The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Khayman.

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Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Khayman' scribed in vibrant brown ink.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Thu Jan  2 07:11:02 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part i): Leaving Zhan

Khayman stood in the center of his study. He looked around him, making sure
that everything was accounted for. He was planning to be away for a long time
and he didnt want to leave anything important behind. He had stayed away from
Ansalon for too long. Now was the time to return there, to live with the
people of Ansalon.

He would not be leaving the Wildrunners. He was still keeping his links to
them and would still work towards protecting life, but now it would be life on

Khayman was looking forward to going back. Of course he had been back many

But it was always to do something. All the times he had visited ansalon since
dedicating his life to Nature, it was with a specific goal in mind: To speak
to a certain person; To find a certain item; To gather spell components; To
help fight the clan's enemies; To gather information. But never to just be
there, live there.

But now he would return. Turning his attention back to te room, he looked
through his book-shelf once again. He didnt want to miss anything. Of course
he had his diary of notes on moon magic that included some basic knowledge he
had gained from a white robe long ago. And he never went anywhere without
Taurenthalas' spell book.

And of course, his compilation on herbs and other spell components.

Looking though is trailpack again, he checked that everything was there, yet
he couldnt help feeling that there was something missing. He heaved a great
sigh and picked left the room. No use wasting his last few hours worrying. He
would spend with his friends and loved ones. Of course they would see each
other alot but it wouldnt be the same as living together, always just next

And so he took off. Many suspected it might have something to do with
Chislev's abandoning of his once-fosterling, and good friend Snefru. Of course
it was true that he wanted to meet with him again and maybe discuss how things
are on Krynn.

After all, Snefru was a lot moe familiar with Ansalon than he. He had
travelled there a lot both alone and with others. But that wasnt the whole
reason. It was was probably alot of different reasons, but the important thing
was, he had to go back.

(OOC) Ok, so basically i am going to be travelling around Krynn. The idea is
i am finally done with exams and i want to rp. For a while, i will be posting
stories and depending on where i am in the stories, i will set my title. IF
you are in or near my IC location, please feel free to let me know so we can
rp a little.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Thu Jan  2 07:14:26 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part ii): The Temple of Chislev

Khayman emerged from the portal and took in a deep breath. His nose twitched
and he had to scratch it. 'The air's not too clean,' he thought, 'guess
i'll have get used to it.' He shrugged and was on his way to visit the great
temple that had been built to honor Chislev. Walking away from the portal he
looked around for the trail that he had been told about. It wasnt long before
he was walking down a secluded trail, through very overgrown plants. Soon he
emerged in a small clear- ring. He couldnt miss the the unusual moss-coverred
rock formation. Searching as he had been instructed, he eventually found the
hidden entrance.

Khayman emerged from the passageway and just stood there transfixed. The sight
that met his eyes was awe-inspiring, to say the least. The entire inside of
the cavern was made up of quartz, kept clean and shining in glistened in the
light of tiny well placed globes of light. As he began to accept the sight,
his attention turned towards the centerpiece: an enormous plant with curling
vines and huge leaves.

What was so special about it was that there were people being moved up and
down on these leaves to landings further up along the way. Khayman stopped a
priest as he passed. It was someone who's face he rememberred. Perhaps a
priest who had visitted Zhan. Or a friend of one of his brethren.

They spoke for a while about the new temple. The priest was clearly excited
and insisited on showing Khayman around the new temple. The tour took several
hours, as it was quite an enormous place. There was a hostel for visiting
worshippers as well provisions and a treasury of donations to the temple. It
was quite an accomplish- ment really. After taking the tour and then being
shown a room, Khayman sat down to decide on his plans while he waited for
dinner. By the time the yound altar boy came around, he had decided to spend
some time at the temple to worship and, hope- fully, to meet other

(OOC) yup, you guessed it. Anyone who happens to be visisting the temple of
Chislev ICly, please come speak to me.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Sat Jan  4 11:00:12 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part ii): On the Way to Solace

The Wild Mage was glad to be back on the road. He had spent quite some time in
the Temple of Chislev. He spoke with many worshippers of Chislev as well as
many others who were just there as a form of pilgrimage. These he tried, along
with the priests, to guide to the path of Nature. It was nice to meet many
other worshippers of Chislev that werernt Wildrunners. It was nice to see that
all sorts of races can have a love of nature. OF course he listenned alot
asking anyone who knew about the conditions of the forests of Ansalon. There
was other news as well. Most notably was that of the supposed Heathens in the
areas around Solace.

