The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kalevi.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a well written novel on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kalevi' scribed in dark red ink.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Wed May  1 21:40:27 2002

Subject  The Quest-Visions of the Past

It had been a day much like any other. Governor Kalevi Darksaber of the Khur
Province began the morning inspecting the troops, more accurately the mostly
barbarian militia recruited from Khur itself. Slowly but surely progress could
be seen in their development, they were learning the techniques necessary to
become a true army. After that, Kalevi withdrew to his private wing within
Fort Kortal, meeting with various chieftains and shaman for much of the
afternoon. Evening was upon him and he retired to his study where he worked
further, recording the events of his past. He had reached the period of
documenting the events of his time within the Dragonarmy. As Kalevi picked up
his pen he suddenly froze as the vision appeared before him

Kalevi saw a grand army that pledged utter support to the one who would bring
forth a symbol of the past, the corpse of the one whose fate remains a
mystery. To many within the Knighthood this would be a very strange reference.
To Kalevi it was immediately recognized.

Immediately, Kalevi set forth for Storm Keep to consult Danvighar before
beginning the task at hand. Along the way, he thought about the past.

Emperor Lithiumsurely that was whom the vision referred to. Kalevi remembered
those times. He was Blue Dragon Highlord at the time. Emperor Lithium was at
the height of his power when he suddenly disappeared. For a time the
Dragonarmy seemed doomed to plunge into chaos as the Emperor's fate left a
great deal of uncertainty. Then the Crown of Takhisis appeared suddenly. A new
Emperor was crowned and Lithium's fate remained an unsolved mystery.

During his time at the Storm Keep, Kalevi learned he was not alone in
receiving a vision. It was apparent that the Queen wished that Danvighar take
control of Sanction, Saige of Neraka, and Kalevi control of the military of
Khalkist region. It was indeed an intriguing prospect. It was decided that
each person depart to accomplish the necessary task to prove they had been
chosen by the Queen herself to occupy such a position.

Kalevi pondered where he should begin the task. Little information was
available as to the fate of the former Emperor. Kalevi decided he should
return to the place he last saw Lithium, the town of Solace. He journeyed in
disguise, maintaining a low profile. As he approached the city, a feeling in
the back of his mind told him to turn. Kalevi had learned to trust such things
and turned to a new path, leading to a remote and unexplored section of
forest. Darkness and the stench of death was all he saw until

Words would fail to capture the image before Kalevi's eyes. It was as if the
forest opened up all at once with the sun illuminating a section like a
beacon. At first glance, Kalevi thought he saw an armored man standing in the
middle of the opening. He walked further, immediately recognizing the flaming
armor of the Red Dragon Emperor. "Lithium?" Kalevi said, barely audible. As he
approached, Kalevi noticed within the armor wasnothing.

There stood the armor like a cicada skin, full of form but lacking life.

It would appear the mystery would remain just that. He gathered the armor and
journeyed back to Khur, feeling a sense of success. Though Kalevi did not
encounter what he expected, he knew he had accomplished the Queen's will. The
armor itself was not important, it was the remembrance of the past as Kalevi
prepared for the future

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Sun May  5 13:28:33 2002

Subject  The Quest-Weapons of War

Kalevi Darksaber, having completed his quest, began the journey back to Khur
upon his dragon mount. Being such a longer journey, he was left with a great
deal of time to reflect. Though his very soul knew he had accomplished the
task laid out by Takhisis in a vision, Kalevi's mind was left puzzled by what
Emperor Lithium's armor would accomplish. To many, the days of the Dragonarmy
were long past and those who were once apart of the Dragonarmy often were
looked at with contempt. Besides, Kalevi himself was once Emperor.

The question was, what would this lifeless armor accomplish that the living
Kalevi himself could not

Caught up in his thoughts, Kalevi suddenly heard what seemed like a whisper.

"Your past is linked to your future. Do not forget the lessons learned and the
knowledge others have not partaken in." Suddenly, Kalevi glanced downward,
noticing that his mount had chosen a different route through the Khalkist
Mountains. It was a remote section, sparsely visited. "Descend my friend,"
Kalevi said to his mount. The blue dragon responded, puzzled, "Here?" Kalevi
replied, "Yes, it would seem that I am finally realizing what I need to do.

