The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Lanfer.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a thread-bare book bound in cloth on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Lanfer' scribed in vibrant white ink.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Sun Nov 11 21:35:58 2001

Subject  the move continues

Tossing and turning Lanfer laid in bed. Beads of sweat doting his face

His usually stone cold face twisted in pure concentration. Waking to the sound
of an echo Lafer jumps from his bed drawing his sword only to be faced with a
cloaked figure.

"Dear Lanfer, You will need not that sword this day." as the sword gets
hot burning Lanfers hand causing him to drop it.

"What the...."

"Listen carefully Lanfer, and do as I say. You are to assemble the clerics
now Wake Delve and send him with the clerics to make a portal for you near

It will save time though send the ship for my next task. You may need their

I have granted your clerics one power and have put them to the task. The fog
should be rolling through the streets of solace we you listen to me now. You
will see the meaning of that soon. Lay seige to the city. It is poorly
deffended and is ours for the taking.

Do not upset me Lanfer"

Waking from his Vivid dream Lanfer rises and dresses, hurrying to rouse Delve
and the Clerics.

Waking from his Vivid dream Lanfer rises and dresses, hurrying to rouse Delve
and the Clerics.

In just an hours time the Dragons would have the Clerics on the way to
sanction and well on their way to taking Solace. Though was there a deffence
forming? Only the gods truly knew.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Wed Dec 12 10:12:37 2001

Subject  The last straw

Storming into Delves Tents Lanfer found the two Knights he saught. The acting
head of the Knights Delve and his counter part Danvighar where both sitting
mulling over the next assult plan on the clerist tower, both turning to
reguard Lanfer as he enetred unannounced and obviously very upset.

"Defeat again.... Defeat again... I told you this attack was not a good

I told you both that this was not the way. We put all our troops into one area
then we do not expect to get wiped out? Our men have fought bravely. They have
attacked time and time again and even in situations that I am not sure I would
have. They Die for you.... and for what? For what?"

Tossing his hands into the air and turning his back on the two, begining to
pace back and forth.

"Calm down Lanfer, tis just a mild set back, we will recover."

"No Danvighar.... You are not even worth the title Lord, our Army lays in

How shall we hold the cities we so loosly grasp now? Your push for this tower
may have cost it all. I will not sit and watch this again. Siram and the
Blacks will not fight in this cause any longer and I dont blame them one


"Quite! I am not through. I fly with them now. You are on your own

Perhaps I will turn up again some time, but for now I am going with them.
There is Much of the Black clan I need learn, and I will not watch you send
our men to be fodder. Until the day we meet again Men." Turning and exiting
the tent it became very clear to Lanfer that Delve had been very quite in the
barage he had just unloaded. Shaking his head he mounted Siram and took to the
sky heading south, south west. The other two black dragons behind him.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Sat Dec 29 21:53:06 2001

Subject  The Visions come again

Beads of sweat poured down the knights face as he lay wrestling a dream.

The dreams had come often in his long life, always calling him back when he
was feeling he could free himself. The Knighthood had worn on this elder
knight and until this night he had felt it was time to move on. Though this
was not completely like all the other visions his Queen had sent him. This one
was different. In the normal sceam a dark cloaked figure would approch and
send the Knight on a quest or set a path in stone.

Though this time he was faced with Sarim, his Black Dragon Companion.

"Lord Lanfer I salute you"

"And I you my trusted friend, though I see not why you visit me in my
slumber, you know all you must do is come to me."

*chuckling in a dark tone* "I come on matters far greater then any I have
ever bestowed on you Lanfer. Power beyond your dreams can be within your
reach. Though it will take its time. You must prove youself worthy."

*looking quite puzzled* "Prove myself worthy of what Sarim? What power has
Our Queen given me. Please, you talk in ryme my friend"

"It has been passed to me by our Queen that you will become the Lord of the
Black Dragons. There has not been once since the fall of the Dragon Armies and
Our Queen as well as the small contingent of Blacks you led through the war
feel you would fit the position nicely my compatreate."

"Lord of the Blacks Sarim? What would that grant me though I am Honored I do
not understand."

"All will be told in time Lanfer, trust me as I have put my trust in you.
You will be sent on a mission of your faith soon. If you shall pass the test
we will follow you. And the Loyality of the Black Dragons is something you
will feel in your soul at all times.

With that said The knight sat up in his bed knowing that something of epic
proportions was about to head his way.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Mon Jul 12 00:53:22 2004

Subject  A Return

It had been a long time past since true life passed through Lanfers body. A
Lifetime it seemed, trapped between life and death, in a limbo of sorts. The
coldness of the abyss was comfort to very few, but hope kept him going. Hope
that one day the Queen would once again call upon him to serve in her glory.
Blackness surrounded him, the pain of not feeling the breeze upon his face,
even hunger and thirst was non existant in this limbo.

He had left Krynn after a fight with his Brother Tillov. A member of the once
great Solamnic Knight Hood. That day Tilloves sword was better then any he had
seen. The acuracy of his steps, the might of his sword, all went in the favor
of good. Paladine must have shone bright upon the Knight that day. But enough
about the past, it was time for a new begining.

The voices started days before that meeting with the Thorn mage Marie. The
voice of the Queen spoke volumns in the abyss. They told him of a return to
the world of the living. A place in Her army once more. A place where he would
be needed to spread the good will of the Queen. To once again embody all that
was the Queens Army. "Your time has come to once again serve me my son You
will come into the world of Krynn and save those who do not believe in my
might, in the ways of the true followers of might"

There was no connection the the Solamnics portraying good and the Knight of
Takhisis following the paths of evil. In honesty it was the exact opposit. The
Solamnics followed ways that were evil.

They drove the idea that the Queen was evil with a mighty fist.

The Queens ways were a path of rightiousness as far as Lanfer was concerned.
Her way would bring peace to the lands. Her way was THE way.

It all happened in the blink of an eye. A gate appeared before Lanfer and out
stepped a women. Though her face was hidden Lanfer knew her as a fellow
follower of the Queen. Her aura was more then enough to give that away. She
spoke of a return, a new beginning for the once Leader of the Knigh Hood. Not
wanting to be trapped in the abyss anylonger Lanfer followed blindly through
the gate to find himself back on solid land, the land of Krynn. The voices had
spoken true. He had returned, though to find a land dominated by the false
promises and hopes of the followers of "good". There were changes that had to
be made. The Queens message had to reach more people. The Knight Hood would
have to be rebuilt and strengthened ten fold. They had become non effective at
best, but that would change in time, a warm bath, a good meal and a sturdy
wench were the things that needed taking care of first, then the journey to
bring the Knights of true Good back to the light would begin.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Fri Sep  3 23:12:46 2004

Subject  The Mist Forms

The bed sheets lay on the floor covered in sweat as Lanfer lay tossing in a
dream that would haunt him as much as it gave him new direction. The Mist
around him lapped at the heels of his boots, burning almost as fresh acid from
a black dragon would. It had no real form as it oozed around him. He was back
in the nothingness of the Abyss. No sense of fresh air, no hunger no thirst,
no nothing, just a blank feeling. Death would have been somthing saught after
if there was a choice between it and the Abyss.

Thoughts raced through Lanfers brain. Was my return to the real world all a
sick dream? Have I been here the entire time? Panic would have set in at that
point if emotions were reachable in the pressing blackness.

It was then that the mist around him began to shift as though swept up in a
breeze. Had Lanfer not know better he would have actuilly believed that, but
he knew there was no wind in the abyss. The mist formed into a very friendly
figure known to him for ages, it was the Cromatic Dragon of his beloved Queen.

The dragon beared down on him, but nothing could be felt on his face, not the
dragons breath or its smell. Again the opressivenes of the Abyss. I have
brought you here to bring home a point I am about to make as well as give you
orders you are to follow to the "T" Lanfer Diternian. You Will once more Lead
My Lily army to glory. Once more shall they call you their General, and Once
more shall the people come to believe in the powers of their Queen.

If you fail me again there is a place for you once more within the confines of
my..... little prision. These last words were said as the dragon peered
around her, through the darkness of the Abyss. The world will one day see
that the true path of right is our Path. The path I have set down for them.

Faith in Me shall bring peace to the world. I want you to begin the quest to
the realization of this. The Knights will follow you, you are strong, and we
have a good Leader in Elzaroth. Together with the Mage Marie and the Cleric
Delve we shall make the world see our path.

With that saidthe fog drifted back and Lanfer woke with sweat beading his

The bed was drenched as well and a dull ach ran through his head. This time he
would not fail his Queen. This time the world would understand.

Author:  Lanfer
Date    Wed Nov 24 21:33:08 2004

Subject  Troop Movement

Standing at the entrance to the Storm Keeps Court Yard Lanfer watched as his
troops prepared. For what he still did not know, but there was something
strange in the air. Scouts had reported movement from most every Solamnic
front and that did not settle well with the Lily Lord. The Solamnic only moved
when they had plans to attack, they were a ragged bunch at best, a pack of
wild dogs hiding under the banner of their "alimghty" god Paladine.

Still when the Solamnic moved it did not mean that the Queens Knights should
not take heed. Troops were now in a stage of preperation. All Knights were to
up their daily training three fold, the Mages of the thorn and the Clerics of
the Skull were under order to also prepair. Not since the great war with
Tillov, his brother had the Solamnic and Knights of Takhisis tangled under
Lanfers leadership. The battles then were bloody and in the end the Solamnic
were driven back. No doubt if it came to it again much blood would be spilled.

Turning to his aid, "I want a message sent to our scouting parties
immediatly. They are to take note of Solamnic troop movement. I want numbers
and an estimation of where they are going. We will stop this before they even
dig in. I also want word send to Maire and Delve, and find Lord Elzaroth if
possiable, a meeting of the council must be held to discuss plans for
battle." Noding his head the Aid left leaving Lanfer standing alone in the
entry way. The Solamnic would not move on the Queens Knights under his watch
and he was in no mood to fail the Queen. Memories of the blackness in the
abyss still haunted him, there was no going back there ever, no matter the

Author:           Lanfer
Date    Wed Jun  7 15:24:09 2006
Subject  a new begining from a old end

The night had gone badly, rains soaked the ground for the 15th
strait day and the floods had begun to rise on the river outside
the makeshift camp Lanfer had set up. His keep was being watched
by wards of the Queens Knights so returing home just yet was not
an option. Not that he feared the Queens army, but a fight with no
support was not something he was going to endevor in just yet. They
just didnt understand what he had to say about the the leadership and
it seemed that the Queen had even given up on him. Laying his head down
for another soaked night of sleep Lanfer placed his sword and belt knife
beside his cot and layed down for another resteless night of sleep.

Sleep came quick, but as usual it was not a good deep sleep, it was
more a sleep like after a night of drinking grog in the local 
taverns. By the Queens eyes did He miss the old Days with Rorin
and his crew, drinking till the nights end and taking home the
easiest bar maid he could find. The world had changed in the time
he floated through the abyss. People had died, friends, good friends.
And now once more he was stuck here to deal with the haunting memory
of how his life use to be.

A sound in the corner of his tent brought Lanfer to his feet sword
drawn. How had someone snuck up with no sound? Was he slipping? Or
was old age just creeping in on him. As he scanned the tent there  
was nothing.... what had made the sound? perhaps his hearing was just
playing tricks on him. But as he turned his back a small could rolled 
along the ground and began to take shape. He remembered this, the last
time he was banished to the abyss the Queen came to him in just this

As She began to take shape He put away his sword and droped to one
knee in salute to his Queen only to be rudely suprised.

"Get up you sniveling worm" was the response from the myst.
Confused and a bit taken aback Lanfer rose to look his Queen in
her eye. "Why have you come my Queen?" was the only responce
Lanfer could work out of his mouth.

" You have failed me once more Lanfer. I brought you back to this
world to take control of my flailing Knighthood and restore MY glory.
Somewhere along the way you lost faith"

There were no words to come from Lanfers mouth, it was as though
all sound was incapable from coming from him.

"I do not want excuses Lanfer. I gave you a second chance and 
once more you have tried my patients. Though I will not return
you to the abyss this time. That would be too good for a worm
like you. No this time you will stay here on Krynn in disgrace.
All who come to this land Will hear the story of the worthless
Knight Lanfer Di'Ternian. They will laugh as you pass and jeer you
as you pass. You lands and titles have been stripped and my Knights
will hunt you at every turn, though death will never come. Your
eternity will be spent here. Friends will come and go. You will see
deaths cycle again and again. This is your punishment."

With that the myst began to dissipate leaving Lanfer alone in his
tent once more. He felt cold. The shelter his Queen had given for 
so long was now gone leaving him a broken man in a strange world.

Author:           Lanfer
Date    Tue Jun 20 15:32:10 2006
Subject  a new beginning from an old end part II

It had been days since the Queen had visited Lanfer that night in his tent
and things had not gotten much better. The Knight of Takahisis had been on
the hunt for him and he found himself ducking and dodging gangs of knights
on what seemed to be a daily basis. This was not the life that he wanted to
live. To make matters worse two scars had formed on his hands where two
twin dragons had once been. They were a gift from the Queen which helped
Lanfer hold fast to his weapons. The scars burned no matter the salves
or medicins the clerics of Palanthas used. That however was the bright 
spot through all of this, as the Knights of Solamania had given Lanfer
refuge within the city walls of Palanthas. This made Lanfer warry, as 
his crimes against the Knight of Light where many and could bring about
his death. Men had been jailed or executed for far less. Lanfer had 
spent more years then could be counted with The Dark Knights, pilliaging
and often burning many Solamnic towns and villages, but for some reason
the Solamnics allowed him freedom in their towns. Perhaps they were
setting him up for somethimg, but his gut told him they saw the truth
of the situation, that the Queen had really left him and he had 
abandoned Her in return.

