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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kessa.

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Author:  Kessa
Date    Sun Apr 21 12:31:52 2002
Subject  The Queen's Task

"Our whole world is coming undone girl, why fight it?"The cleric's last words
were spent as so, not with fear or in some plea, but as if nothing was lost to
him. Kessagrowled at the cleric's deathly stare, a still silence as the body
already lost its spirit within.

"You've lost your faith, holyman.. we are not all lost, my Queen will rule
beyond this threat from the Devil Prince." Yet Kessa was shaken by the clarity
and certainty in his voice, and even her weapon of choice didn't glowwith the
same commanding essence from her victory. Shrugging off the oddities of this
kill, Kessa still reacheddown to grip the staff carried by the faithless cleric.

"A shame it came to this.." Kessa placed one foot on the staff and pulled
up swiftly, snapping it in half. "I wouldn't have to take so much from you."

Kessa waited patiently, her eyes closed as she used the time to rest. She had
not slept for nearly three days and itwas starting to show. Still, standing now
in the temple of her Queen soothed her somewhat. The cool and darkenedroom
offered no noise and from here, she swore if she called to Takhisis, her Queen
would appear and blesshere, as if Kessa could feel Takhisis' presence.

"Are you ready?"The yellow-glazed eyes opened themselves in quickness as an
inner voice reprimanded Kessa for slipping off there inher thought. Nodding
quickly to the newly entered priest, Kessa removed the collected items from her

"Yes, I have brought what I could find.. I admit it is not a--"The priest raised
his hand swiftly to stop the speech of the woman, "Another has brought that
which you could not."Kessa furrowed her browed, slightly confused and a bit
shocked to know another was put at HER own personal task. Butthis was put aside
as the new body entered the room, Decred Haurkon, soon Knight of Takhsis. Kessa
could not helpgrin.

"So you decided to join after all."Decred's stare met Kessa's grin, and he
simply stated in a strict voice, "I had gained proper permission to assist your
quest. The priest has the items I had personally acquired, I am simply here to
observe and report back to my superiors."Smirking, Kessa nodded all too
well-knowing that he saw this as another duty, "Well, thanks for your help

"Shall we begin?" The priest stood ready, moving to seemingly simple statue of
the Mother of Krynn. "The Queen

will pleased with your minor success no doubt. Let us not keep her
waiting."Nodding, Kessa moved to the entrance of the room passing by Decred with
a small wink, "Be prepared to meet our

Queen dear.. and remember, no stealing my spotlight!" Standing at the entrance
of the room, Kessa snickered softly and closed the doors to the small room as
the priest began to chant.

Author:  Kessa
Date    Wed May  1 02:07:09 2002
Subject  New Prize

With a quick swing of her arm, the cut was deep enough to fall the orc. Yet as
she turned around to face thesecond orc, she already knew she was too late. The
loud grunts of the orc came rushing upon her as it finished its}x charge and
brutely smashed into her. In no form of defense, and already wearied from having
to drop the others ofthis group, Kessa felt the overwhelming weight and pain
surge into her body before everything become black. The orcnow standing atop the
defenseless woman grinned down to the girl.

"Only one of us stand, but now you will make a prize for me!" The orc slowly
paused as he looked down, oddly as hissubdued 'prize' still clutched onto her
weapon, "What is this toy you used?"Reaching down to grab the shard of seeming
glass from her hand, the orc quickly recoiled from the first touch. Theshard
began to glow a filthy grey, than a quick burning black. Suddenly without
warning, Kessa woke from herdefeated slumber and sprung to her feet, driving her
weapon deep into the orcs throat. The yellow-glazed wolfeyes flickered coldly at
the already dying victim.

"I belong to NO one!" The words came out harshly and coldly as Kessa felt blood
over her hand, but it was not theorc's, it was her own. The shard bit so deeply
into her skin as she gripped it, yet it felt right in her hands. Theother free
hand reached to the orc's neck and snapped off his neck-chain, holding it with a
grin as she alsoretrieved her shard from his throat as his eyes became lifeless.
Calming her nerves, she loosened the death grip onher weapon, breathing slower
as she looked around for any other signs of danger and than finally set her eyes
on herown prize. Eyes closed and senses relaxed reasonably well after her last
kill, she began to speak slowly the words ofactivation, and the neck-chain
showed the results. Opening her eyes, she read the inscription on the back. A
dark smilegrew on her face as she tucked the neck-chain away. "Soon my Queen, I
will show the world the truth of your word."

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