The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Laucian.

He says 'LIGHT' and the room is filled with a comfortable glow from a sphere suspended by nothing about a foot below the center of the ceiling. You notice LAUCIAN inscribed on the door. It resembles an eye and represents the three moons.

The Study of Laucian

After informing you the brightness is adjustable on command, he leaves you to your studies. Upon entering, you notice the room is larger than it should have been. The table in the center is made of oak and is intricately detailed with leaves and vines on the legs, and a map of Krynn on the top. It is large enough to comfortably sit up to eight people, with room to spare. The eight chairs, also oak and finely detailed, are padded with Red velvet cushions and change size to more comfortably suit you when you sit in them. Looking around, you notice each wall is different. Beside the door you entered through is a large comfortable looking couch of red velvet, large enough for a minotaur to lie on with room to spare. Beside the couch is a nearly empty bookshelf, there are only a few volumes on the top shelf, followed by second couch.

The other wall next to the door is a mural of a forest with exquisite detail. Stepping closer for a better look, you feel a gentle breeze that stirs the leaves in the trees and brings the sweet smell of spring flowers to your nose. You also hear the stream you see running through the forest and the songs of the birds flying through the branches. Turning to the wall across from the door is a mural of the sky on a cloudless night. Each God is represented here with their constellation in its proper place. Both moons are also present, all three for those that can see Nuitari. The fourth wall is covered by a thick dull curtain, with a poor picture of a mountain range. Compared with the rest of the room, it looks out of place. Pulling it aside, you step back and realize why it's there. The wall is one great battlefield of Good versus Evil. As you watch, you can see individual battles played out in several possible ways. Heads roll, shields and the arms holding them are melted by acid, dragonbreath freezes a platoon of kender and the morale of both sides increase as does the carnage that ensues. You can hear the screams of the dying, smell the stench of blood and death, and you realize, there won't be a winner in this battle. Scattered around the room are a number of pedestals. Many are currently empty, and the rest contain all manner of curiosities secured beneath clear domes. Engraved on the pedestal beneath each dome is the name of the item and where it was found. Beside each dome is a scroll containing how Laucian learned of the item, his adventure to find it, and everything he has learned of it.

Walking back to the bookshelf you notice one volume lightly glowing. Taking a closer look, Astinus notices it to be the one you want and quietly pulls it from the shelf.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Laucian.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Laucian' scribed in brilliant blue ink.

Author:  Laucian
Date    Sat Aug 27 02:18:24 2005
Stamp   1125127104
Subject  youth

Born and raised in a little(and i mean little) village in estwilde somewhere.
the middle of three boys, iwas the the intelligent resourceful one. but my
father preferred his eldest and my mother preferred her baby so i was left to
myself.  i learned to read and count from the grocer in the willage and pretty
much kept to myself as many people thoiught me very different just as i began
adult hood, i realized i was able to do things, things nobody else in the
village could dop.i could light candle or snuff them out among other things.
this began to frighten the other villagers. they were afraid of what they
diudn't know so they stoned me and drove me off. my own parents through the
first stone.  So i left and have learned to survive.  that knowledge has
increased my abilities and my journey has made me some good friends so i
continue to wander, hoping to find where i belong.

Author:  Laucian
Date    Sun Aug 28 00:15:48 2005
Stamp   1125206148
Subject  young adulthood

After being driven from my home, I wandered for years, nerver staying in one
place to long,afraid of how others would react and how they would treat me. I
eventually learned there were others like me.  They lived in magical towers,
free of fear and persecution.  They worked together to strenghten their
abilities and to learn.  However, those that did not follow the strict
guidelines were severely punished .  I was getting stronger, i could feel it
and there was nothing i could do about it.  There were times I got angry and
would scare myself with what happened. By chance I met one of those mages and
was able to pass on my request for help.  Now I await a response ...

