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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Lodanis.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Lodanis' scribed in brilliant green ink.

Author:  Lodanis
Date    Sat Dec 15 23:38:28 2001

Subject  A history, part 1.

A woman in a back alley cries in pain. Followed by a yelp that reverberates
off the slick white walls.

She cries and her cry is joined by a smaller, weaker cry. A babe has been

Holding the child in her arms, she knew she should feel something other than
hatred for him. She did not.

This child was a product of rape. And because of this child, she would nay see
the morn. She knew she was holding in her arms the very thing that damned her
to die.

This small being had killed her, and she felt no love for this child, this
abomination. To her this was the ayss, this child a demon come to take her
soul. She layed the child down and tried to get up and walk.

She made it about 2 steps before her lifeblood ran out. She lay and her last
breath was a vow of hatred for this child, and his father.

show The years pass, as they always seem to do.

4 years later, a small boy wanders through the streets, taken in by a family
after his cries woke them up the night his mother died.

He had no family, none to speak of so the family that found him, asked if they
could keep him.

Permission was granted.

Over the years the boy was beaten relentlessly. For any mistake, he was
backhanded hard enough to draw blood.

If he didn't do something as quick as commanded, he was beaten, and one time
thrown through the bedroom all. And then beaten for breaking the wall.

Now, at 4 years old his "father" commanded him to go to the market, with what
little money they had and buy, or steal whatever food he  could get for the

If he was caught stealing, he was beaten. If he spent all the money on food,
but did not steal he was beaten.

His life held little joy.

6 years later, at 10 his "mother" was having a fit over his dirty blond hair.
When his "father" came home, he slapped his wife and kicked the boy. The boy
had decided he had enough.

While they slept, he crept into their bedroom.

He carried with him a stilletto. A long sharp dagger, its blade round and made
to puncture, note pierce.

*ooc note = not* He slaps his father in the face, to make sure his father
see's him. His father opens his eyes and stares at his "somn" and gets ready
to scream and give punishment to him. Lodanis thrusts the stilleto through his
neck and it comes out as a gargle Now, for his mother. He wakes her up by
kicking her in the ribs, and she screams for her husband to do something. He
doesnt hear her. he shoves the point deep into her eye and leaves the house
feeling exilerated.

Out on the street he lives for 6 more years, training himself. He excells in
acrobatics and begins to work on his fighting technique, by watching the
Solamnic guards in practice.

One day he will  rise up again. No one will use him anymore.

Author:  Lodanis
Date    Tue Sep 17 23:32:30 2002

Subject  Once spurned twice turned

Lodanis burned with rage as he stalked the night alleys looking to vent his
hatred.  After all the time he had invested to be turned away by the guild of
thieves.  So be it.  If Hiddukel wanted to turn him away, how could he argue?
His faith lost, Lodanis gave up his hunt for the night. He could no longer
concentrate on fighting. He could only think of the betrayal of one he had
betrayed for.

Obviously the gods do not care about their mortal followers.  No more than a
man cares about the business he just left in the outhouse.  "Let them have
their way then." he said inwardly " King of Thieves no more" was the
next bitter thought. With that he sought out an old friend.  Buckling his
sword-belt, and sheathing the hidden daggers, Lodanis brought his black silk
cloak about him and left his mansion. Picking his path so that he would come
in Palanthas unnoticed, Lodanis quickly covered the ground and was soon
standing near the great wall that surrounded the "Marble City". Deftly finding
footholds, Lodanis scaled the wall and began his search. He started first
around the thieves guild, looking for another old friend, Thrak, hoping he
might have information to where Zlik was currently in residence. He had no
luck in finding him. Rounding a corner Lodanis gets stopped by a young knight.
Damn the Solamnics and their laws about murderers. All Lodanis asks is to be
able to practice his craft in peace, do they arrest alchemist? I think not.
Quickly disarming the guard Lodanis moves in for the kill. The  knight quickly
uttered a prayer to Paladine. Who must have been busy with something else at
the time, because as he finished the prayer he now had a neat red line across
his throat. He fell limply to the ground. Pushing the dead knight to one side
Lodanis snickered slightly. "That is what you get when you let people like
Dartain train your fighters." Lodanis chuckled again at the thought of the
lemure.  The next logical course of action was to make his way to Morgions
temple.  The temple of The Black Wind wasn't crowded. Surprise Finding Zlik in
the temple was the other big surprise. Today was shaping up to be just full of
surprises. Walking to Zlik, Lodanis spoke "We need to talk." "No hello,
kiss my ass, nothing? Lodanis I am hurt" Zlik replied with a grin.

"I am through with thieving Hiddukel once again turned his back upon me.
Something few mortals get to do once, with a dagger hilt following them. In
short, my pride is offended, and no longer will I be his lapdog. I come to you
to offer my soul to The Black Wind." Lodanis says, his eyes narrowing.

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