The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Konan.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a manilla folder on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Konan' scribed in glowing green ink.

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Dec 23 20:53:49 2001

Subject  The Quest for Honor

As the war was slowing down, due to the treacherous winter ahead, Konan
pondered about the condition of his men.  They had fought bravely in the
battles, but he felt they fought for the wrong reason, they seemed to fight
without passion.

On a freezing night, when the ice rain was coming down in sheets, Konan slowly
patroled his camp, refelcting on memories from a harsh past.  He remembered
the cruel ways of the dragonarmy, and then he realized something.....

He remembered seeing the same disheartened feeling in the eyes of the soldiers
of the dragonarmies as he did in his own men's eyes.  They were destined for
the same fate...if he did not do something, bring some spirit to his army.

Konan also recalled the training he recieved from his father.  That was the
type of attitude he carried with him today.

I know now....I must teach my men a sense of honor...they must....believe in
what they are fighting....they must show passion in battle, only then will
they be a most powerful force, and one that will be unstopable on the field.

Konan walks out of his tent into the freezing rain, and approaches one of his

"I want the men assembled early.....before dawn understood?  I have
something special that I must discuss with them."

Captain - "U...U...Understood sir...i will tel them"

Konan nods to his officer and walks back to his tent to prepare the news, and
to find the strength inside of him to spred his one driving force, his honor,
to hundreds of lost souls.

I know...I will ask them why they fight....but....I know what they will
say...It will be the same thing my friend Drethen told me when I asked
him...that bloody day...I fight for me.....for me.

He goes to sleep, anticipating the new quest he must face the next day...

(To Be Continued....)

Author:  Konan
Date    Mon Feb 18 19:21:17 2002

Subject  Something long overdue......

Konan walks past burned fields.... and through devastated villages all brought
on by the war.  As he walks past body after body, he becomes more and more
determined to make it to Sanction.

Memories of his childhood have been circulating through his mind all week....

I was trained to be a knight all of my life.... but I have denied that....
until now....

Memories of his father training him as a boy to handle a sword, and live by
honor still seem fresh in his mind.

He walks past another corpse and turns to look at it.  Memories of his father
dying in battle suddenly rush into his mind...

I remember him riding off with his fellow knights.... then only two men
returned, they had my father's sword.... that was the last thing I remember of

Konan turns once again heading down the road, this time faster.  He remembers
how he found a new home with the thieves and mercenaries of the world...
growing up learning how to wield more than just a sword.

He remembers gaining popularity among them.... since he was one of the few
they ever trusted.  Eventually he was chosen to lead them....

but... as always things change... He began to treat his companions as
soldiers, and expect a higher degree of standards then they would accept.

He remembers the day the Dark Warrior Takhisis appeared before him... just as
the war broke out... then and there he knew he had a purpose.... to serve her.

Konan walks a bit more... remembering taking a blood oath to serve the Queen,
along with his best friend Lotari...

Then he stops and remembers what his firends told him as the say him leave

You are a knight.... now go do what you know how to do.... : You have
honor... you have courage... go serve you Queen.

Now he has arrived at the gates of Sanction... now he is ready to serve his
Queen.. to fight for true honor....

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Apr 28 20:29:39 2002

Subject  Search for the Forge

During the cold night in autumn, a vision appeared to Konan and two of his
other fellow knights.  It showed an ominous view of a volcanic island.  In the
base of the mountain a cold forge appeared.

The tools used for the forge lay scattered on the ground, ravaged by time and
rust.  Suddenly a voice overwhelmed Konan in his dreams.  It was the familiar
voice of his Queen.

In his dream he learned of the once mighty forge and the powerful weapons it
once created.  Then he learned of his mission.  He was to journey with the
other chosen knights to restore the forge, and bring the power of the
Shadowlance back to Her dark armies.