Landing in a small valley, Kalevi looked up towards the mountain before him
and he remembered the past A cavern was located on this mountain, twisting
until it reached a chamber filled with weapons. Kalevi knew this as he was
among those who placed the weapons within it all so long ago. It was in those
very early days, when Bramwell lead that loose federation of fighters that
would one day become the Dragonarmy. A true warrior to his very soul, Bramwell
had a flare for planning for a variety of scenarios. It was a habit Kalevi
himself inherited. Arms caches were hidden by Bramwell throughout the Khalkist
Mountains should the day ever come that the Queen's warriors ever need them.
And now Kalevi, faced with the vision of strengthening a new army, decided the
use of one cache would be a good idea.

Kalevi, along with is mount, scaled the side of the mountain, searching out
the cavern's mouth. Suddenly, a tongue of fire struck the ground a few yards
before him. "Halt intruder!" came a massive, snarling voice. Looking upwards,
Kalevi saw the cavern entrance and the head of a red dragon sticking out of
it. Kalevi glanced back at his mount. Words did not have to be exchanged, both
knew to approach this cautiously, but to be prepared to fight if necessary.

"I mean you no harm, sir dragon," Kalevi shouted out. "I was under the
impression that this mountain contained a cache of weapons that I intended to
use in the service of Takhisis herself." The red dragon replied, "You are
correct, but I have claimed the caverns as my own. However, I may be willing
to give you the weapons you seek if you can prove yourself."

Kalevi continued forward, reaching the red dragon. "And how shall I prove
myself?" The red dragon replied, "That is for you to figure out, human!"
Kalevi looked at the red dragon, studying it as he contemplated what he should
do next. Then it dawned on him. Kalevi removed the large backpack he was
wearing and lowered it to the ground. Opening it up, he reached inside,
removing the helm of Emperor Lithium.

The red dragon gasped audibly. "We fought together once so many years ago
humandoes he still live?" Kalevi shook his head, "It does not appear so." The
red dragon replied, "You have proven yourself worthy, take what it is you came

The cache of arms was removed and packed up to take to Khur. The vision was
one step closer to realization, though its path proved unpredictable. Through
Takhisis, success would be accomplished.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Tue May 14 19:58:20 2002

Subject  The Quest Part 3-Preperations for Battle

Having taken a cache of arms from a secret lair in the Khalkist Mountains to
his troops in Khur, Kalevi Darksaber was one step closer to building a
glorious army. The troops stationed in Khur were surprised to receive such a
vast amount of weaponry. As the news spread, new recruits flocked in droves to
join under the banner of Takhisis.

Kalevi stood in his map room within Fort Kortal, studying a huge map of
Ansalon. In the room with him was his blue dragon mount, in human form, and a
Story + representative of the Knights of Takhisis sent by Danvighar himself to
aide Kalevi's planning.

"So let me make sure I am clear," Kalevi said to the representative "our
forces control the territory within these borders?" As he spoke, Kalevi traced
a rough outline on the map with his finger.

"That is correct sir, except"

Kalevi responded with a slight trace of annoyance in his voice.

Pointing to a spot in the northern Khalkist Mountains, the representative
said, "There resides forces of the great demon Asmodeous. Though within our
borders, the people stay far away from the land in fear that the demons who
reside there will attack."

"And no one has sought to vanquish these intruders?" Kalevi asked.

"No sir, the demons are too powerful, no one has dared challenge them. We have
only sought monitor the forces."

"Based upon the observations, what are the number and general location of the
demon forces?"

"We are not completely sure. The demons have created a lair within the side of
a mountain"

Kalevi glanced at the representative, obviously annoyed.

"However sirwe have seen numerous Dretch, estimated in the hundreds. Several
Vrock have also been observed. The forces appear to be led by a Hezrou
commander based upon one report. As you can see, it is a dangerous forcethat
is why they have been unchallenged."

"No I do not see!" Kalevi responded, fairly bitterly. "It would seem to me
that this force of demons is pathetic at best. Dretch are stupid cowards that
can be easily dealt with especially if the Hezrou commander is destroyed
quickly. The Vrock are dangerous, but in a limited number they should be
easily overwhelmed. I find it troubling that no one has confronted the demons
before. That is about to change. You are dismissed," Kalevi said to the

After the representative had left, Kalevi turned towards his dragon mount.