Perhaps he would see what he could do to aid the Solamnic. He had vast
knowledge of the Dark Knights and perhaps that could be of use. For now 
Lanfer would just rest and regain his strength in Palanthas, the meeting
with Takahisis took more out of him then he imagined. Time would heal him
though and her time would come.

Author:           Lanfer
Date    Sat Jul 15 13:30:58 2006
Subject  A returning to old places

It had been a few weeks since the Solamnic Council agreed to allow Lanfer into
their ranks and life had changed quite a bit. Long gone were the days when
Lanfer last was a Squire. In retrospect being a squire was a lot like serving
the dark Queen. It was tiering thankless work But he did what was asked of him
and did not bat an eyelash otherwsie. In his spare time Lanfer worked with the
other squires to better their battle skills. Most had taken interest in his
little weapon training sessions, but there were still some even among the
ranking Knights who did not take to him. People spoke in hushed tones and
Lanfer often caught Solamnic personell pointing towards him. Again he had
expected this as he once lead an entire Knighthood of his own against many of
these exact same Knights. It would simply take time and time was something
Lanfer had plenty of.

This happened to be a day a bit different then most however. Lord Galadir had
given him the day off to do as he pleased and this was the perfect chance to
go and check on something he had wanted to do for years. Rejoining the Knights
of Takahis upon his return to this plane Lanfer had not had much time to
return to the areas surrounding Palanthas, as he was most unwelcome there.
Though the city of New Thalos held some memories he dearly wanted to revisit.

Exiting the east gate of Palanthas he strolled down the main the main road
heading away from the Safty of Palanthas towards the bustling town of New
Thalos. It was not a perticurlary long journey but he took his time
remembering all the times He and Tillov walked this road. It was in the Town
of New Thalos that the two of them began a training ground for young Knights,
years back. It was a time of peaec in both of their lives. Tillov had been a
brother in blood and Arms, even when they both fought for seperate sides. More
then once they had met on the battle field simply to let the other walk away
in the other direction.

With all these thoughts running through Lanfers head it was a suprise to look
up and have the gates of New Thalos standing before him. He quickly entered
and headed towards the West Gate. Passing people with faces fimilar it seemed
that New Thalos had undergone many changes in the years since he left. Exiting
the west gate Lanfer headed down a small secluded path, now very overgrown
with foliage, which in all honesty was a pleasent suprise. Just maybe their
home would still be intac. As he approched the large stone structure that was
the front of the home Lanfer noticed that the two stone dragons which garded
the keep were still in perfect condition as though the weather and years had
not happened. Taking a deep breath he uttered the secret words and the dragons
stepped aside. Now he finally felt Home.

Author:           Lanfer
Date    Sun Aug  6 12:15:00 2006
Subject  A Bend In The Path

The day had begun like any other. Lanfer had gotten up and spent the better
part of the morning cleaning and fixing things around the Keep he and Tillov
had shared a lifetime ago. It was hard being there without his brother, but
the old healer Cootah some how was still alive and as hilarious as ever. It
helped having him there, as it made the work go bv much faster. They talked of
the old days and of the best Leader the Solamnic had ever seen, Lord Tillov
Di'Ternian. As night began to fall Lanfer had just finished polishing the twin
dragon statues which magically guarded the keep when he caught movement along
the south wall of the keep and they were sticking to the shadows. Lanfer made
no movement to show he had noticed, but he was on high alert.

As he began to move towards the Keeps door another movement this time from the
road caught his eye. This time however it was Aramynia, a fellow Knight of the
Crown and Cleric of the Stars. She was usually in a good mood and was more
then a bit of an eyecatcher, but with the age gap as large as it was she was
simply fun to look at like the bar maids in the Taverns.

As she approched they exchanged salutes and and smiles as Lanfer began to find
out why she had come. As she told it she simply needed out of Palanthas for a
bit and she had wanted to see what project had been taking Lanfers time these
days. Cootah brought out some of his special wine and the three Knights sat
and talked as the sun set.

Lanfer had made a major mistake however as the arrival of his Solamic sister
had taken his mind off the shadow that had been lurking around his keep the
better part of the day. As they said goodby to Cootah Lanfer turned to
Aramynia to invite her in when the unthinkable happened. All that was heard
was the wisper of the wind and Lanfer was struck fatialy with an arrow.
Looking down at his chest in disbelif Lanfer sunk back against the black
dragon statue and cursed himself for being distracted by a women. Aramynia
stood still in shock as blood began to poor from Lanfers chest. (CONT)

Author:           Lanfer
Date    Sun Aug  6 12:36:20 2006
Subject  A bend in the path II

Aramynia quickly went into action pulling herbs and other components from her
belt pouch in what Lanfer saw as a vain attempt to save him. The arrow had
struck through his heart with out his breast plate on the arrow had hit home
and sunk deep. Though Aramynia did not seem the slightest bit worried. She
went about prepairing a salve as she spoke words of the arcanum, something
Lanfer knew little about. As she finished speaking a worried look came over
Aramynia's face. The spell had not worked, but she was onto trying something

She explained to Lanfer as his eyes began to grow heavy with the blood loss,
at this rate he had only moments. She told him that there was another option
but the process would bind Lanfer to her for the rest of his days, and with
Lanfers last ounce of energy he noded in agreement.

Aramynia began to chant a spell in a language that Lanfer couldent understand,
however his body began to tingle and he could almost feel the hole in his
heart mending. Aramynia began to shake as the light grew stronger and with a
final flash she collapsed onto Lanfers chest. Lanfers breath began to return
to normal and he was amazed at how immediate his strength returned, though
there was another new pain he could not describe. He was exausted his body
ached and it almost seemed as though his soul had been ripped from his body.
It was at that moment that another strange thing happened. 

Through his thoughts came a voice "You are feeling my Pain Lanfer. To save you
I had to give you a piece of my essence, my life force and my soul. We are now
bonded as one. When I feel pain, so shall you, and when You feel pain I in
turn will experiance it with you. You will know when I need you and know when
I am in danger. You will come when I call even if you are dead set against it
as your soul will always strive to be along side me. In return for your life
you now are my warder. You shall protect me at all cost. Now lets get you
inside so you may rest. I as well must lie down for a bit and we shall talk
more of this after we regain ourselves."

With that said Lanfer limped to his feet and picked Aramynia up in his arms,
speaking the secret password the dragons slid aside and they two of them
entered the keep.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Mon Dec 18 13:18:56 2006
Subject  A promotion

It had been a day since the Young Solamnic page had come to New Thalos
to give Lanfer a message from Grand Master Galidir. He had taken his
time leving and enjoyed his trip to Palanthas. Lord Galadir, a friend
indeed, would realize that Lanfer had things to tie up in New Thalos
as it was never certain how long the Grand Master would need him when
called. Walking the bay down the people strewn streets of Palanthas
Lanfer smiled thinking how great this new Steed was, surly it was far
better then the Stallion that was given to him before. He actuilly was
starting to feel at home atop a horse thanks to Aramynia.

Rounding the corner into the Solamnic Stables the young stable hands
quickly went about taking care of his horse and another young page
whome aparently had been sent to await Lanfers arrival quickly hurried
him into the keep. Lord Galadir awaits your arrival Lord Lanfer

I am no Lord anymore young man. I am simply a Squire within the
Solamnic ranks. Nothing more. Adress me as such if you do not mind"

The young page seemed to grin as Lanfer finished his little speech and
Lanfer couldent help but feel this young Squire knew something he did
not. They walked at a fat clip through the halls of the Keep finally
ending up before the Office of The Grand Master. Opening the door with
out a Knock Lanfer enterd to find Galadir at his Desk shifting through
a stack of papers. Pausing only long enough to acknowledge Lanfers
appearance and inform him he would be with him in a moment.

Upon finishing his task Galadir rose from his seat and walked to face
Lanfer. "You service with the Knights of Solamania has been much
needed Lanfer. I knew my support of you would foster such ends. Your a
Knight, plain and simple. You have lived your life by the code even
before you left the graps of the Dark Queen. I have heard of the
guidance you have given some of our younger knights an Squires and I
applaud your efforts and now see your sword and Wisdom are wasted in
your present station. It is here and now that I grant you Knighthood
within the Order of the Crown. You are know to be know as The Lord of
Crown. Carry the banner of the Solamnic Well my friend, as I know you

Mi Lord Galadir I shall continue my service to the knights with
Honor and Pride. I thank you for your ever lastring trust in me as I
know my past is reason enough to mistrust. I shall deffend the Honor
of The Knights Of Solamania to my death, My Honor is My life"

With a Salute Galdir returnd to his papers and Lanfer leaves his
office thinking to himself Now we may see how this Knighthood can
be. Their strength has been misguided for far too long. A change must
come and Trials may be part of this. The Knights of this Land WILL be
held accountable for their actions rounding into the stable Lanfer
quickly mounts his Bay and turns her towards the east gate and back to
New Thalos. There were preperations to be made and things to plan.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Jan 16 21:24:11 2007
Subject     My life

Just wanted to get this up before I took some time off.

The Di'Ternian Family was a family of nobel means within the City of
Palanthas. Lord Largon Di'Ternian whome was a humble Knight of the
Sword wed his life long love Lady Espis Storm of the Holy Order of the
Stars. They lived a simple life within the walls of Palanthas. From
what is said Lord Largond was a swords trainer and often sat in on the
promotions and daily legislation as a scrib of sorts. THe Lady was a
cleric of mediocre skill, but as any whome knew her would tell you she
was the best weaver and spinstress around. Leader of the local womens
circle and all around care giver to those whome could not get help
other wise.

It was only two years of alone time before the first of their two
children came. A boy they named Lanfer. He was a stark contrast to the
two blond haird perants as he was born with an almost full head of jet
black strands. The next year another boy followed, though this one was
the epittomy of the two perants. To he they gave the name Tillov. THey
boys grew up amongst the two groups though less attention was placed
on healing as neither of the boys ever seemed to want to put down
their training swords. They would battle for hours if left alone.

It was in their fifteenth year that Lanfer was sent away after falling
in with a group of what his father "dock scum", a group that later in
life would prove to be the only true friends he had ever known. He was
taken to a small village to the south of the city, just far enough so
he could not interfear with the precisous upbringing of their golden
child. It is here that Lanfers story takes a twist for the worse.
Feeling very abandoned, missing his brother more then could be
explained in human words, and all around scared by the new sea of
faces it was very easy for the Queen to steal in and take the boys
soul for her own. The vision came to him one night as he sleped,
aching from a days manuel labor, as he had come to find this place to
be a work camp. The dream showed power, glory, and safty that he had
not felt since he had left Palanthas. Hurt and confuised by his
parents betrayal he accepted the Queens offer and snuck away that
night making way for sanction and the Storm Keep.

It is here that his battle training was renewed. He gained rank and
status fast and the Leaders seemed to take a shine to the boy. Little
did he know at the time the Queen had instructed them to make the boy
in the frame of their next Lord of Night. Upon the death of their
present Lord in Lanfers 25th year he was placed in the garb of the
Dark Knights Lord and from there little is known or perhaps disclosed
about Lanfer. Death and pillage was the story of his reign. Women and
children died just as their men weather huddled in their huts or
spilling blood across their marble fountains, class mattered not, just
solidification of of Lanfers Power.

It was at this time that Lord Tillov and Lord Lanfer met again. It had
been more then 20 years since the pair set eyes upon each other but a
brother knows his brother when his eyes are laid upon him. It appeared
Tillov had been told Lanfer had Perished at the hand of some Orcs and
there was even a grave that bared his name in the family crypt. The
meeting spun Lanfer into a spiral that he never truly recovered from.
He stepped down as Lord of Knight and moved to a keep Tillov had
gotten for him in a City to the east of Palanthas. There Lanfer and
Tillov grew to be brothers once more, Lanfer opened a small weapons
training guild and life passed for a time.

In Time Takhisis grew tired of Lanfers presance upon Krynn as he was
no longer following her orders and banished him to a void of
nothingness where he sat in limbo, never really sure what was real and
what was dream, or something pushed upon him by a force he could never
quite see. And then One day just as fast as he was banished he was
returned to the world. Years later, but looking as if he had not
missed a day.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Thu Apr 12 14:49:45 2007
Subject     A Good Bye?

As Lanfers eyes begun to flutter he tried to move from the laying
position he was in. Finding that he was bound ankle and wrist to
some kind of table only seemed to afferm to him that this was just
another dream, but when low shouts came from above him he knew
this was something totally different.

" Yessss sssir yesss ssir massster Ringin" came the responce just
before he heard the sound of metal turning on metal and his body
was pulled as if they were trying to make him taller. Pain shot
through the entirety of his body, many bones felt broken and those
that wernt were so achy that he almost passed back out. Fighting to
stay awak Lanfer went through his thoughts, how had he gotten here?
better yet where was he? Who were these two men dressed in the.... the
robes of the Queens clerics... Oh no.....was the only thought he could
pass through his head. The last thing he remembered was speaking with 
his love Aram at the horses and now this. How many days had passed?

"Many Lanfer" came the responce in a voice that was more memorable the
any he had heard in his long life. "I am sure she thinks you have left 
her again. I am sure she hates you Lanfer.She holds ho love for you
anymore, why would she for such a waste of a man."

It was her.....she had found him and some how gotten ahold once more.
"I told you long ago you would never rid yourself of your true path
you are my warior, not one of the light.

Looking around as best he could Lanfer saw that his shining silver
armor lay in a heep aside his once worn armor of black obsidian
which sat on a training dummy. With every inch of his heart he tried
raching out to Aram..... nothing.....
"Hes trying hes trying my queen......"
"We have cut that cord Lanfer, she no longer feels your presance
more then likely she thinks your dead"
Feeling this be truth Lanfer sunk back against the table still no words
coming from him. He knew what he faced and he knew the outcome of this.

