The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Lockflinger.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a miniscule pocket book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Lockflinger' scribed in glowing maroon ink.

Author:  Lockflinger
Date    Wed Apr 27 00:51:28 2005
Subject  Lockflinger escapes the mob

Lockflinger Fargo was born, as with most kender, in the wondrous city of
Kendermore. From a young age Lockflinger excelled at his birth name, flinging
locks. Like most kenders he quickly acceded in the art of lock picking. But
once he picked the lock he did what came naturally to him, he flung it. At the
young age of 17 Wanderlust struck Lockflinger like the hammer of Reorx. His
first adventure was one that would stick out in his mind greater then any
other. Lockflinger was walking through the great lord city of Palanthas when
he saw the most amazing sight.

There was a knight of the sword, about to be promoted to knight of the rose.
As the knight was about to kneel Lockflinger began to get bored. Whats this?
Lockflinger asked himself looking at a shop behind him, why what a simple

Setting his hoopak against the shop Lockflinger began picking the lock. Oddly
enough no one seemed to notice the kender doing his handy work. As soon as
Lockflinger had the lock open he did what came naturally, he flung it. The
lock, unknowingly to Lockflinger, flew and crashed into the knight as he knelt
down. The strike knocked him out cold. Everyone turned to look at the kender
as he turned to see what had made such an interesting bang.

Well hello there, Lockflinger said to the crowed, all looking at him angrily.
That was an interesting noise wasnt it? Oh my Lockflinger said as he noticed
the form of the unconscious knight, did I do that? Truly amazing dont you

How could you do that?! one man shouted, He was about to become a knight of
the rose! Lockflinger stared blankly, well perhaps the owner of this shop
should be held responsible. After all, he did use such a poor lock. A thief
could easily break in. He will surly thank me when he returns.

I am the owner! the man shouted, now guards, arrest that thief. Thief?
Lockflinger asked, turning arround, there he is! Ill catch him for you. And
with that Lockflinger grabbed up his hoopak and took off running down the
street, his topknot flowing in the wind.

Lockflinger turned down an ally, hoping to corner that pesky thief. Oh drat,
he said as he looked down the ally, no way out. With that he stuck his hoopaks
pointed end into the ground and vaulted over the wall. Lockflinger looked
around, that pesky thief must have gotten away. Oh well, at least I stopped
him from stealing any more.

Lockflinger began walking down the road, away from the mob. He had  had an
exciting day and was ready for another adventure.

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Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus sighs as he recants 'We saved 825 books from Ansalon from before the great Cataclysm through today.'