Waking from his dream, he was greeted by two of his fellow knights, Sir Lotari
Blackheart and Lord Wulfgar Ironfist.  They too had felt Her Majesty's
presence and had seen the mountain of fire.  During thier meeting they
discussed what should be done.  Wulfgar, using his knowledge of weaponcraft,
gave the knights an idea of what should be needed to restore the forge.   It
was decided that they must find materials to create an anvil, hammers to forge
the lance, and even a few of the legendary dragonlances to corrupt for
Takhsis's will.  As the companions departed, Konan headed toward Thorbarden to
aquire the master forging hammers of the dwarves.....

In his quest Konan aquired the help of his two blue dragons, who faithfully
served under his command during the recent war.  They gratefully gave him
passage to the hills of the Neidar dwarves.

The mighty blue circled the hills looking for a place to land, when Konan
caught sight of a group of ragged looking neidars.  They carried packs and
seemd to be returning from a war.... they were! They were the men who followed
the dwarf Felix.  Konan steered his dragon toward the group, landing far
enough away to reduce thier dragon fear.

The group spotted Konan, some brandishing thier axes, while others sat waiting
tired from the constant battles they had fought.  The dark knight approached
the group nodding at each of them.

"Greetings, I am Lord Konan Wolfclaw of her majesty Takhisis's armies.  I
have come in search of some very importat items and you dwarves have the best.
 I need three hammers of the best quality for a mission i have been given,"

(To be continued)

Author:  Konan
Date    Mon Apr 29 12:03:57 2002

Subject  The Search for the Forge cont.

The dwarves stirred as the minotaur spoke, some stroking thier beards in
delight.  Suddenly the leader of the group stepped forward. He raised his hand
and began to speak.

"Ho there knight... what is it you seek? my men and I can probably help
you... for a price"

The other members of the group began to grin chatting amongst themselves. 
Konan nodded for he had expected these items would not be so easily attained. 
He motioned to the second blue that had accompanied him on the journey.

"She has enough treasure on her back to please you sir dwarf.... Now down to
business.  I need several hammers to forge a very special weapon... a lance. 
They must be of the finest quality, no exceptions."

The leader of the dwarves nodded and then began to consult his companions. 
Some grumbled, but others seemed willing to help the knight.  After a long
discussion the leader turned aroun again.

"Well there knight if your needing a hammer right away it'll cost you a bit
more... other than that i can get you one in a week or so.. we are very busy
and just want to get a cool mug of ale at home"

Konan nodded, "Name your price dwarf.. I wish to leave today"

Once again the dwarves huddled together, shouts could be heard coming from
some of the older dwarves.. they didnt want to sell anything that may be
needed to rebuild thier lands.  The noise quited down and it appeared that
they had come to an agr agreement.

The head dwarf nodded towards the crowd and explained, "I believe we can
help you.. but these hammers have served us well throughout the war so it will
cost you.." He trailed off a bit then exclaimed "4000 steel pieces"

Konan kept a cool look on his face, he had expected it to be such a price.
"done".  The dwarves swelled with pride as they pulled out three of the
best hammers that Konan had ever seen.  They had been crafted by only the most
skilled at the f forge.  The big knight was pleased at theier appearance and
nadded in satisfaction.  The dwarves held them out while he expected them,
then he said "Good good, Her Majesty will be pleased, now for your

The dark knight motioned to one of the large dragons who waited on the
opposite side of the hill.  It lumbered over toward the group, all began to
sweat from the dragonfear.  Konan unstraped a large sack from the dragons
back, it hit the ground w with a thud.  As he opened the bag, steel coins
began to pouring out, littering the ground.  "This is 2000 coins, and the
next makes 4000... does that please you sir dwarf?". With that he pulled a
second canvas bag from the dragon's back.  Th The dwarves look anxiously at
the steel, but were smart enough to count it first.  They verified the amount
several times, and when they were satisfied that it was right they brought the
three forging hammers to the minotaur.

