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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Loror.

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Author:  Loror
Date    Sun Sep 11 15:40:25 2005
Stamp   1126471225
Subject  Yuletide Celebration (Habbakuk's Quest)

The halls of justice in the underground kingdom of Thorbardin roared in
disapproval, though Loror could hear some scattered cheers among the crowd as
well, Loror knew what they thought too, How could it be possible that their
king will be absent from their Yuletide celebration, to be with humans in one
of their lesser celebrations?

Loror cleared his throat, "This must and will be done to honor our alliance
between the humans and the dwarves, and none of you have the right to say
otherwise!" Loror knew he was going to loose some support for this decision
but it must be done, the dwarves have been sealed up in Thorbardin in
isolation to long.

After everyone left the halls of justice is when Loror finally left his
throne. His legs were numb when he got up; he stumbled down the streets of
Hybardin drunkenly.

Hopefully he would sleep to about noon tomorrow, so he would be refreshed for
departure around late mid-day.

Loror woke up to a sound, groggily he stared around. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! ,
The sound again It took Loror a few more seconds to realize it was the door.

. Flinging off this soft wool blankets, Loror scrambled for the door and flung
it open. A messenger stood at the door. Wiping the sleep from his eyes Loror
mumbled, "What is it?" The messenger announced, "The rest of the dwarves that
are leaving for solace were wondering if you would join them for departure in
10 minutes or continue sleeping and have them leave without you?"

With a jolt Loror realized he had overslept, "Of coarse I will, I was just
ready to leave!" Loror blushed violently, "Just leave me a moment!" Loror
flung the door shut and ran about his room getting dressed and packing all at
the same time.

Outside the door the messenger smirked as he heard the crashing and running
inside the room, this was typical of the king.

As Loror was approaching the small group of about 100 dwarves, they started
clapping their hands and cheering as they seen Loror come running down the
road towards them, Dragging his many bags behind him, This  will be a very
eventful trip for sure they thought.

When Loror arrived in the group he collapsed on the ground panting for breath,
When 2 grinning, filthy looking dwarves grabbed Loror's bags and threw them
into the traveling wagon.

When Loror could breath again he shouted, "To Solace!" Loror stood up and
mounted his favorite white furred pony (A gift from the lords of Erogoth). The
small ground of dwarves all mounted a left out the gates of Thorbardin and set
out across the plains of Daergoth for Solace, Yuletide was a month and a Half
away giving Loror and his company made up of 45 Hylar, 30 Daewar, 15 Theiwar,
8 Klar, and 2 Aghar (Just washed), Plenty of time to get to solace, Loror was
also stopping at a few Neidar villages to pick up some Hill dwarves who wanted
to join with their Hogar cousins for the celebration.

The first week of traveling had gone well with few minor problems, a small
fight broke out between a small group of Theiwar and Daewar due to a minor
misunderstanding in a game of craps (The Theiwar cheated), and the gully
dwarves managed to fall in several large puddles (Rescued and washed to their
avail) and a few drunken Hylar managed to loose their ponies and had to ride
in the cramped traveling wagon. 

Author:  Loror
Date    Sun Sep 11 15:47:02 2005
Stamp   1126471622
Subject  Yuletide Celebration II (Habbakuk's Quest)

The next day they planned to stop off at the first of 5 Neidar villages, Loror
hoped to get a few supplies their (Some ponies) before leaving the dwarven
territory on the final stretch to solace.

The next day Loror woke up on his own accord he wasn't going to oversleep the
day he would enter 3 of the 5 Neidar villages, Getting out of his small
hammock in his tent Loror opened up a small plain wooden chest and got his
fine plush clothing out of it and got dressed, then opening a large plain
wooden chest similar to the small one he pulled out his golden ceremonial
armour he would wear this day.

After strapping on all of his armour he opened his tent flap and walked out.
Loror was greeted, not greeted by dwarves ready to enter the village as he
would of expected but by a heat wave that almost knocked him flat on the
ground, as it turned out this was the hottest day of the year so far. As Loror
walked threw the camp he seen many dwarves creep out of their tents into the
sun not so really ready for the day ahead of them.