Author:  Laucian
Date    Sun Aug 28 01:18:26 2005
Stamp   1125209906
Subject  A visit from no one

One day whIle walking in Palanthas, a stern, poowerful voice said from the
air, "I think we need to talk."  The voice introduuced himself as Archmage
Lelthas of the White Robes and asked why I sought the knowledge of the tower
mages .  And so i told him.  "My power is growing and wish to learn to control
it so I don't accidentally hurt others.  He then asked what exaclty could I
do, and so I told him.  I guess it was enough because he then said I was

He then materialized in front of me and I was humbled.  The power emenating
from him stunned me momentarily.  He then raised his hands infront of me and
his eyes began to glow as he sarted to chant.  When he finished, he lowered
his hands and welcomed me as an apprentice to the tower.  He then brought me
magicaally to the tower of Wayreth and it was beautiful.  I'm sorry I can't
say more about it, but there are rules.  Well I stayed and studied for a
while.  But I'm starting to get a little restless, so I'm off to put to use my
studies, and I want to say 'Hi' to a couple of friends.  I'm hoping to return
with a good story. Laucian.  

Author:  Laucian
Date    Thu Sep  1 18:15:26 2005
Stamp   1125616526
Subject  From the Chronicles of Astinus

I awoke in the tower at Wayreth not remembering how I got there or why. My
mind was all fuzzy and my memory of the last few days a confusing blur. So I
went back to sleep in the comforting spring.

When I woke againg, I was refreshed and ready to go but still, I could not
remember what happened those last few days.  My last memory was of a clearing
i remember from my childhood, near the home of my youth.  I was searching
Estwilde for that home, and then everything starts to blur.  Then I think of
Astinus, the chronicler of Analon.  Perhaps he can help me to remember.  So i
check my gear and replace what I lost, trying to remember how I lost it, but
my head starts spinning so I concentrate on getting to Palanthas.  My journey
was longer then usual since I decided to walk so i could think without being
distratced too much.  It was entertaining to see Bob's face when I told him my
large stone companion and my self would like to go to palanthas.  He was still
quite pale when I explained my companion would fly, I just wanted the time to
think and he charged me outrageously, but I was happy to be safe and alone for
a few moments.

When I arrived at Palanthas I went straight to the Great Library where a
servant of Astinus met me at the door and showed mne in as if he new I was
coming.  The servant stopped and knocked on a door.  A voice from inside said
"Come in Laucian," and the servant opened the door.  All he said when I
entered was "What you seek is on the table over there.  That's all I can give
you, the rest you have to learn on your own.  Please close the door on your
way out, I'm very busy."  I walked over to the open book on the table and it
was blank except for a few lines in the middle of the left page.  It read:
"Nearly dropping from exhaustion and his many wounds, Laucian finally gets the
potion from his backpack.  While fleeing, he drinks the potion, and nearly
gagging from the taste, he falls. He lands on his hands and knees in the
teleportation room at Wayreth. Looking around, he realizes the potion worked
and gets to his feet. Stumbling forward, he falls into the healing spring and
finally passes out." I say "Thank you Astinus," and quietly close the door on
my way out.

So now I know that whatever it was, I wasn't strong enough to defeat it, but I
was able to get away, this time.  So I return to Wayreth to study and train. 
Next time I'll be better prepared.  

Author:  Laucian
Date    Tue Oct 11 11:12:59 2005
Subject  Journal Entry 1

I drink a potion of recall as I leave the Great Library and fall to my
knees, Grasping for the dagger twisting in my gut, just to find..  Nothing? 
My stomach heaves and out comes a puddle of blood and what should have been
the potion.  Another heave, another puddle and I drag myself to a nearby
alley.  Scanning the street to be sure noone is taking an interest in an
injured mage, I drag myself into the alley and bring up another puddle of
blood before I sit against the wall with my stomach on fire.  'It spoiled? 
How did it spoil?.  I've never heard of a potion spoiling After it was
completed.  ' Checking to make sure noone is following me down the alley, I
retrive my last potions of recall and close my eyes, trying to concentrate
enough to cast a simple detect magic over the burning in my stomach.  On the
third attempt, I wished I'd failed again.  Not only were my potion drained,
but some of my equipment was completely drained of magic, while even more of
it had been drained at least a little, rendering some of it useless and
making me injured And helpless.  