Konan lifted the large hammers and felt thier mastery.  He smiled adding that
now the knights could forge anything.  He showed his gratitude to the dwarves,
who returened his bow.  As he mounted his dragon, Konan shouted "Farwell
dwarves  your aid to Her Majesty will be dewly rewarded."  With that he
flew into the east, headed back towards Sanction and the others who eagerly
awaited the precious hammers.

As he rode apon the dragon's back, Konan quietly thought I shouldn't be so
content... I have only begun the search for this great artifact and I know the
journey will be much more difficult ahead... I just hope the others have
faired just as well.... maybe they have found out more about this lance.

 the dwarves seem to know nothing, at least they didn't tell me... Bah! stop
this foolish thought I must remain focused on my mission, personal concerns
are a waste of time...

Clearing his mind of this distracting thought, Konan began to sharped his
sword, readying himself for any obstacle to come, he is always ready....

Author:  Konan
Date    Mon May  6 19:34:34 2002

Subject  Quest for the Forge

Upon arriving at Storm Keep, Konan was greeted by his fellow knights.  They
feasted over thier great success so far in the completion of the Dark Queen's
bidding.  However during the baquet, it became very clear that thier work was
far from over.

As they celebrated, they were suddenly siezed by a dark vision.  Thee image of
the volcanic island once again appeared, along with the voice of thier Queen.

"You have done well my children, but you have much more to do..."  Konan
put down his ale and listened carefully to these words. "The great anvil you
seek must be created in the coldest place on Krynn... for thier the light of
good is very dim.  Go to the Ice Wall and there you must do three very
important things... First Wulfgar... you must use your mighty hammer to break
the corrupted dragonlances, showering the anvil with thier remains, then
Lotari... you must cover it in the b blackest blood, and finally Konan.....
you must take the anvil and descend into the depths of the ice wall, there you
will use n unquenchable flame to heat and strengthen the anvil, until it is
able to forge the Shadowlance....

With that the vision lifted and the banquet hall appeared once more.  However,
the companions could not enjoy thier futile celebration.  At once they began
making plans to find thier way to the icewall, and construct the corrupted
anvil. The next morning the three set out, Konan decided that he must seek the
help of the red dragons so that he may have a flame powerful enough to
withstand the ice wall's mighty cold.  At once he headed for the Lords of
Doom, searching for those ans answers.  As Konan approached the mighty
volcanoes, he scowered the skies for any sign of a red.  Without any luck, he
descended into the firey pits of the Lords of Doom searching.

The intense heat was starting to phase the great warrior when he literaaly
stumbled over an empty suit of armor.  Konan rounded the corner, praying he
would reach his goal.  Suddenly he heard a deep, powerful voice that eminated
from somewhere in in the pit.

"What do you seek knight.... why come here?"  Steadying himself Konan
responded "I seek a fire which will burn even in the coldest parts of this
world... one that is strong enough to withstand the cold of the ice wall."

"Ah... why do you seek this power.... for yourself?" The dragon began to
creep from the shadows, it was clearly one of the oldest Konan had every seen.
 The scars of war decorated his wings and torso. "I have been chosen by Her
Majesty to find this flame, and use it to strengthen the anvil of Her mighty
forge."  The dragon showed no signs of surprise.. again the voice boomed
"So the Shadowlance is what you are after.... I see I see... on once again
our armies will rule the skies uninhibited by those weaklings."

The Red dragon began to silently laugh , then he lumbered back into his den
only to return with a large molten rock.

A bright flash burst from his jaws, encompasing the room.  As the smoke
cleared the once cold rock was burning with the intensity of the Lords of Doom
themselves.  As Konan continued to listen he heard the soft words of magic. 
The rock began to to shimmer in the light of the lava flows, then it flashed
once more.

"Take this warrior... it is strong enough to withstand any force on
Krynn.... when you bring the anvil to it, it will be consumed in a blaze
stronger than my breath.  Take heed... you may touch it , for it will not burn
you, or any of Her faith faithful, but if it is stolen then the heat of thses
mighty mountains will devour them in flames."

