The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kristus.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small leaflet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kristus' scribed in faded yellow ink.

Author:    Kristus        
Date:      Thu Mar 24 18:45:10 2022
Subject     An Adventure of Human Lover On a Quest For Luciana

Afar in the distant land of Kalaman, a young man reflected on his past. His heart had been broken by love of a woman above his station, but beneath his soul, which had elevated to the heights of Paladine's love. For worthy is the son of man, Who exists to serve God's true plan. She had tamed him in his infancy as a lover, unrequited and unashamed of his treasure being placed in her heart. Her name caused the stars to twinkle, the birds to forget their wings in the weaving of spring nests, and the morning to blush. Luciana, the daughter of the ship's captain, who belonged to a world of the sea, enchanted him. Long ago he knew her as a child in playing games of chance and luck, throwing stones into the world in order to see if something would stand beneath the water, and grow up into a lily of the pond. He agreed he would become a knight of Solamnia, and she agreed that she would become one as well. So they grew up, enchanted by distant lands and by virtue, asking themselves which of them would become from stone a lily of the pond. As she grew older, fancied by others who were above Kristus, she decided to leave with one of them towards another city far away. He thought that she in turn would come away from him, he who led her astray. But she did not, and he aged. He decided to take a ship to Palanthas in order to reach Solamnia, whereupon he might achieve that dream, and in that nightmare called hope and full of remorse, he aimed his eyes towards Luciana. Reflection, what gated twins lose their lives to growing up inside my head, peering out yet only seeing within. She, beautiful, inspiring, and wonderful, me, dutiful, caring, and supportive. But like the cloud that above my head sits, I alone must receive the rain and not make it. Above me yet is a greater source of pain, which is the star that shines through me. It rains light, produces it, and fields its glow amongst men. I, a cloud, am unworthy of that light, and I only have tears. I vow to take by force that which belongs to me, the hand of a woman whom I left my heart's treasure, though I belonged to Paladine. With a dagger in my hand, aboard the ship, I took the money of someone higher than myself, disguised in darkness as the night, and purchased from his pain a new station, a meal of worth, quarters beyond my being, and hope in the future. Then, they threw me off, until I ended up on the docks of Kalaman, washed away by waves of fortune and desolate by waters too deep for me to swim. Someone had saved me in those waters, but I did not know whom I could find as my savior. I asked those who knew where my savior might be what had happened. Yet, ignorance was on their tongues sped into a web of lies. So I prayed to Paladine that I might find my savior, and I may be forgiven of my sins. Someone came from behind me and whispered, "Come," and led me to a fishing boat. I asked this individual whereto might I go? Nothing else was said, but thereupon moved the ship beside the boat, and that was when I was taken aboard the Vanderkaum. Someone had saved me, and needed me alive; that I knew, and without question I proceeded to walk straight to my savior, with open arms, as if Paladine himself had stepped forward.

Author: Kristus Date: Fri Mar 25 20:44:11 2022 Subject The Human Attempt to Stride the Clouds

There stood in shining glory of eyes, watched by all, and present only to those worthy the unknown benefactor. I questioned her without words, and pride, that lofty cloud that sheds no tears, prevented me from lowering into a bow. Her eye shone on me like the stars, and seeking my movement as a sign of obedience she raised her hand, to which impulse the others obeyed by bringing their hands to their swords. In the manner of knights I had never seen, I fantasized in a brief moment and produced from nothing a kind of low sweep. She nodded, became perpendicular, and beckoned with her hand. The door, she opened, the way, she cleared, and past her lied the answer to my questions. The ship moved gently in weather permissible by the Goddess Zeboim, a blessing that perchance marked a beautiful day to be alive. I steadily walked forward in the direction I was bade, until I was stopped by a woman about my height. The hair, the eyes, the face, and the being that kept those things locked in a spell of wonder came back as... Luciana? Was it her? She proceeded to say, "Have you heard of the Lily of the Night?" Angered at this proclamation of perversion, the idea that beauty eternal exists in the pond as darkness and not light, despised in my eyes became a hurtful feeling. "What does one lily have to do with another?" I lied, unable to keep my composure in lips quivering. I withdrew my glance, and she continued: "That is why I saved you, because you are in search of the lily of the pond. And we are in search of the lily of the night." She replied: "Though you have served well to be in love with a star, the glance that she bestows may be darker than a frown, worse than a tear in the poet's sonnet, and more misplaced than the irony of death after life." "To love is to be with that which hurts, even if that which bestows happiness is a sword of type pain and kind pleasure." "Understand that you are the key according to me, as I have studied the stars and your hand in this may still be available to the heavens as a human attempt to stride the clouds and reach the skies." "Come, let me show you your quarters. From now on, you shall no longer be called Kristus, you shall be called one of us."

Author: Kristus Date: Thu Apr 7 20:30:02 2022 Subject The Human Hand Refers to Love

After missing my love, I realized that duty aboard the ship was more important than her. I was fortunate to exist as a sailor, and I needed to find purpose in what I am doing. Without purpose, my life would mean nothing.' In the darkest parts of my mind, I doubted. For in knowing nothing, I escaped misery but in knowing something, I had bereavement.' the difference lies in the possession, and the lack thereof provides no solution. Purpose in life is truly admirable, for it gives the eyes steady glance and the nose a scent of perfume.' When flowers are fresh, they give their scent; and so a freshness of purpose gives me liberty in knowing who is Paladine.' The wind is blowing, the earth is beautiful.' Without extense the palipitation increases. The truth of the heart is the delicate formation of words.' For example, to love is to say love lovingly, yet to be hateful is to hate hatefully. I have seen the greatness of Paladine in my life, and so I try to become a warrior of which he would be proud. here those above me gave the orders. They told me to attend to watch.' 'So, I did.' 'My reward is with Paladine, not with the people of Krynn.' To follow commands is to do justice before men.' As we approached a ship heading towards our starboard side, I remembered to signal Thereupon, a roar erupted in the ship as each man and woman attempted to do his part in preparing us for battle. In pain from the mind's attempt to wed a woman who was afar, I decided to slow myself down in completing the command before me, though I knew that this might be my end.' They boarded us and each man got to his sword, the movement was swift, and action stunning.' The first attacker met me first, which was to be expected, having been placed at the vanguard long before in practice drills.' I smote the enemy on the left cheek, carving deeply into her face, and slowly released the blade that the scar reminded her of the brevity of existence.' She swung low at me in order to cleave me in two, but resisting the urge to exist, I threw my life at her by pushing in with my sword until her heart stopped beating.' Another man came from behind and proceeded to swing at my head, with my sword still in her, and upon waiting a second I withdrew the blade face to face with this man seeking vengeance. I had no time to think, so I removed a dagger from my vest, and slit his throat with one nimble strike. ' Three men dead, I exasperated the coming foes until they in turn became paralyzed with emotion.' They looked at me and shook their heads, and revealed a swathe of flying arrows from the other side.' Standing my ground I reached for my sword, but I was too late, hit by arrows and falling to the ground I writhed in pain as they bellowed the command for my arrows to be sinking, and thereupon I waited until death would overtake me.' But those braver when bravery is tested, emerged from the distance separated by fear and honor, and they came to my aid, bounding across the way to the other ship, honoring me with their combat in the midst of certain destruction.' To me came existence, as blood ran deep across my leg, and across my thigh, until I lost consciousness.'

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