"I give you one chance at Life Lanfer. Rejoin my army. Take your 
rightful spot at the helm of it all and you may live. Choose another
path and you shall die here and now."
No words, no sounds, he would not give her the pleasure of hearing him
say no to her again.
"Still as stubborn as the day is long arnt you Lanfer, By the creator
that stubbornness was what made you so great now coupled with this ...
Love you have become a joke of a man. 

Still no answer and he could feel the two clerics approch one
holding a dagger the other a book. As one began to chant everything
began to go black. One last though crossed the void before total 
Darkenss came "Aram...I Love you....I am sorry but death comes
swifter then I can prepare for please fogive me... I Love you....

Now there was darkness, he felt the dagger sink into the first 
layers of flesh and then there was nothing......

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Fri Apr 13 20:33:15 2007
Subject     A Procession of Tears

A small contingency of towns folk and Knights had gathered at the eastern gates
of the great city of palanthas. From the safty of the archway the sound of people
crying out and wailing could be heard approching the gates. As a small group 
approched it could be seen that they were carrying a casket, whome lay within
was unclear, but it seemed that these people were quite upset. They mostly
wore the traditional garb of people from Newthalos as well as many knights
and soilders whome had been stationed in the nearby town. A strange looking
cleric headed the procession in his light green robes, perhaps a bit too
thick for his hight as he almost had the shape of an egg. His name was
Cootha and he had been a faitful servent of Lanfer for quite some time.
Since the days he first betrayed the Queen to server the side of Good
alongside his brother Tillove, now long dead.

As the Procession entered the gates of Palanthas a stout guard approched the
Cleric asking what the meaning of this could be. He had heard of not Solamnic
deaths as of late and seemed a bit confuised by it all, though as soon as the
old Cleric announced that the the Body of Sir Lanfer Di'Tearnian lay within
the valenwood casket it was as if the earth had shifted under him. It wasent
unknown that Lanfer was a man of his Soilders. He had often let his "duties"
slack to spend time getting to know his men and he often said that it earned
him more loyalty then any other act that he did during his time with any
sort of army. 

When asked how this could have happened to one so strong with his weapons
the cleric could only shake his head and sigh. The truth was that Lanfer
had been missing for months. No one, even his Love Aramynia could have said
where he had gone to, but just as quickly as he had dissappeared his body
had shown up in the night outside his Keep just to the east of New Thalos.
He was badly sliced up and after a few attempts at reviving him Cootah had
discovered a posion running through the Knights body that was unlike 
anything he had seen naturally on this land. His chest had been branded with
seal of the Dark Queen herself giving a clue as to what had happened.
Again it was common knowledge that Lanfer once served her and was sent to
abyss for betraying her. When she let him out and he again betrayed her
most knew it was only a matter of time before she caught up with him
again. He himself had been almost waiting for the day to come, though
not eagerly.

As the procession again began to move the men at the gate left their post
to follow, something they may be punished for later, but they were not
going to dishonor Lanfer by not going along. As they weaved their way 
through the crowded streets of the City of Light people pointed and stared
some asked questions and when ever they found out the man whome occupied
the box they too joined. As they wound their way to the Keep of the 
Knighthood they were prehaps now ten times the size. The guards there
too asked whome had be taken from them and upon finding out quickly
lead the procession to the chappel, some went to track down Lord 
Cormac as well as Aramynia whome would most surly need to know this
knowledge. As they set the casket in the chapel man sat, blank looks
upon their face. A man whome could have helped unite the Solamnic
under a much stronger banner was gone. A man whome had been to hell
and back in his life for the people he loved and cherished had been
taken from them. A Leader among men, and a man that most any would 
want at their side when the Queen attacked. His life had been extinguised
and Palanthas if not Ansalon would morn their loss.

Lanfer Di'Tearnian Knight Of the Sword 

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sun Jun 10 20:13:10 2007
Subject     All Around the San Thalos Herb The Human Chases the Mino

It had been another wonderful day in Palanthas. Life had gone so well as of late,
as Lanfer had recently been promoted into the Ranks of the Sword. Aram was standing
in line for the spot as Grand Master and things between them had grown back to being
civil after the recent stunt he had pulled leaving town for as long as he did.
The Queen had eyes and ears everywhere in Palanthas and war was something that
seemed inevitable. It was no secret that the Solamnics Fleet of ships was nothing
great even if they could find enough men to crew them. It was also no secret that
Lanfer had ties to Mondraiken, a Minotaur sailor who was always as full of grog as
he was tall tales of his adventures, but all in all he had been a good friend over 
what seemed like eons of time.

It was a simple request by his Companion that lead Lanfer down a road that he would 
now rather forget. An event that even he did not see coming so how was she to know?
Aramynia had asked Lanfer to get in touch with the Captian and ask for his support
In running goods to their troops stationed in other parts of Krynn if war was to
break out. A loose oral contract between the two men and the guild of Sailors and
the Knights. It was nothing anyone needed to know about right now so when Mondraiken
asked Lanfer to meet him at night in a small office he called home it wasent 
anything to be alarmed at.
Entering through the door past two guards whome seemed unarmed
though Lanfer knew otherwise he found the Captian sitting at 
his desk arms folded almost waiting for his long time friend.
They explained plesentries and a mug of grog sitting in 
silence for a few moments before getting to the root of the
meeting. Something about the old Minotaur seemed off, he 
wasent his usual jovial self, something weighed on his mind
this night and Lanfer couldent tell what it could be, until
there was a knock at the door. All it took was the Knock and
Lanfer could see it spelled out all too well in Mondraikens 
eyes, he knew what was about to come through that door, but
as he turned to draw his sword Lanfer was shocked at the 
scene. There stood some twenty ranking Knights of the Queen.
all within the confines of the Walls of Palanthas, men he once
served with and Ruled over, Men that felt the sting of betrayel
when he left the Order however many years ago that was. There 
been a price on his head since that day, but he never thought
Mondraiken would be stupied enough to collect it himself, What 
had that Goat of a Cow done now. He would Bloody split this 
bounty if Lanfer ever made it out of this. 

It wasent much of a fight as Lanfer was quickly overwelmed
and taken to the ground. Bound and gaged the men quickly took
him from the office and to an awaiting ship which promptly
left the docks for the sea. By Reorx's Bloody Beard what had
the cown done now.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Fri Jun 29 15:16:28 2007
Subject     A Mino on a Mission

Lanfers arm was badly broken from the scuffle in the Captains Office.
The Dark Knights had not held back any shots as he could feel the 
pain of many bruises begining to form already. They hurried them
to the Docks and Lanfer couldent help but wonder where all the Knights
of Palanthas were, More then likely paid off by that Bloody 
Minotaur. The took him to an awaiting ship and as soon as his 
feet hit the deck they were adrift and setting sail from the
harbor. Blood and Ash where were his fellow Knights, were they
part of this? He was taken below beck, bound, and beaten to 
near unconcisouness before the men left him be. There was no
doubt he recognized some of the men abord the ship as men
who had served under him as Lord of Night. Men who once
trusted his every decision now did this.

A week had gone by before anyone else entered the small room
down near the hull of the ship when a man he knew very well
as a cleric of the Queen entered with a sinister grin Lanfer
knew all too well as he had seen this man work his "magic"
as he called it, on many an unwilling target. He was a
prized posession of the queen as he could seemingly get 
any information he wished from his target with his "gift"
Men flowed in behind them as they spread lanfer out on a 
table ab tied him down. There was no fight as they had
forgot to feed him the past week. Lanfer chuckled a moment
realizing they hadent forgot. Once he was tied tight the
men left leaving the cleric and himself alone in the room.

"I am glad you could join me Lanfer. I have been running
day through my head for years my old friend. I will take 
special attention with you dont you worry." Pausing for a
moment a smile crossed his thin lips, "We have sent 
emmissaries to Palanthas dressed as Knights of the Light
with your body.... well of course we know it isnt you
but with the power of the Queen Lanfer we sure made it
look like you." he cackled almost insanly at this 
thought, but the obvious look of panic on Lanfers face
may have helped. "Now we shall begin. I will give you 
the chance to come out with what I want now and I shall
just kill you quickly, an honorable death for a once
honorable man. He seemed to almost spit the word once
from his mouth. "I wish to know troop size and movement
in these a few areas of interest. We also wish information
on your new GrandMaster whome we have been told is quite 
close to you Lanfer....She will be dead very soon and she 
will never know what really became of your worthless soul.
The Queen will be glad to have it back I am sure. Though
know the answer to this what is your choice?

When Lanfer did not speak the cleric closed his eyes and
seconds later it felt like his right had was being smashed
between the hull of a ship and the dock on a windy day.
Nothing came from Lanfers lips and this sensation entered
his entire body. This torture lasted days perhaps weeks.
The Cleric was known for his endurence with this sort of 
thing as he could go months with out stoping but for short
meals and water. Lanfer lay bleeding and badly battered
as the cleric loomed over him working his power throughout
Lanfer when there was a crash above deck. The ship lurched
and the table tiped over smashing Lanfer to the ground.
The cleric was tossed into the wall and knocked out cold,
but Lanfer could only lay in agony as the shots of TRAITOR
and TURNCOAT came from above deck. There was obviously
a battle of some kind happening and he couldent help but
hope the Solamnic had seen through the rouse.

What seemed like hours passed, though it was porbably only
minutes when the door swung open and there stood Mondraiken.
"You didnt think we were gonna leave you out to dry did ya
old friend?" A sheepish look came about him as he spoke again,
"The bounty was just so large on you.... We needed the money..."
He was almost searching for a way to justify the horror he now
witnessed. "We had a heck of a time finding them or we would
taking you home."

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Fri Jun 29 15:17:38 2007
Subject     A Mino on a mission II

Lanfer could only get out "You Bloody Goat Faced Minotaur"
before his world went black. When he awoke he was laying in
his bed in New Thalos, bandaged, but badly broken. He was 
alone at the moment and let out a slight sigh that sent
pain throughout him, but he was alive.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Mon Aug 31 04:39:36 2009
Subject     What began as a Solamnic Will Always Be A Solamnic

Lanfer sat sitting in the shadow of one of the small buildings which 
lined the imperial square of Palanthas. His Glistening Silver 
covered by a black cloak with the hood pulled up over his head
which cast a shadow over his face. Lost in thought he sat with
his back to the outer wall of one of the buildings. It had been 
a few years since he last set foot in Palanthas. Upon his return
he heard news New Thalos had been destroyed, but his modest home
still stood solid. He had gone to make sure as soon as he heard of the
fate of his beloved city New Thalos. It was strange, even the Solamnic
couldent seem to explain what happened, it was as if the city vanished.

How much else had gone on in his absence? Was Aramynia still alive?
Even his oldest eyes and ears, men and women whome had always had
Lanfers back in Palanthas, those who knew things most Knights
who wouldent lower them selves to a citizen level wouldent know.
They had no information about his love. He would have to find out
for certin what had happened to her and he knew finding Railen 
would provide that information. He had watched his friend enter the
Solamnic Keep a few hours earyler with a rather somber air about him
but had thought it best to await his exit as Lanfer no longer recognized
the Solamnic Honor guard which now guarded the keeps entrance. In times 
like these Lanfer was sure he would draw some attention. He had dissappeared
and under some heavy suspicion that the Queen was digging her claws into
the Rose Knight once again. This wasent the case however and Lanfer was
not ready to explain what had gone on to the list of Knights who 
outranked him. At least not before he gave Ralien and Aramynia the 
chance to hear the story first.

It was then that Ralien emerged from the keep leading his horse by the
reins. He quickly mounted the steed and headed off south down the street. 
Quickly rising he called once to the man, but Railen was already gone. 
Jumping to his feet Lanfer took off down the street catching more then 
a few glances as the Solamnic Platemale shone from under the black cloak
as he ran, the insiginia of the Rose Order etched all over it. But he 
pressed on toward the south gate. He had leanred one thing from his old
friend Mazerith and that was stamina. That Elf could run through the
forrest for days with out getting winded. Come to think of it Aram 
had been like that took. Shaking his head he pushed her out of his mind
and concentrated on following Railen and staying out of sight. There was
a reason he left in such haste and Lanfer had a feeling he may be of more
use to his friend if he stayed hidden for a time longer. Exiting the gates
ducked into the tree line and keept as good a distance he could while still
begin able to track Raliens horse. He would show himself to his friend when
the time was right, until then Lanfer would simply have to hang back. He hoped
Railen would understand but for some reason this pat just felt right for now.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Mon Aug 31 07:12:58 2009
Subject     Back to Back

Watching as the Solamnic patrol tightened around the strange girl and what he
could only assume was her father, or perhaps her husbend, bethrothed in
one families quest for power. In either case Lanfer sat dumbfounded
as he watched Railen left alone on the road. Lanfer quickly notched an
arrow and let it fly. It struck one of the things comming up the road 
immediatly he had another at the ready and it to found its mark even
it did fly a bit close to Railen. A third arrow and another death, but 
the group didnt seem to shrink any. Lanfer watched as Railen scaned
the tree line for the marksmen, and Lanfer could only let out a sligh
screech as Railen was dismounted by two of them landing hard on
the ground. Lanfer could tell that had to hurt, another arrow notched
and one of the two that now surrounded Railen was dead. As the Maruaders
took stock in the situation five stayed to deal with the downed knight
as the rest of the group took off after the fleeing Solamnic patrol.

They gathered around Railen, but as Lanfer suspected his old friend was
not about to go quiet. A dagger produced from his boot found the mark 
and another fell. Lanfer Drew another arrow and only three stood, closing
the distance with caustion, but still steadly moving towards Railen.
As Railen got to his feet he moved to draw his sword, but it was if
the blade was to heavy, he yelped slightly and droped the blad clutching 
his sword arm. Lanfer had to move in before he was killed. Drawing both
his sword and axe Lanfer moved down the slight embankment to Railens 
side trying not to notice the complete shock as Lanfers blade danced by him 
Slicing down another foe. The remainign two looked at each other and
charged, but their blood spilled to the ground as the axe flew through the
air taking down one and a side step followed by a thrust was all the 
other needed.