Trying to stand, my legs give out and I
fall to my knees as my stomach empties yet more blood.  I need a cleric.  I
need...  Maybe.  I desperately search through my backpack, finding my
specimen box at the very bottom.  Pulling it out, I open it to see my
collection of 'curiosities', little things from around Krynn that are
rumored to have magical properies.  I grab the jar labled 'G.  H.  ' and
pull out a piece of the green leaf inside.  The burning subsides slightly as
I swallow the leaf and I learn that one of the rumors is true as I eat a
larger piece.  As the pain fades, I look up sharply as I hear a crash from
down the alley.  A large man gets up from where he tripped over the trash
and, retrieving the rusty sword he dropped in the fall, begins to advance
towards me.  'This is how it's going to end?  At the hands of some clumsy
drunk?.  ' Helplessly, I look away, not wanting to watch death descend upon
me, and my eyes fall on the jar labled 'G.  W.  ' A smile creeps across my
face at the irony.  While looking for that specimen, I remember thinking 'By
Lunitari, if I survive this smell, I'll survive anything.  ' I was digging
through an Aghr trash heap for a worm rumored to naturally contain the
properties of a re...  I quickly look at the approaching cutpurse, who
pauses at the faint glimmer of hope in my eyes.  I remove the jar labled 'G.
W.  ' and quickly close the box, stuffing it back in my backpack.  If this
doesn't work, it wont matter anyway.  I pop the lid and watch the cutpurse
as and learn why they call it a slimy worm.  It slides right down my throat
as the cutpurse breaks into a run, swinging for my head.  The sword fades
from view, an inch from my face, as I materialize in the trans portation
room at Wayreth.  A servant of the tower helps me to the healing spring,
where I fall into a deep, troubled sleep. 

Author:          Laucian
Date    Fri Oct 14 00:56:43 2005
Subject  Journal Entry 2

  I think I'm finally ready.  I've spent the last year studying, training and
replacing my diminished gear.  In all my research, I have only found a few
items and spells that could drain magic as happened to me, so I prepared as
well as I could.  A few gifts from some of the Masters of the tower will, I
think, help a great deal.  After one last look around my room, I head to the
Summoner for my new companion.  While aquainting myself with my new
companion, I head to the transportaion room and use most of my remaining
steel for passage to Estwilde.  Figuring the best place to start to be the
last place I can remember, I enact a fly spell and set off for the hill in
the clearing.

  I find the clearing as the sun is setting so I decide to check it out first
thing in the morning and make camp in a smaller clearing about 5 miles to the
south.  Before setting camp, I place magical alarms all around the clearing
and using one of the gifts from the Masters of the tower, I mask them to
avoid other mages discovering them.  As I set up camp, I make sure to keep my
fire well concealed to avoid unwanted attention then sit and meditate for a
few hours before sleeping.  Some time later, a strange animal call sends
shivers down my spine.  It sounds again, closer, and my companion starts
getting apprehensive.  It sounds again, closer, and a wave of fear washes
over me.  I hop to my feet and start casting my magical protections. 
Overcoming fear with the adrenaline of excitement, and curiosity, I make
myself and my companion invisible, and we move to the far end of the clearing
and wait.  Realizing that my companion is now afraid, not apprehensive, I try
to reassure him, wondering what on Krynn could so terrify an elemental.

  It calls again and I look across the clearing as it comes into view.  About
the size of a large dog, it has six multi-jointed legs protruding straight
out from the sides of its oval body.  Several appendages protruding from the
top and bottom of the creature end in clawed hands and several more are
eyestalks.  However, the majority of them, more than a score and a half, end
with funnels of varying sizes, and all pointed in our direction.  Quickly
casting a fireball, I look at my companion as he lets out a horrifying scream
of extreme pain and anguish. It looks as the thought the mass of swirling air
that makes up his body is being pulled away from him, towards the creature. 
Looking back, I see my fireball absorbed into one of its funnels as the
creature continues to advance.  Dissmissing companion home to end his agony,
I can only watch in horror as his body starts contorting as the magic to send
him home goes wrong.  With a loud explosion I'm thrown clear across the
clearing and into a tree, where I slide to the ground, shaking my head to
clear the spots dancing in my eyes as the memories come flooding back.  It
feeds off magic, and with the main course gone, I look up to see it turning
its attention, and All its funnels, on dessert.  As I feel the magic being
torn from me, I fall to my knees, helpless, and paralyzed with fear.  Its
clawed hands reach out, digging into my flesh as it easily lifts me 
from the ground. 

