The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kyzzec.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a pulp magazine on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kyzzec' scribed in earth-colored orange ink.

Author:    Kyzzec         
Date:      Thu Jul 28 00:39:00 2016
Subject     Following a Necromancer

Kyzzec slowly follows the soon to be Highlord next to the wight general. The wight was covered completely by his cloak, and the sivak was still in the form he had taken when he killed the tribesman warrior. The dark elf walked in in front of the two, and for some reason it was all the guard he decided to bring. Kyzzec had wracked his brain trying to figure out why he had been chosen for a guard for this parlay with his errant Highmaster. The murderer could not figure it out. They walk towards the five men on horseback, three of which were clearly commanders of sorts, while the other two must have been guards. The sivak looks up to the castle atop the glacier, then back down to the men waiting their arrival. The mage stops short of the men on their horses and lowers his hood. Kyzzec rests his hands on the pommels of the two swords at his sides. He eyes the five on horseback closely, they seem on edge. "Where is Highmaster Makous?" Nestos asks the three commanders. "He could not make it, but he has sent us to deal with you," the larger of the three says, "He says that he is willing to let you all join the White Wing of the Dragonarmies of Takhisis if you accept him as Highlord." Kyzzec cannot see the mage's face, but he certainly can hear the amusement in his voice, "I am afraid I am here to offer just the opposite. I have been sent to take command of the White Wing, and I was hoping that he, and you all would be willing to accept that and serve in your same rank." The three commanders laugh at the dark elf, while their two guards seem to grow increasingly nervous. Suddenly, the three separate from each other and a dozen arrows rain down on Kyzzec, Nestos, and the wight. Three arrows find their mark, lodging themselves deep in the dark elf's chest. One grazes the sivak and a few pass through the wight's cloak. The two guards launch their mounts towards the dark elf, but the wight general lunges forward, the cloak falling from his shoulders. Kyzzec draws his swords and lets his shape change to his original form as his large wings unfurl. The wight merely grabs the horse's neck and it collapses to the ground, its rider scrambling to get away from the undead creature. The murderer launches himself at the second rider, using his wings to propel himself into the rider as he buries his two swords into the man. Seeing that they are overpowered, the three leaders for the Highmaster turn their mounts back towards the glacier and gallop away. Their guards are dead before they turn. The sivak lifts his head from the man's throat, a maniacal grin on his face, and pulls his swords from his chest and looks to his own commander. Nestos is slumped to the ground, blood soaking the snow and his breathing coming slowly. "We need to get him back to the camp," the frost wight says in a hollow gravelly voice. Kyzzec looks at the wight with a quizzical look on his face, blood still dripping from his maw. He has never spoken in front of him. He then nods and walks over to the mage and picks him up. With the aid of his wings, he makes it back to camp in a short amount of time. As they reach the outskirt of the camp, the elf whispers, "Bring me one of the prisoners." Kyzzec sets the man down, letting the White Wing Soldiers to tend him. He comes back, dragging a human woman. He deposits her in front of Nestos, and the mages struggles to sit on his knees. He leans in and whispers something in the woman's ear that brings a small smile too her face. He leans back once more and she quickly pulls the three shafts from his chest bringing a grunt each time. She then lifts him up and as she does, Nestos buries his black bladed dagger into her chest, the runes on it glowing a sickly green. The woman's eyes shoot open with a look of shock and surprise. She begins to wilt, her skin drawing tight and her eyes sinking into her head. As she falls to the ground, the necromancer takes a large breath and rises to his feet, checking the holes in his clothes. The sivak giggles quietly to himself.