"Any suggestions my friend?"

The dragon, who in human form appeared to be a graying man in his fifties with
piercing blue eyes and a tinge of blue to his skin, pondered quickly and then
spoke. "It is as you have already said. We should be able to win this battle
easily, especially if the Hezrou commander is killed quickly. However, Hezrou
are not easily killed with normal weapons."

"Then we should seek out a weapon that would give us an advantage" Kalevi

"Yes, and I have one in mind. The lost Spear of Pestilence."

Kalevi nodded, "How convenient, last I heard it was within a temple of Morgion
in the central section of the Khalkist Mountains. We could acquire it on our
way to confront the demons."

During the next few days, Kalevi's troops prepared for the journey northwest
to the demon lair. Though no one openly objected, it was obvious that many
were reluctant. Despite Kalevi's words while speaking with the representative
of Danvighar, he secretly held his own reservations, knowing the battle ahead
would be a hard one as the troops were unproven in war.

The troops marched forth through the Khalkist, lead by Kalevi. As they
gradually neared the lair, Kalevi and his dragon mount departed the troops,
ordering them to continue on without him. It was time to seek out the temple
of Morgion.

(to be continued)

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Tue May 14 19:59:51 2002

Subject  The Quest Part 3-Preperations for Battle (continued)

Its location was unknown, but Kalevi remembered the legends from his time in
the Dragonarmy. Though the followers of Morgion were quite secretive, it was
suspected that many of them were in the ranks of the Dragonarmy. Rumors spread
of a temple dedicated to Morgion in the heart of the Dragon Empire located in
what was called the Valley of Death.

Takhisis seemed to guide Kalevi in his search, as he felt compelled to go this
direction and that. Eventually he reached a particularly harsh valley that
smelt of death itself. Landing, the dragon mount asked Kalevi, "Do you wish to
go alone?"

"Yes," Kalevi said, walking towards what first seemed a crack in a steep
embankment. Slowly they entered, traveling through numerous twisting
passageways. Suddenly a passageway opened up to a great room that bore the
smell of death and disease. In the middle of the room stood what looked to be
a living person stricken with leprosy. Within its right hand it grasped a long

Silently, Kalevi walked forward and reached for the Spear of Pestilence,
removing it from the figure's hand. Suddenly the figure let out an inhuman
screech and swung at Kalevi. Dodging the blow, Kalevi quickly reached for his
long swords that he carried on his back. The figure swung again with the

This time Kalevi parried the attack and countered with his own swing. The
figure was able to avoid the attack. Kalevi pressed hard in his attacks, swing
with one sword then the next, pushing the figure into the defensive.

Finally, Kalevi struck with a deathblow, decapitating the figure in a single
swipe. A slight hissing sound could be heard, troubling Kalevi. He quickly
grabbed the spear and quickly left the room as the figure exploded in a cloud
of poisonous gas. Exiting the temple, Kalevi looked towards his dragon with a
look of success. "We must rejoin the troops. The time for battle is now."

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu May 23 20:48:11 2002

Subject  The Quest Part 4-Demon Assassin

Having acquired the Spear of Pestilence, Kalevi Darksaber was now ready to
confront the demonic Hezrou commander who terrorized the northern Khalkist
Mountains. He returned to the troops he had ordered to accompany him on the
journey. Kalevi headed straight for the command tent, searching out the man he
left in charge of the army during his absence. The commander awaited, a grim
look upon his face.

"What news do you have for me?" Kalevi said to the man before him, a trusted
ally from the days of the Blue Dragonarmy.

"Frankly sir, I worry about the troops. They lack confidence. As time passes,
there is increasing rumbling about the battle ahead. However, we have received
quite a bit of intelligence information. Interviewing the natives of the area
has confirmed Lord Danvighar's representative's estimates as to the number of
demons. The demons generally are confined to their lair, though they
occasionally terrorize the region around their lair. There are numerous brutal
stories that have further demoralized the troops. The demons demand tribute
from the natives. They periodically visit the lair with gifts. A witness
informs us that the lair consists of a narrow tunnel approximately one hundred
meters long. Eighty meters deep the tunnel connects to two side tunnels that
apparently house the bulk of the demons. At the end of the tunnel lies an open
chamber where the Hezrou commander stays along with about two dozen other
demons at any time."

