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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kayla.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Kayla' scribed in burnt red ink.

Author:    Kayla          
Date:      Sat Jan 30 15:41:12 2016
Subject     A New Keeper

Kayla sat cross-legged on the shallow reef, the coral biting into her legs as she moved in and out with the swells. It was a particularly turbulent night; a sign, her grandmother had said, of hard times to come for Palua's newest Keeper. Listening to her father, a Keeper like she was soon to be, Kayla had ignored her grandmother's superstitious ramblings. "Be water, she whispered inaudibly, "flowing with force." As the night wore one, the tide lowered, causing the waves to become more violent. The light of Solinari and Lunitari reflected off the sea's surface, distracting Kayla from the pain in her legs. She had trained her whole life to become a Keeper, and within a few hours, her dreams would be realized. The sun broke on the horizon at the exact moment she felt a hand touch her gently on the shoulder. It would be a Tender, here to take her to Habbakuk's temple for the final rites. "Come child, " the Tender whispered to her, barely audible over the crashing waves, "it is time." Kayla stretched out her legs, trying to work out the stiffness and pain, before standing up and following the Tender through the waist deep water. The entrance to the temple was marked by a vibrant growth of coral and the two slid easily into the short, submerged tunnel that led to the outer sanctum. The temple was lit by glowing glass orbs whose light reflected and swirled off the water. The two rose up into the outer sanctum, the light of the orbs dancing off the water that dripped down their bodies. Before them stood the Patra, the Head Keeper, and his wife Lana, the Head Tender. Kayla and the Tender approached Patra and Lana and stopped a few paces before them. The Tender continued forward and ceremoniously handed the trident she was carrying to Lana. "I have watched Kayla endure the ocean's heartbeat from sunrise to sunrise, " the Tender stated, head bowed, as she handed the trident to Lana, "she has passed the last of the tests." Lana took the trident from the Tender, no emotion showing on her face. "The hardest test still remains. For while many can fulfill the physical requirements, it is with the oath of devotion that few succeed." Lana stated plainly. She held the trident of coral confidently in her hand as she looked Kayla up and down. "Are you ready to take that oath Kayla?" Kayla, her emotions in check, nodded once to Lana. "Begin." "From the sea I come and when I pass the sea will take me back. Until the sea takes me back, it will challenge me and sustain me. As Abbuku watches over us, I will watch over his, until the sea takes me back. May the sea take me back if I fail." Kayla stated confidently. Lana waited a few moments after Kayla had finished, then handed the trident to her husband. Patra took the weapon and, with it, beckoned Kayla forward. Kayla approached and kneeled before him. "Beyond this sanctum is Abbuku's gift to the people of Palua. That gift keeps the waters around Palua safe. We Keepers give up that safety to ensure others must not. You have given your oath. If you take this weapon, your life is not your own, but a servant of Palua." Patra stated. With a quick gesture, he drove the trident into the sand and stepped back. Kayla embraced the tingling under her skin and the excitement in her heart as she reached out for the trident. As her fingers closed around its shaft, Patra and Lana smiled. "Welcome, Keeper Kayla, " Lana said warmly. "It has been a long time coming, but we know you will make your family and the Sea Lord proud." Kayla rose to her full height confidently, holding back the emotion inside her.

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