The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kiyohime.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kiyohime' scribed in light yellow ink.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Mon Oct  8 00:50:16 2007
Subject     Guided by Mishakal

So, I've made it to Palanthas, and frankly,not impressed. Oh, there are shops,
inns, enough guards and local Enforcers to even give a Kender pause,and a busy
port,but, the city lacks identitiy.

I mean, the Library is about all they can boast of. Oh, and that arena where
smelly fighters can get smellier beating on each other,if you are into that sort
of thing.

But, no art, no theatres, nothing to set it apart from any other town. Even near
the centre of town, they have this big forboding tower,that is guarded to keep
people from straying in,because they could die. Some amusement that is.

I miss Silvanost. Hate to admit it.

But, I have my calling, and I am told that the Holy Order of Stars may very well
consider me a Heathen , of all things, if I do not present myself in a timely

Heathen indeed.

I don't mind helping people, even enjoy it. But, I don't mind making a little
bit of coin either. I mean, potions and all this education cost someone,and i
don't see any Knighthood coming to my rescue financially,so.

So, I guess I will visit the Temple,and present myself to them for
consideration. So far all I've seen are those Dark priests running around, which
doesn't bode well.

On a serious note, I haven't detected any of those diseased beasts posing as
priests yet. They are the only ones I don't charge for to eradicate.Horrible

The RustLord must be sent back to his tower in the Abyss,and kept there. And I
hope to be part of the group who does just that.

And in the meantime, I need to find a way to independently earn my way. I have
no objection to applying the healing arts to fill a purse.

I mean, it is all about give and take, after all.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Mon Nov 19 21:17:39 2007
Subject     Travelling in Strange Company?

Well, we arrived in Palanthas more or less intact, although the band of
Mercenaries I rode in with garnered more than a casual glance from the local
miltia and one or three Squires of Solamnia, who promptly ran off to report to
their Knights, no doubt.

I continued on from Imperial Square, west, to Diamond Way, then north to the
local Temple of Mishakal.

After exchanging greetings with the resident Bishop, she directed me to continue
west, outside the city a ways, to the Main Temple, where I would assume duties
as Head Priestess, which sounds great, but actually means I have to get the
place cleaned up and running again after the long, unexplained abscence of the
previous Head Priestess.

I went back to the Square, making my good-byes with the band I had travelled
with from Nordmaar, asking them to give my regards to Master Angor and Boss
Shronius, and that I would no doubt be travelling with them again by summer.

After hearing (for the thousandth time) the lineage and lack of an indentifiable
father of both men, and their strange personal practices, (really, they like the
two leaders of that band of war-dogs) they grunted a few farewells and dispersed
to the nearby taverns, brothels and other unsavoury places about town,leaving me
to make my way to the Crystal Temple on my own.

I returned to the Temple in Palanthas, changed into the raiment of a Holy Order
priestess, covered it with the mantle of Mishakal and the dark blue cloak I
generally wore, and, drove the wagon I frequently called home off to the western
horizon,following the sunset to my first appointment.

Hopefully, I will hear from High Priestess Emla soon, but, as Kender go, she is
certainly most Kenderish, so, who knows when that will be.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Sun Nov 25 19:14:31 2007
Subject     Getting set up

Upon arriving at the Temple, I was once again awed by the massive blue crystal
structure. It had been quite a few years since I had seen it, and it still
struck a chord in my soul.

The bulidings themselves were still in very good condition, but the grounds had
pretty well grown over, and the courtyard was filled with the debris of years of

I was met by a few new acolytes, who were randomly trying to make sense of the
gardens. After a quick evaluation, I sent two back tp Palanthas, to give a
message to the Solamnic Knights, requesting a couple gardeners from Vingaard be
sent with haste to the Temple, to oversee the recovery efforts.

In the meantime, we all agreed that the medicinal gardens needed the most effort
from our group, and I set a few tasks to them to be attended to.

Inside the Temple was in very good condition, a bit dusty, but otherwise in good

The Library and meditation chambers were dry and orderly, and the quarters were
neat. The fountain surprisingly was still pure, and the old records were intact.