"Interesting. Prepare the troops, I have an announcement to make."

Kalevi readied himself for the impending battle. He chose a several pieces of
Story + lightweight, yet strong armor, allowing for great flexibility. Shin
guards, knee guards, calve guards, breastplate, shoulder guards, and arm
guards. Upon putting them on, Kalevi covered himself in a dark, tattered robe,
the kind the natives of the area wear. He rummaged through some personal items
and found a jeweled chest and took it with him.

The troops were ready by the time Kalevi finished. He stood before them
saying, "The time for battle is now. However, it has come to my attention that
most of you hold reservations about the struggle before us. Therefore I have
decided that you will serve only in a support role. I will go forward myself.
The rest of you will march to the demon lair and wait outside, killing or
capturing any demons should the opportunity arise."

With that Kalevi left the troops and began the short trip to the demon lair,
Story + alone. Upon reaching it, Kalevi pulled the hood of his robes up upon

He walked to the lair's entrance, coming upon a group of Dretch guardsmen.

The Dretch snarled as Kalevi heard what must be Abyssal seemingly coming from
within his own mind. Assuming the Dretch were inquiring into his presence,
Kalevi bowed slightly, holding up the gilded chest saying, "I bring a gift for
your master."

Apparently the Dretch approved and Kalevi walked forward into the lair. The
tunnel was dark, with only an occasional flicker of fire. At about eighty
meters, Kalevi saw two side tunnels as expected. He continued to walk inside,
reaching an opening. There before him sat the Hezrou commander on a raised
dais. Glancing around the room, Kalevi took a quick count, twenty-two Dretch
and two Vrock.

Walking before the Hezrou, Kalevi lowered his head. "I come paying tribute to
your mighty power," Kalevi said. A voice within him said, "Present it human!"
Kalevi raised the jeweled box before him, opening it up and revealing precious
jewels and gold. "Excellent!" the demon said telepathically.

Suddenly a massive roar of a dragon came rumbling through the tunnel. The mass
of demons all turned to the entrance. Telepathic messages bounced from demon
to demon. "We are under attack by a blue dragon!" "Send the troops!"

(to be continued)

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu May 23 20:49:28 2002

Subject  The Quest Part 4 (continued)

The demon's attention distracted, Kalevi reached within his cloak, pulling out
a stick no more than two feet long. Quickly he pressed a trigger, extending
the Spear of Pestilence to its full size. In a blink of an eye Kalevi jabbed
it up and forward, hitting the Hezrou commander mid chest. Two Dretch, on
either side of Kalevi, noticed what happened as the Hezrou cried out in agony
and rushed forward to attack Kalevi. Quickly Kalevi reached within his robes
and threw a knife at each demon, hitting each square in the head.

Kalevi then jumped up, grabbing the end of the spear as he went over the
Hezrou, pulling the spear out in an arching gash. Landing behind the Hezrou,
Kalevi thrusted the spear into the back of the commander's head.

Chaos ensured before him as he saw most of the demons pouring out the side
tunnels and heading outside the lair. Yet there were still twenty Dretch and
two Vrock to deal with within the chamber. Many rushed towards Kalevi. Kalevi
kicked the Hezrou down the dais, hitting one Dretch. Another reached Kalevi,
swinging a large sword. Kalevi blocked it with the staff of the spear and
countered with a slash across the demon's abdomen then kicked the Dretch off
the dais.

Then it happened. A Dretch moved forward towards Kalevi. Suddenly another
Dretch struck it down. The sight was repeated five times. A Vrock moved to
attack one of the Dretch responsible for killing a fellow demon. Kalevi threw
the spear, hitting the Vrock in its chest. The fight ensued, Kalevi killing
three more Dretch, while the remaining Vrock and tree other Dretch were killed
by the mysterious Dretch aiding Kalevi. Thus six Dretch and Kalevi remained
alone in the cavern.

"Excellent work," Kalevi said to the Dretch as all six began to slowly shift
into Sivak form.

Kalevi walked forward, exiting the chamber and through the tunnel, reaching
the plains before the demon lair, carrying the jeweled chest in one hand and
in the other the Spear of Pestilence crowned by Hezrou's head. The sight was
amazing. Numerous demons lay dead as Kalevi's troops surrounded the plain,
showing triumph on their faces.

