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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kavin.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Kavin' scribed in burnt brown ink.

Author:  Kavin
Date    Sat Nov 27 21:12:00 2004

Subject  in search ok....

the young man knew that he had to go north now that his mother was dead but he
couldn't even begin to guess where he should start with his fist step on
solamnic soil he shrugged his shoulders and set off from dock at newsea and
headed north in every village he showed them his amulet, a platinum disk
inlaid with a golden kingfisher in flight grasping roses and a crown.

the amulet like his armor and sword had belonged to his father a man who
didn't even have a name for him, his mother told him his father was a
honorable man but his uncle told him that he was a filthy human he often
wondered if his father was a filthy human what did that make him, his sword
still felt clumsy in his hands he had never had any formal training and the
armor was rusty but it, the amulet and a few pieces of steel were all he had
to his n his name, as he asked many people ignored him and even derided him he
did learn that the knights of solamnia were not very well liked in many places
even if they were respected he wondered where his father was and what his
family name was, was he too an honorable man or was he just another half
breed, at least he wasn't a bastard and his fathers death fighting the dragons
was heroic leaving the last village he jingled the few gold coins he had left
in his hand and decided he had better find some sort of work and it seemed
sell sword were always needed perhaps he could learn on the job

Author:  Kavin
Date    Mon Nov 29 13:58:43 2004

Subject  finding things.....

Kavin had improved his lot a little as he walked into solamnia and he came
across a city named gerighem, it was there he had managed to find a job with
the city guards, being on the frontier there was often a need for new recruits
he often asked people passing through the city about his medallion but got
little information, it was however in his nature to keep trying what disturbed
him the most was the sad state of human life they seemed to care so little for
themselves, polluting thier rivers with feces, and wallowing in thier own
filth, he was little impressed by his fathers people but every now and again
his patrol route would take him near the palace and he would see the Solamnic
defenders in thier shining armor and the knights would would ride through on
thier steeds and he knew that he was wasting his life here so after only six
months he resigned himself to wandering again and left gerighelm and began
making his way north he came to a sign that pointed in two direction one to
kalamaan and another to vingaard which path was right he was unsure he had
decided to sleep on it and make a decision in the morning it was perhaps this
decision that would affect his life the most finding a spot off the he made
camp and lit a small fire to accomodate his needs, it was then he heard the
horses they were speeding up the road he turned to see who was comming and
what he saw was a running fight with three hobgoblins in red chasing what
appeared to be a knight and fighting as they went, none of them had noticed
him yet so he crouched back into the bushes and as the fight passed his
location he lept  forward tackling one of the hobgoblins from his horseand
crashing down hard upon his fat body he heard a wooshing noise and the sound
of cracking ribs he knew the creature was down for the count, he the got up to
join the fight which had halted shortly down the road after his surpirse and
he saw another hobgoblin turning twards him with a largish mace in hand he
tried to dodge but the mace side swiped him in the jaw, he could taste his own
blood running into his mouth as he fell backwards blacking out.....

Author:  Kavin
Date    Mon Nov 29 16:46:22 2004

Subject  a new friend

when Kavin woke his face hurt horribly and as he tried to open his eyes he
found it hard because they were caked in his own blood, taking out his canteen
he washed his faceand tried to figure out what had happened that had kept him
alive he could see the horses milling about and there next to him was the
knight dead with a dagger in his back, but how could it have happened this
way, looking over the scene he saw one hobgoblin further up the road cleaved
nearly in two and another laying near him with it's arm hack off considering
the mace it was still clutching that must have been the one that had knocked
him out, and there on the road with his arm extended as if he had thrown
something was the last one the one that kavin had tackled but not finished he
looked at the knight and realised it was his fault that the knight, had
died...., he decided he had best return the corpse of the knight to his home
and roll the hobgoblins off the road working hard he looted the pockets of the
hobgoblins taking whatever coins and steel weapons they had upon them as they
would no longer need them and then he tied three of the horses in a string to
the knights steed and and then turned to deal with the body of the knight, as
he yanked the dagger from the knights back he almost fell over unconcious
again from shock as the knight let out a groan, could it be that he was not
yet dead?

rolling over the body he held his hand above the mouth to check if he was
breathing, shallow but it was there, working quickly he dragged the knight a
very young looking man almost a boy to the campfire and let tried to tend his

he knew he must reach the nearest town as soon as possible perhaps one of the
new clerics could help the young knight throwing him over the back of one of
the horses, he mounted the steed at the front and set off twards vingaard....

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