Quickly Lanfer helped Railen to his saddel before taking off down the road in
the direction the Solamnic Patrol and remaining bandits went. He was Sure this
girl and her man were of some importance and he wasent gonna let them die.
Looking back Railen was already beside him looking down with the same perplexed
look as before. By Reorx's beard this was going to get even messier after
all these things were dead.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Oct 13 22:34:28 2009
Subject     A Wench worse then anything a Mariner Could Dream

As Lanfer strolled off down the hill away from the meeting he couldent help but 
mutter to himself about this blasted heat. His armor was not the right gear for 
this wasteland and he did not fancy the idea of ever having to return to this
place again. He also found himself wondering why he had felt the need to leave
Palanthas in the first place. There were land disputes and enough other matters
he could be attending to then to be here now. And to compound the issue he had
most diffinetly met the most infurating women he had ever laid eyes on.
This Baryoness as she called herself in such a hawty way was ten times
worse then any bar wench and double as shrewd as any tavern keep he
had ever crossed paths with. Even his stent with the crew of the 
Orlouge had not produced such a flaming goat brained women to speak of.

The meeting hadent gone quite as he would have liked it. This "Knight"
Aya.... something or other had flown in on a Blue dragon tilting the scales 
deep into her favor from the start. How do you not keep your cool when
you oponent has such an ace in her sleeve? She was either as arrogent as 
she seemed or she truly didnt weild the skills to confront two Knights
of Solamania with out such an advantage. In either case Lanfer hoped
above all that their paths crossed again down the road wtih out that
misguided wurm with her. 

As Lanfer neared the small camp Lord Segwarides had said was outside Tarsis he
couldent help but smile. Yes this bloody Knight of the Queen had made him squirm
a bit, but that had gotten her in the end. Somehow she was udner the impression
the the Solamnic had a lot more troops in the area. 
Cont due to Copyover

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Oct 13 22:48:08 2009
Subject     A Wench worse then anything a Mariner Could Dream II

The camp was minimal at best. A couple tents and a cooking area.
It was neat and ordely, nicely organized. The Squires had done well
in the hurried preperations of the camp its self. Aris Lanfers 
traveling companion and long time friend was already there setting up
his and Lanfers accomidations. As he finished Lanfer went about removign 
the highly polised ceremonial plate he had brought with him. He
just never felt at home in it. It was all flash and no function.
Plus this bloody heat was intense. Once he was out of his Plate
and back into his normal armor he gave instructions to Aris to
Head to the gates of Tarsis and inform the Guard there of the situation
with the dragon armies. He told Aris to inform them if anything should be going
on that they find offensive to come to the camp and let the Knights know.
If the Dragon Armies planed to bother the Citizens during this time of theirs
with out any intervention they were sorly mistaken. If they Citizens were
being mistreaded they would make their all but small presance known.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Fri Nov  6 17:16:27 2009
Subject     Dealing with a Squire

As Lanfer sat at the Small camp in this infenal desert awaiting Etilyn's return
from the little training session he had sent her on he couldent help but
think about his past. The grip the Queen had had on him. He could still
almost feel her icy grasp on his heart even after Aram had done her
best to rip that away. He wasent sure any mortal could ever 
remove that feeling totally.

He could almost feel sorry for that Lady Knight he had to deal with
a few days before. She was under the impression her Queen could
protect her from anything, maybe she had been impresed that her
Queen had given her a dragon or perhaps her mind was simply just 
that feeble, either way Lanfer knew where she was at and kinda
wished he could help her see the error of her ways. Though he
knew the chances of this were very slim. Once the Queen got her
talons into a person death was usually the only way out.

Aris sat alongside Lanfer as they watched some snake grill
over a small fire, which did not help with the intense heat
of this wasteland at all, but they were hungry and by no means
were they going to eat anything raw. They conversed a little
over the state the Dragon Army had left that Supai man in.
A few Squires had rushed off with the man towards the nearest
Soalmnic held town, to try and save him. Though Lanfer knew death
was the only thing instore for him. Even the best of healers
could do nothing with what was left of him. 
He had sent Etilyn off into the sands to hunt rats with a 
bow. She was not to return until she had one hundred kills
which Lanfer could see almost infuriated her. Perhaps it 
would show her that as his squire he would take no such
foolishness as what he had been charged with dealing with.
If it was ever because of her that he had to meet with that
Dragon Army swing again she would be lucky to get out with
a simple rat hunt. 
Lord Segwarides had left the night before with his small band 
of Solamnics to return to Palanthas as Lafer understood. There
seemed to be some urgent business he had to take care of there.
Once Etilyn returned they too would make the slow treak out of the sands 
and hopefully catch a boat back to Palanthas. Lanfer did love to walk,
but it would take forever to get back that way.

This little trip had stired something in him. Something
he hadent felt since he first came to the Solamnic fold many
years prior. A sence of pride in being a mamber of such an order.
It did not seem to be the chore it had for so long now. With 
Dragon Army numbers growing and an almost arrogence about them
had sparked his need once more to spread the will of Paladine.
No more would he hide at a desk dealing with the local farmers
as they squabbled about whose fence was on whose land. Or who
stole which cow from whome. It was time he came back and put his
skills to work in a more meaningful way. He would start by making
sure Etilyn was trained properly in all maners of the Knighthood.
And he hoped his path would become clearer on the way.

Standing he gave Aris the order to break camp and ready
for the young ladies return. They would leave as soon as
she returned shich Lanfer knew would be funny as she had
already been out in the desert hunting rats the better
part of the day. She would have to be strong for what was
to come though and he would make sure she was ready.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Nov 10 02:57:05 2009
Subject     Things to Ponder

As they road away from the scene of the worms death Lanfer couldent 
help but be proud of his squire. She learned fast, he thought as he 
trotted along next to the Lady Etilyn on her horse. Even after Aramynia
did her best to teach him to ride properly he couldent stand being in
the saddle of a horse. As they made distance from the blood bath
He wonder if he could have made that shot. It really was impressive.
Aris lead the  group of Solamnic tracking the wagons, and hopefully
the people who has caused the blood the Wurm was feasting upon
when the came upon it. The Knight cam spriting out of the darkness
of the sands, it was bloody dark at night here and traveling by
torch light could prove to be dangerous with the Dragon Army
running rampent in these parts. 

Lanfer stopped to converse with him as the rest of the collumn continued 
in the directions the tracks went. Aris had spotted the caravan moving
between dunes quite a few miles away in the direction they road. He could
not confirm if Lord Segwarides or Gael were amongst they swine, but Aris
did know that the group was riddled with Goblins. A grotesque bunch worth
nothing more then fodder for the sword.

Jogging back into place Lanfer watched Aris dissappear back into the darkness
to see what more he could gather with out being seen. Looking up at Etilyn
Lanfer finally broke the silence they had all been keeping since taking back
to travel. "That was really some impressive work young Lady. That shot 
would have been hard for even the most seasoned marksmen. I am glad
to see that you pick up things so quickly."
She simply smiled down at him and respectfully thanked him for
his praise. She really was going to turn into a Knight to
be remembered.  " Aris has found the Caravan and we will make
way towards them as cautiously as we can. He knew not their numbers 
or how heavily armed they are. We will not just charge in. If the light
truly shines on us we will find that Segwarides and Gael are not with
Again she simply nod and seemed to drift back into thought. Yes she 
would become somethign special he again found himself thinking as he 
trotted away from to up the winding collumn of men to make sure
everyone knew what was to come. If battle found them they would be 
ready for what ever came their way.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Nov 17 00:05:19 2009
Subject     Return to Palanthas

As the small two masted cargo vessel pulled into the Harbor of Palanthas
Lanfer couldent believe what he saw. The harbor looked as though it had
attacked. Though it looked as though it had been weeks ago as people were
hustling here and there fixing what was broken. Lanfer could tell quite
easily from the way the area was damaged that the attack came from the sea. 
That Fool of a Wild Elf Lanfer thought to himself. He knew Mazerith was 
building a ship in Palanthas, EVERYONE knew. That goat brained fool wasent
nearly as sneaky as he thought. The fact the bloody Captain had the sac to
attack Palanthas was beyond Lanfers comprehension. He wondered how Mazerith
would enjoy watching his new boat rot in the Harbor while he had a front
view from a tiny jail cell.

First Lanfer would go about writing a note to the Solamnic High counsel
requesting the Lady Etilyn be Knighted. He was more then pleased with 
the way she had handeled herself in the desert. She had trained hard.
Her mind was ready, as was her body. Lanfer let his mind drift to that
body for a moment. She was beautifuly built, he had seen her in her
shift more then once on the journey and couldent get it out of
skull, but Duty to the Knighthood superseeded all.

As they docked on the long warf Lanfer hoped down the gang plank and 
began to wander through the throngs of peopel, wagons and animals.
He chatted with people until he had a solid picture of what had
happened before making for Imperial Square then east out of 
palanthas the short hour trot to his keep. He was amused how correct
he had been. Mazerith and his rag tag crew abord his new ship 
Tempest he was calling it, had assulted the city with a few vollies
from their onboard arsenl and sank a small war ship. However this
was not the most troubeling news. War was upon them.

Flying through the door of the keep he found Cootah and Aris sitting
talking over what had happened. It seemed the Dragon Armies had began
to move the force that had amassed, though no one knew much. Orders were 
to move from Palanthas and ready the villages and towns around. If they 
to strike for palanthas they would have a fight getting here. Lanfer 
noded at the men and flew into his room. He quickly began to scrall
a note to the Solamnic Council, detailing the Ladies acheivements
and STRONGLY recomending her for Knighthood. Perhaps on her next return
to Palanthas. It would be a boost of Moral for all within the Army to
see someones promotion through dedication and hard work. By the fires
of the abyss it might even help rally support from those closest
to the great city. Once done he handed the parchment to Aris to
deliver. He was going to meet his friend in town and they would
leave from there.

Once Aris had left the Keep Cootah and Lanfer sat in prayer for a few
moments. Asking for the Guidance of Paladine and the Strength of Kiri
to allow them once more to see the end of their mission. Tillove was 
once part of this. By Reorx's hammer they could use him now.
Once that was finished Lanfer donned a spare set of Armor he kept
it was once worn by his brother. It was highly polished and hadent been
worn in years. Yet it still smelled of the man and fit Lanfer like it
was his own. Once ready he grabed his weapons and made for Palanthas.
It was time to move and see where this new twist of the thread lead.
A clear head would suit him best so he packed his pipe with a bit of
San thalos herb and smoked as he trotted down the road. The time had
To once again battle the Queen. She would not win again.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Nov 17 23:18:33 2009
Subject     On the Trail once More

Lanfer had been amongst the first groups out of Palanthas. He was 
headed in the direction he had been ordered, though he didnt like
it one bit. He dreaded where he was headed, but he would do what was
ordered with the grace and honor he carried out all orders given. 
He was proud of the things that were hapening within the army. Things
really were looking quite good, much better then could be expected
from such the quick gathering of the army to head out against
numbers not fully known. And those damn dragons.... Lanfer was
not looking forward to running across them, unless it was the
blue beast shuttling around that bloody Baroness. He would revel
in meeting her.

As he road infront of the collumn of men that accompenied him, all hand 
picked. Most had road with him many times, and most were from the area
around Lanfers Keep. They had spent many nights on the trail and had 
spilled much blood together. Once more they would watch his back as
he watched theirs. Lanfer found himself praying to Paladine that
he not have to tell a wife or mother they had lost their son after
this campaign. He hated doing that, but would never think of sending
a squire to tell such news. He always did it himself.

The road was empty, Aris was head scouting and the men marched in silence
as most of them wouldent begin to banter until they had prayed to the gods
for safe return. Lanfer wondered how Etilyn was doing. They had parted ways 
after she was Knighted. He though of the ceremony, a bit rushed as the
situation warented, but still quite nice. Lord Segwarides had Lanfer
present his squire to him. The oaths were sworn and the title granted.
She had worked hard for it. She took orders and finished them. And the
many tasks he had charged her with were completed and completed
promptly and well. She would do just fine he thought. 
And he had Aris bouncing between the two groups to help make 
sure her hide stayed out of the cook pot. That made him feel
much better

Lanfer would move the men and gather as much support as he could. He would 
have to take even the most unskilled as long as they could fight. This war
was going to be messy and if the word was true the Dragon Armies were many
in number. When they returned to Palanthas Lanfer would announce his
intention to move towards leading the Order of the Rose. An order he
cared for morethen anything in hs life since his love had been lost.
Nothing would stand in his way as he wanted to see the Solamnic
Knights flourish. It was time he stoped waiting for everyone
else to make things happen and become a strong voice amongst them.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sun Nov 22 02:15:48 2009
Subject     A New Found Respect in a Battle Lost

As Lanfer and his small band made their way south from Palanthas, they had
found some luck in their recruitment. A few small farms had offered up 
a few men to aid in clearing the lands of this pest that now seemed to run
rampent. Lanfer had to almost force himself to believe it. He knew the
Dragon Armies of the queen were not much different from his brothers
and sisters within the Solamnic Fold, all but a bit more ruthless in
the way they went about things. They were simply men and women who
believed in their cause and their Queen. He could not fault them there,
but thinking they were going to move their armies towards Palanthas was
a move they should have thought over more.