About a dozen Dretch were being shackled. Before Kalevi's massive blue dragon
mount lay an unconscious Vrock. "Victory is ours!" Kalevi shouted as the
troops cheered.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Fri May 31 20:25:41 2002

Subject  The Quest Finale-The Tower of Takhisis

One week had passes since Kalevi was successful in assassinating the demon
commander who devastated the northern Khalkist Mountains. Having returned to
Khur with his forces and several captured demons, Kalevi noticed a profound
change in his troop's attitude. Doubt had been replaced by confidence. Now the
troops truly felt ready for battle.

As the news traveled of Kalevi's success, many in the Khalkist Mountains
expressed longing to join the army. While some merely made their intentions
known, all too many traveled to Fort Kortal where the growing army was
becoming too much for the facility.

Yet actions taken years ago were soon to bear fruit at a perfect time.

Obviously it was not just a coincidence, but part of a greater plan. Kalevi
sat in his meeting room, as usual accompanied by his dragon mount, Maelstorm,
in human form and his Sivak bodyguard. Before them spoke Kalevi's chief
architect, giving a progress report.

"The tower's construction has at long last approached completion. As per your
orders, sir, the facility was carved in the heart of the mountain near the
roadway where the roads to Neraka, Sanction, and Fort Kortal meet. We believe
the secret of its construction has been kept all these years since you first
ordered it upon obtaining the Crown of Takhisis. As far as outsiders know, the
only thing of any note about the area is that there is a village of miners and
farmers near the mountain. As requested the tower was literally carved from
the mountain ensuring the facility is more structurally sound than had it been
constructed from brick and mortar along the follow given guidelines."

"The walls enclose a square 3,000 feet wide. They are 30 feet tall and 15 feet
thick. There is a gate on the north and south side. At each corner and at
every 300 foot interval there is a raised platform 15 feet above the wall
walkway. Upon each platform is a combination ballista/catapult. Within the
walls is room for outdoor training, tents, storage, ect. An aquifer has been
constructed within the walls and is accessed through a number of wells within
the walls."

"The tower itself takes up the center of the complex at 600 feet wide. The
first seven levels make up the primary tower with each level 15 feet high. In
the very center of the tower lay a spiraling staircase from the first level to
the very top of the tower."

"The first level consists of a training facility made up of numerous mazes for
training during peaceful times, guard stations, and an access way to an
underground jail facility. There is a direct hallway from the east to west
gate leading to the central staircase. Should the tower come under siege
grates move in horizontally, integrating the direct hallway into the maze
system, allowing only one complicated pathway through the facility. Hidden
traps are also activated at this time."

"The second level consists of a large mess hall, kitchen, and food storage.

The third level consists of the main armory. The fourth and fifth level
contains barracks for the forces stationed at the tower. The sixth level
contains a grand meeting hall. The seventh level contains an expansive
library. The seventh level contains the tower's treasury."

"Though the tower nearly reaches the height of the High Clerist's Tower near
Palanthas, the bulk of the height consists of the secondary tower. It is
located in the very center on the primary tower. At 100 feet wide, the
majority of the secondary tower consists for the most part of the central
staircase and the tower's walls. Reinforcement beams are located throughout.

The outside wall holds in place innumerable 20 feet long spears with the last
5 feet being the multi-faceted spear points that spread out in various
directions, forming a protective network for the secondary tower. It is
impossible for even a small dragon to reach the tower with all spears in

(to be continued)

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Fri May 31 20:27:02 2002

Subject  The Queft Finale-The Tower of Takhisis (continued)

"Crowning the secondary tower are three additional levels. The lower one
contains the war and planning room. The middle level contains the lookout.

This room has numerous windows and provides an expansive view of the land for
miles around. The upper level contains your private residence, sir. All rooms
are in place: throne room, meeting hall, trophy room, library, bathroom, and
bedroom. The roof has been made flat to serve as an additional lookout.

Throughout the entire facility are numerous portals allowing for access to
different levels without having to use the staircase. This feature can be
disabled in the event of a siege."