The dragon handed the flame to Konan wraping it in a glowing chain.  The
warrior picked up the bright ball gazing at its immesurable intensity. 
"Thank you noble one... you have helped more than I could the
forge will be complete.

With that the knight bowed, and turned back toward his mount.  The dragon
nodded slowly, grinning at this fortunate news.. he could once again taste

(To be continued...)

Author:  Konan
Date    Mon May  6 20:02:03 2002

Subject  Quest for the Forge

Fire in hand, Konan rode on the back of his mighty dragon toward the Ice Wall.
 It began to grow very cold.... colder than he had ever felt before.  But he
was prepared for this.  He quickly threw a fur cloak over him, made from
wolf's hide.  It It was warm enough to keep him alive, for the rest of the
journey.  The warmth of the flame was enough for an army.  He rode hard for
several days, time and again he fought through blizzards.  Then in the
distance the Ice Wall came into view...

Konan had his dragon set down near the entrance to the former Highlord's
fortress.  Night was just falling upon the glacier, and there was no sign of
his friends. When he entered the keep, a chill ran through his bones... a
great power was very near.  Konan walked through almost every room of the keep
searching for Wulfgar and Lotari when he heard the faint sound of a hammer
hitting steel.

As he appraoched the abandoned dragon's layer the sound intesified.  Suddenly
the noise stopped, and he heard voices.... It was them!

Wulfgar and Lotari were already there ...and the creation of the anvil had
begun.  No one was in the mood for much talk... it had been a long journey. 
The knights exchanged salutes and went right back to business.  Wulfgar hit
the dragonlance on one more time with his hammer them stopped.  After a few
moments of grumbling he began to pray.  Suddenly a black glow filled the room.
 The Queen had blessed his hammer.. now it would work.  Wulfgar gripped his
hammer with both hands and took a swing,,, the lance shattered into a thousand
pieces.  He beamed at his accomplishment and began to tell the others that
only a dwarf could have done as much. Next Lotari produced a bucket.  Thje
sides were stained with the blackest of blood.  When asked where it was from
he remained silent... something very evil. The knight then tipped the bucket
over and the thick blood oozed out covering the already glowing anvil.  It
began to sizzle and a putrid smell poured from it. Noding at Konan, Lotari
stepped back and waited.  The minotaur then stepped forward producing the ball
of flame.  With a mighty heave he picked up the anvil, and began to descend
deep into the fortress.  Along the way he passed the frozen silver dragon... a
story everyone had heard.  Then he came to the bowls of the keep.  There in
the icy blue pit stood an altar to the Queen, only her most loyal followers
could dare come this far.  Konan placed the anvil near the altar, then

He prayed for a moment, asking Takhisis for the strength to do what he must. 
Then he took the ball of flame from his pack.  The temperature of the room
soared, ice started to melt all around the companions.

Then, as Konan threw the ball at the anvil, a great fireball consumed them
all.  When the smoke cleared, they were still alived...spared by Her will. In
front of them, the anvil stood shimmering in its own light.  Flames twisted
around it radiating it with power.  Suddenly a voice filled the room... that
of Takhisis herself.

"You have done well my children...the anvil is back to its former
glory...but there is a greater task ahead... but I know you will not

Author:  Konan
Date    Wed May 15 20:20:51 2002

Subject  Quest for the Forge

The night the Anvil of Shadows was forged a storm raged outside of the Ice
Wall, trapping the three knights inside the fortress.  As they slept, a new
image crept into thier minds showing them the next step in the journey.

At first there was total darkness... then the image of a massive hammer
appeared, the hammer needed to forge the shadowlance.  Konan stirred slightly
at the image, for it didn't look like any hammer he had ever seen.

The head was made of the skull of an ancient dragon, while the handle was as
large as the trunk of one of the trees in Silvanesti.

The dark image of the hammer began to pulse revealing the spell that fused the
skull and handle.  Wulfgar recognized the power of this spell, and knew
nothing of its kind had been used in this world for thousands of years.

Suddenly a voice filled the knights' minds .....