As the collumn rounded a bend in the road Aris appreared. He had scouted 
further south and found the scene of a battle. It seemed that Lord Railen
had tangled with a unit from the Dragon Army, and Aris had a good guess
on who was leading them as there were signs rampent of a Dragon. Lady
Baroness Lanfer thought to himself quite amused. There were sings that she
had taken heavy casualties, but had managed to rout Railens force. They
had retreated towards Palanthas to regroup it seemed. Lanfer quickly
went about giving orders for the Column to move towards the field 
the battle had taken place on. Perhaps he could catch the wretched women
licking her wounds and either take her captive, or perhaps better
yet take her life. He had to shake his head, how did that thought make
him any better then them? Though this was cut short by what he saw 
commign next.

It was almost as if they bloody women could sense him, there she was atop
that blue wyrm. He hadent redied his men for the sight of the beast and 
it was obvious it shook them to the core. Panic ran rampent with most of
the new recruits and Lanfers Veterans who had served him before did their
best to get the situation under control but it was too late. A small unit
of her calvery came from another direction and his men were blind sided.

The sounds of swords clashing began to ring and Lanfer was surrounded.
He caught the blast of lightning strike, but had little time to think
of who now lay dead. He quickly unsheathed his sword and waded into the
grunts infront of him. They were well schooled but Lanfer made fairly 
quick work of them before the sigh of her caught him. Rearing his horse 
he made straight for her, trampling a young Dragon Army Soilder on
the way. May Paladine save him he though before striking a blow at 
the Baroness that she blocked but he knew stuned her. This was his 
chance to take her. The Wyrm was in the distance, she was alone.
Though her light armor gave her a serious speed advantage. Burn him
why had he changed out of this heap after leaving Palanthas. 

They danced blades for a time. Both had drawn blood but neither could
land any desisive blows. And Lanfer found himself almost enjoying this
fight. She was good. Far better then he had wanted to give her credit
for. It wasent long before he realized he had become absorbed in this
this tussle and had lost track of his men. When he took stock of the
situation he was shocked to see his Men on the run. He caught Aris in a 
stare and noded. Aris took the sign and began to call for a withdrawel.
Almost on que the Baroness steped back and called the battle hers. She was
right, though if she wanted she could have killed them all with that dragon
instead she let Lanfer take his battered men and retreat. Respect....
could that be said about a follower of the Queen? Perhaps the world 
truly was changing and this war would be its vehicle.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Nov 24 02:29:36 2009
Subject     A Sad Day

Having to retreat from the Lady Baroness was enough to make Lanfers skin
crawl, but what he road into was something entierly different. Palanthas
lay before him in the distance, smoke rising from many places within the
walls. The sounds of fighting could be heard even from the distance they 
were still away from the city walls. Ordering his now small band, those
he could find after the damn dragon scared them off, to halt. He and
Aris road ahead and what they found was sickning. Palanthas was not
under attack, well not anymore, but it had been seiged by the Dragon
Armies. Thoughts raced through Lanfers as he and Aris crawled from a
dense patch of scrub pines back to their horses. How had Lord Segwarides
allowed this to happen. Why were there not enough forces to deffend their
home? Was The Lord even alive and why had he not received word of any of 

When the two men got far enough away they began to talk it over. The small
band they had left were not nearly enough to attempt an assult, even if 
they could find a way to sneak into the city undetectd and cause havoc from
the center. An idea he though Aris and he might be able to handel, but
not with the men he had. The plan was set to make their way around the 
city to the east. The horses were left as to travel quieter and they
all made for Lanfers Keep. It was well protected deep in a gorge in
a rather dense stand of trees, the Dragon Armies would have to 
literally walk through it to see it. Perhaps from there something
could be done. Though when then entered the trees around the keep
the band found themselves trapped between two large garrisons of men. 

Aris had scouted as best he could with out being seen, but had found
no way to move from the keep area with out being seen. Perhaps they 
had walked into a situation they could not get out of. Though for
now at least everyone was safe and Lanfer could go about trying
to figure out who if anyone was left alive. He had seen the banner
of the Emperor Luerk flying next to the Dragon Army insignia.
Lanfer was impressed that the Leader had come himself with the first
wave. Commendable to say the least, but he hoped the Lord Emperor
did not have plans to stay inside Palanthas long.  Lanfer went about
gathering things from his keep. He donned some light armor and a garb
of cloths he once wore upon the Orlouge. A pair of Leather breeches
a black shirt with a black cloak. He straped two lighter swords
at his hips and put a small boot knife into his boot. Draping
his bow over his shoulder as well as a full quiver of arrows. Lanfer
put Aradin in charge of the band. He had been wtih Lanfer many years
and would keep everyone safe, he hoped. As Lanfer and Aris made
their way toward palanaths all Lanfer could do was hope the
Dragon Armies hadent found the Mariner tunnels yet. Thankfully
everything seemed clear and the two men made their way into the 
underside of the city and into the mariner keep. He hoped 
Mondrakien wouldent mind him using this place now. If the BLOODY
minotaur ever came back to the city. Lanfer sighed heavily, if 
there was a city to come back to. They would wait for dark and 
move into the city if they could. They would have to be careful
If they got caught it could easily mean death.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sat Dec 12 00:10:20 2009
Subject     A Great City Lost, For Now.

For days Aris and Lanfer had been running night raids into the city of
Palanthas. They had used the Mariner hall below the streets as a base
and struck from there. They had managed to do a good deal of damage 
as they had taken a few guards and a large number of Goblins with
what they hoped was little notice. Both men had hoped to see the
banners of their Solamnic brotheren return to the city so they
could more openly strike, but it had been a week or more and 
still no one came. Perhaps all had been lost, maybe even the
Dragon Armies had killed the friends and ranking Knights Lanfer
had come to like. If none had even came back to attempt a 
retake of the city, thinges were most asuredly dire. 

As the two men sat around a small fire on the docks in the hidden
cove of the Mariner Keep they began to has out their next move. 
it was obvious that they couldent keep returning to the city streets
as it was becoming more and more rampent with the swine who called
themselves an Army. Lanfer had to shake that thought from his head,
they had taken Palanthas and they had to be treated with the care
and respect that brought. They had managed to get most everyone 
out of Lanfers keep and into the city before the Dragon Army had
found that. Thankfully they only lost a few men, agan Lanfer had
to shake his head, losing men was never something he liked to do.
How many had really been lost. How many Sons, Fathers and Brothers
had to be laid in the ground? 

The two men had decided their best bet was to take the small skiffs
that were moored at the Mariner docks and head away from Palanthas.
The Dragon Army had been ransaking the city and it was only a matter
of time until they found the entrance to this keep and they could
not deffend here long. Lanfer told Aris to give the orders to pack
what they could for supplies into the boats and get everyone loaded
Tonight they would leave Palanthas. From what they could tell the
Queens army had not brought any ships and there was no sign of the 
wench on the Dragon so escape should be easy. Escape, the word rang
in Lanfers head. They were running, out of need yes, but they were
running. Aris laid a hand on Lanfers shoulder almost as though he 
knew what was running through is long time friends mind. We shall be
back to retake her Lanfer was all he said before turing towards the
boats. Once lanfer was also abord they droped toe oars into the sea 
and made way. Where they were going was not the thought now. Getting
everyone away safly was however. Lanfer just had to keep telling
himself that they would be back and he would once more see this
great city and its people under justice and order.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Mon Dec 14 21:50:31 2009
Subject     Begining to go right

The trip had only taken a few days to cover the distance to the islands west of 
Palanthas. Lanfer and Aris had felt that if the Knights had been displaced
from their great city this was as good a place as any to find any 
survivors. They had goten out of Palanthas harbor undetected and
the winds had been quite favorable with only a few brief periods
where the already haggeld men had to row. As the fleet of skiffs,
if a fleet of skiffs could be called a fleet, rounded a small group
of islands to find something quite plesant however. A vessel already
floated off the shores where Lanfer had pland to land himself. The
group of Solamnic began to ready themselves incase they owners of the
ship were not friendly but as they got closer the flag of the Holy
Order of the Stars was seen quite openly Flying above the center
mast. More importantly it was the flag of the Cleric of Good.

Lanfer gave the order and the men abord the skiffs put their oars into 
the water and pulled hard for shore. Most did not seem t enjoy life on the
water as the first night he listened to many of them empty their
stomaches off the sides. Lanfer couldent help but chuckle as he had
seen this many times on board the Orlauge. Even the strongest of men
could seem like a crying babe when you took him off solid ground
and put him the ever changing surface of the sea. Looking up from 
his thought Lanfer was astonished to see how close the shore truly 
was. It seemed even he had underestimated how badly his men wanted
back on dry ground. 

in sight. No movement could even be detected upon the ship floating in the
bay. Though there were landing craft infront of them. Lanfer resigned to
thinking they simply went in land more to scout or continue what ever 
mission had brought the clerics there. Perhaps scouting inland would find
them back amongst Knight Hood. Lanfer hoped it would truly be this simple.
He knew the clan was going to be spread across the area, as they would have
to dodge and hide around the seemingly enormous Dragon Army force that has
decended upon them. 

He gave orders for the men to make camp just off the beach within the tree
line, where they could be out of sight incase anyone passed by they did
not want to meet. In truth his band was now mearly forty in number and
quite battered from the previous weeks escapades. How many had he lost?
How many familys would he have to tell of death? How many tears would be
shed? All things Lanfer had to shake away. None of that could be dealt
with until he could once again safly enter Palanthas. By Paladine he 
hoped the people within the walls were doing ok. There was a good
structure to Palanthas and he had to hope it would hold together until
the Solamnic could regain control.

Once camp was set up Lanfer gave orders to some of the men to hunt for food.
Others were sent to scout the area and still others were sent for fire wood.
Aris was sent back to the main land with two men to scout for and knots of 
Solamnic who could be lost and to bring them back to the island to regroup.
Retaking Palanthas was now top priority and they could strike from here safly.
Now it would simply take time, how much Lanfer could not know, but until he had
numbers they would simply be fodder to the Dragon Army. With time Palanthas 
would come back under proper order. To rush now would mean distruction and 
this group had seen to much of that recently. If only Lord Nathan or Segwarides
were still alive with their armies perhaps there could still be victory.
These men needed to be found first, if the gods still shown their light
they would be. Yes, Palanthas would be set right once more, they just needed

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sun Jan  3 20:09:45 2010
Subject     What must be done, and the Thief that got in the way.

Lanfer sat at the edge of one of the small fires along the length of the
beach where the Solamnic had been gethering. Thoughts raced through his
mind, which seemed to get worse and worse with each passing day. They
had made camp nearly two weeks before to await any other Knights who
may have survived the attack from the Dragon armies. Still Lords
Segwarides and Nathan were unaccounted for. The Knights on the beach
were still simply too few to attempt to retake the city. It was this
night that a rather aweful thought came to Lanfer. The Measure was in
the Solamnic Keep inside the now taken city of Palanthas. Had the
Dragon Army found it yet? What would they do if they did? This was not
something Lanfer would let them destroy. 

Quickly he hoped up telling Aris to tell Railen he was incharge of the
beach until he returned. He knew that Railen held the same rank within
the knighthood, but Lanfer had taken control and Railen had not seemed
to mind. The two men ahd worked side by side for what now seemed like 
ten life times. Lanfer knew he was going to have to travel light so he
approched a man he had gotten to know on the beach. He had come in with 
a bunch of refugees but was well equipt to fight and in the sword training
Lanfer had run with the man he was sure he could oneday be a knight.

He found Kailen at another fire tossing dice with a few of the other men
and Lanfer almost cackeled openly when he saw the pile of gold infront of
the young man. Perhaps it was best he took Kailen away from the game before
the other men decided it would be easier to drown him then pay what they
owed. Taking the man aside he explained they were going on a covert raid into
Palanthas to get the Measure from inside the Solamnic
keep. One would have thought a man would at least blink at
the thought of entering Dragon Army occupied Palanthas, but
Kailen simply light up like it was feast day and he had the
prettiest bar mad in town on his knee. Lanfer could see this
man would one day be a big help to the knights, and told the
boy as much by taking him as his squire right there. 

The two men quickly made way from the beach in a small boat and stole towards
Palanthas. They were within sight of the city soon enough and were suprised at 
how easily they found their way into the city. The guards were mostly drunk
and honestly they were Goblins, as long as Lanfer and Kailen kept out of 
Solamnic steel there was a chance no one would even know they were there. 
They made their way through back allys to the Solamnic keep and used a 
sub street entrance to enter the keep. Again it was almost creepy how 
uninhabited the keep was. The two men found it easy to get to the library
and retreive the Measure. Once back on the street they thought it was 
going to be a rather uneventful evening when a man Lanfer knew as Crag 
appeared. It was almost instant Kailen had weapons drawn and was chasing 
the mage down the street. There was nothing Lanfer could do for him now
getting the Measure out of Palanthas was top priority. 

Lanfer made is way back towards the south gate with all haste ducking behind
crates or into allys when ever someone passed. To his suprise as he rounded 
the corner of a set of houses he came face to face with a kender, dagger
drawn an odd smile on the little chaps face. He introduced himself as
Prakel, Lanfer couldent help wonder if the Kender actuilly were allied
with the Dragon army, but shook the thought lose as the man jumped to attack.
Lanfer easily side stepped the Kender and smashed him on the head with his
gauntled hand. The kender sunk to the dirt and let out a groan that would more
then certinly draw attention. Lanfer couldent stand and chance being found so again he 
took to a run for the south gate. And quite honestly he found himself back on the shore
before he knew it. And doubly to his suprise Kailen was already there with a rather
sly air about him. He simply told Lanfer he had quite the story for him on the
beach outpost as the sun began its accent into the sky.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sun Jan  3 20:48:00 2010
Subject     Into Palanthas and a Sneeky Kender

Lanfer sat at the edge of a small campfire watching his men toss dice. They 
laughed and joked, most in a good mood, though those on the losing end had
a bit more of a sour mood. They had been on the beach for nearly two weeks
and refugees still poored through. They helped who they could, recruited any
who could hold a sword and trained into the darkest part of the night. The
men however stayed posative, though Lanfer knew their numbers were still far
too low for any sucess at retaking Palanthas. Scouts had been sent to the
city, but few returned, and none with anything useful. It seemed the Dragon
Armies were not treating the populace with much reguard to humanity,
something that Lanfer would make sure would be seen to with the justice it
deserved when the time presented its self. 

