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Stories of Ansalon from the view of KreShar.

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Astinus gently places a private journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'KreShar' scribed in deep grey ink.

Author:  KreShar
Date    Thu Dec 19 00:00:16 2002

Subject  Adventures of BANDIT

A burst of laughter came from the far end of The Woodsman Inn bar.

The large minotaur raised the mug of elven ale to his face, gulping it down
happily. His hobgoblin partner grinned victoriously and began to polish his
trusty daggers. The two had much to celebrate, they had just been through a
tough battle

The duo had fought a well trained Solamnic Knight and another rowdy warrior
and had come out victorious. The minotaur and hobgoblin had knocked out the
warrior and caused heavy injuries to the knight.

"By The Horns of Sargas, Let us rejoice in vict---" The minotaurs voice
was cut off as the door to bar was kicked open. An another Solamnic knight
came rushing in, sword drawn. The knight looked around, and his gaze set apon
the duo. The

bar became silent and people began to quickly exit. The duo stood and looked
at each other... both know what was to come. The knight approached them, face
full of anger.

"You are under arrest for the attacking of a Solamnic Knight in Solamnic
territory. Surrender now or feel cold steel!" The knight pointed his sword
at the duo.

The hobgoblin glanced at the minotaur and smiled. "Me think u will be the
win feeling cold steel! Show us your skill nite!" At that time, the
hobgoblin leaped toward the knight, daggers drawn.

The knight was fast, and managed to dodge the attack. He countered with a
swing of his sword and grazed the hobgoblin in the stomach, drawing first
blood. The hobgoblin grinned. At that time, the knight screamed in pain as he
was struck in

the back by a dagger thrown from the large minotaur. The knight staggered, but
quickly recoved and resumed his assault on the hobgoblin. He gave another
strong swing, but this time the hobgoblin managed to parry.

The hobgoblin countered withh an attack of his own and drove his dagger deep
into the shoulder of the solamnic. The knight screamed, but it was cut short
as the minotaur gave him a bone crushing bash, knocking him to the floor.

The hobgoblin to snicker and spat at the fallen knight. "You and your kind
continue to attuck us! Why? Me think because we look different! You will die
for this..." The thief made his way to the knights throat and prepared to
slit his throat.

"No! KreShar, No!... think about it..What your saying is true but what good
will come out with the killing of this knight? This will give them another
reason to hunt us down!" The minotaur roared, sheathing his daggers.

The hobgoblin stood frozen, snarling with anger. "They have killed our
children... me loved ones.. and burned down our villages! How.. how can i
spare his life, when their kind has never shown mercy to us?" The room went
silent for several

tense minutes. Finally the released his grip on the knight and stood up. "I
have spared you... this will not happen again... tell your friends about
us..." The hobgoblin stood and motioned to the minotaur.

The knight lay there, bewildered as the duo exited the bar... "You did the
right thing my friend..." The minotaur nodded to the hobgoblin. "Until we
meet again Kroog.. we make good team me thinks" The hobgoblin gave the
minotaur a grin and slipped into the shadows, continuing on his journey to
find the one they called "Chemosh".

Author:  KreShar
Date    Sat Dec 21 01:29:40 2002

Subject  Adventures Of BANDIT II

Month of Flower-Stomp:

KreShar grinned as he spotted his prey, who he had been hunting for days,
exiting the great city of Palanthas. The hobgoblin gripped his dagger harder,
as he prepared to ambush the unsuspecting knight.

The hobgoblin gave a silent snicker, as he moved in closer to the Solamnic,
who was now resting on a rock, polishing his sword. Kreshar had been hunting
this knight for some time now, ever sense he had been insulted by the knight.

KreShar had attacked the knight once before, causing the Knight massive
injuries, but he had managed to slip away to the safety of his city. "Me
think you will not get away this time nite..." snarled the hobgoblin.

The hobgoblin prepared to strike, as he snuck up within in a few feet of the
Knight. The scream of pain echoed from the Knight, as he hobgoblin stuck two
steel daggers in the back of the knight. KreShar smiled, as he knight feel to

ground, daggers still lodged in his back. The Knight tried to get up and see
him attacker, but was quickly knocked out by a vicious kick in the face.

"Me think you sorry now that you insult me... me think u people will never
learn," KreShar spat on the unconscious body, as he knelt down to retrieve
his daggers. His eyes widened with excitement as he spotted the man's pouches.

"Me take souvenirs!" cried KreShar as he began to go through the bags,
pocketing the valuables. A grin of satisfaction came on his face, as he stood
up and spat on the knight. "Pity... me think if only u could learn to accept
me kind..." H

e gave the knight one last look and smirked. With a great sigh, he sheathed
his bloody daggers and began headed quickly into the surround woods. The
Solamnic Patrol would be passing by soon.

KreShar chuckled as he imagined the faces of all those knights once they found
their friend's unconscious, bleeding body. With another sigh of relief, he
quietly headed toward Solace, still searching for the one they called

Author:  KreShar
Date    Sat Feb  1 10:23:07 2003

SubjectBANDIT Beginnings

The two,young hobgoblins could never of imagined the horror and death they
witnessed as they returned to their village. They had been lucky and had been
out hunting, fate had spared them... but not their friends and family.

KreShar and Fenro searched in vain for survivors, but all that was left,were
mutilated corpses. The two knew who had done this and anger began to overwhelm
them. The humans had taking no mercy against the unsuspecting hobgoblins. The

humans did not understand the hobgoblins, they hated them, they feared them.
All they could see were their hideous faces... KreShar knelt beside his
mother's corpse.

"We will avenge u mutha... me swear on my life... we will have our
revenge," Tears rolled down KreShar's eyes as he spoke. Fenro watch from a
far in silence... the two would get their revenge sooner then they

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