I went up to the Observatory, and looked at the lands around, with Palanthas on
the far eastern horizon. The fields were tended by local farmers, and milk cows
grazed quietly.

I went back down to the wagon, and began to bring my collected luggage in,
setting up in a home that wasn't on wheels for the first time in years.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Fri Feb  1 03:58:14 2008
Subject     Something in the Wind

 "It would seem this new Dragon Army is preparing for some sort of battle, there
 has been a lot of activity in and around the city of Sanction, and demands for
 iron and other metals are high", reported the priest of Kiri-Jolith. The other
 gathered priests nodded assent, looking over an aged map of the lands. A human
 priest of Habbakuk pointed at a dark area further north, "And what of Kalaman?
 Do the Knights of Takhisis still hold the city?" The armor clad priest nodded
 and added," The Solamnic Knights are probing the area, but so far, the Dark
 Knights still hold firm, although the bulk of Takhisis' Knighthood itself has
 been idle." Kiyohime watched the elder priests debate the meanings of these
 reports, knowing that again, they would worry over the threat and mull over
 what omens meant what and who should divine information from which Shrine and
 then all return to their chambers feeling accomplished in the words but
 achieving no deeds. Looking over at the empty side of the large conference
 table, she couldn't help but wonder where the Knighthood of Solamnia was, this
 was their forte', the descision to further investigate and act was to be

 Looking up to gain the attention of the Advisors, she smiled gently until all
 was quiet. "My Brothers and Sisters, we can analyze this until the snows all
 melt and the spring fades into summer, but it will be the Grand Master of the
 Knights who will make the choices on the various courses of action, and we are
 to support those choices, and aid the Knights in whatever endeavour they meet.
 Therefore, I will go to their Keep, and meet with them, and see what they have
 made of this situation, until then, I think it would be best to see to our
 normal duties, and prepare for whatever the future may bring. Remember, we are
 not a militant Order, we have no army, we simply aid those who battle the
 Darkness" Looking around her, she noticed the priests nod reluctantly,
 resigning themselves to making reports and documents for her to take to the
 Solamnic base. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Wed Mar  5 05:03:37 2008
Subject     Visiting Palanthas

 An old cart pulled by a large ox makes its way east towards the city,
creaking slowly down the well worn road. A figure, wrapped in a grey cloak,
negligently guides the cart with loosely held reins, paying more attention
to the countryside then what is in front of her. Looking up in mild
surprise, she sees the gates in the distance, surprised the journey is
almost over.

"Well, beast," she whispers to the ox," looks like something is going on up
there, lots of people milling about, wonder what's going on?"

The great ox snorts some dust, mutely continuing his way down the road.

Reflecting on her mission, Kiyohime checks for the satchel with the scrolls
the senior priests prepared for her. Satisfied she hadn't lost
them..yet..she sits up, stretching and stifling a yawn. When the cart dipped
down into a low point of the road, she flicked the reins to stop the cart,
and climbed out. Removing the grey cloak, she brushed down the painfully
white surcoat with the emblem of the Holy Order of Stars, pulled the
Medallion of the Chosen Prophetess out from the blue gown beneath the
surcoat, and retrieved the staff she carried as her badge of office for the
Temple of Mishakal. Satisfied all was in place, she walked ahead of the ox,
who followed closely behind.

"Wonder if they got the Order's message that I was coming?" she thought to
herself. "I'd hate to show up unexpectedly, might delay my report to the
Knighthood," she continued to muse. Knowing the Knights of Solamnia were
always preoccupied with things, like, war and criminals, she mused that they
would have little time for visiting clergy, so many important people must
come and go in such a large city. Ah well, "she thought," hopefully I can
find someone to give me directions to wherever I am supposed to go. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Fri Jun 27 03:44:42 2008
Subject     Broken Dreams, Fading Hopes

 Walking throught the gardens, under the crescent moon, I felt very
restless. Something was amiss, but, I couldn't quite identify it. It was as
if there was a break in the normal tranquility I felt under the stars. A
darkness, growing, but not yet blossomed. I stood with my head bowed, and
eyes closed. My hands clasped in front of me.

