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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kestren.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Kestren' scribed in unearthly grey ink.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Tue Dec  4 00:19:28 2001

Subject  An act of courage? or an act of insanity?...

A bright light entered Kestren's Prayer Room, as he knelt upon one of his
thick silk pillows, praying to Solinari for guidance.

"Wha?...Solinari?...Is that you m'lord?..."

The light condenses into a thin beam, and before Kestren now stands the
grand form of the God of Good Magic, Solinari.

"Hello Kestren...It is good to see the mages have not forgotten prayer. I am
glad you still remeber where your magic comes from"

"I think it is time for the magic of the Light to contribute to the
salvation of Krynn. I have a request to make of you, but I will understand if
you refuse."

"I will do anything you ask m'lord...anything. I am not afraid to die for the

"It is time I contributed my magic to our cause. I have decided to bless you
with a spell of your chosing, to enhance your ability to combat the evil that
threatens the Art...what would you chose?"

I stood dumbfounded. I had been offered a gift of unimaginable opportunity. I
could ask mylord for any spell. What would I ask? What could I do?...

With a deep sigh I stood up straight and looked my lord in his swirling white
and silver eyes. I knew I must use this opportunity to strike against the
forces of Takhisis. No matter the preil.

"My lord, is there a way you could place an illusion upon me to hide my true
nature from our enemies? A way to appear as one of them, or perhaps to confuse
theier eyes altogether?"

Solinari nods solemly and clasped his hands together, and after closing his
eyes, he opened them, revealing a brilliant white vial of silver liquid. He
handed me the vial and bowed slightly.

"drink this potion moments before you need it, it will cause all who look
directly at you to see you as one of thier own. Any who do not look directly
upon you will dismiss you as a person of no importance. Do not misuse this
gift Kestren..."

I placed the vial gently within a loop in my belt, and when I looked up to
thank my God, he was gone. I sighed deeply, knowing what I had to do. It was
time to find out once and for all the strength of Takhisis' forces...

It was time to head toward Neraka...Perhaps Takhisis would be too busy to
notice a single human who did not belong in Neraka, perhaps she will. Either
way it was time to stop using others, and placing them in danger, to gain
useless information.

I left my Prayer Room, gathered my things and walked out of the tower, with
Talon on my shoulder toward Neraka. It was time to do what should have been
done long ago...

(To Be Continued) ...

Author:  Kestren
Date    Tue Dec  4 01:39:58 2001

Subject  An act of courage? or an act of insanity?...(Part 2)

It seems I walked for years. I thought of my family, and friends. My mages,
and magic. My dreams and hopes. I thought of everything I would lose if I
failed in my mission. I thought mostly of Death...

I thought of all this, and I smiled. None of this compared to the glory and
honor bestowed upon my by my god Solinari. I was chosen. Everything I had to
lose was nothing compared to what I had to Gain. Life or Death, I was content.

I arrived in the valley outside Neraka soon after dark, using a personal spell
of invisilbility to sneak past the simple bandits and cratures of the area.
Neraka was in sight. I walked on.

After a slow walk, I arrived within sight of Storm's Keep. My destination. My
destiny. It stood there in front of me, a massive fortress and KoT strnghold.
Dragons swirled in the skies above it.

After barely illuding scouts and sentries, I arrived at the Keep. With a deep
sigh and prayer to Solinari I took the potion and quaffed it. It was time to
test my faith.

I walked out from the shadow right at the gates, trying to to look directly at
the guards. I almost turned and ran, but some inner strength kept me walking
foward. Next thing I knew I was past them and thru the gate.

I could feel the effects of the powerful spell coursing thru my veins, but
with every glance and look from a knight i could feel the spell eweakening. I
had to act fast...

I managed to notice a few large, elaborate building up ahead, and i quickly
headed toward them. The masses of knights that swarmed around me horrified me.
The knights forces were massive.

I could see small units practicing thrusts and parries in small arenas, along
with Skull and Thorn Knights practicing spells against practice dummies and
slaves. This was not good.

I passed a few officers, but nothing of extreme rank to notice my attention. I
decided to avoid the dragon stables, I was unsure if thier ancient magic could
see thru my illusion.