"Now my children... you must find the Hammer of Shadows, once used in my
forge to create the shadowlance... the skull must be of a dragon of good,
corrupted for its new purpose...."

"Lord Wulfgar you must find this spell of binding that i see you know
of..... Lotari you must go to the forest of Silvanesti and find a tree
suitable for the handle, and Lord must find the dragon's

"Now go my children.... and complete your tasks..." With that the dream
left thier minds, sending them into a very deep sleep.

The next morning, Konan gave his farewells to his companions .... setting out
into the unknown.  As he rode on the back of his mighty blue dragon, he
searched his memory for any tale of a defeated dragon of good.  Then... heh

As a squire, one of the skull knights had told him about a mighty silver
dragon Chrome, who fought during the second dragon war.  He remembered hearing
that Chrome was once mortally wounded in battle, and had retrested over the
forest of Silvanes Silvanesti to die in peace.

New memories flooded his mind of his classes on military tactics.  Konan
remembered the knights teaching him the unmatched techniques of the large
dragon at the time, some techniques which carried over even into the armies of

At once Konan had his blue turn towards the forest, fying low looking for even
the slightest sign of a cave....

On the third day of his search, Konan discovered the cave by accident... As he
set doen to make camp for the night, he did so on a rocky outcrop, and almost
stumbled into it.

The mouth of the cave was covered by a grove of trees and vines that had
probably been growing since the day the dragon entered.

(to be continued....)

Author:  Konan
Date    Thu May 16 14:53:34 2002

Subject  Quest for the Forge

With a loud crash, Konan landed on the cold, wet floor of Chrom's cave.  The
stench of decay floated around the vast chamber, causing Konan to gasp for

At first nothing could be seen in the vast cavern, but slowly a ray of light
reflecting off of something began to come into focus.

Konan pulled out the charm of fire given to him by the red dragon.  As it
touched the air, the ball ignited revealing every corner of the room.  Through
the smoke, Konan could make out a huge shape lying in one of the corners.

The shape was surrounded by piles of steel, rusted armor, and many other
ancient treasures.  The Knight of Takhisis knew he had found what he sought. 
Stepping over the hoard of treasure, Konan reached the remnants of Chrome. 
Not much was left o of the famous dragon, except parts of his skeleton and
hubdreds of silver scales that littered the floor.

Konan began to rumage through the corpse, in search of the all precious skull.
 Finally, Chrome's skull came into view under a pile of scales.

Taking his sword, Konan made quick work of the remnants of the spine, and
gathered the skull into his arms.  The big warrior smiled in satisfaction,
glad that he had not failed his Queen.  However, Konan knew there would be
more, and it wouldn't wouldn't be easy.

Author:  Konan
Date    Thu May 23 13:50:29 2002

Subject  Quest for the Forge

After a meeting with Lotari and Wulfgar, Konan learned that in order to form
the Hammer of Shadows, the components they had collected so far must be cast
into one of the Lords of Doom.

From there Wulfgar should be able to cast his spell of binding.  The
conference between the knights lasted for hours, because there was a

They would need to be able to survuve the intense heat of the volcano,
something they all couldn't do without some magic aid.

The knights went thier separate ways in search of this magic aid, when
suddenly Konan remembered a story he had heard once on the battlefield.  He
remembered the day clearly....

The whole field was ablaze, more men were dying of burns than by sword.  Konan
remembered stumbling across a severely burned comrade....

"Aye... I wish i had some furs from the Kar-Sheen tribe.... heh.. I wouldn't
be in this mess now.....

but before he could continue the man slumped over in a heap of charred flesh. 
With the return of these memories, Konan knew he could survive the intense
heat of the mountain.

(to be continued....)