I was. 

Able to..  




The pain stops as everything goes black.

Author:          Laucian
Date    Sat Oct 15 00:32:57 2005
Subject  Rebirth

 Endless nothing.  There was no way to tell how long I was in the Void 
before I heard a very faint noise.  Focusing on the sound, it gets stronger 
as I'm bombarded by memories when I recognize my name, Laucian.  
wasn't supposed to happen.  
Who are you?  
You know who I am.  

Lunitari.  Where am I?  
That doesn't matter.  What matters is I 
still need you.  Would you like another chance?  This time, I'll help you 
access more spells.  
I would like another chance but I don't know what I 
could do.  The creature is fast, strong, agile, and it feeds off magic.  

It went after my elemental first, then myself when my 
companion was gone.  More spells wont do me any good I'm afraid.  
still have other plans for you, if your interested.  
I would welcome the 
opportunity to return to Krynn.  
Then wake up.  
I open my eyes to 
find myself in Lunitaris temple in Solace.  
Your body is new, so you'll 
have to retrain your skills and abilities.  And this time, find a Master to 
take you as an apprentice as soon as you are strong enough to return to the 
tower.  I must speak with the other gods of magic but I will check on you 
from time to time.  
How much time has passed since I died?  
month, give or take a day or two.  
Thank you Lunitari.  
Good luck.  

 When I regained sufficient skill, I rejoined the tower.  Master Gemtyr 
was the first to respond to my request for a Master.  He was reluctant to 
take a new apprentice but agreed to give me a chance.  So I study and train 
under the instruction of Master Gemtyr.  He makes me work hard, doing menial 
worthless jobs that the tower servants should be doing, but I do as I'm told 
whithout complaint.  Each task boring and useless, but I asked for his help 
and instruction, so I will to trust him.  In the little spare time I have, I 
search for any information about the creature that killed me, but there 
seems to be nothing about it anywhere.  Not even the Great Library of 
Palanthas.  The Aesthetics at the Library nearly had a fit when I showed 
them the missing text in the volumes that might have contained information 
on the creature.  And even Astinus was at a loss as to how the text was 
missing.  In my spare time, I continue my research, hoping to find something 
that may help me defeat the creature.  * grunt * A servant has just 
brought my next task from Master Gemtyr.  All it says is Clean the 
stables, Mater Gemtyr.  
I must be patient.  


Author:          Laucian
Date    Tue Oct 18 00:22:15 2005
Subject  Journal Entry 2:1

 I'm on my way back to Wayreth with the item Master Gemtyr requested 
when I see a long cloud of dust off on the horizon.  I enact an invisibilty 
and a fly upon my companion and myself and we fly up to take a look.  It 
looks like an army on the march.  Pulling out the spyglass I picked up from 
the corpse of the ship wrecks captain, I take a better look at the writhing 
black mass.  Casting a detect evil, I'm not surprised when I see the goblins 
on the move.  But there are so many of them.  There's even Hobgoblins, 
Bugbear, Ogre and even some Minotaur.  And every here and there is a 
Knight of Thakhisis with a whip, literally whipping the goblins and 
other smaller races into shape.  It even appears to be working.  By the time 
they get wherever they're going, we'll probably have to call them a proper 
military.  Where are they going, the only thing over that way is the ...  
Dwarves.  *Hmm* The Dwarves could be in trouble.  I'd better let the 
Knights know about this.  

 Quickly backing up a bit, I bring one of 
the Knights back into sight.  Looking in our direction, he starts casting a 
spell, 'Faerie fire'.  I quickly turn to my companion and impart my 
instructions, which sends him soring off, straight at the marching goblins.  
Fading into view, I watch as the Knight looks up too see my companion 
curl into a ball and bouce off the ground, taking out the the magic using 
Knight along with all the goblins immediately around him.  As my 
companion lands again and begins to roll, leaving behing a bloody swath, I 
begin my descent.  As everyone is distracted by the huge earth elemental 
wreaking havoc, I fly past, leaveing behind corpses of electrified goblins 
and masses of confused slaughter, where they turned upon themselves with the 
help of a few quick words.  Passing my elemental, his huge legs lauch him 
back into the air as he tries to catch up to me.  I slow a bit to let him, 
and just as he does, he slams me with the back of his hand, sending me 
sprawling through the air.  Confused, I look back at him, to see half his 
body melting from an acid blast as he turns back towards the enemy.  Then I 
see the three Knights in the midst of spell casting, following us 
through the air.  Quickly pulling out a potion of recall I drink it, 
bringing my companion and myself quickly back to the tower.  Quickly going 
to my room, I write a quick note the Knights about what I'd seen, and 
then went off to deliver the Masters Item, leaving the note with a servant 
to deliver.  Until I pass my Test, I can do nothing else.  