I had arrived as a luxurious building, and entreed quickly, feeling the magic
as is was close to ending. With a quick scan i found a large room, filled with
war maps and stratagies. In it, also, I came face to face wit I had arrived as
a luxurious building, and entreed quickly, feeling the magic as is was close
to ending. With a quick scan i found a large room, filled with war maps and
stratagies. In it, I came face to face withe Dragon HighLord Danvighar.

Before me stood the Commander of the Knights of the Lily, and the general of
this war...and my illusion was fading fast. I quickly cast a few spells of
protection upon myself, covering myself in armor and strengthening my

This alerted the Highlord immediately. A knight casting spells? He drew his
sword and growled at me...and it was then that the illusion ended. I stood
ready, scimitar in hand, to send the armies of Takhisis into chaos...

I have no taste for blood, but if the death of this man would save the life of
my mages or the innocents of Krynn, then so be it. The battle was engaged.

My inferior skills with the sword only lasted roughly 3 strikes before
Danvighar drew blood. With a snarl I threw out my other hand, acid streaming
out from my fingertips, covering his hands.

The acid caused him to drop his sword, but almost as fast as it fell, he drew
out a second sword from a shieth on his back. He began to attack again.

With a few lunges and thrusts I was cut and bleeding again. I needed a way to
end his attack before it was too late. I had to get  something between us.

With a deft dive i came up from behind a desk with a blast of frozen water
aimed at the Highlords feet. The water knocked his feet out from under him,
and he fell hard on his side. Before he could rise I launched another stream
of acid at him.

The acid covered his breastplate, burning thru it, and as the Knight stood he
quickly tore off his breastplate before the acid could reach him. By then my
scimitar had slashed across his exposed chest twice.

(To Be Continued)

Author:  Kestren
Date    Tue Dec  4 01:53:51 2001

Subject  An act of courage? or an act of insanity?...(Part 3)

The Highlord stood agast, as his gaze shifted between myself and the wounds
upon his chest. Mortal wounds if not treated immediately. I myself fell to my
knees in exhustion. My arm and thigh bleeding badly.

I stood slowly and walked over to the Highlord, who sat weakly against a wall,
intending upon ending his life quickly and mercilessly. I did nto wish this
man to suffer the death of a stomach wound.

As I raised my scimitar to end his life the door to his room burst open, and 4
elite guards entered the room. Each one wore the armor of the Highlords
honorguard, and each held two longswords, covered in venom.

It took them a second to scan the room between myself and the fallen Highlord,
but after that moment they charged me with swords raised. I had only moments
to react. One spell, and four Knights.

Without thought my hands shot out, and a thick cone of ice and snow shot from
my hands, pummeling the charging knights and blinding them momentarily. I took
that opportunity to escape.

With the cone of frost slowing and almost freezing the knights I pulled a
pouch from my belt and opened the contents out onto my hand. With a word and a
sprinkling of the powder II managed to recall myself to my personal prayer

I fell immediately upon the table, bleeding profusely. I could feel myself
loosing conscienceness, but I knew it was better to be here then wher eI just
stood, a pin cushion to the eight blades of the honorguard.

Perhaps I would survive the ordeal...perhaps not. Either way I had not failed
my Lord Solinari or my mages.

I had struck a blow for Solinari, and for the armies of the Light. I could
close my eyes forever, and I would close them with a smile...

Kestren Bloodstream, High Archmage of the Order of White Robes.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Fri Dec 21 02:00:32 2001

Subject  an Unnatural encounter

It was late in the evening. I had been in my study for days it seemed. Im not
sure why but i felt the need to get out...away. Search the forest and walk
thru the trees alone. To think.

I stepped into my prayer room, and brought up a portal. I shifted from image
to image, untill i came upon a peaceful looking image of a small village just
outside of the High Clrist Tower.

It seemed quiet and peaceful, and hopefully remote enought not to recognize
the High Archmage of the White Robes. I stepped thru quickly and breathed
deeply the crisp night air.

I could hear mothers calling for children, farming hearding livestock into
fences for lockup, and laughter and sings comming from the local tavern. It
was so simple here.

I removed my sandals and walked thru the talk grass and sat down against a
large oak tree. I lowered my hood and leaned back against the tree with a
relieved sigh.

I closed my eyes and smiled. This was a wonderful break from the rigorus life
of a mage. No worries, and no cares. Just life. Beautiful life. I had hoped to
catch a sunset. Something I hadnt seen in a long time.