It was after several days of this that Khayman decided it was time to be back
in the outdoors. And here he was, smelling the fresh mostly fresh air of
Ansalon. Ah..

on the road again. He headed in the general direction of Solace. He had been
moving along a generally eastward path. Occasionally he would take a detour to
visit some location he rememberred or an inn that he was fond of. It was
generally a very liesurely trip. He was taking his time, meeting people,
speaking with them, hearing their stories. He travelled for a day or two with
a group of travellers that were headed in his direction. There were 2 men and
a woman that seemed to be from solace and the surrounding area and a man from
the plains. He was headed to Solace for supplies, the others were returning
because they had heard word of trouble brewing just south of Solace in a small
town called Arignat.

It was the last leg of Khayman's trip for now, as he planned to stay at he Inn
in Solace for a while. He had friends there that he needed to get back in
touch there and there were some things at the mage shop awaiting his
inspection. Oh, and he had to admit, he did miss the famed spiced potatoes, as
much as they did give him heartburn everytime he ate at the Inn. Yes, he was
lookign forward to the stay in Solace.

(OOC) Well, i made it to Solace. This is for anyone in solace, i will
probably be be in the Inn. feel free to tell me if you want to rp. For those
doing the Heathen rp, if you want to include me fell free. If this doenst
coincide with your rp then that's cool. 

Author:  Khayman
Date    Fri Jan 10 07:46:36 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part iv): Journal entry 1

Khayman found himself, once again, the only patron of the Inn. It was too eary
for lunch and too late for breakfast and so he sat alone. He had been read
from the book on moon magic for several hours that morning and was now just
thinking. He found moon magic quite stressful and so decided to take a break
to contemplate his visit in Solace. It was right then that he decided that he
would keep a diary during his travels through Ansalon. He pulled out a blank
book bent for notes on Magic and turned to the first page. He began writing in
a flowing, clear script.

.        Day of Nuindai, 1st the Month of Phoenix.

.        I sit here on the 5th morning of my stay in Solace, another pleasant
.        day it seems.

Khayman sat there for a while staring at the page.

.        My trip to Solace was mostly uneventful. I travelled the last leg
Looking back over what he wrote, Khayman dipped his quill into the ink and
crossed off the last two lines. After thinking for a while, he began writing

.        Solace, as always is filled with interesting people and unusual 
.        transpirings. Already, I have become acquainted with a colorful
.        assortment of characters. The other day, while attempting a simple
.        levitation spell from my newly acquired book on moon magic, i met, 
.        or rather, i was approached by a speaking cat that pounced onto my 
.        table. Of course i am no stranger to communicating with animals 
.        butthis one, he called himself Draan Akar, i believe, actually 
.        spoke to me in Common. He claims that he was cursed into this form 
.        by Chaos for seeking immortality. I dont know how true that is. I 
.        asked Cassic, the owner of the local magic shop, and he claims he's 
.        little more than a braggart and a busybody troublemaker. I dont 
.        know what to believe. I mean he claimed to be one of the most power- 
.        ful mages on Krynn. How believeable is that? And cursed once by 
.        Nuitari, returned to form by Takhisis and cursed again by Chaos?
.        At least it was amusing.

Khayman chuckled as he reread the paragraph he had written. Feeling a
satisfied that he had gotten some of the information on his mind written down,
he put away his quil and ink and sat back.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Fri Jan 10 07:51:22 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part v): Journal entry 2

It wasnt much later hat Khayman was sitting in his room, quetly meditating
when he decided to write down a few of words on the person he had met the
night before.

.       Yesterday, i met someone that i would like to get to know better.

.       I didnt quite catch his name unfortunately. He was a minotaur, once . 
     a member of the Knights of Takhisis. He seems much older than his .      
years, very wise. But his eyes seemed haunted. He spoke of someone .      
wanting to kill him. I am not sure, but i think it was his son. I .      
would like to hea more of that. He seems like the kind of person .       from
whom i could learn a lot - not pure knowledge, more like .       wisdom i'd
say. The ways of the world... I hope to update my entry .       on this

.       One thing i found quite interesting about him, was the way in .      
he seemed to resent - is that the word? - Takhisis, yet he called .       her
his Queen and was resigned to the fact that he would meet her .       in the
after life. That he would have to face her menace...

Khayman stopped for a second and realized he didn know enough else to write
anything else about the Minotaur. 'At least,' he thought 'He is staying
at the Inn as well. I hope i bump into him soon.' With that Khayman layed
down his pen and returned to his meditation position. It was nice having a
tree for one of the walls. It helped his meditation to be near plants.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Fri Jan 17 06:54:16 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part vi): A visit in the Woods

Khayman sat down on the chair in his room. He had been pacing back and force
for several hours now. His mind was spinning with the recent revelations.
'Calm down' He thought to himself, 'You arent getting anywhere this
way.' He sighed deeply and got back up to start pacing again. A couple of
minutes later he stopped, realizing that he was pacing again. He decided to
try meditating again. Maybe he could find comfort in that..