"All that remains to be done is to remove the outer shell of the mountain that
has hidden the tower within." With that the architect finished. It was now
time. The actions Kalevi took so many years ago while he was Emperor of the
Dragonarmy now provided for a premier facility for the growing army of the
Knights of Takhisis. The troops would soon be moved there from Fort Kortal.
And thus the Tower of Takhisis came to be Kalevi's command center.

Author:  Kalevi
Date    Thu Jul 11 20:59:23 2002

Subject  A Journal Entry in "The Activities of Kalevi Darksaber"

Day of Luindai, 21st the Month of Corij

For the most part is has been a day filled with the normal activities. The
morning was filled with observation of the training activities of troops to
serve the Knighthood. I am impressed with the progress being made. Over time,
the core group of Khur soldiers have honed their skills as a true military
members rather than tribal warriors. It seems as if the training of soldiers
outside Khur has motivated the Khur to train harder as to not be left behind.

My daily inspections also serve their purpose in further motivating all
troops. Everyone knows I will not hold my tongue should I become displeased
with what I see. Being observed by me increases the necessity to do a good job
in training.

The afternoon proved somewhat different and quite interesting. After receiving
a report on the current affairs in Khur, of which I plan to keep influence on,
I decided it was time to visit the demons that were captured during the
assassination of the Hezrou demon commander. I have left the dozen Dretch
together as they prove little threat when not being led by a greater demon. On
the other hand, I considered the Vrock quite dangerous and have left it in
solitary confinement with numerous barrier spells to prevent any summoning of
demons. For all this time the demon had not seen a living soul.

The closest contact it has had was when food and water was slid into its cell.

Though spears are not my normal choice of weapon, I took the Spear of
Pestilence with me to visit the Vrock in hopes that it would trigger memories
of that fateful day its commander fell to my attack. I wore a fairly regal
cloak over my armor as to not show obvious defense lest the demon begin to
think I feared an assault by it.

I passed by the cell holding the Dretch first, looking in on them quickly.

Without a higher demon the seemed like mindless drones, walking around in
circles with little aim. I reached the Vrock's cell and opened it quickly,
then walking in slowly. The Vrock sat on the floor on the far wall, quickly
jumping up, as my presence was made known. For a glimmer of time it appeared
the Vrock contemplated attack but no actions were taken for reasons I can only
guess at.

I looked the demon straight in the eye and talked to it. I told it that it had
no hope of escape and should accept the fact that any attempt would only
result in its own harm, possibly at my own hands. I pointed out the obvious
fact that magic prevented it from summoning any demons. I ended by stating
that its only hope for even the possibility of release would be for it to
cooperate with my orders.

The demon failed to respond in anyway, sitting motionless and expressionless.

I did not expect much more than this. The seeds have been sowed though, it is
only a matter of time now

Author:           Kalevi
Date    Fri Oct 28 22:06:44 2005
Subject  Kalevi's Return

 Kalevi Darksaber.  It is a name that means a variety of things to 
different people.  For some, it brings to mind a title or function 
associated with him in the past: Grey Order Recruiter, Blue Dragon Highlord, 
Dragon Emperor, Lord of Knight, Lord of the Lily, Governor, or Lord of Doom. 
To others, the name brings a more vague concept: hero, warrior, leader, 
villain, or enemy.  Many who hear the name would associate little, having 
only the vaguest concept of who Kalevi is, thinking him a man, once 
important, now gone; maybe even doubting his very exist, thinking him more 
legend than reality.  Yet as time passes on, to most the name Kalevi 
Darksaber means absolutely nothing.   
It should be of no surprise however.  So many years ago, Kalevi withdrew to 
the lands he governed, sealing off their borders, isolating himself from the 
world outside.  Yet while he was isolated from the world, the world was not 
isolated from him.  Information flowed to him, sometimes in trickles, at 
other times in torrents.   
**Several weeks ago** 
"My lord," the young man said, bowing before Kalevi.  "I have returned with 
the latest news from the knighthood.  It seems that there is a great deal of 
change occurring.  Power continues to concentrate upon a family known as the 
House of Matar.  Specifically, their Baroness, Ayasana uth Matar, has risen 
through the ranks, becoming the Lady of Night.  The knighthood is becoming 
stronger, more united than it has been in quite some time.  Rumors of war 
persist throughout the land, specifically of the knighthood against the 
Solamnic Knights."   
"Thank you, you are dismissed," Kalevi said, speaking from his throne.  
Alone, Kalevi sat and contemplated what had been said.  "Much has changed," 
Kalevi thought to himself.  "I know nothing of this House of Matar, nor of 
Ayasana uth Matar.  New blood often is beneficial, renewing the vitality of 
the knighthood.  Yet to wage war against the Solamnics" Kalevi sighed, 
knowing what he had to do.  "If my experiences are even of small value, it 
is worth me returning to active duty within the knighthood."   
Thus came about Kalevi's Return.   