It took me a while to realize there was still a mother yelling for her child,
well after the others had stoped. Her voice was growing frantic by the moment.
She was growing increasingly worried, it was bvious.

I stood slowly, and walked to where the yell was comming from and spotted the
frantic woman as i rounded a corner. "Jessie!" She called, oout over and over.
I approached her slowly with my hands out and open, showing her i meant no

She noticed me for a moment before she began yelling again, and it took a
moment for her to speak to me when i hailed her. Her child was in fact
missing, and it had been an hour since she had seen her.

I asked the woman if she would allow me to use magic to loacte her, and the
woman agreed. I placed a hand on her head to find a mental image of the girl,
in order to locate her more easily. I turned and opened a portal that would
take me to her.

I told the woman i would return with her daughter and stepped thru the
portal....I was not prepared for what i found on the other side. Im not sure
anyone would have been.

(To be Continuatedlyextended)

Author:  Kestren
Date    Fri Dec 21 02:15:55 2001

Subject  An Unnatural Encounter (Part Duex)

The little girl was screaming. I could hear her though the large form blocked
her from view. All over the clearing were corpses. Children mostly, but a few
adults as well. All of them looked pale and sickly.

As i looked closly at the corpses i saw no cuts, wounds, gashes, or
bruises...only two small circular bleedng wounds upon thier necks. A shiver
ran thru my body as i knew what i had come across before the dark form even
turned around.

I grit my teeth, determined to save the child, and end the life of this vile
abomination. I would have traded my spellbook for a fine cleric at the time,
but it seems this would be a task I wouldundertake on my own.

I needed to gain the creatures attention, but I was worried about the girl, so
with a flick of my wrist i sent a single magic missle at the dark form,
striking his shoulder.

He turned quickly with a snarl, and my suspicion was confirmed, as his fangs
could be seen clearly. The shock however was the armor the creature wore.
Black platemail adorned with the mark of a Knight of the Thorn.

The shock nearly cost me my life. Not expecting a magic user i was ill
prepared defensivly, and the seconds of shoick were enough for the Thorn to
aim a fireball my way.

I dove to my left, thankful i had removed my sandals, giving me traction upon
the slick grass. I could feel the massive heat heating my back, but couldnt
worry about that now. I came up on a quick roll, a spell on my lips.

I released the stream of heated water from my fingers, but rather than aim at
the vampire, i instead chose to heat and soak the ground benieth him. I then
charged hard with my scimitar drawn and burning brightly.

I had heard about the ability for the undead to resist magic, so I knoew i had
to battle this one as my father had done so long ago, with my sword and my
wits. Using spell only to enhance myself. The Knight draw a fine blade himself
and grined.

It was time to see how much of my father was truely in me, and how well I had
been training...

(To Be Continuatedlymadelonger)

Author:  Kestren
Date    Fri Dec 21 02:53:00 2001

Subject  An Unnatural Encounter (Part Trios...Three if your curious)

The Knight was well trained and it was obvious in the quick parries and feints
he exectued, but I was better. If I were not I would have been dead already,
this was no ordinary knight.

This was an undead vampire, one of the most powerufl of all undead. His
strength was incredible, and his speed matched only by the spell of haste i
had upon myself. If my sepll faded, my life was forfeit.

Round after round we fought, circling slowly looking for openings. The clang
of metal bacme almost one loud sound, the exchanges were so fast.  I was
fairing well but for how long? I managed to circle him to put him between
myself and a large tree. With another flick of my wrist i sent a small ball of
fire at the knight. He laughed as he ducked it easily, but his grin quickly
faded as the tree caught fire.

He was also now standing on the heated, soeaked ground from my earlier blast
of water, and his feet began to slip and his defenses fell. I landed several
cuts along his ribs and was sure this fight was over. Almost.

With a cackle he crouched and sprang strait up into the air, floating above
ground laughing insanely at me. This was far from over. It would have to be a
magicla battle afterall.

I quickly shiethed my scimitar and with a quick few words i was floating as
well, and after a few more words my hands became covered in flame. My magic
might mot be very effective but fire was fire...and this was a vampire

He darted at me, his sword put away but his long claws extended and aimed at
my throat. I dodged barely but he managed to grasp my claok and send my
sprawling into a tree, i landed hard upon the ground.

