The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kark.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a miniscule pocket book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kark' scribed in vibrant white ink.

Author:             Kark
Date    Fri Jul 28 21:24:17 2006
Subject  A new purpose

It happened one night, many years ago. During the Night of the Eye, a young
ogre was born in the northern Khalkist mountains. The event changed the
young ogre pup greatly. From a young age, the ogre could control the forces
around him in ways that baffled even the elders of the BoneGnasher clan.
Childhood was rough for poor Kark however, as ogres are not very tolerant
of things they do not understand. Kark could not yet control his abilities,
which only made him an easier target for the other ogres. On one
unfortunate occasion when his rage unleashed a lightning which burned his
enemies, the repercussions were great. Seeking revenge, the leader of the
bullies, a huge ogre by the name of Torask, cornered the young pup after
dinner the next night. Using a cracked thigh bone from the meal of roast
mutton, Torask viciously attacked Kark, gouging out his left eye. Torask
made the mistake of gloating before attempting to blind the ogre
permanently, laughing maliciously at the bleeding Kark. Fury like he had
never felt before welled up within Kark, and the next thing he knew, there
was a a great flash and a scream, and Kark was lying alone next to a large
pile of ashes. Realizing these things would continue unless he could learn
to control his powers. Gathering his things, Kark silently crept out of the
camp, and began his quest.


Living a life of solitude was very enjoyable for Kark. He was able to
concentrate on perfecting his magical talents without the interruptions of
loud curses and random beatings. Kark was getting very good at his spells,
and was overjoyed. Now at the age of maturity, Kark was ready to pay back
the ogres of his village. Kark patiently waited for the right time, and
when the black moon, Nuitari, was in high sanction, Kark descended on the
village with all his fury. Fireballs and lightning bolts rained from the
heavens, searing flesh and burning huts. Acid shot from Kark's hands,
melting skin and bleaching bones. In the end, only about twenty ogres were
still alive, though they would soon wish they weren't. In this small group
were Kark's parents, whom he did not really care for, but seeing as how
they gave him life, Kark felt he owed them the same. The others were
enthralled, slaves of the one they ridiculed and beat.


For a while, Kark ruled the northern Khalkists, enthralling those who got
in his way, or destroying those who refused to be enslaved. Life was good
for Kark, he had everything he everything he needed. Soon however, he
became bored. He began exploring, and realized there was much more magic
out there than he originally thought. As time progressed, Kark wandered
into larger and larger cities, finally ending up in Palanthas. Knowing how
to make himself invisble was a great asset in Palanthas, as an ogre would
be noticed fairly quickly. Wandering around the marketplace in Palanthas,
Kark found many magic shops with all sorts of amulets and talismans.
Knowing the power of magic, Kark knew that thievery would be out of the
question, yet some of these items cost a small fortune. Stumped, the ogre
walked around lost in his thoughts, until he stumbled across a small tavern
called the Rusty Rudder. Figuring he might as get a cheap drink before
attempting to figure out a solution to his current financial dilemna, Kark
squeezed through the doorway into the small tavern. Upon entering, he
noticed the long figure sitting at the bar. The ogre sensed a magical aura
around this man, though of a different sort than his own. He could not
understand what it was, but didn't give it another thought. Ordering a
large tankard of ale, the ogre sat in the darkest corner of the tavern. As
the ogre drank his ale and considered his problems, he heard the figure
mumbling to himself over and over.

His curiosity getting the better of him, Kark decided to eavesdrop. There
was something about this old man that intrigued him.
To be continued....

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