Author:           Kalevi
Date    Mon Nov 28 12:09:58 2005
Subject  An Evening at the Tavern (Part 1 of 2)

While many taverns are found in Neraka, one in particular draws a more 
"civilized" crowd.  Renown since the days of the Dragonarmy, it is a welcome 
place for old-timers and know-it-alls to trade stories and the latest 
gossip.  One night, not long ago:  
A man in walked in to the tavern, obviously exited.  "Have I news for you 
all; Kalevi Darksaber is back!"   
"You're too late," someone replied "that's already old news."   
The first man replied, slightly aggravated "Maybe so, but have you heard the 
details?  Lady Ayasana learned of Kalevi while going through some of the 
knighthood's archives.  After months of searching, she was able to track him 
down and asked that he return to the ranks."   
"Lady Ayasana didn't seek out Kalevi," someone replied.  "Kalevi sought out 
Lady Ayasana and after a long conversation, she has given him charge of the 
Lily Knights."   
Someone else jumped in the conversation, "I heard that Kalevi sneaked into 
Matar Manor and caught Lady Ayasana by surprise.  After that, she was so 
impressed she gave him leadership."   
"She was impressed from what I heard," came another's voice, "but Kalevi 
nearly got himself killed.  Jumped right in front of Lady Ayasana and before 
he even had a chance to speak, she had half a dozen people surrounding him, 
ready to kill him for the intrusion.  Lucky for him he was able to explain 
his reasons for doing it and she believed him."   
Another person said, "Kalevi did sneak into Matar Manor, but his intentions 
were to assassinate Lady Ayasana and take over the knighthood.  However, 
Lady Ayasana begged for her life as Kalevi's blade was at her throat and, 
after Lady Ayasana promised to give him leadership, Kalevi spared her life." 
"That can't be true, Kalevi wouldn't try to assassinate her!"  Someone 
"Why not?  After all, he was a member of the Dragonarmy, they played by 
different rules than the Knight of Takhisis do."   
An older man then spoke saying "Sure enough, Lord Kalevi was in the 
Dragonarmy, but was always different from others, even then he was quite 
honorable, so I doubt he would try to assassinate Lady Ayasana."   
"And what makes you such an expert on what Kalevi would or wouldn't do?"  
The other man replied, obviously offended at being corrected by the older 
"Because, unlike the rest of you around here that only know of Lord Kalevi 
from stories your parents or grandparents told you, I actually met him when 
I was a young man."  The older man paused, contemplating.  "I just realized, 
it's been some fifty odd years since I met Lord Kalevi, surely it can't be 
the same man, he should be dead by now."   
*To be continued*  

Author:           Kalevi
Date    Mon Nov 28 12:20:56 2005
Subject  An Evening at the Tavern (Part 2 of 2)