I stood up, shaking my head to clear it, and looked up. He was comming at me
again. I allowed him to think me injured and slowed untill he got near and at
the last moment dove at him, instead of away, wrapping my arms around his

I placed my hands, still covered in flame, upon his face. He screamed in pain
as the fire burned his face and eyes, and drove his claws into my ribs. The
same spot where the Dragon Highlord had wounded me.

I cried out in pure agony as his claws reopened the deep wound. Damn me for
not healing completely. I was almost blinded by the pain but knew the pain
would become death soon if I did not recover. I let go quickly and dropped to
the ground.

I quickly drew my scimitar, and before the knight could recover i drove it
into his chest, it exploded thru his back, causing the creature to scream in
utter agony.

I pulled the sword out and fell back on my back from weakness, praying that
wound would end the knight. I could not fend off any more attacks. To my
relief the creature began to seemingly dissolve into smoke.

I stood slowly and limped toward the young girl who was still screaming as she
fiercely hugged a tree. It took a moment but the girl soon turned and clung to
me and witha few words I raised the portal back to her mother.

I fell as I emerged from the portal, and the girl ran over to her mother,
hugging her as tight as possible. The woman hugged her daughter but soon
stopped and came over to help me. I stood on my own, wincing painfully and
told her i was fine.

With a word I was back inside my room within the tower, bleeding profusely and
leaning weakly upon my table, as I had done before after my encounter with the
Dragon Highlord.

I called quickly for Tarantel and bid him summon a cleric. My vision was
blurring and I soon fell onto one of my many pillows, unconscious.

It seems thre would be no rest for the High Archmage of the Order of White
Robes...And at least I knew what to expect within the Tower.

(OOC: the thorn was Vinzentius, i PKed him...we was fun...THE END)

Kestren Bloodstream, High General of the Stormtrooper Armies.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Sun Jan 20 01:15:24 2002

Subject  It must be done.

I approached the outskirts of Solace. The town was slowly recovering from the
occupation of the Knights of Takhisis, but it seemed they would indeed

I walked randomly throughout the city, smiling broadly as children played
games of stickball, and the elder women spun wool and thread into beautiful
cloathing. Perhaps these people would forget the horrors that so recently
plagued this place.

I could smell the wonderful potatoes from the Inn, and the laughter and
happiness of the townsfolk made my decision easy for me. What happened to this
place so recently will not happen again. By Solinari it will not.

I noded solemly to myself and headed toward the city hall. After a few
inquiries i managed to find the Lord Mayor at his desk, sighing scrolls, and
dictating letters to his aides.

I introduced myself calmly, and after much unneeded bowing and welcoming the
aides left and i sat down with the Lord Mayor to talk. He asked to what he
owed the "honor" of my visit, and after calming the man I soon told him why i
had come.

I gave him my heartfelt sympathies for the plight of his people, and my
apologies for his losses. He thanked me and seemd to sigh a little in pain at
the thought, but soon again we spoke of my reason to visit.

After inquiring to the cities current defenses, and the Lord Mayors obvious
worries of thier lacking were made clear I finally gave him my true purpose. I
was offering the protection of the entire Order of White Robes for his city.

Needless to say he was shocked. He stammed over questions and babbling
confusion finally claimed him as he sighed and slumped happily into his chair.

I sighed as i felt it my obligation to tell him my otehr reasons for such
action. I told him that the last occupation of this city bothered me greatly,
for the army of the dark queen was FAR too close to my Tower in Wayreth.

I told him plainly that while i truely wish to see the people of Solace live
in peace, my con cern for my Tower, and the art came 1st, and that this tower
would be too easy a staging point to attack the tower, therefore i wished it

I think the Lord Mayor understood this. He noded and told me he would
appreciate any help for his people, no matter the alterior motives. He said he
dispised the Solamnic and Wildrunner "occupation" due to thier warlike ways.

I told him my mages were peaceful men and women of compassion, and that we
would not be a police force for the city, but rather Guardians against any

He quickly stood from his chair and grasped my hand, shaking is fiercely and
thanking my whole heartedly. I smiled at the weary man and promiced to do all
I could to see his city live in peace again. One day war will not be a worry
of his people.

With a slight bow i left his office and proceeded to walk again throughout the
city. With each new smile and laugh i heard, with each new hug and kiss the
people of solace shared with each other i knew i had made the right decision.