Author: Kyzzec Date: Sat Jan 21 18:50:58 2017 Subject Welcome to the Company, pt. 1

The wind blowing over the the sivak's wings causes them to make a slight fluttering noise as he lands in the castle courtyard. Despite being a runt compared to the few other sivak's in the yard, the others shy away from the gaze of the mad draconian. He lets out a giggle at the their discomfort with him, then makes his way into the keep towards the Highlord's office. He has returned from a scouting trip the elf had sent him on. He did not necessarily like being given orders, but the Highlord had promised him freedom. Plus, the near undead creature could virtually smell a scheme a mile away, so planning his demise was out of the question. As Kyzzec comes around the finally bend, he is reminded of another reason not to plan the elf's untimely death, two undead frost wights guard the door. It is his turn now to shutter under the gaze of those glowing ice blue eyes. He made his way to the door, and opens it immediately, taking a moment to briefly scan the room. He nods and grins at the frost wight general in the corner of the room, but knows he will not get a response. "Have a seat," the dark elf says, indicating the chair in front of his desk without taking his eyes from the report in his hands. The draconian does not hesitate, throwing himself into the chair, and crossing his clawed feet up on the edge of Nestos' desk. He waits till the White Highlord looks up to him to give his report, "It seems there are two main dragons in the area. One, a female, is the larger and more dominant of the two. Her brute force is feared, and I have heard stories that she will attack any foe without thought. She seems an irrational creature." Kyzzec attempts to return the gaze of the Highlord, but finds he cannot, he looks down and giggles before continuing his report. "The other is a smaller male. It seems he is not able to overcome the size and brute force of the female to gain dominance, but he is feared the same, if not more than her. He is known for striking from nowhere, killing entire villages, then disappearing back into the ice. The other dragons in the area give these two a wide berth." The dark elf nods after the sivak is done with the report, "Thank you for gathering this information, I appreciate it." Nestos leans back in his chair, then joins the draconian in crossing his feet on the desk. He pulls out his pipe, loads it, and when he removes his frostbitten thumb it is already lit. He takes a few puffs off the pipe before continuing, "I intend to return to Neraka within the month. You are welcome join me on the trip, and as promised, you may go your own way. However, I would hope that you would stay. You are good at what you do, both with your blades, and in gathering intelligence. I want you to work for me, and not as a soldier," the elf indicates all the Dragonarmy missives on his desk, "I want you to join my spy company. Does that interest you?"

Author: Kyzzec Date: Sat Jan 21 18:53:56 2017 Subject Welcome to the Company, pt 2

The draconian is taken back by the sudden offer, he was not sure the elf would even let him go, now he is offering to bring him into his inner circle. It was rumored that he had agents amongst the ranks, and for the most part it kept the rabble rousers in check, but he was not sure of it until this moment. With a giant grin creeping across his face, Kyzzec nods his head. "It does indeed interest me," he says with a giggle. "Good," Nestos says with command, then dropping his feet to the floor he reaches over and places a silver signet ring on the desk in front of Kyzzec. "You will remain a soldier in the the White Wing, and unless told by me, you will follow the orders of your superiors. However, I may send you on missions in which you will be given command. I also expect your loyalty, and I imagine you know the consequences for betraying me?" The mad draconian picks up the silver ring as the elf speaks, and studies the flat black stone with the initials, NVT carved into it. As the necromancer mentions the consequences, Kyzzec looks up to the elf's piercing gaze, then down to the unnaturally black stone hanging by a silver chain around his neck. The draconian nods. Nestos nods, "I have preparations to make to meet this dragon. I am assigning you to work with Sirene. I want you to keep an eye on the priestess. I do not trust her anymore than I trust that consort of Takhisis she worships. Report to me if you have anything concerning, otherwise keep your ear to the ground, and that signet out of sight. Welcome to the Company."