Lanfer had found a young man named Kailen in those throngs of people pooring
through the camp. He had offered Lanfer his sword after their first conversation
and had not left his side much since then. They trained together and honestly
Lanfer found himself on the losing end as much as the winning. Simply put the
young knight was good. Lanfer had taken him as a squire and given him a 
condensed copy of the measure to study which he did nightly. It was nice to 
see the man really grab onto the Knighthood. He would become something
great and Lanfer could easily see it.

In the past few days some great things had happened. The Lady Etilyn had made
it to the rally point. So that put the majority unaccounted for with Lanfer.
Still they were missing Lords Nathan and Segwarides. No word had been heard
from either and it was almost certin they had been wiped out, but still there
was hope. There was always hope. Still they would need more if they were to
move for Palanthas. They needed more time, but with each moment that passed
the Dragon Army dug in deeper. Which ment it would take longer to rout them
out of the holes they clung to. 

It was the evening after Etilyn had arrived that Kailen came up with a rather
interesting idea. Why not enter the city themselves and take stock. Perhaps
then they could truly know what they were up against. They crept from camp
shortly after sun down that night with orders for Railen to assume command
of the beach. The two men made their way across the channel and to palanthas
where they took stock of the gates. They were well guarded but the men 
at them were so obviously drunk it was almost obsurd. The two men were able to
to get their hands on some Dragon Army garb from the bodies around the exterior
of the city and walked right past the guard no question. Again Lanfer could
only shake his head at how this lot had ever defeated them. The interior
of the city would have made most weep. It was badly burned and ravenged
by the conquering army. Blood ran thick on walls and the cobble stones.
It truly was a sickning sight. 

As the two men walked rather casually through the city streets a rather odd 
thing occured. A man approched the two, dressed in robes of the Conclave.
"Lord Lanfer, wonderful to see you in the city again" the man spoke.
"Crag..." Lanfer almost spat. "What are you doing here with this
scum? I knew you used the dark arts but I had you pegged as better."
Crag began to say something but Kailen cut in sharpy weapons already in
hand and arching towards Crag "HES A MAGE!?!?!?" he almost shouted.
Crag jumped back just in time to miss the blow, but Kailen was on him
again. The two ran off downthe street, neither seeming to care who 
saw them. There was nothing Lanfer could do for Kailen now so he
made his way towards the docks and the Mariner keep. If the Dragon 
army hadent found it yet. Perhaps that were they could make an
assult from.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sun Jan  3 20:56:59 2010
Subject     Into Palanthas and a Sneeky Kender II

The dock are was fairly clear of anyone. A few sailors sat drinking
or tending to the ship, but it was all rather calm. Again something
strange happened. Lanfer, oh would the Dragon Army general pay
well for you myfriend" Lanfer could feel a knife against his back,
but the pressure was odd. Like the man was short. Lanfer kicked back
with his heel and caught the man in the jaw. Turning to find himself
face to face with Prakel. He had know the kender a long time, but the
the glint in the mans eyes told Lanfer today they were not friends. 
I am sorry but times are tough you know..... They would love to
put you to the question I am sure" Prakel again attacked and Lanfer
side stepped drawing his sword. He used the flat of it to thwack the
kender in his skull rendering him out cold. Thankfully that had been
take care of quite easily and rather quietly. He dragged the Kender 
into the rusty rudder and quickly into the back room. There he met
the inn keep who informed Lanfer they had not yet found the entrance.
This was surly good news. He took the kender into the celler and made
his way into the underground river system. Quickly he was away from 
Palanthas where he left the kender along the road still out,
mumbeling something about his uncle who once had slept with a twenty
foot tall giant women.... Lanfer couldent keep up with the rambeling.

Making his way back to the crossing Lanfer was happy to find Kailen
already there with a rather odd smile on his face. It was almost
like it was feast day and he had the best looking bar maid in town
on his lap. All he said was he had a story for Lanfer to aid making
the crossing shorter. The two men boarded the small boat and made
way back to the Knights on the beach just as the sun began to crest
over the trees.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Feb 23 23:40:59 2010
Subject     Having to bring in a friend is never fun

Day light had just broken over the tree tops when the ship lurched to a
halt as the anchor dug into the sandy bottom of the small cove. The high
cliff walls on the shore had been scouted and manned with a knot of soilders
days before the ships had even begun to move from Sanchrist. Once everyone
was on top of the ridge they would have a safe point at their backs with a
blockade of ships in the cove and his men on the cliffs. It was really the
perfect place, unless they were pushed back. By Paladine dont let a retreat
be needed was something that often ran through Lanfer's head. They were a
good force, healthy, rested, honed, he reassured himself. A good stratigy is
in play. Palanthas would once again be ours. 
Though as the long boat slid onto the beach with the screech of sand on 
polished wood Lanfer was faced with somethine he nore any of his ranking 
knights could have had a contingency plan for. It seemed that as Lord Railen
moved to his position he was followed by a dwarf and a member of the 
Solamnic Knighthood Tellumaelnor. At first the story seemed to say that 
the dwarf and Tellumaelnor attacked Railens group. Lanfer couldent help
but be astounded to hear this news. Aparently the pair had fled back to
the main land and were currently held up only a few hours ride from their
current position. The roads to them were clear the scouts reported so 
Lanfer headed towards them with Aris in tow. 
The two tied their hourses about a mile from where the scout had said the 
pair was and crept in on foot. As they neared the small inn the two men 
stopped. Aris always the bloody fool reminded Lanfer that this wasent 
something that a Grand Master would do. Leaving Lanfer to think on the
fact he did get some rather strange looks from his men when he told them
he would go for Tellumaelnor alone. It hadent even dawned on him as
to why that may have been.
It was then a very suprising thing happened. Tellumaelnor walked out
the back door of the inn and more or less sauntered right to them.
Amazement was the expression on the two men's faces.
though each of them had a hand on a sword hilt. As they sat they began
to realize that Tellumaelnor didnt know they were there. Or at least 
had not let on to know. Lanfer motioned to Aris to stay hidden and
with a nod of understanding Lanfer stood and approched his long time
friend. .s

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Fri Sep 17 03:08:49 2010
Subject     A New face and tids of WAR

s the young knight left Lanfer's office he could not help but wonder 
if the strange man found at the gates to Palanthas was a ploy of the Dragon
army or perhsps even the heathen waste of blood marauder? Maybe it was an
unseen enemy whome had not shown their faces yet. Either way there war was
coming, Lanfer was to leave for Sancerist to meet his troops in the morning,
but first Paladin had the task of this unseen person to deal with. He called
for Railen by name, though the kender who brought the new was more then
likely as reliable as and of the halflings. But Lanfer ordered the man
brought to him immediately and sent another messenger for Zanra. Her healing
skills would more then likely be needed. 
As the man was laid in the temple, Lanfer looked down upon the badly battered 
body. It was obvious somethign had happened to him that left him almost dead.
His side was ripped open and he was covered in the grim a soldier would 
after a battle of armies. His clothing depicted him as someone of stature
in what ever army his sword was weilded for and something in his face
seemed to pull at a memory in lives past, but he couldent put his finger on
it. As he lay there his body twiched and he kept mouthing words, some 
words even managing to squeek their way from his dried cracked lips. 
As Zanra began to work her healing powers on the man his eyes began to flutter
under closed lids. The words he was mouthing became solid sounds and even
sentences after a few moments under Zanras adept hands. She had worked wonders
on him in the past, he knew she could save him if it was at all possiable. 
"Will he live Zanra?" 
"Yes Grand Master Lanfer, I am certin he will survive, and by Reorx's
beard he will make a fast recovery. I was able to bind closed the wound
at his side from the inside and his pulse is becoming steady."
He simply nodded to her and thanked her for what she had done. As the man
reentered the waking world he looked at all those gathered around him,
but his face stoped on Lanfer and he mustered the strength of a grin.
"Lord Lanfer Di'Ternian I presume," he inhaled sharply before
continuing, "My road to this place would be quite interesting a
story for you to hear. I thank you for not leaving me at the gate.
With war upon us your generosity is much appreciated. I am Warlord
He laid his head back on the pillow under it and closed his eyes.
"I wish we had not had to meet on such terms Tachadan, but you
will rest before we talk. You will need your strength for the ride
ahead." turning to the Knights around him Lanfer gave orders to have
the horses ready. The collumn of men stationed in Palanthas whome had
been assigned to follow Lanfer from Palanthas where they would meet the
body of the Army in Sancerist was to meet him at the gates at sun down.
They would ride hard so there was time to prepare for the battle to come.
"Save your strength Warlord, we ride in a few hours and you will accompeny
us. We shall talk further on the way." Spinning around Lanfer motioned
for Zanra to follow and the two left to gather the last few things needed
for the trip. In days battles would begin to break out between the forces
Lanfer had managed to sign treaties with in the short time since echos of
armies building to the north and east first began to flood into Palanthas.
Blood would be shead, he would soon be telling mothers and fathers their sons
lost their lives fighting for Good. He would be telling wives their men had
died serving gallently in the light of Paladine. He still had no answer for
them when asked why Paladine had taken them from the world. Years of serving 
in the Armies of Krynn, years of leading armies, and still he had nothing for 
them. Soon Krynn would be on its ear and Lanfer was not going to let the Dark
Queen or any of her supporters gain control of the Land.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Wed Sep 29 12:47:28 2010
Subject     The march continues with a fight

The army marched its way through the winding roads north of the
Wildrunner forrest. They had been on the move for days now with little rest
taken. Lanfer pushed the group hard as he wanted to gain as much ground as
he could in the comming days. There was news battles had broken out all over
Krynn and Lanfer needed to have his troops in position if there was any
chance that they were going to defeat this dark fo. They had broken the
march for breakfast when a runner entered the camp. He had news of fights
breaking out between the Wildrunners and a conglomerate of Dwarves and
Goblins. Had Dindom really gone that far from the path of light? Lanfer knew
the old dwarf had lost his mind but he had banded together with those foul
creatures? One day he would meet Dindom again and the courtsies Lanfer had
extended the stout dwarf would be gone. No more would his kind be allowed in
the grand City. No more would the Solamnic Knights answer the call for help
when it came from their mountain home. The dwarves had made their bed now by
Reorx's beard Lanfer would watch them burn if it was the last thing he did. 
 News too had already had come to this Runner about the Dragon Armies
attacking and taking the Kender strong hold. Why on Krynn would those goat
brained fools bother the kender? Was the Queen truly that ruthless she would
kill such creatures simply for the blood sport? How far had the Queen
slipped since he once served her? Her aims in all of this still were a
myster to Lanfer. She had always craved power and was never afraid to use
her army to get that, but this war seemed to be something that made no
sense. As the runner finished his news Lanfer told him to grab some food and
water and meet with Naery before he returned to the front. 
As soon as the young runner was gone Lanfer quickly began to write up two notes on his
official Solamnic parchment. One was addressed to Gaelahad and laid out instrctions as to
what he was to do given this new information. If the Dwarves were pig headed enough to attack
the elves it was anyones guess as to if they were dumb enough to push further
west. The other was sent to the High Cleric Kiyohime. This too relayed the news that had just
been given to Lanfer and asked the Lady to move her clerics to a better spot to aid
in what Lanfer could only imagin would be a steady stream of refugees from the fighting.
With the Letters given to a messenger Lanfer quickly headed to the officers tent where he found
Railen and Kailen. New plans of movement were drawn and the group split to ready their groups
of men and women. The heart of the Solamnic Knighthood would find its target and end
this quickly.
As Lanfer swung his leg over his grey stallion he looked back over the three lines
lines of soldieurs. They were ready to move once more. The drum began to beat its somber
beat and the compeny was moving once more. Another day and they would be at their destination.
What they were going to find there was something few speculated on. Lanfer just hoped the
whores army had not reached it yet.
As they got to pace Lanfer was approched by a scout whome came from the road ahead.
It appeared that there was a beast in the woods just ahead. It was a giant red condor,
a spie of the Queen of that Lanfer was certin. So he took a small group and
leaving Railen in charge to lead the collumn and went into a gallop for the glade
the scout had mentioned. Kailen, Auberon, Malar, Zanra and Lanfer were all in
shock as they came to see what the scout was talking about. There in the middle of the
field was a large red condor. He had been following the group for days Lanfer
realized upon seeing the bird. But it had been flying at such a height Lanfer
had thought nothing about it. Now as the group faced the monster they knew what needed
to be done. As they crept closer to the thing a gate opened and to everyones
amazement out step Marshall Snefru. His presance only strengthened
the resolve of the group and they laid plans. The group split in two and circled
the condor. Giving the signal they advanced. The battle was hard fought,
the red bird just would not fall. It called upon some magic perhaps bestowed to
it by the queen. Malar and Zanra did what they could to keep their warriors protected
and in time the bird lay dead at their feet. It was a calculated attack that left Lanfer
feeling good about the battles to come.
Once weapons were clean Lanfer called Zanra, Kailen and Wiglaf to him one at a
time. They had fought bravly and together they had squashed a fo that could have
made life very hard for the compeny. Each was asked to drop to a knee and with his
sword Lanfer tapped each on their shoulders reciting a prayer to Paladine.
Field promotions were given and the group lumbered off to rejoin the collumn.
More blood would be shead before this was only. Though Lanfer was glad it was not
huminoid at least this time.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Sun Oct 17 23:44:27 2010
Subject     the battle for Kalaman

The boats approched the shore slowly. The wind was thankfully wafting
in towards the Kalaman harbor at a soft pace. The ships had managed
to stay hidden from view for this long, just a bit more and they could
strike. Lanfer stood in a crowd of Wildrunner archers. He idly pulled the 
string to taunt bending the bow, then letting it go. Yes the bow
was ready he thought. As the ships came into range Lanfer gave the command 
and half the ships began to turn broad side allowing rows of archers
to begin to rain down arrows on the Dragon army controled harbor.
Five vollies later the sound of alarm was already well spread through
the town. Bodies could be seen being dragged out of the way. Screames
of fear of the oncoming reaper echoed in the darkness. Lanfer hoped
not many were not involved in this cursed war. Citizens would die
tonight and it was something that couldent be helped. Stoping this
wretched army was all that mattered. Readying another arrow the archers 
fired again giving cover to Railen and the landing party. As they
drifted towards the shore Lanfer and the archers switched from
the mass firing of the blanket effect to picking targets along the
shore. Taking the last few shots they could they did their best to
neutralize any opposition as Railen and the army made the landing. 
It didnt take long for Railen to lock down the harbor and take quick care
of the gates into the city. In time ther Dragon Army would be routed
out of its weasels hole and Kalaman would belong to the knights for the
time being. Lanfer sent half the archers into the harbor to back up
Railen and the others. Tonight they would take many deaths, but with
the jump his men had gotten the Dragon Army would stand no chance.
They had overwelmed them with shear numbers and suprise. The next move
would be tabulated soon but tonight he would dine with whome ever ran
this rag tag army in this stench pool of a town. Perhaps he would be
able to save his own life. Perhaps he would die. Their leaders were
always so easy to make talk.

