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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Lotari.

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Author:  Lotari
Date    Fri Feb  8 15:51:08 2002

Subject  Lotari's New Begginning

The Kagonesti Elf, stood in the Battle Camp of Delve, Lord of Skull.

Has he looked at him he went into a deep flash of his life thus far.  Born
into a family who were outcasts, due to there devotion to the Queen Takhisis.

His life was not as great as others, he lived with his parents for some time
but shortly after he became a man(elf-wise) and left them to journey on his

After some time he found himself with a group by the name of Rogue.  He fit in
well among them, but really had no reason of being there.

All of his life thus far he felt he was missing something, that he had yet to
achieve what he was striving for in his life.

After much time and thought he came to the conclusion that he was meant to be
a Knight of Takhisis, to serve under her and be a aid to her in any possible

Though his elven heritage interfered he still was determined and aided the
knights thus far in the war.

But now the time has come and now he stands before Delve, ready to denounce
his elven heritage and submit to the will of Takhiss.

he looked at the Knight and thought that this man was one of the most
respected and noble of the knights of takhisis, it was an honor in itself to
be near him moreover for him to help him join the knights of takhisis.

He kneeled in front of him and denounced his eleven heritage.... Delve nodded
then the ceremony began of the clipping of his ears, which was a sign to all
that he was a true follower of Takhisis.

His ears now chipped he stood and saluted Delve, now he was ready to become
what he had strived to become since his birth.

Now he was ready to serve the Queen Takhisis.

Author:  Lotari
Date    Tue Apr 30 18:10:10 2002

Subject  The Search for Ore

Lotari stood in his quarters, meditating to himself thinking more upon this
vision he had recieved.

I have been given this quest to rebuild the forge and make the

Lotari looked at himself....

Me, a outcast, why has she given me such an important task.... i am not
worthy of it.

Me, a outcast, why has her majesty given me such an important task.... i am
not worthy of it.

Finally, Lotari decided that he must search for the ore that is needed, that
he need not question her majesty, or her will.

He set out to the dwarven mines in thorbardin, hoping he could aqquire this
gold without conflict.

Upon reaching the gates of thorbardin he was stopped by a pack of guards.

Please let me through, i come in peace, and i come only to ask for some
ore... perhaps i could speak to a thane of yours?

A guard nodded and went inside to fetch a thane by the name of Felix.

Lotari examined this man seeing quickly the age in his face.

Lotari began negociations with this thane, but he was reluctant.

He spoke and said "we are rebuilding our humble land here, i will not just
hand you one of our resources... not unless you provide me with some steel"

Lotari tried to outsmart the thane by asking him to dual.... in hopes that he
would accept and lose, therefore giving lotari all the ore he needed.

But to his surprise, this thane was rather intelligent and continued asking
for steel.

Reluctantly Lotari gave this thane the steel and after much negociations got
what he camed for.

Lotari then returned to Storm Keep, all the ore he needed in hand, he had
accomplished his task... and now it was time to continue in his quest....

Author:  Lotari
Date    Tue May  7 18:11:07 2002

Subject  A Bloody Situation

Lotari stood in his quarters thinking some more about this Vision he
recieved from His Queen.  Through a sleepless night, Takhisis came to
Lotari... giving him yet another mission.

He was to aquire blood and lots of it... this blood would be used to
create the anvil that would be used in forging the Shadowlances.

Lotari headed to Soth's Keep a dark place where only evil dwells.

He looked around and found a nightmare... not a ordinary nightmare but a
true nightmare..ones who rode on wind.

He sighed, knowing this was a being of evil....

Know that your death... will help Her Majesty herself... that through your
sacrafice you will empower her army.

Lotari quickly slayed the beast.... aqquiring a large amount of its black

Looking at the dead nightmare, Lotari could not help but feel remorse for
such a creature's death... the thought that this would help Her Majesty
herself helped him control his feelings.

Now Lotari continued, Along with his companians Wulfgar and Konan as they
went to Icewall... a place as cold as death.

Author:  Lotari
Date    Thu May 16 13:34:53 2002

Subject  The Quest for the Stone Branch

Lotari stood at the entrance to a stone forest, that lies near to the
Silvanesti Forest.

Gathering his thoughts he remembered a vision he recieved from her

From the vision he was told that the forest he stood before was turned to
stone by a battle between a mage and a Medusa Queen.

The mage came out victorious, but after the Medusa Queen's death, a magical
explosion turned the entire forest to stone.

Praying to his majesty for guidance, Lotari entered the forest, in search
for a single stone branch, that would be used to aid in the making of the

Walking through this dark forest, he saw some stone branches, but none that
matched the one he was told to get in his vision.

As the hours past and the day beginning to end, Lotari still continued in
his search for this single stone branch.

Though it appeared he was looking for a needle in a haysack, he was guided
by his majesty to the bark of a enormous tree.

Examining the tree he found the stone branch, that he had in his vision.

The task before him now was trying to get the branch from the stone tree.

After murmuring a quick prayer to Takhisis for strength, he was succesfully
able to detach the stone branch from the tree.

Smiling in satisfaction, Lotari made his way out of the forest.

Alas, now I am one step closer to creating the Shadowlances.

Author:  Lotari
Date    Thu May 23 18:40:13 2002

Subject  The Quest for the Mystical Bracelet

Lotari stood in before the entrance of the elven village known as Theralith.
 He looked around seeing a few inhabitants go about there merry ways.

He was on a mission to acquire one of the mystical bracelets that provide
protection from heat.

Through a vision from Her Majesty he was told that this bracelet was found
in this small village.

He rode into the village looking around to see if the chief or leader of the
village was nearby.

After looking around for quite some time he found the chief, standing
outside a small hut of some kind.

Dismounting his horse he entered in peace bowing his head in respect.

Hello, My Name is Lotari Blackheart, and i come to you this day to ask a

Looking into the chief's eyes he could sense that the chief was nervous.

Fear not, I will not harm you.. all i ask is that you give me one of your
Mystical Bracelet's... the one that is said to protect its wearer from fire.

After a brief moment of silence the chief nodded and asked Lotari to enter
his small hut.

Some conversation took place as Lotari explained why he needed it, and the
importance of his mission.

The chief nodded openning a small wooden box laying on top of a small

Openning it, the chief grabbed the Mystical Bracelet and handed it to

Looking at the bracelet's beauty Lotari was stunned for a moment.. nodding
he wore the bracelet and thanked the chief.

Know that this will not be forgotten, and that I am very grateful.

With the bracelet on hand Lotari left the village of Theralith, continuing
his journey to the Lords of doom where he would meet his companions Wulfgar
and Konan

Lotari Blackheart

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