It was only a few hours ago that he had been walking through the forrest
surrounding Solace. It was a very pleasant day and he was starting to think
that maybe life on Ansalon wasnt such a bad downgrade from Zhan. He had
decided to find somewhere where he could meditate more confortably than within
the town. Also, it would probably be better for him to practice magic closer
to the wild.

Anyway, he had just come up to a small clearring in the midst of a grove of
pine when he heard a rustling beyond the far side of the clearring. Knowing
that any quick motion would only serve to attract attention, he continued his
motion and edged towards the nearest tree, preparing to blend in with the
forest. Khayman kept his eyes focussed on the far end of the clearring, and
his ears focussed all around him. It wasnt long before he saw a magnificent
Unicorn emerge. One that looked very similiar to the Storm King in Zhan.

Khayman was not sure what to make of this. He had never heard of Unicorn
sightings this close to Solace, or any town for that matter. Remaining
cautious, he waited to see what would happen. The unicorn slowly made it's way
to the center of the clearring, but as it moved to the center, the clearring
seemed to fill with a mist concentrated near the center. The Unicorm spoke one
word 'Greetings' before disappearring in the mist. Khayman was beginning
to suspect that this was a sign to head back for Zhan or something. In any
case he waited for a while longer.

Presently, the mist clearred and there remained a beautiful elven woman. She
looked to be about 100 years old, but her eyes betrayed a supernatural wisdom.
She was dressed in the finest gown Khayman had ever seen. It seemed to be
woven from the webs of a million spiders. It glimmerred like dew on spiderwebs
at dawn. Khayman knew at once that he was in the presence of his goddess.
Immediately he fell to his knees. 'Chislev, you honor me' he whisperred.

Chislev approached Khayman and giggled. As she came up to him she placed her
hand on his shoulders, motioning for him to rise. As he did, his gaze fell
once again on beauty. It felt like such a long time ago that he had last set
eyes on her instead just a couple of months... Chislev smiled as she waited
for Khayman to get his senses back. When he finally focussed she spoke,
'Khayman, I have come to tell you of some news you might find

(OOC) To be continued..

Author:  Khayman
Date    Fri Jan 17 07:38:06 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part vi): A visit in the Woods 2

Khayman was staring at that most beautiful face as he spoke, 'Is everything
fine back in Zhan?' Chislev nodded solemnly, 'It is, and eill likely
remain so. It is Ansalon that we must fear for now.' Khayman raised his
eyebrow at this.

'You imply a new threat?' he questioned.

'Indeed, a most unfortunate one as well. I think you should know that the
Knights of Takhisis are being trained in forest combat in the ways of the
Wildrunners.' Khayman frowns 'But how?' And then realization dawned on
him. Of course! He had heard preliminary reports before leaving the Temple of
Chislev claiming that Ghared had been seen in contact with the Knights of
Takhisis. So that was how he was getting back at Chislev for turning her back
on him. Khayman had no idea why she had done so, nor why she had abandoned
Snefru, for that matter. Those matters were not his concern. 'Ghared?' he

Chislev nodded in a manner that made Khayman thing of Queens. It was a very
regal forn tat Chislev always took. Though he seemed to think that if she
appearred as a hobgoblin she would manage to make her look magestic. He sighed
when she nodded he had hoped he was wrong. 'Why?' he thought to himself
'Why must enemies be made out of friends?' Khayman lowerred his head at
this thought. When he looked up again, the elfmaiden was gone.

He had wanderred the woods for a few hours before the pangs in his stomach had
become intolerable. Back at the Inn, he had orderred some food but only
managed to force a few bites down. ANd then he had walked up to his room,
which is where he sat now, trying to force his mind of the subject. What
does she wish me to do?

Doesnt she realize that he was a friend of mine. Maybe not the closest of my
friends in Zhan but he was nonetheless a friend. We had fought together,
laughed together, mourned together. Khayman sighed, realizing that he would
not be able to concentrate on meditating for the time being.

He stood up and began to pace again, and then decided that maybe something
would catch his interest in the COmmon Room and take his mind off the matter.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Fri Jan 17 08:03:53 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part vii): A decision is taken.

Khayman rushed into his room late that night. He had tried everything possible
to take his mind off of the revelation from Chislev. What does she expect me
to do?

'Enough!' he commanded his brain. He sighed deeply and then began to
collect his belongings. He had made up his mind. He sould head to Palanthas
for the time being until it became more clear what it was exaclty that Chislev
sought of him. At least there, he would be able to alert the Solamnic Knights
that they faced a new, more powerful adversary. And he there too, he might
find comfort in the companionship of a long tme friend that he had not seen in
a long time.