Mishakal, please guide me, what is it that must be mended?

Looking up to the heavens, I felt the world fade, colours changing, then
solidify again, becoming real. I found myself standing before the gates of a
city, the road dusty and well travelled. The people were dressed
differently, in loose clothing, darker skin, dark eyes. Cloth rolled about
their heads, forming some sort of headress. Strange music playing. I knew
this place, I had been here before.

New Thalos.

Someone was here, someone my goddess wanted found again. But their pain was
not physical. It was much deeper than any wound of the flesh. A loss
unbearable. I drew my cloak closer around me, uttering a prayer of
concealment as I walked to the gate. This was most certainly a human city.
It had its own grace, but, still rough to elven eyes. Where to start?
Something tugged at me, drawing me to the seedy waterside of the city. The
stench of a human shipyard always bothered me. They always seemed to dump
whatever right next to the ships, which had a smell of their own, with tar
and odorous cargo. I pulled my hood further down, trying to keep most of the
smell away, when I saw someone stagger out of one of the taverns along the
wharf. The attire looked familiar, as did the wearer. But this person was
very, very drunk. As I followed, the person sort of collapsed in the street,
the one helping? them seemed a bit too accustomed to this routine, but tried
to comfort the wretch as the contents of their stomach spewed out into the
already filthy road. As they regained their footing, a passing night watch's
lamp shone enough for me to glimpse the face. I knew this person, She was
once a proud Knight, and had prominence in the Order. This was very
disappointing, and sad. I felt a chill, knowing this was who Mishakal sent
me for. Lady Aramynia uth Lethlan, Knight of Solamnia, Vicar of Paladine. A
dream broken by loss, and hope fading to despair. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Thu Jul 10 04:14:19 2008
Subject     A Night's Vigil for a Knight

I waited outside her door. The night was going to be a long one for her,
and many shades of things past would haunt her sleep. I sat by the window,
watching the stars travel thier path, as the first sounds of distress
happened. The monk on duty went to check, opening the door and looking in on
her. My keen hearing heard her reply about a bad dream. The first of many, I
knew. The watch changed hands, when again, the sound of struggle was heard.
The new monk on duty was startled, looking to me, I nodded, and he carefully
opened the door, his concern showing for our guest. The night went on, her
tribulations followed suit. Midori came up and relieved the monk, and it was
not long before she heard the cries of one lost in dark dreams, and went in
to comfort the tortured knight. A short time later, Midori came back out,
concern lining her eyes. I smiled my encouragement to her, nodding approval.
As the sky begin to lighten, again anguish voiced itself, and Midori was in
the room quickly. I could hear the cries of sorrow and loss, finally
released from the prison of her mind. I quietly walked over and looked in
the room. Midori held Aramynia, while the tortured memories bled out. Heal
the body, heal the mind, and always tend the soul. I gently closed the door,
and went to my chamber. All would be well, now. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Mon Feb  9 00:45:48 2009
Subject     A Thistle in the Rose Garden

All was busy and in order at the Main Temple of Palanthas. Teachers were
giving lessons and practices to the eager acolytes, priests demonstrating
blessings and benedictions to the clergy, the Templars showing the techniques
of the flail and mace.
All was flowing smoothly .
In the chapels, prayers were heard and hymns sung. Very good.
The groundskeepers, monks who were also in training, were tending the plants
and trees of the gardens.
In the library, all was quiet and....
Kiyohime's left eyebrow jumped almost to her hairline.
At one table, sat some travel stained being. The robes of the Order he wore
were cut and tied and...not at all the way they were supposed to be.
Not so much dirty, as, well worn. 
By the looks of him, he was more suited to living outdoors than being
inside such a grand temple.
Books and scrolls were piled about him, as he scratched away at some parchment
with a brown quill, dipping it in the ink well with an intensity one would
see at a dinner table for starved goblins.
"Well". she muttered to herself, "we shall see about this." as she walked
over to the unkempt 'scholar'.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Sun Mar  1 05:13:58 2009
Subject     Way back Home