Author:    Lanfer         
Date:      Tue Jun 16 15:33:48 2015
Subject     a return of sorts

Thunder crashed as the rain beat steadily on the roof of the small thatch roofed home. From time to time a bolt of lightning streaking the sky casting its etheral glow upon the land. Inside the home an aging man lay asleep, dreams tearing his weakend mind apart. The home its self is scantily furnished with little more then the small wooden bed he sleeps in and a table of equally as humble makings. The harth had burned down hours before leaving just a few smoldering coals in its wake. The night air was cool and crisp that now crept over the shanty, but the sweat that drenched the occupant made it seem as though he was caught in a dragons fire by its excessive amount. The dreams themselves were nothing new for the man. He had had them many times. In honesty he had forgotten if there was ever a time that he didnt dream of the Dark Queen engulfing those he loved one by one. He could see each face so clearly as they melted before him. All people he had once known, or loved. All people now gone because he was to blind to see the folly of his decisions in life. All gone because some god or another needed more land for their followers. It was the last face that perplexed him as the Baroness was still one with the land of the living. She was the Queens puppet as firmly now as ever. Yet out of the seemingly never ending line of people paraded before the old man only she still drew breath. He also knew that when he opened his eyes the small room he now lay in would begin to fade. The darkness of the void replacing it. He knew that the cold would be replaced by nothingness. A fitting end for one who had been cursed by the dark bitch so many years before. She had told him once that she would have the final laugh. Entrapment here was certinely that. Another flash of lightning lit the sky outside the home. It was odd to the man as he had been here so many times on so many night, but never was the storm accompanied by the lightning. Another flash, and another.....something from outside the void hissed to the man coldly, "I am not done with you yet Lanfer, your soul is forever mine."

Author: Lanfer Date: Sun Aug 30 02:16:08 2015 Subject A ghost stirs once more

Snapping awake, or rather coming into some sort of concisousness an Old night found himself laying in bed. The covers pulled tight to his chin as the damp air in the small room left a chill. The sound that had awoken him was one he knew well, as he had heard her cry many times before. Was that life so far past now? Better yet was this new existance he found himself trapped in defined as life? He hadent been able to decifer that as of yet. He remembered his days as a Knight of the Queen, his rise to power and his fall. They years that followed proving himself to her enemies and their gods to one day find his life at an end and no warming embrace from the Triumvert. He knew when he rose there would be no exit to the room he found himself in. No doors or windows in which to see an outside world. Only the small room with the bed and chair. There was no fire or source of light to be spoken of yet the room seemed to offer a soft glow to allow his eyes to see. Were they even called eyes anymore? Or was he simply a disembodied being floating in the abyss? Perhaps this was his punishment for walking the path he had. For all the lives that had fallen under his various commands. Punishment for the families who lost loved ones based on the decisions he made for what he thought was a greater good. It was true that guilt seemed to be the one emotion that was left with the man. Sorrow for those lives. He tried to remember a time when war and death didnt surround him, but as always that was a dream never to be reached. There was only death in his mind and if he listened hard enough he could hear the voices of those lost somewhere off in the distance as tey howelled in pain. It was then he felt her, somehow the air in the room became colder as if things were about to freeze. It was a cold that he felt in his core, a cold he had felt before, a cold that came with the Dark Queen. Pulling the covers back the old knight swung his feet off the bed and placed them on the floor not yet looking up. He knew she was there in all her glory. He would hear that vipers tongue soon enough and finally raising his gaze he saw her. He did his best to hide his suprise at her arrival, and he was sure he did less well at hiding his displeasure in tha same fact. In all this time he had never sensed Paladine at his side, but he always knew she was there. Watching and waiting, until know he had choosen to believe it was his torment for his past life, but with her there now in all her human beauty he suddenly knew there was more. "My once loyal servent," came her voice finally, melodic with a razors edge. "How far you have fallen. Once a Knight to be feared and respected, now just an old man all alone with his regreats. How your brother Tillov stole you from me I will never know and how you rose to lead the faithless is even more puzzling." She paused for a moment reguarding the man before her, a soft smiling passing her lips if only for a moment before she continued. "You have seen both sides of this great war I wage now. You can no longer tell me that the ends of the Triumvert are any different then mine. Their tactics and their wars kill just as many as mine. The difference is the openess in which I go about them. There hipocracy makes their deeds far more sinister then mine. I know you now see it." The fact was she was not wrong. He had seen just as much death with the Armies of the Queen as he saw leading the Knights of Solamania. Just as much misery and dispare. He had seen his men burn villages, kill children and rape women. Yet they still called themselves Good. It was a farse at best.

Author: Lanfer Date: Sun Aug 30 02:33:25 2015 Subject A ghost stirs once more II

"Where are those gods now Lanfer?" That smile now shone bright upon her flawless face. "Where have they bee while you sat imprissioned here? Why have they not come for their great leader?" She looked at Lanfer quiziquically, yet she knew already that he wondered the same thing. "Did you ever wonder why there was three of them and one of me? Did you ever wonder why even with three they could not defeat me? It is because with out me there would be no them. They are just as pompus as any land barron you have ever met. They care nothing for the fodder they send to death. Where I embrace my subjects and care for them. I foster their growth and follow them even when they do not follow me." She again eyed him directly letting the last words hit home. The old knight worked his jaw to protest this, but found himself unable to argue for a cause he did not feel was correct. He knew the Gods of good were no more just then the one he now looked upon. "I am not done with you my child, you once promised me this world and then left me when it was almost in our grasp. It is time you make good on that promise. It is time you came home." Before the old mans eyes the Women before him began to change. A fog arose around her and as it lifted the five headed dragon now sat. She cood softly as a mist drifted from her nostrals. "My pet has already put the wheels in motion. When we meet again you will once more stand in the world of men. You will once more have the chance to choose the side that is just. You will once more have your chance to unite this world in peace under a single banner. Be careful my child." As the fog in the room became to thick to see through he could hear her take flight and knew the Dark Queen had gone. The air became thick and hard to breath, Lanfer felt himself begin to choke as he faught for breath. He felt his life slipping away as he had that night astride Starfire as Ayasana took him to his end. As air became impossiable to get he laid back upon the bed and closed his eyes letting go of this existance. As he lost concesousness his mind went blank and just as he let go of hope air filled his lungs once more and he found himself once more on that beach in his half opened tomb staring at the one person in life he ever truly respected.

Author: Lanfer Date: Fri Oct 9 00:24:40 2015 Subject Time passes, but things never change.

Lanfer lays upon a plush mattress of goose down within the interior of Neraka's Temple to the Queen. His breath has slowed from the labored pattern it had been after passing out upon awakening to see his old advisory standing over him at the beach days before. He had survived the trip back to the city, somehow. Sleeping in a near-by chair, Ayasana is resting comfortably, cover by her blue cloak. Lanfer shifts slightly hefting a large sigh, his hands form fists, nails digging into the palm of his hands leaving creases and almost drawing blood. He sputters some unrecognizable sentence having something to do with not following like a sheep anymore as he crashes from the bed to the floor finally coming awake. Ayasana awakens at the noises, looks at the man on the floor and grins. "Have a nice nap old man?" Lanfer stares out towards the all to familiar voice, disbelief strewn across his face. "Ayasana?" he calls hollowly. "By the gods has your time in the world of men finally ended to, and have they sent you to be my finally torture in death?" Lanfer tries to get to his feet but fails nearly going face first back onto the stone floor. Laughing softly, she watches the old knight struggle to rise up. "Ayasana, the Hellmaiden, here to torture the fallen angel of not just Paladine, no no, but my Glorius Queen." She shakes her head sadly. "You over rate yourself, my old teacher. I am too busy to torture you properly." Lanfer forces himself to a side with his arms as they wobble with lack of use and slides around till his back is against the bed he had fallen out of. Once sitting he lets his eyes adjust to the room around him. "I am back in the world of men? " he says, the shock dripping from the corners of his mouth. Ayasana tilts her head with that all too familiar crooked grin. "You are misplaced if you think you belong in the world of "men", more like the world of me, however, if you mean alive, yes. And you are welcome" Stretching and rising from her chair, Ayasana walks closer to Lanfer, adjusting her sword and yawning. "How are you feeling? Energetic?" as she starts laughing again. Lanfer stares blankly into his once top students face. He seems to be working a thought through his brain that wouldn't quite coming together. "I remember the flight to my death, the goodbyes we said, the peace I felt..." He trails off lost in some other thought for a moment. "And then there was the Queen. She was there with her arms open to great me on the other side. Not the Triumvert, it was her." He almost spits the last word from his mouth as if the shock of it was acid. "How..... How am I alive?" Ayasana says chuckling "It was a lot of work, and a great inconvenience to myself. But a service to my Queen, she sent me to bring you to Her. You have some explaining to do, and I will be there to hear it for myself." Lanfer Sputters as the thought of explaining himself to anyone floats through his brain. "I will explain myself to no one Girl...." He makes another attempt to bring himself to his feet, this time making it to one knee as he begins to regain feeling in his limbs. "The Queen and her brand of death is still no better then the Solamnic and theirs." Looking up at the ceiling, Ayasana sighs. "You will explain yourself to Her. Believe me, she can be very persuasive. And it is not the Triumvirate you will face. They know mercy. My Queen never learned the meaning of that act. But you know that already." The cheerful grin on Ayasana's face was nearly brimming. Lanfer chuckles, more to himself then to the thought of the Triumvirate being merciful. "Had the Triumvirate been merciful they wouldn't have allowed my final ride to be astride that blue worm of yours." Trying again he finally gains his footing and stands, albeit a bit flimsy. "What game is she at Ayasana? What use could she have for a turn coat general this far along in age?" Leaning against a stone column, Ayasana 's expression turns serious. "You trained me. You, Saige, Dharisath. But you made me the Highlord I am. Even with your treason, my Queen knows your value. IF you submit to Her will and accept Her generosity and Blessing. All you have to do is ask Her. And you are not as physically old as you once were. Again, you are welcome." Ayasana gives Lanfer a mocking bow. Shaking his head at the thought still lost in the marvel of actually feeling his limbs for the first time in gods knew when Lanfer finally gains stability and meets Ayasanas gaze and crooked smile. "She wants me to ask forgiveness? She wants me to grovel at her feet?" He begins to shake his head again but stops. He could feel her. He could feel the Queen he once knew about him like a warm cloak. In all his years leading the fools to the north he never truly felt their leaders and patrons at his side. Quickly Lanfer shakes the thought free as he begins to work his hands into fists and then out. "Does she wish I throw her a bloody parade to Ayasana?" Ayasana's eyebrow raises slightly. "A parade to me? Thank you for the gesture, but save your showy kitch for those laggards who covet medals. My Queen wants your submission and penance. That is all" Staggering slightly Lanfer takes a few steps forward towards a wash bin and mirror that had been set up near the bed. Leaning heavily on the oak frame he gets his first good look at himself. Age had indeed seems to recede since the last time he had looked upon himself. Wrinkles, though still there were lessened. Scars less defined. Sliding a hand through the now cold water in the basin he almost smiles as he replies, "Submit? She cant want me back for anything but torment. No one crosses her and comes back Ayasana, I thought I taught you that." Lanfer looks again in the mirror bringing his hand to his face and then through his long black hair, now considerably less streaked with grey.