An excitement rushed through the air, as several people couldn't wait to 
share their explanations:  
"Kalevi isn't dead because he's immortal.  Long ago, while on a special 
quest, the great warrior Bramwell was able to drink the blood of the goddess 
Chislev herself.  His power increased and a flash of inspiration came upon 
him for a potion to make a person immortal.  He was able to create two 
potions, one for himself, and one for Kalevi, before the recipe disappeared 
from his mind."   
"That's not what happened.  Years ago, a mysterious dragon came from the 
depths.  Its body was made up of molten flames.  It terrorized the Solamnic 
lands and all fled from it.  But as it went east, approaching Neraka, Kalevi 
and Bramwell met it.  They asked for what purpose it dared to enter 
Dragonarmy lands, and the dragon replied destruction.  Angered by the 
response, Kalevi and Bramwell attacked the dragon.  The battle lasted quiet 
some time, but finally Kalevi landed the deathblow.  Blood spewed everywhere 
and ever since, Kalevi has not aged a day."   
"I've heard that story too, but that's not the reason Kalevi still lives.  
While he was Dragon Emperor, Kalevi had many of the clerics of Takhisis 
devote themselves to creating an anti-aging potion.  After years of work, 
they found success and Kalevi kept the potion for himself."   
"You're not quite right.  Kalevi does possess an anti-aging potion, but it 
wasn't the clerics of Takhisis that created it.  It was the Holy Order 
templar Virago who discovered the formula and gave it to Kalevi as a token 
of her friendship."   
"All of you are completely wrong.  The true secret is that during the 
leadership of Lord Danvighar, a crisis befell the Neraka region.  Demons 
opened a portal to our realm and terrorized the land.  The people feared the 
demons, and no one would stand up to them, not even Kalevi's troops.  Kalevi 
risked his own life to kill the Hezrou demon commander and in the resulting 
chaos, his troops killed all the demonsexcept for a dozen Dretch and a 
single Vrock.  Kalevi held that demons prisoner for months, interrogating 
them over and over until they finally gave up.  The Vrock helped Kalevi 
cross into the demon realm, where Kalevi spent quiet some time exploring, 
eventually discovering the secret to staying young."   
"You're missing the key point.  It is as you say, except Kalevi crossed into 
the demon realm with several of his own troops along with the now loyal 
Vrock and Dretch.  Kalevi started a great war within the demon realm, 
conquering its lands, killing many, while others turned to Kalevi's side, 
aiding in the war.  As Kalevi pressed on, the ruler of the demon realm grew 
fearful of being overthrown.  He dispatched an envoy to Kalevi, calling for 
a truce.  Kalevi accepted, securing his own land in the demon realm which he 
rules from a fortress."   
After a pause, someone asked, "What does that have to do with the fact that 
Kalevi isn't dead?"   
"Because when Kalevi is in the demon realm, time passes, but he ages at a 
different rate."   
"Fools you all are, the answer is simple.  Kalevi isn't human, he's really a 
A commotion ensured as multiple arguments arose as to whose story was right. 
After quite some time, things began to calm, until someone asked:  
"By the way, does anyone know what ever happened to Bramwell?"   
*The End*  

Author:           Kalevi
Date    Thu Dec  8 21:40:19 2005
Subject  Kalevi's Journal Entry

 The time is nearly at hand: war!  It was the main reason for my return 
to active duty within the Knights of Takhisis, yet I lack the sense of 
anticipation that borders on excitement that many around me have.   
I can barely explain the emotions I feel, even to myself.  Dread is too 
harsh a word as it implies fear.  Nor is hesitation proper as I am confident 
in all that I do.  Maybe the problem is that I seek a word that does not 
truly exist.   
The fact is, unlike those around me, I know war intimately.  It is not 
glorious, nor appealing.  War is ugly.  My mind, foreseeing things to come, 
causes me to already smell the stench of death.  Death: not just of enemies, 
but also of comrades, friends.  I know in the battles to come, there will be 
heroes on both sides, there will be noble actions and horrors beyond words.  
One might ask why I even bother with the war if I feel this way.  It is 
because I can not allow those evil hypocrites, the Knights of Solamnia, to 
prevail.  Since the beginning of time, Ansalon has seen struggle.  Above all 
was the struggle between the great Takhisis and the jealous Paladine.  
Fearful of her influence, he constantly led other gods to undermine her 
works.  Look at the ogres; a beautiful creation of Takhisis tainted by the 
other gods.   
Thus the forces that would call themselves good truly fight for their own 
self- serving power, not the protection of all.  I know the truth, that the 
Knights of Solamnia are murderous thieves who seek to control all of 
History has a tendency to repeat itself.  In another age there was a group 
who rose to power claiming to be the protector of good.  The expanded in 
power and struck out against those who would worship Takhisis or others.  
The Kingpriest of Istar single handedly led Ansalon to the Cataclysm.  The 
Knights of Solamnia are no different.   
The time is nearly at hand: war!  I have been pleasantly surprised by the 
dedication of my fellow knights, their willingness to accept me so quickly, 
to listen to my advice.  Much time has been dedicated to planning, to 
strategizing, to anticipate the enemy's moves.  We do not go unprepared.   
I do not look forward to this war, yet I yearn for the victory to come!   

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