Author:  Konan
Date    Thu May 23 16:59:22 2002

Subject  Quest for the Forge

Konan mounted his mighty blue dragon quickly setting off for the vast plains. 
It took two days of hard flying to reach the place where he had learned the
Kar-Sheen lived. The dim lights of the tribesmens' campfires gave away thier
location.  As Konan circled close to the ground, looking for a place to land,
a shout rang out from the camp.  A few Kar-Sheen women scattered, running from

A few tall men got as close as the could to the knight.  They brandished crude
spears, but the determination on thier faces showed they would fight to the
death to protect thier families.

"Whoa, I mean you no harm.."

The tribesmen edged a bit closer but almost broke and ran when the dragon
adjusted its stance, then responded in a very crude form of common...

"What.. do you seek dark one....? Why have you come?..."

Konan smiled sligtly, then noded slowly... "I seek fur that your people are
fabled for... fur that supposedly can withstand any element... is this true

The group of plainsmen huddled together for a moment, violently discussing the
knight's words.  One man in particular seemed opposed to helping, while
another seemed more than willing to trade the furs.

Eventually, the man who seemed angered at the warrior's arrival thre wup his
arms and sank into the shadows of the knight.  Konan watched as he darted off
to a rock formation a few yards away.

Then the calm tribesman approached with a grin on his face.  "My name is
Skywind... I am the one who makes these furs you speak of... but tell me.. why
do you seek them dark one?"

Konan nodded, then responded "Fair enough plainsman... I need them to
complete a special task for my Queen... do you see?"

Another commotion broke out among the men, now they knew this warrior was on a
mission for the Queen of Darkness.... a fear spread quickly over them.

whispered.."We must help him or face the wrath of Her armies... we must!"

Overhearing this Konan raised his voice and professed that he meant no harm,
and was more than willing to give them a fair price.  Half motivated by fear,
the men agreed to trade a few weapons that Konan had brought for the magic

After a few minutes, a beautiful plainswoman approached that knight, her arms
full of a grey fur that seemed to reflect a silver light.  Nodding in
satisfaction, Konan secured the furs onto his dragon and then thanked the
tribesmen profusely, hap happy bloodshed could be avoided. Once again, Konan
took off into the night.  He had to meet Lotari and Wulfgar at the Lords of
Doom in two days, and had no time to waste.

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Sep 29 19:20:46 2002

Subject  In Defense of Her Majesty

On this quiet afternoon, as the 1st army was gathering supplies for their
upcoming assignemt, a dark report came from a scout mounted upon a black

The unexpected report handed to Lord Wolfclaw had the mark of Daargaard
sealing its contents.  The crumpled parchment called for immediate support,
for they were under attack from one of the Queen's own dragons.

Disturbed by these reports the minotaur general called for two of his best
warriors to acompany him to the besieged keep.  Lord Decred and Sir Skurn
answered the call and quickly mounted one of the armies blue dragons.  They
were followed by Lord Wolfclaw on his mighty black dragon. Disturbed by these
reports the minotaur general called for two of his best warriors to acompany
him to the besieged keep.  Lord Decred and Sir Skurn answered the call and
quickly mounted one of the armiy's blue dragons.  They were followed by Lor
Wolfclaw on his mighty black dragon.

As the knights approached the haunted halls of Daargaard, they caught sight of
a a flash of steel.  Wanting to remain undetected, they set down in the woods
few hundred yards from the battle. Approaching the ever increasing cries of
pain, the group happened upon the burned body of one of the guards, but before
they could even take a second glance, the shrill cry of another dying man
pierced the air. The three knights split up in order to surround the beast
that was causing all of the trouble.  However, as soon as they ran in the
direction of the horrific screams, they were all knocked to the ground with an
intense blast of heat.

Unable to move for several seconds, the knights could only stare into the
burning sky.  Before them stretched a huge red drago, covered in boils and
scars of disease. The creature howled as if maddened by the pain of its
infliction.  Its eyes stared at the three knights, but did not recognize the
marks they carried upon their armor. Before the dragon could make its next
move, Lord Decred rolled onto his feet and drew first blood, slicing a chuck
of flesh from the lizard's left leg.  That attack was soon followed by similar
wounds from Konan and Skurn.