Author: Kyzzec Date: Thu Nov 9 14:54:32 2017 Subject An Important Message

The battle is well underway aboard the ship as the runt of a sivak stalks his prey from the cover the invisibility spell affords him. The thought of the spell draws his attention to the dark elf now engaging the High Clerist on the other side of the ship. The draconian then turns his attention back to his mission. He follows the squire as he makes his way to the back of the boat. Suddenly, a sailor from the ship runs right into him, causing his invisibility spell to fail. The man raises his cudgel to strike the beast, but Kyzzec is quicker, and buries a dagger deep in the man's chest. As the sailor's eyes glaze over, the sivak allows his appearance to become that of the sailor's. Luckily for Kyzzec, the squire did not see what had happened as he was busy with trying to get one of the rowboats into the water. In the guise of the sailor, the draconian runs up to the squire and begins helping him lower the boat into the water. As they do so, a soldier in a White Wing uniform lunges at the squire with a sword. Kyzzec quickly deflects the attempt with the sailor's cudgel, then quickly counters, striking the soldier in the throat causing him to crumble to the ground. "Thank you for that," the squire says, looking at the dead soldier, "I am no good at sea. Would you join me? I have an urgent message to get to Sir Frank in Caergoth." Kyzzec giggles slightly before responding, "It would be my pleasure, sir." The squire looks at him askance, but then extends his arm out, "I am Artrum, Squire of the Crown." The draconian shakes the man's hand, then urges him towards the boat, "We must begone before this battle is lost." The squire nods and they both climb down the rope ladder to the safety of the rowboat, and the sivak in disguise begins to row them to shore. After some time, when all they can see are the fires of the ships burning, Kyzzec turns to the squire, "What must we do in Caergoth?" "I have to find Sir Frank, or even Sir Sdresk, and inform them of what has befallen the High Clerist and the fleet he was sent to deliver to Schallsea," the squire says with conviction, then after the draconian giggles he states, "You are an odd man, but thank you for the help." Kyzzec giggles again at the man, then lets his guise drop. The squire is only able to open his eyes wide in shock before the creature's maw closes around his throat. The man struggles weakly, then slumps as the draconian releases him. The last thing he sees as he dies is himself looking back at and giggling maniacally.

Author: Kyzzec Date: Thu Jun 7 15:36:49 2018 Subject The Word of the Lord

The voices prattle on within the sivak's head as he makes his way down the Palanthas docks, giggling. The knights had, of course, fallen for the visage of the squire he had killed. He was sent with another low ranking knight to Palanthas to bring news of the events occurring around Newsea. The squire 'perished' during the journey, and now Kyzzec wears the visage of the knight. The impostor giggles as thoughts of burying his dagger into the knight's chest pop into his head. As the voices yammer away at him, one begins to get louder and louder, and a grin crosses his stolen face. The one voice the sivak feels is worthy of listening to, the voice of his Lord. The voice that Kyzzec believes to be Chemosh. KILL HIM! Kyzzec glances around the street, having gotten deeper into the city without realizing it. KILL HIM! More and more desperate to do his Lord's bidding, the sivak starts peering around to find who his target must be. KILL HIM! Finally, the human shows himself! Glowing in a white light, a man stands near the center of town feeding a number of lizards. As he slowly approaches, the sivak draws out a thin, pointed, shard of steel, pocked with rust and streaked with a foreign red substance. The shard of steel finds its mark as Kyzzec buries it deep in the man's back. Following up on his attack, the impostor shoves the man to the ground and kicks a cloud of dirt in his face. Suddenly, the lizards turn to Kyzzec and begin attacking, forcing him to change his target. The draconian drops one or two before he is able to disappear into the crowd once more. As he hunts his prey, now blinded and wandering about, he can hear the guards calling out for backup. KILL HIM! Several more times Kyzzec finds the prey, and each time he is forced to retreat from the lizards after stabbing the cleric. Finally, the needling saps the strength from the man and he collapses to the ground. The draconian, wanting nothing more than to taste the blood of his prey, instead decides to make his escape as he hears the boots of the guards closing. As he dashes down the road, he spots an alley and ducks down it, but realizes too late that it is a dead end. With the sounds of boots getting nearer, the impostor draws his shortsword and prepares for battle. That is when he hears it, a secret door unlatching and someone calling to him, "Over here." OOC: Here it is. The story for the PK earlier today.

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