 The dinner at the Priestess Kaelay's home went well, even though we had
little time to discuss my return to Silvanost with the half-elf Codex
Ji'jin. I could see concern in Kaelay's eyes, as she knew anytime I left
Palanthas, the slaves of Darkness would sieze the opportunity to capture or
even kill me. My assistant, the monk Miedo, showed concern as well. I'm sure
he is hoping to go along, although I am not certain of who all will travel
the long way to my Homeland. I could see Kaelay wanted to travel with us,
but still, the lingering doubt of how she would be received there hung over
her. Still, I had to go, and I would not require any others to take the
journey, unless they wanted to do so. 
For now, it was time to check in on the half-elf,and see if he found any of
the extra records I allowed him helpful in his quest.
His was certainly a bold undertaking, and not without peril.
The Undead and their souls were not trifling matters, and it would
be best if someone watched over him carefully.
The Lord of the Dead watched over His Realm jealously, and would not 
be forgiving to those who meddled in His affairs.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Sun Oct  4 02:32:58 2009
Subject     The Storm Watch

Sitting in one of the towers of the Temple in Palanthas, I looked over
the city as the sun set. People returning home, some going out. The
nightwatch going around lighting the street lamps. The gullys picking up any
trash in the streets, more often then not just mising their bags and
re-dropping it, while another gully comes along and repeats the process.

I could see the Solamnic outpost, as the night guard went through the
regular ceremony of changing places with the daytime guard.

All was at a reasonable peace here. All the while, a storm of sorts grew in
the distance.

My goddess had given me some small insight to what the future held, with
some hints at what the present situation was as well. Trouble in the
Wastelands, the far-away city of Tarsis. A growing concern of the cravings
of the Rust Lord, and Lord Chemosh's activities. The
Darkness-that-won't-be-Named, not in this Holy Temple, was about Her Unholy
mischief as well.

Even the elves in faraway Qualinost were restless, as was their cousins the
Kagonesti. It seemed the only quiet ones were the dwarves, deep in their
mountain fortresses. 

The loss of our beloved Coria was already such a blow, almost unendurable,
given the circumstances. A group of Solamnics, led by Sir Segwarides had
left to track her assassins, had left for parts unknown to me, and the
Knighthood was still being quite tight lipped about it all. I would just
have to trust in them for now.

They had graciously released our young acolyte, Rinald, from prison. The
foolish lad was using some small divinity for self defense unwittingly
striking one of the knights-in-training, causing an uproar that embarrassed
the Order, but was tolerated quite calmly by the elders there. I have him
working on his apology and penance as I sit here, to redress his error.

I watched the last glow of the sun slip into the velvety indigo of night,
taking solace in the knowledge that it would return, as always, the next
day, promising a bright future ahead. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Wed Oct 28 01:40:53 2009
Subject     Dark Horizons

Sitting by the fountain in the Temple courtyard used to allow me a small
slice of serenity. The pure water flowing over the stones into the pond. The
reeds gently rustling with the breeze. The gold and white koi swimming

Now looking at the water just reminded me of the recent meetings and reports
we had. The scrying, the divinations (those used bowls of special water,
hence the memory). The heated arguements, the cold negotiations, the void of
unity we once had. 

The Dark faction of the Holy Order fairly well locked themselves in their
side of the massive hall. The Balanced side wanted nothing to do with any of
it, and pretty much all left, seeking solace outside the Temple

That left a few worthy priests and myself to either investigate the rumours,
or ignore them. I could try to contact the Knighthood, even though most of
the friends I had there were gone. But now I suspected they were in the
general area of trouble. The area darkest to myself.

I looked around the gardens, up at the bright blue sky, dotted with small
clouds. The walls that seemed less safe to me then a few days ago.

""Quenesti'Pah," " I prayed.""What would you have me do?"" 