After mounting his pony and waiting a bit the rest of his company had their
camp site packed up and were ready to go. Go gave the order to move.

After about a half and hour they arrived at the first Neidar village, all of
the dwarves were exhausted from their small march, most of all Loror was the
worst since he was the only one who wore full plate-armour or any armour at
that, though none of the dwarves would admit they were tired, They were to
proud to do so. "Where here!" Loror announced extra gleefully, though no one
noticed in their own happiness to get out of the sun. Loror and his small
group started towards the city to enter it when, a small Neidar boy Came
running out from behind a bush, scaring Loror's pony, who leaped into the air
dismounting Loror. Loror fell to the ground and hit his head off of a rock,
Then everything went dark.

Loror woke up with the most terrible throbbing in his head, and a very
irritating itch all over his body. A Neidar by Loror's bed seeing him open his
eyes said softly, "Don't move around, you should stay in bed."

Loror Blinked a few times before saying, "What happened to me?"

The Neidar chuckled, "Young Friter gave your pony a terrible scare when he
popped out from behind the bush and it dismounted you," The Neidars face went
serious, "You hit your head of a rock, Your helmet saved your life," The
Neidars face turned comical suddenly, "but the rest of your armour didn't do
you as well, you can thank it for your heat rash." The Neidar smirked.

Loror groaned, "How long must I be in bed?"

The Neidar stood up, "another day or two in bed should heal up your rash and
clear up your head, the more rest the better, The more you fight it the longer
you delay your trip." Loror nodded silently then put his head down on his
pillow and rested, The Neidar took leave when Loror fell asleep.

The next 2 days Loror did what he was told and just like the Neidar said
Loror's rash went away and his headache dissipated. Loror and his group left
the Neidar village (30 Neidar joined his group) and headed for the other

Author:  Loror
Date    Sun Sep 11 15:54:22 2005
Stamp   1126472062
Subject  Yuletide Celebration III (Habbakuk's Quest)

The rest of the week went better then its beginning Loror and his company hit
every Neidar village without a problem picking up another 110 Neidar from the
villages bringing his group number up to 240 dwarves, Neidar and Hogar, and
they also exited the dwarven territory into the forests of Abanasania near the
outskirts of the Qualinesti lands, Where they set up camp, and were in for a
surprise the very next day.

"King Loror, Wake up, Wake up you have to see this" a middle aged Hylar shook
Loror until he sat up and shoved the Hylar away "What do you want? See What?"
Said Loror The Hylar shook his head, "I think you should come see this
yourself." And with that the Hylar left the tent.

Loror pulled on his clothing and his cloak and set his crown upon his head and
hurried out of his tent, what he saw didn't really surprise him A small camp
out side of his made up of elves had been set up during the night and what
happened next didn't really surprise him either A small group of elves were
here and wanted to talk with him, probably to tell them to get away from their
lands Loror thought, But It was the elves request that surprised Loror We wish
to join your group to Solace, our spies tell reported to us that the king of
the dwarves was passing by our lands traveling to solace for a mighty
celebration of yuletide and us elves here, about 70 strong were intrigued when
we heard this and was wondering if we could join?" Loror blinked in
astonishment, "Uh, s-sure yah y-you can join us, pardon my lack of formality
you just took me by surprise that is all"

The elf nodded, "Yes we understand we should have given more warning, we give
our apologies." And the elf smiled.

Loror smiled as well and clasped the elf's hand, "We are very happy you could
join us!" The elf nodded and left. The elves set up camp with the dwarves and
they all stayed camped there for one more day.

The next few days brought the company of 310 made up of Hogar, Neidar and
Qualinesti elves to the outskirts of the Darkenwoods.

Loror looked at the woods and said to himself, "Man those woods give me the
creeps" CRASH! CRASH! CRASH! , Loror and it seemed everyone in the whole camp
heard the noise escape from the forest.

Everyone sat up startled and stared into the woods, the all of a sudden a
large group came crashing out, Then seeing the group of dwarves and elves
surrounding them the goblins stopped in terror, But this didn't last long
because a few seconds later a group of Centaurs came crashing threw the woods
and cut the goblins down killing them all within a matter of seconds, Cheering
the centaurs didn't notice the group of dwarves and elves around them staring
at them in blank astonishment.