Author:          Laucian
Date    Sun Oct 30 17:41:12 2005
Subject  Journal Entry 2:2

 Less than an hour after returning the requested items to Highmaster 
Gemtyr, he came storming into my room, slamming the door behind him, and 
reprimanded me for my actions against the marching host for quite sometime.  
I had been unaware of the truce between the conclave and the Knights of 
Takhisis and was told that if I do anything like that again while wearing 
anything to mark me as part of the conclave, I would be thrown out and given 
over to the knights.  And as punishment, I was sent to find 50 slimy worms, 
without using magic.  After a month in a gully trash heap, I had to burn my 
clothes and I still was not allowed back to the tower until the smell 
disipated, about a week later.  At least Highmaster Gemtyr was no longer 
angry with me when I was allowed back into the tower.  

 One morning while 
passing through Palanthas on my way to Solace, I was approached by a one of 
Takhisis' mages.  He spoke in riddles at first, saying his master held me in 
high regards, though he would not tell me who his master was, at first.  I 
spoke cautiously, remembering what I'd done to the marching force, and not 
knowing what to make of his friendly demeaner.  At his request, I followed 
to a place away from other ears and was quite shocked to learn that he was 
looking for some help with two personal dilemmas, slightly related.  One, 
I'll not speak of out of respect for his privacy, but the other gives me 

 He said I was lucky for being able to see magic in color.  He 
wondered what it would be like as he was getting tired of only being able to 
see in shades of grey.  So I told him, all he had to do to see in color was 
to forsake his Queen, at which his look saddened and he lowered his gaze to 
his hands in his lap.  He said he couldn't do that, he'd be betraying the 
only family he had, how Thakisis had been the only mother he'd ever know.  
After a moments thought, I told him that if he ever chose to see the world 
in color, there would be a family waiting for him, ready to take care of 
him.  This seemed to please him, because his whole demeaner brightened 
immediately.  He rose, thanked me for the help and tentatively held out his 
hand, 'Allies?  '.  As I grasped his hand I thought 'As long as we don't 
meet on the battlefield'.  After he left to consider what I'd said, I went 
to a local mage and bought passage to Solace where I went in search of the 
other ingredients Highmaster Gemtyr needed.  

 After searching most of the 
day, I'd gone to the Inn for something to eat and on my way to continue the 
search, I slipped and fell off one of the bridges.  Managing to enact a fly 
spell before I hit the ground, I came upon a slightly odd kender named 
Samual.  As he knew the area, he agreed to help me find the last ingredients 
I was looking for.  Lost in conversation, we wandered a little too far from 
Solace and was accosted by an elf.  Then another elf came and threatened us, 
and then another.  It was quite a tiresome day as they would ask questions 
and did not believe the honest answers they were provided with.  Finally, 
Master Snefru arrived and was able to placate them with a spell of his own 
devising that allowed him to know who spoke truthfully.  A spell that might 
prove useful.  Perhaps one day he will teach it to me.  He had the items I 
was looking for found and brought to us, once he was satisfied that we were 
telling the truth, then let us go on our way.  Just as I returned to the 
tower, a message born on the wings of magic told me that Master Snefru would 
like to speak with me once I have passed my test.  I look forward to the 
opportunity of learning that spell.  

P.  S.  This story is restricted from 
all KoT members so please don't use it as an excuse to take action against 
the persons mentioned in the story if you know who they are, or to try and 
find out who they are.  Thanks.  


Author:          Laucian
Date    Fri Nov 11 22:32:54 2005
Subject  Unfinished Business.

