler's eyes, lies a mystery more complex than many can imagine.

It is said that everyone has a purpose, some lasting achievment they were
meant to accomplish in their lifetime.  But for some it is harder to realize
than others.

This is one of those times that a person has to work search for their purpose
in life.  The white presence known simply as a phantom to some was once a
healthy young lad without a care in the world.

Living in a time of relative peace, and oppression his family led a quiet
life.  Not much is said about his parents nor weather this boy had much of a
family, but what is recorded in the great libraries of the land Is the all to
familiar story the of Cataclysm and the endless torment that followed.  From
what little can be gathered from local papers from the time seems to suggest
among the many that died, the boy's family including himself were laid to rest
For many years the ravanged villages west of Silvanost were plundered by
thieves and devastated by famine.  The people clung to the hopes of the new
religions, waiting for the day that the pain would end.

Since the disaster, people were more superstitious it seemed.  In many of the
records which still survive, there are many accounts of ghost and gouls that
villagers claimed  to have seen Strangely some of the accounts speak of a
young man who was as pale as Solinari's face.  This boy, it was said, spoke to
no one and was only seen walking by himself, never near a crowd.

It was said whenever people got to close they were overcome with a need for
companionship and warmth to make up for the unbearable cold and loneliness
surrounding his pale physique.

However, recently as the world has become a more stable place the tales of the
unknown have grown less common, and any who claim to have seen the boy have
long since passed on.

The last tales of the boy are over a century old, when it was said a pale
figure was seen staring at the broken temple of the long forgotten goddess

While this boy did die, he was not granted the escape of death, for long ago,
as he lay dying the dark goddess came to him with his purpose.

Author:  Kaji
Date    Tue Nov 11 22:52:31 2003

Subject  a cold wind blows II

Before the light of life slipped from his glass, as the world grew cold and
his vision blurred, a voice whispered to him.  That voice, the one of the
Queen of the Dragons, gave him a second chance.

Those were the last words he ever heard, at least the last words he heard when
the boy breathed life.  What seemed like ages later, he awoke, covered in a
drift of snow.

The Cataclysm had hit with full force and the world was in a state of
darkness.  His home, the one he had loved so dear was nowhere in sight.

He found himself dawned in the white robes and silver armor that remind him
every day of the emptiness he now feels.

Every breath he takes feels as if daggers of ice fill his lungs.  But there
was only one thing to do, to complete his task in this world.

Not having any clue of his whereabouts, it is said the boy wandered the lands
for ages, ever cloaked in frost searching for his purpose.

It seems now that the time has come where he can realize that dream which was
his last.  He has learned much about this world from his travels, and know he
knows what the dragon queen meant by "Join me, join me in my last home"

He would serve this goddess who has given him a second chance, no matter what
pain he now bears, despite his own despair.

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