This town was now under the protection of the Guardains and the Order of
White Robes. With a quick word i returned to my room within the tower to begin
th e preperations. Not only was this for the citizens of Solace, but for my
Mages as well.

Perhaps it is time for Tarantel to undertake an assignment to truely test him.
I will have to leave this city in good care...I wish I could be here to guard
it myself...but I have other things to do...

It is time my Order took its place within this war. It is time we do what must
be done...

Let the dark forces think twice before crossing my Order, and may Solinari
light our way.

Kestren Bloodstream, High Archmage of the Order of White Robes.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Tue Jan 29 15:45:55 2002

Subject  A Daring Move...

I had spent 2 full days deep within the spell. I could feel the moisture
gathering as the fog thickened. Soon it would enough to render thethe archers
and war machines of the city useless. Soon it would be time.

My allies had been digging for days, and word had arrived that they were
nearly under the right area of the city. The falcons had reported the blue
dragons had left, rendered useless by the fog. It was time.

I positioned my hired mercinaries along the southern plains, along with the
hobgoblins that had been so easy to charm. The falcons we all given word to be
ready, and the giants had been told thier part.

At my signal, all hell was unleashed. A small gate opened before me and i send
an apprentice thru to Kaeptakus with the word to attack. He did. The dragons
flew overhead and wit hits breath signaled for the army to attack.

The giants charged 1st, launching boulders at the walls, then crashing
shoulder 1st into the gates, shattering them. The falcons, each one holding a
flamable vial in its claws flew overhead dropping them onto the defending

The mercenaries and hobgoblins charged into the city like a flood of death,
the defenders notified of attack at the last moment were dying quickly. The
dwarves had entered the city opposite the gate and were butchering the evil

The forces inside, unsure of who and what was comming for them could only
stare and cring in fear as the great dragon roar from above froze them in
place. It was only the horns of retreit that woke them.

I growled as the first Thorn began to cast spells. I could feel the distorted
magic being used, though I was far off in the hills. I began to head towardthe
city, wanting to deal with them personally.

I was seathing as i entered the gates, but calmed as i watched them flee thru
gates of magic. Apparently the only thing Thorn magic is good for is escape.

The attacking forces all cheered. Victory was ours! I ushered a few commands
to my forces. Giants began to gather supplies for defending the city, and I
sent the hobgoblins off to search the city for remaining enemies, while the
mercinaries posted watches.

I quickly ordered my apprentices and initaites to cover the standing walls
with glyphs of warding and preparing defensive spells, as i sat down quickly
to cast.

I had shielded off the city from portal magic, if escape was needed at a later
time, the dwarven tunnel will suffice. The Thorn did leave thru magic, but Ill
be damned if they would re-enter the same way.

After a few hours of rebuilding and refortifying, I sent a message by falcon
to Tarantel, telling him of the victory and of my plans currently. It would be
days before the city was at full defensive ability again, but for now...... Mine!

Kestren Bloodstream, High Archmage of the Order of White Robes.

Author:  Kestren
Date    Thu Dec 26 18:21:18 2002

Subject  End Game

You cannot see the game you are all caught in. I can.

You cannot see the strings that hang from your back. I can.

You do not see the board that you walk upon as Pawns of your petty, childish
Gods. I can.

I was once a Pawn, as you all are. I once danced to the whims of a petty God.
I too once obeyed and followed orders without question. I even once killed and
sacrificed the lives of others for the puppetmaster who called himself a God.
No more.

My strings have been cut. I see the truth. I see the game you are playing for
your Gods.

I watch you move and position, plot and scheme all in the name of this vile
game of slaves.

Soon this game will end. Soon I will end it.

This is a warning to the "devout" Pawns of those petty and selfish creatures
you call Gods.

If you encounter me. Leave. If you threaten me. Pray. If you anger me. Make
peace with yourself.

... For I will end your life. I will remove you from the game.

If you wish to see the truth, simply ask me. If you wish to truly be free, I
can show you how.

If you wish to make choices that are truly your own, then I can make that

If you do not... Well, for your sake, I hope that is not the case.

Your lives mean more than simply oberdience and devotion to a God who cares
nothing of you.

Do not waste this life you are given.

Kestren Bloodstream, Assassin of Pawns.

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