But, as silence answered me, I knew already the answer. I knew I would be
expected to go there and do what I could along side the allies of Light. I
would write a letter to the Priesthood, asking all who could to join me
there. To do what was required of us. To travel into the vast wastes, and
harsh climate, and even harsher natives.

We had to go to Tarsis. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Thu Nov 12 02:26:31 2009
Subject     A Journey to the Grey Elves

The old ox stopped just shy of the posts, one on each side of the road. I
was roused from my semi-sleepy state, looking around. Why did you stop here?
We're nowhere yet. The beast turned his head, lazily looking at me, when
from the trees dropped several grey elves, attired in what I guess was some
sort of uniform. They motioned for me to get out of the cart, so, I did.
They had us (me and the ox, and the cart) surrounded. 

Identify yourself, and what is your business in these woods?

I looked around, then back at him. The ox snorted softly. I travelled here
from Palanthas, on request of one of your people.

Remove your hood, and identify yourself! he yelled.

I lowered my hood, and saw the derision in their eyes. Damned Silvanesti I
heard one murmur. I allowed the dark blue cloak to slip from my shoulders,
revealing the sky-blue surcoat, embroidered with the seven silver stars
around the royal blue infinity. The one who I suppose was the leader gasped,
eyes almost bugging out of his face, as he kneeled down.

Prophetess! Down! All of you! She is of Quen Illumini!

They all dropped to one knee, which startled me. I mean, I expected maybe an
Oh, her or even maybe a Welcome Prophetess but, to think they knew such
courtly behaviour, was impressive. But, that just might be the High Elf in
me.I should think better of our cousins, as rustic as they can be at times.

 Mistress Meriele Viola'vata told us to watch for you, and escort you to the
city. He paused a bit," But, you don't look quite as she described, we were
expecting a more haughty, what was it she said? Prima...some name...I
forget, but, to arrive on a humble ox-cart, never would have thought I'd see
a high elf travel like that. Please, allow us to show you the way,

Sooooo, Meriele described me to them that way, did she? This meeting was
going to be very interesting. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Thu Nov 26 17:22:33 2009
Subject     A Beacon of Light Falls.

 The small group of priests stood on a hill-top far from the burning
city. A few turned to resume tending to the wounded knights that travelled
with them. So many were hurt. Some were beyond the talents of those present,
and were made as comfortable as possible. Others had lost limbs. Some
suffered a deeper wound. The wound of utter defeat.

Sighing once again, Kiyohime looked toward the city then back at the group.
Now what, she wondered. The knights and their troops would likely return to
where ever the main forces were gathering, and more than a few of her
priests would follow, as agreed upon in the alliance between the Holy Order
and Knighthood. When, and if, she was needed, Kiyo would join them. For now,
the knights insisted she take refuge somewhere, until that time came.

But where?

Looking over to the west, she saw a small girl, one with silver hair and
bright blue eyes. The child beckoned to her, and she felt compelled to
follow. When she stood beside the little one, the girl took her hand,
looking up with ageless wisdom in her eyes.

"Follow the River of Healing, to the Lake of Light, in the Province of
Coastlund. Along the Lake's shore, find my Temple, and await there until I
call, My precious servant."

Kiyohime then found herself standing alone, but with direction now. To help
the Light overcome Darkness, she would do as her goddess asked, and learn
how to aid in turning this foul tide. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Thu Dec 17 04:19:53 2009
Subject     The Lake of Light

They kept arriving, the wounded and lost. So many, displaced from their
homes, warriors, families, and those who wouldn't remember.

Our Order was able to organize the families, women, young boys, girls, the
aged, into caregivers, cooks, those who could mend clothing or weapons, farm
tools. While they tried to rebuild some semblance of home life, we tried to
heal and restore those with the worst injuries. Ghastly cuts and batterings,
burns. A few had the dragon-fear sickness, but there was little we could do
to comfort them.

Still they came, to the Lake of Light. An old Temple of Mishakal by the edge
of the water served as hospital, kitchen and a place to ask the gods,"

Some of the less wounded and able warriors organized into small patrol
groups, keeping a watch for any sign of the terrible Dragonarmies that may
show. So far no sight, perhaps they were still reveling in their spoils.