Ahh..Snefru. He had once been Khayman's fosterling, long, long ago. And he
had learnt well. And then he had moved on to become one of the foremost
documentors of Wildrunner history, culture and knowledge. Khayman had come to
think of him thereon as an equal. They didnt always agree, but there was
always a degree of respect between them and a strong sense of friendship. And
then all of a sudden he had been orderred by Chislev to leave Zhan. Why
didnt he turn to Takhisis? _He_ followed a normal path. Khayman sighed
again. He was getting out of control. He couldnt recal a time when he was this
worked up. Maybe he would go to Gilean's University only to find that Snefru
had left and turned to Takhisis as well. ((OOC) Or worse, the conclave.
*shudder*) Khayman, refused to accept the possibility. Snefru would never
do something like that. He would go there at maybe just seeing an old friend
would make him feel better. Maybe then, he could tray and figureout what it
was he was to do. Did she really expect him to go after Ghared?
'Enough!' He commanded again. Even trying dwarven spirits for the first
time today had done nothing to take his mind off things.

(OOC) Yup, you guessed it, i'm leaving Solace. Gonna be travelling to

Sorry Kilandara, i fell asleep last night. Guess we'll just have to wait till
we bump into each other somewhere else ICLy

Author:  Khayman
Date    Sun Jan 19 04:46:41 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part viii): On the way to Palanthas

It didnt take long for Khayman to gain passage on a boat crossing the New Sea
to Caergoth. His plan was to cross to Caergoth and stay there for a couple of
days before heading out accross Solamnia towards Palanthas. It would be a long
trip but he wanted to see the different cities.

Khayman emerged from his room when one of the sailors came to say they would
be arriving soon. After gathering is belongings he headed for the deck to
watch as they pulled in to the harbor. Caergoth was an decent looking city.
Not too attract- ive. But it wasn't too bad. It was really interesting for him
to be standing out doors in the sea. He felt a different kind of Natural
force, other than the one he normally sensed.

When the boat was docked, Khayman alighted and found directions to the nearest

It was called the severred head and seemed like a rather seedy place. It
teemed with smelly, ugly men of all races. It would have to do. Khayman asked
for a room.

The innkeeper looked him over, snorted in disgust and turned away. Not one to
take an insult lightly, Khayman reached out and grabbed by his arm and jerked
him for- ward. The man crashed into the counter at which point Khayman grabbed
him in a head lock and politely asked for a room. The innkeeper looked around
only to realize _everyone_ had seen the event. He nodded to Khayman who let
him go retreive a key.

Once in his room, Khayman begen to wonder whether it was such a good idea to
stay here in Caergoth or not. It didnt seem like such a nice place after all.
Since it was still early, he decided to look aroiund the town before deciding
on his next move. Taking all his belongings with him, he made his way for the
city. He was soon stopped by a pair of solamnic guards at the gate. After tell
them his name and where he came from (Solace) he enterred the city.

He walked around for a while hoping to find a magic shop or maybe even a more
decent place to eat or spend the night. Finding none, he made up his mind to
leave as soon as possible. He got directions to Thelgaard and headed out the
gate. He walked for about an hour down the path before deviating into a grove
of trees. Once inside he sat down leaning against a large oak. He closed his
eyes and began to meditate. As he picked out a small branch and a fine powder
from his pouches, he rose. Reaching a clear area he sprinkled the coponents on
to the ground and then began to trace a doorway with his fingers. As he did, a
trail of vines was left behind, forming a portal. Khayman stepped into it and
it vanished.

Quite a site for the bandit that had left his troup to answer mother nature's

He was quite surprised to have witnessed such a sigh.

When Khayman emerged he was much closer to mountains now. Looking up saw the
gates of Palanthas rise up to the north. He nodded, smiled to himself and made
his way towards the gates. 'Now _this_ was a city,' he thought happily to
himself as the gates drew ever nearer.

Author:  Khayman
Date    Sat Feb  1 08:37:45 2003

SubjectThe Return to Krynn (part ix): Seeking a Friend

As Khayman strolled through the city he bumped into a little gully. Khayman
tried to coverse with him for a time and eventually the gully led him to the
University of Gilean. As he had suspected it was very close to the Library of
Palanthas. He was stpoped by a priest of Gilean in the courtyard whom he asked
for Snefru. The Priest replied that Snefru was not there atthe moment, but
indeed, he did often pass by the university.

Having anticipated that he might not find him, Khayman took out a paper and
quill quickly penned a note. It read: .        Greetings.

. .        It has been many months since you left out common homeland in Zhan
.        and have now come to Palanthas to seek out an old friendship. I .    
   assumed, correctly it seems, that you would be found at the newly .       
established University if Gilean. The priest i met told me that .        you
often passed by an that this note would be deliverred to you .        as soon
as possible. I trust you will find time to meet with me . .        You may
find me at the Red Onion, near the outskirts of the city .        on the
western side.

. .        Hoping to be reunited soon . .        Khayman.

(OOC) Not too long this time.

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