 Sitting in The Inn of the Last Home with Master Snefru, Lacian says 'I 
would be honored to work with you, perhaps you will find the time to teach 
me that spell.  
* When a familiar voice sounds in his head, Laucian cocks 
his head and listens intently.  * 
Don't be commiting yourself just yet.  
It's time for some unfinished business.  Return to your room at the tower, 
we need to speak.   
Getting up, Laucian apologizes profusely, noticing that 
Master Snefru seemed quite upset at my abrupt change.  Unable to explain, I 
quickly left and returned to my room, where Lunitari was already waiting for 
Sit down and describe that creature again.  Lunitari starts pacing as 
she listens.   That thing is from the plain of magic and shouldn't be here.  
 She stops and looks at Laucain.   You uncovered this mess, you can clean it 
up.  And if you survive, maybe I won't have wasted my time restoring you.  
On this plane its hide will be stronger than steel, So you'll have to get 
some adamantite weapons from the dwarves at Thorbardin to hurt it.  The rest 
you already know, so don't waste time.  With the war coming, the magic 
released could act like a dinner bell and send it into a frenzy.  If you 
fail we need to have time to find a replacement that wont.  
 Seeing Lunitari 
preparing to leave, Laucian quickly gets up and blurts out, Can I ask a 
favor.   Lunitari looks at him, slightly annoyed.  
You may Ask.  
I've found 
reference to a stone that creates an area of anti-magic around itself, 
nullifying all magic in its area and think it might be useful, but haven't 
found anything about where it may be found.  Have you heard of such a stone. 

 I think I heard something about it needing to be destroyed.  If I have the 
time, I might look into it.  Now get moving.  
Lunitari disappears and after 
a moments thought Laucian goes to his closet.  Grabbing his only set of 
clothes that are completely non-magical, he repacks his backpack and heads 
back to solace.   

Author:          Laucian
Date    Tue Nov 15 19:09:03 2005
Subject  Finally Located.(part 1)

 Having returned to the Great Library at Palanthas, Laucian grabs the 
last few tomes that may be of some help and starts skimming through them.  
As he's going through one of them, he finally smiles as he rereads what he 
was looking for.  After replacing the tomes and speaking with Bertram, he 
leaves the library and heads for Solace.  Spending the night at the Inn of 
the Last Home, he starts out early in the morning, coming to the ruins of a 
tower in a small clearing half a days flight south of Solace.  

 Seeing what 
appears to be a half-elf under a tree near the ruins, Laucian casts 'know 
alignment' and begins to advance, keeping his hands in sight to show he is 
unarmed.  The half-elf Oso, is startled from sleep as Laucian introduces 
himself.  Having some skill in tracking, and with the offer of payment, Oso 
agrees to accompany Laucian into the ruins to search for the stone.  Walking 
to the ruins of the tower, the door is unmarked by the elements and time.  
Casting spells to help protect them, they magically pass through the door.  
Taking the only exit, Laucian and Oso walk down the hall and through the 
door at the end, into the previous owners study.  Searching for the secret 
passage from the tome at the library, Laucian walks over to the bookshelf 
against one wall.  As Oso finds the outline of the door, Laucian notices a 
book that interests him and tries to pull it from the shelf, tripping the 
release for the door.  His smile fades at the odor wafting up from the 
depths behind the door.  

 Stopping Laucian, Oso says to be careful as it 
smells of death.  Cautiously descending, Laucian notices magical traps on 
the stairs below and stops Oso in mid-stride just before he steps on the 
first trapped stair.  Casting fly on them both, they gently float down, 
landing on the soft earth of the tunnel floor.  Moving along the tunnel, 
ignoring the branches, just knowing that what he seeks is at the end, not 
down one of the sides, Oso stops them as he hears something from down one of 
the tunnels.  As the creature lunges from the tunnel, Laucian outlines it in 
farie fire, revealing it as a zombie, and allowing Oso to knock it to the 
ground.  Finishing it with a 'Burning hands' spell, Laucian starts to back 
up the hall with Oso watching the front.  As soon as they are a safe 
distance away, Laucian sends a fireball down the hall, destroying the 
zombies collected there.  