Sighing, I looked to the east, hoping for a sign of the heroes of the
Knighthood, hoping that they would arrive, confident and able, and find
inspiration from the Triumvirate and my own Quenesti'Pah. And that they in
turn, would inspire these many souls, who still held pride in their hearts,
and only needed a light to guide them against the darkness.

I turned and entered the Temple again. There was still much to be done, to
prepare for, when the Heroes of Solamnia returned to their people. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Fri Jan  1 20:23:00 2010
Subject     Restoring Hope

When we left the Lake of Light, we had a sizeable group of refugees. Some
went back to watch and gather what news they could about the Invaders. A few
went to make contact with any others who were still believers in our cause.
A number of grey elves would be acting as resisitance, knowing that they
would be next on the Dragonarmies list.

The Order had two small ships, that met us along the coast. No one had seen
any ships belonging to the Dragonarmies, but a watch was kept, they had
surprised us before, but not again. We would take who we could to Sancrist,
and help set up a base, a place to regroup all the different groups with
their comrades. Most were healed enough to travel, those who were still in
critical shape or who had no hope of recovery were kept in the Temple by the

I have heaqrd that some of the surviving leaders of the Knighthood would
meet us there, once they regrouped with the remaining knights. Hopefully,
this would prove true, as what the people needed, were inspiring symbols of
bravery and leadership. The banners of Light would once again, rise over

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Sun May  2 03:00:13 2010
Subject     Regarding the Move on Palanthas

Having made the perilous journey to the Crystal Tower, successfully, the
small group of Holy Order pilgrims began reclaiming the Tower from the

Sir Malar looked around critically, assessing the grounds. "It appears
nothing has been disturbed, Priestess." glancing over at the grey cloaked
figure near the fountain.

"No, it would seem the Holy Seals held, and kept them disinterested"' she
responded. She looked around the courtyard, then went to the stairs leading
up to the observatory atop the Tower. Sir Malar followed, inspecting each
door as they passed. Upon reaching the top, Kiyohime looked out across the
grasslands, towards distant Palanthas, still out of range of conventional
sight. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the landscape around the Tower
grounds. Shaking her head, she sighed heavily.

"There's still no trace of them, I fear the Knights have not arrived." she

"They'll be here, I'm sure," replied Malar," We'd have heaqrd if they were
waylaid, perhaps it is a simple delay, they had to reroute, it's quite an
army they've gathered." he added not too convincingly.

She just nodded, smiling sadly. "Still he tries to keep me hopeful, even
after all this" she thought to herself.

"Have the company set up in the Inner Chapel, keep all light to a minimum.
We need to plan our entrance into Palanthas soon, as well."

Malar frowned at this. He had argued, unsuccessfully thus far, that he
should go with a couple of the warrior priests himself, and she should stay
in the relative safety of the Tower. But she would have none of that. She
wanted to see for herself how the city fared. Taking a deep breath of the
night air, he wondered if even he would want to see that. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Tue May 18 02:53:56 2010
Subject     The Storm Before The Calm

Lightning flashed again around the Crystal Tower, lighting up the
courtyard with an eerie blue reflection. Counting 1-2-3 Boom! Kiyohime
frowned at how close the storm was to the normally quiet Temple. That and
she didn't appreciate lightning so close that was not of her making. Looking
over at Sir Malar, clad now in vestment rather then the bolt attracting
armour he normally wore. His eyes were amused slits as he smugly grinned,
amusement twinkling those eyes each time a powerful flash brightened the

""Fine!" she near growled," We will wait out the storm before we attempt
entry into Palanthas." She half suspected he had something to do with this,
but dismissed it. Unless.

Unless he beseeched their goddess somehow.