Finally one of the centaurs noticed and nudged a few of his comrades, the
centaurs stopped cheering their smiles left, and then with a few sharp words
their leader or so it seemed to be made the centaurs sheath their weapons
(they carried 2 handed swords in each hand like long swords!), Then the
centaur seen Loror and the leader elf in front of the whole group and
approached them and said in a deep voice, "Why do you come so close to the
boarder of our woods?" He questioned.

"We are just passing by." Loror Stated.

"To attend Yuletide in solace" The elf added.

"Very well." Said the centaur and started to leave but stopped and seemed to
think, Then he turned around and said, "Our chase would have been much longer
and tiresome if you didn't stop those goblins, even if you didn't mean to we
owe you a debt and will not leave until it is paid off"

Loror blinked slowly and knew they would be true to their word after hearing
about centaurs in the ancient tombs in Thorabardin, and then said the only
thing he could think of, "Well you could join our group for the Yuletide
celebration in solace and give yourselves a well deserved rest?

The centaur smiled and nodded, "we will be very happy to join with you." And
with that they camped in the Darkenwoods with the centaurs for a week before
setting off again.

Author:  Loror
Date    Sun Sep 11 16:00:04 2005
Stamp   1126472404
Subject  Yuletide Celebration IV (Habbakuk's Quest)

After a few more days of travel the group arrived at the outskirts of the town
of haven and planned to take their group of 330 (20 centaurs joined up with
the group) down the mean highway to solace.

When they arrived at the city entrance to buy supplies they were set upon a
group of Solamnic knights who were just leaving the city but stopped as soon
as they seen the large group of Hogar, Neidar, Qualinesti elves, And Centaurs.

"where might this large of a group be heading," Then stopped as soon as he
seen the crown atop Loror's head and bowed, "King Loror Stonehelm of
Thorbardin, I believe? I am Sir.Alexian of the Solamnic knights and me and my
groups of fellow knights were going to meet you at solace for yuletide, though
we didn't expect this large group of many races to be with you"

Loror nodded with remembrance, "Yes, yes I remember now and this group joined
up with us on the way here and we would like if very much if you joined us"

"We would be honored!" Announced Sir.Alexian and with that his knights joined
the group (200 knights strong) and by nightfall many people from haven who
heard about this wonderful celebration of Yuletide about to take place in
solace joined up with the group as well (80 more people), and the next day
they left 610 men strong, the group made up of Hogar, Neidar, Qualinesti,
Solamnic knights, and the citizens of Haven left on their journey that should
take 2 more days to reach Solace.

The next say the group was set upon by another on the road, though this race
was not the most popular in all of Krynn, Loror still let them join there
group of celebrators "The more the merrier!" Loror said.

None the less they were still watched as the group of 40 joined their group of
610 making the group 650 strong, and they new Celebrators were thrilled but
then again when are Kenders not thrilled?

The next day Loror's groups of 650 were on the outskirts of solace, where they
were met by the Captain of the guard of Solace and a whole regiment of
soldiers, As it turned out the people of Solace thought it was under attack by
an army.

They were and army but not an army of attackers but an army of celebrators.
After clearing that out with the Captain, he allowed them to enter the city,
as it turned out they were a week early.

But that was ok because they started the celebration 1 week early and it
lasted until Yuletide even a few days after the celebration was still going,
making it the most glorious Yuletide celebration in all of Solace's History.

Afterward Loror invited everyone to thorbardin for the next Yuletide.