The dragon's madness continued to grow after this feeble assualt.  As soon as
the blades left its hide, the dragon sent the knights flying to the ground
with a sweep of its tail, and quickly lept into the air. A shower of flame
covered the ground beneath it, but the smoke was too thick for the dragon to
confirm its kill. Pleased with his success against the knights and the
fortress guard, the diseased dragon took off in search of a new city to set

The three knights happened to survive the mighty dragon's blast, but were all
feeling their fair share of pain.  With no time to call for support, Konan
Skurn and Decred had no other choice but to follow the dragon, and try once
more to stop it.

The journey took them over the Solamnic plains and other territory not under
the Queen's control, but as soon as the light of dawn broke through the
clouds, the dragon headed east once more towards the town of Jelek.

The knights new only a handfull of men guarded the quiet town, and had to
increase their pace in order to stop it in the air. However their attempts
were in vain, for the dragon had already dispersed the city guard by the time
they arrived.

At once the knights lept from the backs of their dragons and began slashing at
the red's belly, trying to inflict a mortal blow.  They were joined by several
adventurer's who happened to be in the town when the attack occured.

Their force overwhelming thanks to the added power of these adventurers, the
group was able to defend the town, and send the dragon reeling back to the
Solamnic plains. However there was no time for celebration.  The knights had a
duty to defend the innocent of their land, and with this attack they had to
seek revenge for their lost citizens.

Author:  Konan
Date    Sun Sep 29 19:27:23 2002

Subject  In Defense of Her Majesty part II

While riding on the back of his dragon, Konan began to wonder what type of
disease could have driven this powerful creature to commit such acts against
his Queen's own people.

He also wondered where it had come from.... It obviously was not part of the
armies patroling the borders.

Lord Wolfclaw came to the conclusion that it must have been part of the rogue
group causing so much trouble in the north.  They had powerful mages, that
were said to have enough power to control the noble creatures.

But it still didn't explain why it was aflicted so...

.....Days later the dragon was finally subdued in the Lord City of Planthas. 
The greatful solamnics allowed the dark knights to assist them in the battle,
as well as take the body home to be studied by Her Majesty's clerics.

After this strange conflict, several scouts were sent to the corners of the
kingdom to search for the source of the dragon's affliction, but so far none
have returned.....

Author:  Konan
Date    Fri Jan 24 20:02:57 2003

SubjectCounterstrike of the Magi

The day had been long indeed when through our halls came the echo of the voice
of the magi known as Axz.  Enbittered by his fight earlier with Lord Decred of
the Lily, he once again challanged the Queen's might.

Not one to turn down a challange Lord Haurkon prepared himself with prayer and
took the long ferry from Storm Keep to the dark city of Sanction.  Upon his
arrival at the wretched slave district, the battle commensed.

Quickly the magi was joined by one of his fellow brothers of the dark moon. 
Seeing this Leften and I rushed into battle, where it grew to 3 defenders of
the Queen against three who wear the black robes.

The fighting was intense, but a magi who despised the conclave of mages just
as much as we aided us in our struggle.  With the power of the Queen behind
us, the battle was won.... but not easily.

The magi were powerful in their arts and the fight was one to be remembered. 
From my personal account it went by quickly, but after the initial attack
where the three were united,  I found myself alone hunting the one known as

The fight was quick for he had been injured in the initial brawl and he
appeared to be lightly armored.  As he turned, I hurled the black lances of
Takhisis at his chest.

He was quick to retun blows using some vile staff that pulsed with his magic
auras.  I was grazed by his blows and I fear the scars will stay with me for
the rest of my days, however he was the first to fall.

As we recovered our senses, we realized we had been victorious this day. 
Their unconcious bodies were thrown into the deep dungeons of Storm Keep,
where they now lie awaiting their trials and judgements.

Today serves as a warning for the magi of the conclave.  Their persistance in
assualting our knights and magi will not be tolerated and will be delt with

Glory to Takhisis!

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