She glared at him, her own eyes narrowing, as he just stood there,
infuriatingly calm. Times like these his patience really annoyed her. He
half-bowed (did that look almost mocking) and murmured something informing
the cadre. As he turned, he said more loudly over his shoulder to her, "
Prophetess, I am on your side, remember that." and strolled off into the
abbey. A peal of thunder boomed as if to add emphasis, but Kiyo suspected it
was Mishakal's laughter, playfully still keeping her in line with the
goddess' wishes. Sighing in surrender, she could only nod and turn to follow
the knight indoors. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Mon May 31 04:44:08 2010
Subject     Into the Miasma

 The storm finally settled to a misty drizzle, with fog covering the low
spots across the plains. Everyone was ready to set out this morning, pack
mules loaded, horses saddled and one ox-cart hitched. Sir Malar eyed the
cart balefully, but sighed heavily for about the hundreth time.

"What on Krynn is she thinking, like we could make a quick escape with that
junk heap."

Surprisingly as he made that observation, the ox slowly turned it's head,
and he could swear it winked at him. Shaking the thought from his own head,
he looked over in time to see Kiyohime walk out the Sanctuary doors. Wearing
a long dark grey cloak, (good), sturdy brown leather boots, (good),
tight-fitting dark gloves, (ok), face swathed in a scarf leaving only her
eyes uncovered, (the hood would keep those eyes hidden), ana a long slender
sword at her side, hanging from a studded belt.


With a sharp intake of breath, Malar dismounted and strode purposefully
towards her. She looked up at first smiling, then an eyebrow shot up. She
knew something was wrong.

Pointing at the blade, he glared at her, until she looked down, around,
anywhere but up.

Well,  she started, "I want to help defend us too."

Malar simply held out his hand, the glare still fixed on her. Kiyo knew it
was no use arguing. Mishakal's paladin could be quite stubborn and
inflexible when he chose. Removing the belt and scabbard, she put it in the
waiting hand, and went back in to retrieve her staff. Which caused the
waiting Malar to wince again. The small silver bells chimed brightly in the
early dawn, and the colourful red and white ribbons near sparkled in the
grey gloom.

A Shrinemaiden's Prayerstaff is a bit, ostentatious, wouldn't you say,
Priestess? he asked through tight lips.

Kiyohime was begining to regret agreeing that Sir Malar would be in command
of the expedition once it left the Crystal Tower. But, it ws the only way he
would allow her to go.

I can wrap it in some dull cloth, but, if I need to use it, I have to
uncover it,  she explained quietly.

Malar took a deep breath, "Cover it then, and keep it covered,  he added

Kiyo nodded as Malar turned, she went over to the cart and climbed in. 
This was going to be a long, long trip she thought. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Mon Jun  7 03:30:35 2010
Subject     At the Periphery of Despair (also known as Palanthas)

The old ox-cart creaked to a stop alongside the rest of the group, now
dismounted. The well cloaked driver slipped down and silently join her
companions. In the distance a pall of smote and dust hung over what remained
of a once vibrant city, whose walls shone with the morning sun.

Now those walls bore marks of assault, both mundane and arcane. Siege
machines lay about the torn fields outside the city, no longer needed and
already falling apart. Large cairns of rough stone dotted the landscape,
along with cold ashes of once burning pyres. A few crows, seagulls and
vultures still aimlessly picked around the cairns.

Once proud Palanthas had bowed it's mighty head to the onslaught of

It had been months since any of them had seen the city. Then the
Dragonarmies were still on the march towards it, chalking up victory after
victory, as the armies of Solamnia futilely attempted to slow the advance.
In the north, Kalaman fell, followed by Vingaard to the east. Solanthus was
torn asunder, rumours of a dragon led army ravaging the plains.

At the time, the Followers of Light of the Holy Order of Stars, were charged
with helping refugees escape the tide of destruction, and evacuate what
cities were left to the far west, taking those knights and warriors too
injured to stay behind, and set up small bases and rally points, places to
regroup and hopefully make a stand against the terror.

But as quickly as it happened, the flood stopped. The Dragonarmies ceased
their march.

Kiyohime stood beside Sir Malar, leaning on her staff more in dismay than
fatigue. Sighing deeply, she quietly remarked to Sir Malar," If it looks
this bad from here, it could only be worse inside the walls.We have many
labours ahead of us."