Author: Lanfer Date: Fri Oct 9 00:29:07 2015 Subject Time passes, but things never change II

Ayasana slowly walks over to the window, opening the shutters, letting in the cold, autumn air. She gazes over the city below. HER city, the one she held for her Queen. She turns back to Lanfer saying, "I do not pretend to know her intent, I am merely Her voice here. If She had wanted you tormented, I would have happily done that. But She wants to give you a chance Lan. I have sat with Her, and I will sit with Her when She judges you. We...I need someone who can restrain me, from laying waste to everything. You know how to do that. Maybe that is Her reason." Ayasana shrug Lanfer almost stumbles as she calls him Lan. It had been many years indeed since she last addressed him as anything but some snarky name, Sir Rose being amongst the nicer, but he could still hear the tone she had always used. In truth he almost felt the friendship they once had. Forcing himself back to straight he turns to look at the one good thing he had done in this world once more. "So we are in Neraka?" He knew the city well. He had lost the battle for it to her twice, though he'd never admit to her that he knew that. "And to the point, the queen is not about losing my dear, she wouldn't bring you back an advisory who has bested you unless she had deeper intentions behind it." Ayasana turns and nods slowly. "Neraka, in all its glory. A much changed city since you were here last. A real Citadel the Queen can be proud of." Snapping back to the present, Ayasana glares at you. "And when did you ever 'best' me you old wolf? I chased you out of Solanthus by the gods. Sacked and looted the place barren. Bested me?" Lanfer finally lets himself laugh a real laugh. "You may have won the wars my dear, but you sword never found its mark in my hide as many times as you tried, and I never let you destroy the Solamnic army as a whole." He takes a few feeble steps forward to her, his strength begging to return. "It was glorious though, we turned this land on end in attempts to bring these lands together. Did you ever wonder if we would have achieved that if we had stayed on the same side?" Ayasana shrugs again, looking back out the window . "That was my Queen's intent. Her Vision of One World Order. You do remember that, don't you?" Lanfer nodes solemnly. "I believed it possible under her Ayasana. If not for Tillov and his mess We'd have done it." He shakes his head hefting a large sigh. "Why I ever let him drag me from the Queen is beyond me, but as you said her will is mysterious but true." Ayasana slowly states "It is still possible. The Solamnics are weak, and mages want to rule the lands. That we can not allow." Lanfer nearly stumbles as he crosses the room to stand beside her at the window looking out onto Neraka. "Finger wigglers huh," He seems to contemplate this tid bit deeply. "They always played such a lax hand in everything, it was only a matter of time I guess. And I can not say I'm surprised the Order fell in my wake. There was no true leader to take my place and their gods couldn't care less." He seems to work the fact he said their gods through his brain but quickly lets it pass. Ayasana inhales deeply, pausing. " Face Her, listen to Her, submit to Her and be true Lan. Prove your worth and loyalty. And know, I have the burden to slay you, should you betray Her again. And this time, you will die, as your soul has been promised to Chemosh this time, and there is no return." Lanfer goes blank in the face at the mention of Chemosh. "The Inquisitor was involved in this madness?" He's shaken by this. He knew her only by name, but knew her workings were dark and she served her ends fiercely. "Could it really be all this simple? How many infractions will I stand to Ayasana? How could she forgive them all and allow me to walk amongst her army once more?" Bowing her head, Ayasana closes her eyes, her breathing shallow. "I do not pretend to know Her thoughts, just that I am to bring you to Her. I do not doubt Her...disappointment... in you to be great. But you failed the Triumvirate most spectacularly. Perhaps that is why, to further punish you for leaving, punish you by having you punish them." Lanfer shakes away the rage that comes as she openly calls his dealing in Solamania a failure. In honesty they were. How he tried to rally those fools together. How many times had he begged them to just come together and follow his command. How many times had he failed to do so? Instead he simply states, "Perhaps you are right old friend." Ayasana smirks at the old knight. "I am right. My teacher taught me how to recognize when one's opponent has lost the momentum and will to win." She chuckles at the thought. "He could be wise when sober, you know." Lanfer again laughs out loud. "I'm not sure if you are talking about Saige or I my dear, but either way you are again correct. He'd be proud if he could see what you have become. The Queen knows I am." He reaches out and puts a hand on her shoulder. "Let me rest and we shall face what ever comes. If I am here then let that reason come to light. If it doesn't pan out.... well you get to burry me again. That ought to be interesting enough to make this worth your time." He chuckles this time more to himself then anything. Ayasana grimaces at the mention of Lord Saige. "He was never sober, at least you were most of the time. Still miss the old sot, but at least my wine cellar is safe again." Lanfer again chuckles a deep chuckle, "For now anyway..... What happens if She orders me to stay with you at that blasted fortress you call home? All I will be able to do is drink and chase your maids around." Ayasana grimaces "If you end up at my...humble...home, you will be back in training for a true knight of Neraka. Right now you are just a ragged beggar looking for food and work." Lanfer opens his jaw and works it open and closed. In older times his blood would have boiled at such insolence from her, but he could feel the time was different. He needed Ayasana somehow more now then ever. She had lead an army that made mean quake in their boots. She had bested him and that deserved his respect. "Again you are correct my little blue worm. Perhaps one day you will show me how to use those fancy swords you always carried. I feel as though my time has about run out for this day. Coming back to this mortal world has about exhausted me today." Ayasana gives a polite little chuckle. Ayasana replies, "Then rest, you have a hard day ahead of you. And it may end with me beheading you. Nothing personal, I just like pleasing my Queen." Crossing the room back to the makeshift bed the once black dragon Highlord eases him self back onto the mattress. It seems to take no time before Lanfer's breathing slows and it becomes obvious that he has returned to the world of dreams.

Author: Lanfer Date: Sun Oct 25 03:34:42 2015 Subject The depth of a blood oath

It was something amazing that happened as the blackness creaped around the room. He was not shocked, he was not paniced. He knew what was going on at that moment. He almost felt her coming. The warm embrass of an old familiar friend long unheard from and the near joy that could accompeny such a meeting. With the news that he had just received it seemed an all to fitting time for her to call for him to be honest. He knew the strings she would tie to him and having lived the life he had lived he would let her have them double knotted if it gave him one more moment to talk to her. By the gods he thought, he still didnt even know her name. When the blackness cleared he found himself in an all to familiar spot, the cabin. The place she had him locked upon his scrape with Starfires breath, encasing a frail and battered body apparently for further use in time. Perhaps the perfect time. The Solamnics had fallen into such disaray after his dissappearance. He knew the boy who tried to step up, but there was no saving those fools. Maybe it was strictly his knowledge She needed, who could tell quite yet. "My.... how you had strayed from me my pet." came the near coo from the blackness. He knew her voice, the melodic tones floating over his skin making his hairs stand at a near pleasurable prickle. "I had such hope for you at one time, such promise you showed me. Only to be blinded by some fool who claimed you as blood. Only to throw away everything I had granted you on some feeling of morality. How he blinded you from the truth you have always known will be a Mystery to me." She stopped and the form came into sight. Bloody hell she was beautiful in this form. She leasurely strolled past him, brushing her hand along his cheek. The hairs on him nearly lept from their folicle. That feeling of love filling him again. "My Queen, you humble me with your presance." was all the knight could muster. His feet were firmly glued to the floor, most likely by the women before him. "Do not insult me with your plesantries servent," came her reply. "I know you understand now what mistakes you have made in your life. Not only did you leave your chance to do what you always said you would do and unite the people of this wretched rock, but you left behind a child in your wake. One who on her own free will found me to. While you played at besting me I was the one who embraced her and sheltered her from all that threatened her. I was the one who made sure she did not die a half blood in that hell you left her in." The knight before her could do nothing. He worked his jaw to protest in anger and rage, but no words came. She was right. He had the chance once to end the wars On Krynn. To lead the most powerful force in an attempt to unify a people, but he ran. As she coupled that with the life he had missed in raising something of his own blood was enough to bring tears to the mans eyes, though he choked them back before any fell down his cheek. He simply listened to her chastise him, and waited for her offer. "I have returned you, to give you the chance to make right on all your wrongs. I will not say I need you as there are 1, 000 men on Krynn that could aid what I need, but you were once so strong in my powers." she broke off for a moment, but quickly continued. "I wish you to have the chance once more to marr this land with your name. My emperor has surrounded himself with fools. There is not one tatical mind between them. He plays a dangerous game where the power he has been granted can be removed. This does not further the goals I have set however. So you my pet will be that mind. You will follow this man into your death if that is the path that falls before you. You shall make sure this time my armies spread to the corners of this place." She motions around the room as if she sees the entire world before her. "And knowing you are one to be direct, if you fail me this time I will peel the skin from Sirene inch by inch, all the while making you witness yet another failure in your life."

Author: Lanfer Date: Sun Oct 25 03:51:42 2015 Subject The depth of a blood oath II

He knew she meant it. He could feel it in his bones, even as he struggled to lift his head to meet her gaze, fighting that unseen force that held him there. Sirene..... he thought suddenly, she had given him her name. His chest swelled with pride in that moment, she had choosen a beautiful name for her....his daughter. The man knew threating would do nothing in this instance, he was outmatched and did he not agree to even try Sirene would more then likely face the same fate as if he failed. She has found a way to tie the strings tight indeed. He had already seen an organized force strong enough to acheive the goals She had set out. Now she had given him proper motivation. "What say you Lord Lanfer Di'Ternian? Once lore of my armies, turned traitor to the only ones who ever cared for you. What say you to the offer of another chance at life, a chance to know your blood, and a chance to show this world that the one ruler in love and light is Takhisis? I am forgiving Pet, the people must be shown that if the fall into heel they can live in peace." The choice was no longer a choice. He knew that he would say yes and aid Her once more as much as he had joken about him not wanting another chance at life he was happy to be there again. He was happy honestly that the first face he saw was Ayasana, leaving his student was one of the hardest parts of it all back then. Though he had not understood until now how close to the goal they had been then. "You will make your choice now Lanfer, and you will make it once and for all. When I next see you it will be for your death or my victory." As she finished her words the blackness krept back in enveloping him. And again as quickly as it came it went leaving him back in the Temple room she had taken him from. Time must have passed because the room now lay empty. On the stone bench folded neatly was the uniform of a member of the Red Army. A deep hooded cloak with his family sigle, and a pari of leather boots just like the ones he always wore. A sword belt with the black hilted sword he once carried atop it, and the matching dagger to the one given to Sirene's mother atop that. "Run if you wish Pet, the path is clear from the temple to the city gates. Or stay and help me win. The choice is yours." Again there was no choice here. Lanfer quickly dropped the raggs he had been forced to wear and changed into the uniform. He would have to find armor at a later date, but as he clasped the cloak around his neck and drew the hood to cover his face he knew his next step. buckling the belt around his waist and adjusting the sheath slightly he slid his feet into the boots, which felt as though he had worn them for years. Placing the dagger behind it he made his way off down the hall to find someone that could put him face to face with the Emperor. How he would explain any of this was beyond him, but he had to try.

Author: Lanfer Date: Wed Feb 24 23:11:16 2016 Subject Interesting days ahead

Tossing the lattest report from his eyes and ears within the city on the already growing stack the Sub commander idelly ran a hand through his hair sighing. It seemed the Baroness was fixing to creat some sort of scene at the gates of Sanction and he could not for the life of him figure out what was about to happen. He had thought he had a good handle on the Blue Highlords plans, but this open showing was something he had not expected. He didnt think it was terriable by any means, but it was a move he never thought she would have the gaul to make. He knew she was a schemer, even though she hardly ever showed it openly. The wheels inside that lasses head never stopped. Bloody hell even Reorx himself couldent craft something to stop them. But the simple truth of Ayasana's life as a soldier was that she had been a loyal servent to the empire. She had deffended Takhisis and her subject with out fail or question. She had even bested himself a time or two when they stood on opposite sides of the battle field. He hated to admit that, but it was true. The missive at the top of the stack was the one that gave him the most concern however. He knew Ayasana had a plan, what ever that was, but the addition of Lord Kharriff and his worm to the mix gave this scene a certin brand of uncertinty that Lanfer did not care for. The timing however couldent be better for the Sub Commander. With the last meeting with jarek going as it had it seemed very possiable that the Emperor may be calling for him to be jailed for his actions with Sirenes Red honor guard. Perhaos the Queen was simply just giving him a way out of that mess he had created for himself. The fact that he had only turned over a few mages for the Emperors questions could also add to the rising concern he was feeling for his own safty in sanction. If Teague only knew the things he and the blue wing had found within sanction. The wealth they had stripped from a few of those bloody finger wigglers. Most had been dispatched of, one had been enlisted and another replaced back into the community to work for him in exchange for his life. In any case it seemed as though the Ayasana was giving him a way out of it all for the moment. He had already called his small unit together in the streets outside the inn, save a few members who said they were brave, or perhaps dumb enough to stay behind and try to blend into what ever came next for the city. Smoothing his hands over his armor he tightened a couple of the buckles on his breast plate and slung the blue cloak with his family symbol he had a fine tailor of sanction make him around his neck he gathered the few things he had pack. A couple of small bags filled with things found here in Sanction, and some of his own belongings. He wrapped his sword belt around his waist and exited the inn. His numbers had grown since arriving. Many wanted to join the blue commander from the area his unit had taken to occupy. They looked good. He had some good men to train the new boys. But the thought always krept in that these boys would go to battle and die. Maybe not their first or second, but if they stayed with the army one day life would end. By the gods he wasent sure why he wasent resting peacefully yet. Tossing his bags to his page to tie to Lanfers Horse he turned to address the men standing before him. "What lies ahead is uncertin. Why the Baroness approches Sanction with the rest of our wing is a mystery to me friends. What I do know is if she has brought them to this fair cities gates we must be there to meet her. I can not say today will be pleasent for any of us, or it could just be a show from her, but either way ready yourselves. Steady your hands, and focus your minds. DO NOT eguage unless I have given you permission. We are more diciplined then that. Not one of you will draw a blade or an arrow unless ordered to. If today goes as I hope, we will be on our way out of this desolate ash infested place and headed back to Neraka or somewhere we can be of more uese to her Will." He looked around a moment to take in the mens reaction. Most seemed to be ready to stand behind him. Some of the newer members a bit more on edge. What ever today brought would be interesting at least. With a fair amount of trust the men had gathered themselves he moved to the head of them, his page leading his horse beside him. The blue wing solders fell into step behind him and they began the winding path to the Cities gate and what ever confrontation awaited them.

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