Author:    Loror          
Date:      Wed Apr  1 00:53:24 2009
Subject     Home again

He stood before the Kharolis Mountain range. It was dawn, the sun just
rising. You couldn't see the sun; it was hidden behind the stone behemoths,
which were illuminated by the runs rays. This gave the impression that the
mountains themselves lit the morning sky above him. A small tear formed. It
has been way to long... This majestic sight, the tops of the mountains lost
in the cloud tops. This is home. Quickly brushing the tear from his face,
Loror hoisted his back upon his shoulders. Breathing in through his nose,
Loror filled his chest with the crisp mountain air. Holding it in his body
as if it were cleansing his soul, he released the air sighed, shook his head
and continued on into the mountains. Loror has no idea what to expect upon
his return to Thorbardin. He thought back as he walked through the rocky
landscape, it has been a great many years since he left. Fifty years to be
exact. For a human that was a lifetime, for dwarves, just a long. Loror
wondered had they all forgotten him. Do they hate him? Will they accept him
back in open arms or will they close they great gate in his face? A million
questions exploded in Loror's mind. He stopped. Taking in another soul
quenching breath Loror forced himself to stop thinking and just walk. No
need to worry... He was king after all. 

Author:    Loror          
Date:      Sat Feb  6 21:54:25 2010
Subject     A silent departure

I smiled, "Let me get the door for you, friend," poking my head out the
door eye shifting up and down the street. "Good to go." Pulling the door
open I allowed Toma to pass by. Looking around the inn to make sure sure no
extra notice would be accompanying our leaving. I smiled tossed a gold piece
onto the bar and walked out into the street where Toma was waiting. "Can't
be too careful these days." Toma nodded and held his hand forward, "Shall
we?" Nodding we both started down the street, noticing Toma slow his steps
to match mine, I smiled... a fine young man, respectful. Noticing me staring
at him Toma smiled, "what?" I looked forward, "oh nothing, just thinking
like an old man. We should hurry; the sun should be rising within the next
hour or so." Nodding his head towards me Toma increased his pace. 

Waiting a couple minutes a man exited the bar and took note to himself the
direction two figures in the distance were travelling, the harbour the
poorly dressed man assumed, a glint of intelligence in his eyes, without
another thought the man turned and quickly walked down the streets towards
the palace, leaving 'The Smilin' Mug' Tavern behind him. 

The gates to the harbour in sight I took a sharp left down a dark alley
nearest to us. Toma caught off guard by the sudden change of direction
stumbled and jogged down the alley to catch up. "What are you doing the
harbour is just ahead we have no time for delays as you had mentioned, not
to mention in an alley such as this we are bound to get jumped if not
stabbed in the back." I smiled at him, "with the racket you are making you
might get your wish. As for what we are doing my proud squire, if you walked
up to those gates with that wonderful moustache of yours no amount of
talking will stop the guards from jailing us if not killing us, not that I
don't mind a good fight. One must be a little more discrete if you would
wish to survive this encounter." Counting 250 paces down the alley I put my
hand on the wall and felt a loose brick, pushing it inward a hidden door was
revealed. Smiling l strode inside standing outside outside starring into the
dark hallway Toma reminded himself of his honour and it was only a bit of
dark, with that Toma strode inside to the rapidly declining hallway. "What
is this?" Toma stated slowly. "I would imagine a a passed the thieves guild
would use." Toma looked at me with surprised and questioned" And how would
you know about this my dwarven friend. "Best not to ask young squire and
best for me not to tell, let's just say someone owed me a favour." Without
another word Toma followed me down the hall. Looking up I noticed a bit of
light at the seemingly end of the hall way. Smiling I quickened my pace Toma
Following behind coming to a large vine covered hole I pulled some aside and
peered outside the only sound was laughter in the distance and water
sloshing against the shore. Nodding I strode out into the open. Walking only
a few paces to the shoreline I uncovered a small paddle boat motioning to
Toma to come out Toma ran out and helped me push the small water craft off
into the water. Grunting Toma stated "Isn't this conveint, this boat being
here and all, you must have many friends" Frowning Toma continued pushing
the boat forward, shaking my Head I smiled. Toma hopped into the boat first
and helped me in, "I don't mean to be rude or anything I just mean... thank
you. I don't think I would have made it out of the city..." I cut him off
"nothing to it man, you're smart one you could have managed, I'm just an ole
dwarf with what you said as a lot of friends." Shaking his head Toma smiled
"as you say". 

Loror and Toma paddled quietly. And eventually a large ship came into view. From the shore several eyes watched them depart. 

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