Malar shrugged slightly, "It will be a lot of hard work, but that never
killed anyone directly. Besides, " he turned to look at her, That's why
you're here, to do the hard work, all I have to do is keep the goblins,
ogres, the odd draconian, assassins, black magicians, evilly inclined
priests and any others from bothering you while you are busy." He ran his
hand through his greenish tinted hair before pulling his hood back up. He
reached over and pulled Kiyo's down further over her face. "And keep those
eyes covered, any gully could look at you and know who you are." Kiyo
frowned at the familiarity that the paladin of Mishakal treated her person
with, retorting, "...or Dargonesti, being as they are soooo similar!" as she
turned back to her cart

Malar's cheeks turned a deper blue, as he bit his lip. Silvanesti were far
from his favourite people, and this maddening priestess... He drew in a deep
breath. She was Mishakal's Prophetess, so, something must be redeeming about
her. He had been telling himself this a lot lately. It had been a long, long
trip so far. 

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Wed Oct  6 03:53:35 2010
Subject     Keeping Vigil..and other exciting pastimes.

Staying awake was the hard part.
Not that the information wasn't critical or important, and some of
it actually new to her. Just, nothing was in her ability to affect it.
Most of the Holy Order's Militant arm was elsewhere, leaving her surrounded
by these Knights from Solamnia. Who were courteous and accomodating for 
the most part. But.
Both she knew as well as they, her part was not tactics.
She found her eyes wandering toward the window again, to see one of the
senior priestess' eyebrow shoot up at her, which made her snap her gaze 
back to the knight at the head of the table.
Her mind could still run free. And it did.
What was this about a "staff"? A "blue crystal" one at that. Could it be?
Who was it that had it to begin with, and why? And who knew enough to take
it in the first place? And who had it now? And where in all the lands was
it now? Who all knew about it?
So many questions, and barely any information. 
Except about defend this, attack that, pull back to here, advance on that there.
This was Lord Grand Master Lanfer's idea. He probaly enjoyed stuff like this.
But for now, his commanders felt it their duty to report to the "ranking"
person present, which was the High Priestess of the Holy Order of Light, 
despite her total lack of knowledge of anything military.
That was what she had Sir Malar around for, so she didn't have to deal 
with these things. But his leadership was needed elsewhere, so it fell to
her to provide some rally point for these knights to gather and plan things.
"I should be out looking for this mystery staff, find out what it really
is and all" she thought to herself.
Nodding at the knight as he (finally) finished, she beamed a smile at the 
gathering, which apparently signaled the next Solamnic to report the state
of grain supplies and dried fruits.
"How does Lanfer survive this?" she thought.

Author:    Kiyohime       
Date:      Sun Nov 21 17:29:01 2010
Subject     Last Stands and Other Activities

The Knighthood insisted on showing me the preparations they had made
around the island. Long wooden stakes, sharpened on one end and hammered
into the ground along the shoreline. These were not to stab the invaders,
but to 'channel' them into pre-determined "kill-zones" for our archers. And
to slow the enemies advance. Large swaths of forest and brush areas cleared
to deny concealment. As the non-combatants had already been sent to other
parts and villages, huts were razed and wells capped to deny resources to
the Dragonarmies. Livestock driven off or slaughtered and smoked/salted in
case of a prolonged siege. Also, positions for harrier attacks set in place,
with supplies placed secretively around for guerilla type resistance. The
knights were grim, but had not lost hope to at least continue the fight,
should the unthinkable occur, and Sancrist fall. Plans to rejoin with their
comrades on the mainland, group with the Wildrunners and dwarven elements
were being made, as were plans the evacuate as many key individuals as
possible. Sadly enough, I was being considered too important to risk during
this battle, and discussions were under way to send me away prior to the

I try to avoid those meetings.
Lord Lanfer entrusted me to aid in securing this last bastion of his Knighthood.
The least I could do, until I heard from him, was do my best to shield his hope.

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