 Continuing down the hall, Laucian pushes Oso to 
the floor as he hears a click from the wall and sees 3 darts pass through 
the space where Oso had just been standing.  Helping Oso back to his feet, 
Laucian notices a faint light down the tunnel, they're almost there.  
Picking up the speed in anticipation, they stop before the doorway, Laucian 
noticing that it is warded.  Passing through the wall, around the doorframe, 
they enter the room.  

 About 40 feet in diameter, it is made of stone with a 
moss on the walls emitting a faint glow.  Laucian smiles as all the magic on 
him instantly stops, knowing This Is the stone he came for.  The room 
brightens as they enter, the moss on the wall giving off a brighter light 
now that someone has entered the room.  Pulling the lead box, speacially 
made for this purpose, from his backpack, he places the stone inside, firmly 
latching the box.  Relief flows through him as the magic rushes back now 
that the stone is contained.  

(To be continued.)   

Author:          Laucian
Date    Tue Nov 15 19:15:40 2005
Subject  Finally Located.(part 2)

 Turning to leave, Laucian notices the moss is moving, down the wall and 
across the floor towards them.  Laucian only makes it a couple steps when 
the moss lunges off the floor and envelops him, it's weight bearing him to 
the ground.  His mind starts swirling as all the thoughts and memories of 
his life flash through his head in a matter of seconds.  

You may borrow the 
stone for your purpose, if you survive to make it out, but We will have it 
back when you are done.  We will go with you until your task is complete.  
Do not attempt to use the stone for any other purpose, We won't let you.  

As the moss fades from view, it's weight disipates and Laucian gets up as 
Oso begins to defend himself against the Skeleton Warrior that has come out 
of the wall.  Outlining it in farie fire to help Oso defend himself, Laucian 
then lauches a volley of magic missiles, not wanting to throw anything 
stronger for fear of hitting Oso, and tells him to run.  As soon as Oso is 
out of the way, Laucian looses a lightning bolt, knocking the skeleton 
warrior back a step as he flees through the wall, the skeletons axe 
following through as the wall closes behind him.  

 The spiked shaft goes 
clean through Laucians shoulder from the force of the throw, and Laucian 
falls to his knees in pain as Oso cuts the shaft, letting the blade fall to 
the ground.  Oso helps Laucian to his feet and they begin to flee, Laucian 
stumbling and falling to his knees in the wreckage of his fireball.  Feeling 
the ward on the doorway behind them being dispelled, Laucian grabs a handful 
of the debris and gets back to his feet, the pain receding somewhat as they 
run for the stairs, the skeleton warrior in pusuit.  Reaching the base of 
the stairs, Laucian starts to fly up, reminding Oso of the trapps in the 

 Nearing the top Laucian looks back down to see the skeleton 
starting up the stairs, its feet glowing slightly.  Reaching the top, 
Laucian throws the debris back down the stairs and falls as the ground 
shakes, the ceiling coming down on top of the skeleton warrior.  Grimacing 
through the renewed pain in his shoulder, Laucian gets up and goes to the 
bookshelf.  Cutting the cord on the back of the book, closing the secret 
door, Laucian drops the book on the floor, realizing it was just for show.  
Laucian accepts the support offered by Oso and they make their way out of 
the tower.  Taking a few deep breaths of the fresh air, Laucian sinks to the 
ground and stares in wonder as the shaft of the axe expells itself from his 
body, leaving a fading green glow where the wound was.  Laucian tries to 
explain to the shaken Oso that it was not dark magic that healed him, but he 
still looked slightly upset.  Thanking him for the help, Laucian gave him 
100 steel coins before he disappeared into the forest.  Laucian returned to 
the Inn of the Last Home for the night before going off to find Master 
Snefru and inform him of the good news.  


Author:          Laucian
Date    Wed Nov 23 23:50:59 2005
Subject  Journal Entry 3:1(part 1)

 Leaving the Hall of Mages after my conversation with Archmage Gemtyr, I 
realised that my mission had just become even more urgent.  Heading straight 
to the transportaion room, I quickly opened a gate and stepped through, 
appearing near the dwarven city and making the rest of the way by flight.  
Delitghted to find that my weapons were already finished, I stowed them in 
my new magic bag and opened a gate to Solace after leaving the dwarven city. 

 Heading to the Inn of the Last Home, I asked the bartender to pass a 
message to Master Snefru and sat at my usual table, trying to make sense of 
the faint murmuring that had been in the back of my mind since the moss 
decided to allow me to use the stone and joined me for the journey.  It 
wasn't long before one of the Wildrunner volunteers entered and sat at my 
table.  Apologizing for Master Snefru being unable to come himself, he 
informed me the others were waiting on the forest floor beneath the inn.  

Leaving the inn, we descended to the forest floor and joined up with the 
other seven volunteers.  A quick detect magic sent one elf back up to the 
inkeeper as two of the elves had forgotten about some magic items they had.  
I didn't want them to become target's, that was to be my fate I'd planned.  
Passing out the adamantite weapons, I informed the Wildrunners that the 
weapons were gifts for their help.  They seemed quite pleased as the weapons 
were perfectly balanced, exquisitely detailed, and crafted by some of the 
finest dwarven craftsmen.  Unable to trasport all of us at once, I told them 
I'd be going first, then would bring them to me one at a time.  

another gate, I stepped through and heard the now familiar cry carried on 
the winds as I completed the first summoning.  The murmuring in my mind 
changed ever so slightly as a calm wave washed over me, dispelling the panic 
as it began, and shapening my concentration as I finish the summonings.  
Dispersing the Wildrunners around the clearing, I moved to the far edge, 
away from the calls of the creature.  

 Expecting it to charge me as it had 
in the past, I was a little confused when it cautiously entered the 
clearing, and was even more confused when it didn't seem to notice me.  'We 
are shielding you.  ' Smiling as that gave me an idea, I began casting 
'armor' and advanced towards the creature.  Gaining its attention, I 
interrupted my spell.  Letting out a cry of frustration, It charged.  
Reaching out, It lifted me off the ground and started pounding on me and 
trying to rip me apart.  Retrieving the lead box, I popped the latch and 
noticed the Wildrunners advancing to my aid.  I told them to hold back as I 
was not feeling any of the attacks and did't want them to get injured before 
I'd had a chance to try the stone.  

(to be continued)  

Author:          Laucian
Date    Wed Nov 23 23:55:01 2005
Subject  Journal Entry 3:1(part 2)

 My patience was finally rewarded.  As the creature opened its mouth in 
another cry of frustration, I opened the lid of the box as I threw it down 
the creatures throat, praying to Lunitari that I was right.  Relief flooded 
through me as It dropped me almost instantly and sank to the ground, 
suffocating as all magic in the area was neutralized.  Signaling the 
Wildrunners to attack, I stepped back to get out of their way.  As soon as 
they were sure It was dead, they stepped back and looked to me for 
instuction, cleaning the glowing blue ichor from their weapons.  Their eyes 
widened in surprise, then narrowed in suspicion as the moss faded into view, 
quickly sliding off my body, across the ground and into one of the creatures 
mouths.  As I was explaining that the moss was the guardian of the stone, 
that It had Allowed me to borrow the stone for this purpose only, and that 
It was the only reason I hadn't been injured by the creature, It came back 
out of the corpse.  Part of It separated from the rest and came back to me.  

We have decided We like you and would like to stay with you, but We must 
take the Stone to a new safe place and protect it.  We would like to go with 
you and share in you experiences, if you will have Us, while the Others 
guard the Stone.  We will be weakened by the physical separation from the 
Others and the Stone and will be unable to shield you, but We will still be 
able to heal you.  May We accompany you?  
Perhaps I can repay all that you 
have done for me by sharing my experiences with you.  I would be honored to 
have you accompany me.  
Thank you.  

 As the larger mass moved off into the 
forest, the rest spread out across my skin and faded from sight.  Preparing 
to return to Solace, it occured to me that I should bring the corpse to 
Wayreth for study.  But I turned back to it in time to see the last of it 
disintegrating into dust.  Shrugging at the loss, I stepped through another 
gate back to Solace and brought the Wildrunners back after me.  As the last 
one disappeared into the forest I returned to Wayreth and went in search of 
Archmage Gemtyr to inform him of my success.  


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